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    here is my tailgate decided to go with the faded sunset look on the letters. i think that is what it is called
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    B4 pic of canopy and updated pictures still need to install the black velvet diamond pattern material onto canopy inside b4 installing the side lexan windows the metallic silver matches that cab A pillar and roof/back of cab around rear window area
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    I do not understand why Trump goes to them town halls and other such televised things when he knows them commentators are going to act like rabid dogs. I think he does the best he can considering the deck is stacked against him. What does D/B mean?
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    All the news on Biden won't mean a thing.
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    I notice the Bidens are getting the shit kicked out of them lately. Must be the Russian hackers.
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    I totally agree. Plus the figment is just perfect. Oh well since none for sale I will make it my quest to buy everything just to hoard and pay stupid money so it will be out priced.. This is going to be fun
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    Got a fair bit more kickin to go if they want to get all of it. 💩💩💩
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    The kid in me still gets the goose bumps for Pro-Murica movies.
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    I'm more concerned that they tell the truth but don't tell the entire story. Like a little snip of Biden speech, but if you go on line and watch it he fucks up on the teleprompter . 1.8 billion new jobs... 18 million!!! ..... jobs, shakes head 1.8 million new jobs. And I thought Dan Quail was a retard.
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    Agree, trump was d/b but not a political d/b.
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    I think Hillary losing had more to do with how unlikeable she really is.And she was involved in politics as a career vs. her opponent.Trump was flamed 10X more than Hillary during that campaigning.And yes we know Trump isn't likeable either but he isn't your typical politician making money off of the votes.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/focusing-firearms-proves-contentious-struggle-185420339.html Remove the right to die on your terms, Removes the right to live on your terms------------Destruction of America
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    I will likely get one tomorrow, thankyou!!!
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    lol. Yeah those pesky Russians.
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    Seems you are correct. I'll keep looking for a rebuttal.
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    It's been that way for a long time. When we moved from So. Cal. 27 years ago to Kingman Arizona, we rented a U-Haul here twice, and paid less than rental fees and mileage for a single rental in California. Chopper Jim
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    A few years back,I rented a Penske truck (16').It was something like $425 from Grants Pass,Oregon,to Richmond,Virginia.UHaul was something like 4X that,plus Penske replaces 1/2 their fleet every year. A lot of the UHaul rigs shouldn't even be on the road. I also don't like UHaul.I went in to just get a quote on a trailer hitch for my Wife's car.They wanted my email address.I told them my email was none of their business,& turned around & walked out the door.
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    Didn't check myself. U haul did piss me off last year. I reserved a car hauler to bring my Datsun from Florida to Maine. When I went to get it they canceled and said no more one ways out of Florida. I had to go buy a brand new hauler. It worked out for the better. Hauler was brand new and I sold it on Craigslist in 12 hours in Maine for $300 less than what I paid for it. Cheaper than the $500+ uhaul wanted for rent.
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    Get yourself a $50 needle scaler. They are great for getting into the corners. https://www.amazon.com/Central-Pneumatic-Compact-Needle-Scaler/dp/B004Z3XX1Q
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    The nest is full of shit. Time to move to an empty one and start again.
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    First off, I DO UNDERSTAND the 510 is a unibody... so no, I wont be straightening a frame per say. Now, onto another long winded topic by me! I slid my 510 into a ditch several months back and managed to damage it quite a bit. All along the driver side. Damage as follows: front lower valance, fender, door (inside part that is painted near where the window goes up and down) door sill, door sill pinch seam, rear quarter, and the dreaded "c " pillar. From what I've seen the bracketry that supports the quarter from behind is also damaged. The outside skin pushed so hard it pushed the metal on the inside of the car inwards. Near the vent holes for the c pilar garnish. My boss came through and looked and said he could have it pulled out enough, and straightened enough to start cutting off parts in 3 hours as long as he had all the right tools. Hes very experienced in straightening cars btw. Now, he and I are both Ironworkers, and that means we dont say the word "cant". Point is this, I plan to make up my own "diy" frame puller. I was wondering if anyone WHO has done this has any ideas. I understand that the car needs to be anchored at the body, and the "pulling arm" need to be anchored as well. Again, I have ideas, but I want more. Any and all help is appreciated. Pictures are wort a thousand words as well. For those who are curious, here is a link to my build thread, which I believe has pics of the damage. It looks worse in person, but isnt TOO bad.
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    Ajit Pai could have done something a long time ago about smacking these assholes with penalties. FEC should have been hammering the Tech Oligarchs as well. These types of censor games being played are 'In-Kind Donations' to a single political party. Already illegal and punishable by massive fines. They need to hammer each of these Tech companies with such massive election violations that they could barely recover financially. These censorships can actually be quantitatively enumerated into value.
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    There is nothing seamlessly going in a 720. Even all the front seat swaps either require work or place the driver in a higher position. When looking at a hardbody for parts you may as well be looking at a Ford or chevy. On that note if you can't find a 720 with seats branch out to the other brands of small trucks because that is probably the only way you will be able to find small enough although I don't know how many others actually had rear seats.
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    Where are things at with the stretched? I can't believe the progress you've made with that project. Very impressive and inspiring.
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    That is a Datsun/Nissan 720 console, they come in different lengths, even though it does not look like it that console is from a 720 with a longshaft 5spd in it that has a coin tray in front of the shifter hole, they made them without a coin tray in the 1985+ regular cab/sort box trucks, they made them in black, blue, and tan.
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    i was watching CHiPs last week and saw a lot of datsuns in the shows
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    i have a picture of canopy on grimace but file it slightly larger than the 4mb allowed to post need to compress it so i can post it
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    Members of No. 100 Squadron RAAF, based in Queensland and operating Bristol Beaufort torpedo bombers in New Guinea during 1942.
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    Same is true with Portland and Seattle. Prices might be less but I know someone that is a district manager for u haul and he spends days just driving units from small towns back IN to Portland and Seattle. I mean over and over and over. This is a recent trend. they are fighting to keep units in the city which is another reason for the price. Because they have to manually move inventory to keep up demand.
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    Did you check the U-haul web site? Simply not true.
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    All are Bi and Asian.
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    I switch my boots out to urethane almost immediately. All of the boots on both my Datsuns melted away from the petroleum based grease.
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    I didn't want to say it but I didn't get 'it' either. What kind of person puts that kind of rim on a car?????? What company would even make them???? Besides my wife wouldn't get in the car with those on it.
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    Ahhh. I think your bezel is different than mine and maybe that is why it did not go in as far. Speedhut is really good with service, I had the domed glass and the glare was really bad, so they sold me the flat glass to replace them with. They might sell ya the bezels if you wanted. Also, the speedhut 3 gauge dimmer knob fits perfectly in the factory location... .
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    ding ding ding we have a winner
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    If you can find a sending unit with the same sweep direction and in a similar range, you can install a resistor to get it close if not dead on. I use a volume knob from a guitar amp to figure out what resistance works, then get the proper resistor and solder it in line.
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    I've watched this movie several times and can't believe I missed this Goon.
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    I was looking at the tachs more then the speakers. Sweeet place for them.. speakers and gauges
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