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    I hope they defund the police in Seattle. liberals need to feel the choice they make.when their car gets stolen or assaulted nobody will come.BLM/Antifa!
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    trump haters will be trump haters and look for every possibility to make him look bad just as biden haters will do the same the difference is that most of the biden (democratic party ) has been on a witch hunt for 3 years and 9 months we have seen more about our crooked politicians in the last 3 years and 9 months then we have in the entire us history Thanks TRUMP keep draining the swamp
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    Don’t cross the border and they won’t be separated.simple those cages were there before Trump. Great new.Trump told them he was going to tax all Mexican imports if they don’t stop the caravans.now the Mexican National Guard is doing it saving the US taxpayer billions of dollars.Promise said Promise done.All other non Mexico nations have to claim asylum in Mexico.fucking genius!!!!More taxpayer money saved!!!!
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    The migrant children in cages is hyperbolic bullshit, embraced by Democrats. Stop for a moment and realize American citizens are separated from their children everyday. For example: If someone is operating a motor vehicle, with children as passengers and a police officer believes they are under the influence in violation of the law, then the American citizen and the children will be separated. The citizen will be arrested and the children will come under the control of social services. A great many "hoops" must be completed,, before they will be reunited.Additionally, an investigation to determine, at least, the relation of the citizen and the children, if the children have been abused, are malnourished etc. and the fact that this citizen,willfully placed the children in harm's way, will be addressed. Take the aforementioned and substitute "illegally entering the United States" for "under the influence". It would be better optics if the children apprehended, illegally entering the United States were housed in hotels, while the investigation is conducted.But, the volume of individuals, illegally crossing the border created the need for quickly constructed barriers, to separate, control and protect. I would not be as quick to dismiss the crying for immigrant families separated by criminal activities if there had ever been a national campaign to stop the separation of American citizen families separated by criminal activities.
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    Biden has been in 47 years what has he done for the union Americanworker. Nafta and the Tpp was next
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    Biden kids are Rich!!!! From taxpayers
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    Dude. Are you f'ing serious? The cages? Really?
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    If Biden wins buy more handguns cause there will be no more cops gas electricity will go up china will get a good trade deal and they might buy more soybeans. china will build more aircraft carriers and Biden will cut the military and give it to Antifa and BLM
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    OS makes ridiculously well built stuff.
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    Biden can't even recite a speech without plagiarizing, so of course he won't be leading anything by his own merit. I'd like to think I'm in-between on Trump. I don't really like him, but I like what he is not.
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    FWIW firewall grommet sent off to Jake today. Hope to see them reprop'd in the next couple weeks.
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    Well now it's just twice-as gooder. 😄
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    I'm with Thomas, I hate Trump so much I'm voting for Biden!
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    White privilege???? Barrack Obama After he’s black father left the family the Mother wondered the earth like KwaiChang Cain (more or less a free spirit Really meaning a hippie.Barry grew up with his white Rich Grandparents in Honolulu high end district with most white and Chinese and Japanese kids.Where was the Hawaiian kids? Closest thing Hawaiian he done was watch Hawaii 5-0 the original series if that. Barry hangs with rich white people like Richard Branson The Hollywood elite and Barry has a house in a nice white neighborhood Outside Chicago .Not in the hood.As Al Sharpton makes you think Barrys kids have school choice also. I say not bad for white privilege
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    "He has no principles. None. None. And his base, I mean my God, if you were a religious person, you want to help people. Not do this." "It’s the phoniness of it all. It’s the phoniness and this cruelty. Donald is cruel.” - Trump's sister His sister is looking for a payoff from book sales who gives a shit what her opinion is.
