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    The people in cars, driving by, who were not allowed to proceed through the intersection, the yelling of insults, the black truck that is trying to drive by and a rioter kicks the side panel. I really wouldn't like any of that, The real time creation of a false narrative (the fool who was injured, was only injured, because fool crawled on top of the police car). I have written extensively on my concern for the safety of my family, if the democrats come into power and this video is an excellent example. The government will not protect you. These police have been impotent and cucked in front the nation and the world. But, bet your last dollar, if regular citizens, who respect police (although, less and less, with each passing incident)took care of the situation then police would suddenly find their balls and make televised arrests.It would be easy to arrest the citizens who handled the problem, once identified, you could find them at their work. It is the duty of the police to keep this shit in line. And, yes, it is a hard job, but you're not allowed to hide in the cruiser. It is time to go old school, get out of the fucking car with blackjacks, SAP gloves, batons or PR24's (leave the tasers and the mace in the car and only 1 officer with an AR15 for overwatch) and bust some fucking heads.OR step aside and let your fellow American citizens bring peace.
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    Play stupid games...you know the rest. Time to put the dogs down. Just enforce the laws, kick the protesters to the curb, and arrest those who won't cooperate. We have a bunch of cells along the border they can be detained in.
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    when Antifa come to the woods I will be waiting, Most fires I see are in Cities anyways. Usual Police cars/cities set on Fire . Must be Global Warming setting them on fire
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    I did my headliner this weekend and got new shoes. I'm paying someone to do my visors and should pick them up later this week.
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    Its not stock up front. I know the owner that had the truck built originally. He told me that he had a 720 whole front end put on it for the disk brakes. He said about 10 years ago he didn't want to tell me how much he had in it but it is between $60-$80K. Don't know who owns it now but it has a lot done to it. I personally do not like the color. I do like the A/C. I wish my KA 521 had A/C being in NORCAL.
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    What a bunch of IDIOTS! The cop didn't run the protester over. BUT,at least they have their really cool/deep chants!
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    Full on stupid.Tougher measures need to be taken.Bouncing the guy off the hood was a good start.Oh my God. !
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    Ya I dont know why it mentions the quick release.... it is not that type of hub at all..... Also I forgot to mention by moving the turn signal switch closer the blink lever is really close to the steering wheel when the high beams are on.... I have thought about cutting the handle by a couple inches or making an inbetween adapter .. Someone here made an inbetween adapter but I dont know if it was to fill the gap or make things work proper... I think if you turned a piece of aluminum to fit where the horn contact ring is on the hub, this would fill the gap and would allow usage of the horn and with a couple proper placed holes you could add pins for the turn signal cancellation... obviously you need a lathe to do that but it's a possible option...
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    A 240Z Grant hub will bolt on but you loose the horn and turn reset plus a gap. There may be others with similar issues. U will need to fab something to get everything working.
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    What's to explain? That we have piss poor land management since Clinton? That they keep blaming everything on Global Warming? And we are Trump Supporters, not Trumpers. That really shows your bias.
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    I agree with you Pidge. It’s not bad. I think I was most shocked about the price.
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    Lol Heck no D.P. Hahaha no no. That’s way to much do me. *for*
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    Youll drive it for $40K? A hell of lot more cars I would drive for $40K before I would drop it on a someone else's modded 521.
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    They are bound by contingent election law. 12th amendment. The electoral college would decide and if no clear winner was awarded from that then congress would continue to hold electoral voting until a majority winner was selected. The states still have control over their electoral voting representatives sent to vote. The state legislatures get to decide how those reps are selected too. Just to let you know there are a majority of Republican state legislatures. So the likely scenario of Trump winning reelection in your scenario is extremely HIGH. There is no legislation outside of (Pelosi being the last person alive through catastrophe) that puts her in the oval office.
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    The Media is playing law enforcement as the bad guys and has for over 3 months, same with Trump, he is the bad guy, this is a no winner for them in Democrat controlled areas, and a court of law can clear them but the damage is already done, people have been brain washed into believing they are bad, and the media will not clear them as it does not benefit them to do so. 6 years ago shit like that would have been met with troops like what happened in Ferguson, but these days the Democrats running these western states have no interest in bringing troops in as they would lose that power, so everyone has to suffer because of politics.
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    That article is about a delayed election, I am talking about the results of the election that was not delayed. Lets go about it this way, the Democrat controlled Congress withheld the impeachment papers for one reason or another, what is to keep them from refusing to declare Trump as the winner as it is their exclusive responsibility under the constitution? The Democrat controlled Congress has done a bunch of sketchy stuff over the last couple years, they appear to think they can do anything, what is to stop them from refusing to declare a winner?
