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    Because America still has beautiful side.
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    Three out of three. You can't make this shit up. Truth really is stranger than fiction.
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    Kyle was there to clean up graffiti and provide medical assistance. He helped protect a mechanic's shop where property destruction was imminent with no police nearby. As he did, he was accosted by multiple rioters who recognized that he had been attempting to protect a business the mob wanted to destroy. Had the police been enforcing the laws the rioters would have been at home, or in jail, there would have been no one to shoot and Rittenhouse would have stayed home, too. Also, the rioters' behavior was intentionally provocative. If they had kept the protest peaceful instead of burning and destroying local businesses, they wouldn't have gotten shot at. Anybody with half a brain knows he’s gonna walk because of the video evidence. If you're looking for motive outside the videos you're delusional because it’s irrelevant in a court of law where evidence has to be clear. BLM was mad at his because he had been photographed cleaning off their graffiti and the picture had went viral on social media. The people who want him locked up seem to be saying his mere presence there was provocative, that he was simply there, was a provocation which gave them the right to attack him. I know it sounds crazy but you're dealing with spoiled brats, think like a child and you will understand their line of thinking. they have no regard for the actual law as they've demonstrated for months in Portland, Chicago, Kenosha, et al. Kyle is gonna walk. Terrorists attacked him and he defended himself. The people screaming for him to go to jail don't seem to understand the aggressor dynamic. He was exercising his right to self defense which can be seen clearly in every video. He was not the aggressor, his life was in danger. He’ll probably go to the White House to meet the bad orange man and play vidya with Barron. BTW, take a moment and notice that no one on the left cares that the survivor of the shooting is a convicted felon illegally in possession of a firearm (seems like they'd use the opportunity to be calling for gun control?). while the two dead beat women and touched kids but none of that matters for some reason?
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    Orion slave girl!!!!
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    That's cute. I didn't see your comment and watched the video thinking the guy was going to do something shitty to the kid. Turned out the opposite of what I was expecting. Thumbs up to the homeowner.
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    A friend had an opposite problem. Skateboarders hanging out behind his large supermarket where the trucks unload. Graffiti garbage and minor destruction. He asked them to scram but they kept it up. His cure?....... a few shovel fulls of grit spread evenly all over the concrete making it impossible to roll a skateboard. They moved on.
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    again.. Actual professionals talking about laws to do with Kyle. If for any reason you want a little education or expansion of your thoughts take a listen to these two.
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    well if he didnt leave the scene there would be more dead people because more of the peaceful protesters were chasing him and he seems to be a very good shot we can all sit back and speculate but his shots were in self defense regardless of whether he should have had a gun or not
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    Not to far back in history and the kid would be a folk law hero, eventually had movies made about him and probably could have collected a nice bounty for the three criminals, ah things were simpler in the wild west.
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    I am sickened when I watch videos of masked individuals emerge from a crowd throw a Molotov cocktail or a rock through a store window or at someone’s home or vehicle; then disappear back into the crowd. The police (if they are even there) mill around with dumb looks, afraid to intervene, because of a valid fear of losing their jobs and/or their freedom and/or their lives. A way to regulate these events would be to place the onerous for separating the protesters from the rioters on the protesters. If a rioter performs an illegal and/or destructive act and disappears into a group of protesters, then unless the protesters deny the rioter aide and/or identify the rioter to police and/or detain the rioter for the police, all protesters identified in the area of the illegal and/or destructive act should be subject to sanction/incarceration. The above is my reasoned solution to this problem. It is not perfect, but it would help restore order. Another effective crowd control solution was provided by Clint Eastwood in The Unforgiven. “Any man I see out there, I'm gonna shoot him. Any son of a bitch takes a shot at me, I'm not only gonna kill him, but I'm gonna kill his wife, all his friends, burn his damn house down.”
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    Here is another shot of the mirror. They are positionable also.
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    lol how does it feel to want Raymond?
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    I went with Bee' yes, I could of got a universal one cheaper but his is made mostly for our datsun trucks. Plus I like to support datsun peeps. First box arrived
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    I can't wait for this argument to be settled so we can send it over to the judge for consideration
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    I had to fab my own.
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    I can't find a stained for my carburator, I went to all of the auto parts stores around my area and no one has them, I look online and not even the rebuild kit has it! Do you know where I can find one?
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    Also I put on the fender mirrors! Let me know what y’all think
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    Fair, and amazon is always a good bet. I've had good luck with Rockauto thus far too and they're also good with returns, so will come down to price. Sadly my local autoparts stores will probably need to order stuff in, and it'll likely get a little scratched once I test-fit so they probably wouldn't want to. Likewise about Koni - possibly eventually whenever whatever I go with wears out, but I can't justify the cost currently, as much as I may want to. I just sent KYB tech support an email to ask for more info about a couple options I think should work - namely the tube diameter and body length. With any luck I'll hear back and one or the other will work, or they'll have another recommendation that will. For reference, the options I've found so far are KYB 363046 and KYB 364014.
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    I said the list (jury pool) is endless.....
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    Kyle walks. BLM idiots get what was handed to them.