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    Cages The cages were built by the Obama Admin. and used in the same manner https://apnews.com/2663c84832a13cdd7a8233becfc7a5f3 From the DHS website Myth DHS has never separated families for prosecutions before – this is a new policy in this Administration. Fact Illegal border crossers, including family units, were referred for prosecutions, as appropriate, under the previous Administration. The average referral rate for amenable adults from FY10 – FY16 was 21 percent. Travel Ban The travel ban Executive Order 13769 was approved by the supreme court it was not illegal
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    yes we understand you have to apply for asylum its not automatically granted Photo: GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP/Getty Images The asylum seeker must prove to the officer that there is a “significant possibility” he or she is eligible for asylum, and must also be subject to a credibility assessment. If the officer makes a positive finding, the asylum seeker is referred to an immigration court where they will have the opportunity to apply for asylum before an immigration judge. If the individual does not meet the credible fear screening standard, he or she can be deported. Some individuals who are already in the U.S., such as those who may have entered on a tourist visa or other temporary visa, may also apply for asylum. In those circumstances, the process for asylum varies. How many people are granted asylum in the U.S.? “Asylee” is the term used in the U.S. for people who have been granted asylum. Last year, 35,502 individuals were granted asylum. According to U.S. immigration law, a person granted asylum is legally allowed to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation. They qualify to work, travel abroad, and apply for their spouse or children under the age of 21 to join them. Having a legal representative significantly increases the likelihood of being granted asylum. One study found that asylum seekers who had submitted an asylum application before the immigration court were five times more likely to be granted asylum if they had a lawyer. Video For this student, violence in El Salvador was akin to war Where do asylum seekers in the U.S. come from? At the start of 2019, Venezuelans and Central Americans were among the largest groups of people to apply for asylum in the U.S. Three million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015 due to growing insecurity, instability and violence. People living in
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    Asylum is different that I’m here to suck off the public dole.Or here to work. We have college kids in dept up their ass and loose out to H1B1 visa holders and the lower skilled lose out also.
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    Democrats are for China. Biden policy’s were so good how come they didn’t win in 2016 police unions are for Trump BoilerMakers are going with Trump Time to decouple from China-this should make union members happy as he said if off shored and comes back in country import tax will be even more. Nato not funding their defense but buying Russian gas?Germany are you serious? if people from the southern border come across they should be deported ASAP.no welfare ect.. matter of fact Apply from country of origin .
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    And found a bunch of witches in Trump's campaign team and administration! 🙂 Seriously, do you guys actually think the child separation thing never happened? It was a matter of policy, unlike before, and they did it with asylum seekers too. Regardless, it was cruel through-and-through which is typical of this administration.
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    did they not hear when trump said put america first dont come here illegally asylum is how some have come and are still illegal and do not contribute to our economy when trump said stay home in your country he meant it just the same as cops saying dont move or i will shoot WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL SO FUCKING STUPID AND TEST THE AUTHORITY oh yea i remember lets go to america they take everyone for free heck they will even give us free healthcare and government assistance
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    Why should I go to work??? the govt will take care of me
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    In Seattle They are rioting right now as we speak. Defending yourself with a firearm nowadays will just put yourself in jail and look like a Nazi white supremist to the media. the world will not end if Biden wins.he won’t do as much as he said in the democratic debates.he is already changing his stance.the left will then shame him more for not being more leftist.
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    I will not defend Trump or the Republican party, but for the last decade , or so, I have voted strictly Republican. Focus on Trumps buffoonery misses the big picture. It is not hyperbole that freedom, both ideological and physical is at stake. The Republicans are not champions of freedom and routinely capitulate to wealthy corporations. But, wealthy corporations do not have a defense force on par with the military. If the situation became bad enough, then there could be recourse. The Democrats are focused on weakening the citizenry of America and forcing c compliance with federal force. Historically and Globally rights once lost are never returned. The Democrats are like a neighbor, who routinely and openly shits on your lawn. You see him do it, he knows you see him, but doesn’t care. If you touch him, the Democrats want to send federal police and/or SWAT to your home to seize any and all firearms and strip you of your second amendment rights. If you come out screaming and threaten him, again the Democrats want to the Feds strip you of your second amendment rights. And you better pray that the shitter isn’t a member of a minority, then you will likely be labeled racist and facebook group members from all around the county will come to shit on your lawn to show solidarity. Emails will bombard your employer that chastise the company for employing a racist. Groups will demand boycott of the business if you are not fired. Should you call the police? You could try, but this will be very low priority and if you are in a big city, police assistance is extremely unlikely. And the shitter keeps coming by and you are stuck in shit. You, not your political party, not hypothetically, not potentially, are dealing with actual shit. Trump acts, or is, a fool. He repeatedly and publically, metaphorically shits himself, and it looks bad. There is much talk about shitty things he is doing or has done and much of it is likely true. The current Democratic platform is refreshingly, abhorrently, clear. It is focused on abolishing freedom of speech , the right to bear arms, and forced economic redistribution. Understanding that there is a segment of the population, that will resist these policies, Democrats are actively working to clear the way to implement quasi-military or military enforcement. If it is still a tough choice, then take all the stupid shit that Trump says, take all the global embarrassment that Trump has caused, take the potential damage to international relations by his actions with the Russians and North Korea, take the damage his bankruptcy, his shady college dealings, the injecting bleach proclamation, did to you and put it in one hand, shit in the other. Which hand do you want to spend the next 4 years with?