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    The biggest problem is the CHP didn't know the correct procedure. He/she is supposed to accelerate at a normal, gradual pace, until at the full speed limit, then brake hard suddenly for a squirrel/cat/dog that was about to lunge into his/her path and which promptly ran off the opposite direction, off camera. You see, I mean, they were attempting to protect themselves & vehicle, AND the innocent BLM/antifa/commie, but accidents happen...
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    That article I posted addresses this exact scenario. In any of the election scenarios she would never see the oval office. I think I can find the Michael Malice video where he breaks down how the system would work in the scenario described. I also wasn't referring to the election being held up. I was talking about the results being contested and delayed for several weeks. Pelosi still wouldn't even be close to being placed in the oval office.
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    Verified. Yeah, that happened. Remote diagnosis, you get 10,000 interwebs points. The points don't matter but you still get 'em.
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    2:29 is where the fun stuff starts.
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    I was not talking about a delay of the election, I was talking about the Democrat controlled Congress not excepting Trump as President for another 4 years. Political commentators are warning Americans not to expect to learn on election night who won the 2020 presidential election because it will take days or even weeks to count the expected surge in mail-in ballots. Actually, we will be lucky if we know who won by January 20, 2021, which is Inauguration Day. That is one scary takeaway from electoral “war games” conducted in June by a bipartisan group of political operatives, former government officials and experts organized by the Transition Integrity Project. The simulated election crisis scenarios make the 2000 Florida recount in Bush v. Gore look like a political lovefest. In one scenario, titled “Ambiguous Result,” the election turned on the results in North Carolina, Michigan and Florida. After North Carolina went to Biden and Florida to Trump, a rogue saboteur destroyed ballots in Michigan that would have given Biden a win in that state and the presidency. Both sides claimed victory and Michigan ended up sending rival slates of Trump and Biden electors to vote in the Electoral College. The Electoral College process broke down over which slate was entitled to vote. By noon on January 20, 2021, when the next president was supposed to be sworn in, “both sides were still claiming victory, leading to the problem of two claims to Commander-in-Chief power (including access to the nuclear codes).” This may sound like a Hollywood political thriller, but the possibility of having two claimants to the Oval Office on January 20 is real. That’s because the Electoral College timeline is incredibly tight (not that there won’t be challenges to the deadlines). Election Day is November 3. If a state finishes its count, any recounts and judicial review by December 8, then Congress must accept that state’s electoral vote as conclusive. Six days later, on December 14, the electors chosen in the popular vote meet in their states to cast their votes for president. The states report their electoral vote counts to Congress, which counts them at a joint session on January 6, 2021 and declares the result. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Then there is the plausible, all-hell-breaks-loose scenario even without a saboteur. First, two or three swing states, or even more, with close races can’t finish their counts because of the time needed to tally mail-in ballots, and resolve disputes, by December 14, when the states’ electors meet. Remember that in Bush v. Gore, the single-state Florida recount was still uncompleted nearly five weeks after the election when the Supreme Court stopped it, which gave the presidency to George W. Bush. Next, these states send rival slates of electors to vote at the Electoral College meeting in those states, which happened in the elections of 1872 and 1876, and the Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic-controlled House unsurprisingly fail to agree on which slate’s votes to recognize (which didn’t happen in 1872 and 1876). Finally, the Supreme Court refuses to choose between the rival slates of electors because that is the exclusive responsibility of Congress under the Constitution. If the electoral process seizes up this way, no winner will likely be declared by Inauguration Day. Arguably Trump and Pence’s terms are over since they haven’t been re-elected. Under the Presidential Succession Act, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D. Calif.), as third in line, could become the acting president until the election is finally decided. Even that pathway to temporary stability is uncertain and subject to court challenge. And, honestly, is Donald Trump, who has already declared that Biden can’t win without election fraud, going to clear his belongings out of the Oval Office for, of all people, Nancy Pelosi?
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    Just to let everyone know In the case that the election gets held up because of refusal to concede. Pelosi will NOT assume power because after the second week of December the election goes to a congressional delegation for a decision, of which the Republicans control the seats until Jan 20 2021... Trump wins another term. It pays to know your system people. 🖕 The Pelosi scenario wouldn't even happen unless the incoming or incumbent candidates both die, and Sec of state is determined ineligible too. Oh and that there was no delay on federal elected positions. In the case of the election not being determined on time would also put the whole house of representatives out on their asses too come Jan 3 2021. Here is a shit ass article that lacks pertinent information for study purposes, but does give a hint of what can go on with this dilemma we are facing. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/08/07/fact-check-pelosi-would-not-become-president-if-election-were-delayed/5550459002/
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    Wondering whats out there for aftermarket hubs for the 521. I have been searching and cant find a definite answer to what will work
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Pickup/264858153006?hash=item3daac6b02e:g:6X0AAOSw8vtfVxYB Check this out. Customization gone wild, and the thing is sitting on stock leafs and kingpins...