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    I have 2 questionable l18 block, at least 1 l20b block. Couple of heads, but no running motors. But ifn you want you can come grab some stuff
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    Another victim of media propaganda.You called these rioters "protesters" ? Come on."Losers and suckers" apparently can't be proven at this point but there are many that claim it was never said.You keep falling for that shit.You're real close to some Don Lemon type whining with this post.
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    I am quoting Mike here below. Quote__________________________________ Theoretically you can't both be correct. But this is the new world since 2016 where Mike's Theorem applies... "For every positive and true fact there is an equally negative fact... that is also true". ________________________________________end quote This statement above is absolutely true, so let us look at the demonstrations/riots in Portland and Mayor Wheeler and Governor Brown, some ask why Trump has not done something about law and order in Portland, well if he does without them worthless Democrats approval he will get crucified in the press/media and the Politicians would be so excited for that to happen, so all he can say is "if you ask I will help", that puts it all on them Democrats and both of them are not looking too good right now, anything Trump does is going to get negative press/media as Mike said above for every positive true fact about Trump there is going to be some way to put a spin on it to make the same thing a negative true fact. A lot on here are like to post links to far left opinions, and that is what they are, OPINIONS, and others on here can find a link that shows it from another angle that shows the exact opposite point of view that is also an opinion, they are all opinions including think tank opinions from the elite as they are bias because they are humans with agendas that created them. Thankfully at this time we still have the right to have an opinion in this country, I would not count on that if Biden wins or the Politicians just take over and refuse to except him as President another 4 years like the Democrat Politicians have done for the last 3+ years, notice I said Politicians take over, I did not say Democrat politicians as except for Trump they are all the same animals, they all sell their influence for power and financial gain, Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats, the only thing stopping these animals agenda is Trump and that is my opinion, they will not stop attacking him until he is gone, it's just the Republicans cannot appear to be on the Democrats side as they will get voted out of office or recalled, most of them are just sitting this out and letting the Democrats look bad alone, it likely will only help them in this next election. I believe nothing seen on the TV in the Portland area as 95 percent of it is some Democrats spin on an opinion and not the whole truth, it is only one side of an opinion, there are a few spins for the other side of of that 95 percent as to not have the other sides opinion would likely be Unconstitutional so they can do nothing about it. Last night I heard something that stuck in my mind and it is why I wrote this post, these Politicians Democrat and Republican alike want the same things except for Trump as he knows them and all their tricks, this is why they hate him, and why I would say that most would be insane to vote for anyone except Trump, and that is my opinion that I still have the right to have at this time, and that is likely because Trump won in 2016, I expect if Clinton had won I would not have the right to an opinion today as she is as crazy as Trump.
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    Nope! You are not right at all! Not even a little bit. Keep living in a world of hate and denial over something you can not control! Cult? Nah, you guys are the cult, a demented one, but a cult nonetheless. Brainwashed sheep who keep spouting out the same crap after you lost in 2016 DNC! Democratic National Cult!
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    Whole lot of shaving going on !