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    Yeah he sounds like an idiot and uses the wrong words but he isn't exactly wrong. Getting rid of the brush, leaves, and undergrowth is a proven strategy to preventing forest fires. Lots of places already conduct controlled burns, and yes manually get the leaves and dead limbs out of areas where controlled burning isn't possible like on a hillside to lower the chances of wildfires. I guarantee you if anyone else were to say this no one would think it was dumb. Just saying don't let your own personal bias stop you from seeing past the bullshit. I didn't vote for him but I have enough common sense not to be influenced by a bunch of sock puppets on MSNBC or CNN.
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    Explain what ? I'm all for keeping the forests natural and untouched to a certain point.But when we've let it grow and it burns too much we might have a problem.Some of these fires are started by humans and that's the biggest problem.If we don't manage the forest and it burns what did we gain ? My local mountains were hit hard years ago.The dead trees are still there waiting for a fire.Why not clear all that dead shit out ? It's already dead and more likely to burn.
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    I'll have to go double check I haven't been driving this whole time with my high beams on.... I'm pretty sure when I pull the lever toward me the little red light on the dash for the high beams comes on.... :Confirmed .... lever toward me, red light on, 4 headlights on.... forward is my low, 2 lights....
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    From what I've read a Datsun 521 spline is the same for a 240z / 510 / 620 and any should work.
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    This is a list of the vehicles it fits....
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    I just bought one from Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MQV9CM1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_iqryFbRQ77HYX I think any one listed for datsun of the era works.... I did have to move the turn signal switch closer to get the horn and turn signal cancellation to work.... It was a tight fit putting the steering wheel on and not having the horn honk constantly... I had to grind the end of the steering column flush with the nut... it was contacting the horn inside.... I used the short hub because I didnt want the steering wheel closer to me but if you have shorter arms a longer hub might be better.... I think everyone ends up with that small gap unless they fab something up..... I dont think it looks to bad....
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    That lower valance is hideous. I'd be surprised if he gets any offers.
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    The VIN on the firewall is important in the Western states.
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    Vin plate is on the door jamb.... i dont believe the plate on the firewall matters... but I could be wrong....
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    At the two mile point were you climbing a hill or using a lot of gas pedal?
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    That is the number but MOOG is out for awhile. Called them direct.
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    My front is stock except for coil overs. Yes it is Yes they are, but they fit under the wells like they should.
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    If you already have the wires--- then you just need a fuse panel. You could use something like z-store box, but you are adding some complexity in that you'll need to reference the z diagram and the 510 diagram to sort it out. If you are going to redo all the wiring I would update the fuse panel then for sure. You could also just pick up a universal block- something like this- https://www.summitracing.com/parts/prf-30001?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqfz6BRD8ARIsAIXQCf2ruJNPAau9Hd4_ZdVHNVlOhKopJQiEmIREUxT4jzmL6BogiwHnSIYaAkH5EALw_wcB - Never used the painless stuff, but seems to get decent reviews for the price. The biggest thing for me with a full kit was all the wires are labeled--- the downfall is you have a million colored wires --- if you do it yourself you could cut down on all those colors.
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    What should the Republicans do in this situation? If they dont retaliate then the US would have been taken over by a dictatorship. It seems the last 6 months has been paving the way for this exact scenario, they have been feeling out how far they can push it and they haven't yet got to the push back point. Case in point, the absolute bullshit happening here in Australia with the communist dictator who has set up down in Victoria. The rest of Austrailia is standing around not know what to do and the Victorians seem to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. He is literally sending the state broke on purpose.
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    Remember Kent State? One mistake and everything changes. IF Biden wins, we were talking about trump winning and the Dems refusing to accept the results and Pelosi trying to take office. If Hillery cannot accept loosing then so can anyone else. If antifa is one end of the spectrum then surely some trump supporters are at the other extreme..... anything is possible.
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    Whats wrong with the truck ? Looks good to me, alot of time and money went in to it. At least his wheels fit properly and its extremely clean.
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    2 cops ambushed this weekend????????? I lay money that person and all those that were at the hospital saying the cops to die will vote for Joe Biden If Joe Wins the elections the stock market will go down. Blacks will not get their jobs back as predicted. people will now work from home China will increase jobs since Joe will remove the 25% import tax on Chinese goods Gas and electricity will go up due to regulations Assault weapons will be on the chopping block and then semi auto pistols. Trumps supporters WILL NOT Riot and burn their citys down!!!!!!!!!!! This a can garentee
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    I was born in 1971. Princess Leah was my spank bank! Man she got fucking old! Then died. Still looking at the asses posts for inspiration. Been with the wife 17 years no strange!
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    Did you try using an infra red gun and shooting the thermostat housing to see what the real temperature is? Have you replaced the thermostat? (too lazy to go back through all the replies)
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    obama took credit for this... 3 years after leaving office.
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    goes2fast reacted to this Negative gees..... 16 (again) one gee............... 26
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