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    Hello everyone, an update for August: shipping charges and times may be slightly affected due to current events, but most shipments still arrive on time. We're looking into manufacturing additional rubbers/weatherstrips for the Datsun 320 -- I'll post updates on those projects when I can. We still have vent window rubbers in stock, ready to be shipped out. The price is still the same: 198 USD for a set of LR RH seals. Shipping is 53 USD to the US, for 1-2 sets. If you're interested in placing an order, please get in touch with me here or on my Facebook: I'm active on the Datsun Parts and Needs Facebook group and have listed the seals for sale there.
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    I realize that this is not the place for this, but I don't have time. We are leaving shortly to get my wife's parents. They are only a few miles away from the wildfire (don't know for sure where the fire is) and they are in the mid 80's. For all of you that are believers, PLEASE PRAY!!! It is after 9:00 AM and I'm still using a flashlight!!. Don
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    Dude, really, you sound like a 15 year old who uses social media for news. Fact check yourself before you post such crap. And nobody gives a flaming fuck for his sister. She is just trying to cash in on his name and she is free to do so, but nobody cared.
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    Rust-free D21's. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.
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    You can apply at the border though
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    Biden reminds me of Chauncy (played by Peter Sellers) in "Being There".
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    Well, they have been gaslighting, obstructing, and projecting so... "trump derangement syndrome" — "you're spouting the same crap".. uh huh. You're exhibiting the Dunning Kruger effect. Not surprising, as Trump suffers from the same. 🙂 I mean, I'm totally with you on that. Wait, are we talking about Trump or Biden? Could apply to either, but the later would at least have a competent administration. Yes, he did. He didn't win the popular vote, but I concede that doesn't matter in our electoral process. He's also the reason the GOP got crushed in the 2018 election. Crossing my fingers that happens again, but who knows. If you think the NY Times is biased, I'm not sure what to tell you. Opinion writers have opinions, and there is a difference between that and a news article. Even Tom Cotton has written opinion pieces for NYT—and what I suggested above is stick to the news.
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    I've been kicking around the idea of a 620 build for a while now. It had to be a 79 king cab, deluxe is a plus. We'll I found one locally and been going back and forth if I should buy it. It's pretty rust free, other than a small spot in the door. It's got a few dents and dings, but otherwise pretty straight. Pics..
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    Indeed, replace the soft lines under the hood, if they haven't failed yet, they will soon. I've also seen a number of bad pumps myself. Throw a cheap electric fuel pump in the line in place of the mechanical one, if it runs well then you have your answer! I won't say I haven't had to dump the crud out of a carburetor from time to time, but on the Datsuns I've wasted more time doing that when I should have been looking elsewhere. It isn't a bad idea to back-flush your main fuel line with some compressed-air, just don't go crazy with the line pressure, I just tried to unblock some fuel lines on a Ferret scout car and damaged the tank through overpressure. 😞
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    well here we are.... i told you all i would update you on my build..... so here we go, the Datsun build has been put on hold for a while so i can focus on a project for my family. i built a shackle relocation kit for my f350 to level the front end in preparation for this sweet cab over camper that a friend of ours gave to us. its time my family and i get back in touch with nature, things have been rather stressful here as of late . i am sorry there isn't much to update you all on about the 320 but this is just how projects work out sometimes. what i can tell you about the 320 is the next step will be designing strut towers. it is a toss up between tubular towers and plate steel towers i am still trying to figure out witch direction i want to go . i will try and update you all as much as possible when i get back into the swing of things .
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    Like a brick except worse. But it has the stock springs and a backwoods "lift", all under a lighter body. Different leaf packs or removing a leaf from each would help the ride, but I haven't done much with it in a while because Datsun. The wheelbases were close enough, but the firewall had to be moved back six inches to clear the V8 and 4-speed.
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    That's a nice pic,, I wish I had a king cab to bridge that roughly 8" gap that I will be cutting out (with the springs and all, unable to shift the axle much). I have thrown around the idea of a custom bed, maybe even a flat bed to haul some quads around etc.. I do have access to a few 720 frames and that was originally my first option but not currently having a 4 wheel driver, that idea sounded good.. It will definately take some mods but I am finding it interesting in learning all of this for the first time much like my tranny swap in my toyota... good experience... So tomorrow I will see how things line up with the cab mounts and bed.. take a few pics and see where I am at... How did that luv ride on the scout?
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