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    At trial all you need is one juror that sees him as being attacked and defending himself. One juror who is a property owner and fed fucking up with this shit. One juror who sees the dead rapist and other felon and wounded as human garbage deserving of what they got. One juror who has seen antifa fucking shit up and someone willing to do something about it. One juror who is possibly a racist or just sick to death of BLM and their shit. One juror who is a trump supporter. One juror who is willing to disregard the judge when he tells them to ignore what they feel. One juror who....well the list is endless. They'll try to throw the book at him for chickenshit gun violations but even then all you need is one juror who....
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    He didn't run away!! McGinnis states that Kyle ran to the middle of the road as he (McGinnis) began first aid on Rosenbaum. He then states he heard shots. The videos all show Kyle staying within Rosenbaum's vicinity until the audio of people calling out to "beat him up!!" or to "get him!!", and shots being fired at Kyle. Kyle then tries to escape the mob of people trying to get him.
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    More half truths from you, they said "he shot someone, get him", that is when he ran.
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    facts being your false assertions?
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    Self-preservation: noun the protection of oneself from harm or death, especially regarded as a basic instinct in human beings and animals. Self-defense: noun the defense of one's person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime. So in your own words it turned from being OK to a crime when it transitioned to self-preservation. HOW?
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    They were attacking him hence self preservation/self defense. If they were simply trying to detain and disarm him they wouldn't have been hitting and kicking him and swinging skateboards at him.
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    dude his charges don’t reflect anything you say in the quote.... serious.. no fleeing charge and no brandishing charge. he faces potential USE of WEAPON charges.......,. Why do you keep repeating false stuff?
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    OK, lets look at this video. Let us start with the headline, "Video shows Kenosha shooting suspect running with rifle, shooting into crowd", this is already shown to not be true, Kyle was not shooting into a crowd, he was shooting people attacking him, you can hear other shots going off also in this video that are not coming from Kyle, yet the title stands that whoever originally posted the video on the internet is trying to make people think he was shooting into crowds, this person should be held accountable for posting misinformation, why would they do that, maybe they hate guns because of misinformation that they were spoon fed, it's amazing how easily some people can be brain washed being spoon fed. Let us look at the people attacking Kyle this night during this video, 3 of them appear are felons, how many more are felons, did these 3 know each other(Organized group?), were any of them the ones that were telling the crowds in the area that he shot that guy and to get him trying to incite others into action with half truths so that they didn't get shot, yes Kyle did shoot a guy that was attacking him, maybe they were pissed off that one of their own(friend) was shot, again how many others were felons as it appears only felons got shot. It was said that after Kyle shot Rosenbaum he stopped and called the police and told them he had shot someone, this appears to be confirmed by the video, I can see him in the video with him holding something to the side of his head, then it has been said that someone yelled he had shot that guy(Rosenbaum) and to get him, that is when Kyle appears to have started running again(it appears he started running towards the police lights down the road), they were chasing him saying to get that guy, one person hit him from behind(was that one a felon?), soon after Kyle tripped and ended up on the ground and then the shit storm happened, it appears only felons were shot, of which Gaige(last one shot) had a handgun which could put him back in custody, it appears only vermin were shot or killed and I expect them vermin would not have stuck around for the police to arrive if they had killed Kyle. There are people(tainted media sources) that would have you believe things using misinformation, they have no use for courts or judges as it does not promote their agenda
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    You keep pointing out how he fled the scene.It looks like he was trying to flee before he even pulled the trigger on anybody.They chased him.He shot,do you then sit and wait for the police to show up ? He also called it in (the shooting).He was attacked again while running.What was he supposed to do ? He'd be dead if he sat and waited for the cops.The others would be alive and not missing a bicep if they wouldn't have chased a guy with a gun.What kind of an idiot does that ?
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    I feel bad for the kid. He was trying to be helpful and lessen the destruction and chaos in the area. Why were the 3 felons there? I doubt they have a deep seated desire to show there support for Black people. My guess would be to loot and steal in all the chaos. A goofy little fat kid spoiling there fun might be the reason the flaming debris was thrown at him. These guys were scumbags convicted of a jury of there peers or guilty pleas for hurting other people. When it is sexual crimes the victim carrys emotional damage the rest of there life. From this old rednecks view good shooting Kid.
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    Rest of the drinkers side trunk pan and the rear lower panel are out. Also been spending a lot of time printing printer parts. About 11 hours later and a couple 608 bearings and I've got a roller spool holder.
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    More grinding & sandblasting done, but it's not shit that's going to make sense if I try to take pictures so whatever lol I will just post and update when it's done-done. It's probably going to take a bit longer since sandblasting the bottom of the frame up ito the air is a dumbass idea so it will be mostly just grinding on it from underneath. Ignition arrived today. This will replace the factory ignition on the dash, and be curved to fit of the shape of the dash. Also going to get it refinished to be closer to the factory color, something like this: The switches will also be wired into factory clips and be part of the new harness being made.
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    You're probably right lol Finished up the top and sides tonight. Jacked it up and put it on the blocks I stole from my brother and I will get probably an hour in more on the frame tonight.
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    I knew I needed to flush the cooling system on Dragon. This is what came out of it. A little back story. I was driving Dragon into the mid 1990's, and for some reason I quit driving it, and left it parked in a carport for a few years, without enough antifreeze in the coolant, and mainly water. Yes, it froze, cracked the cylinder head, a peanut head, and pushed some of the core plugs out of the block, saving the block. I had another head rebuilt, to get the engine running, and put the core plugs back in the block. This is where the drain plug for the radiator is located, if you still have a stock 521 radiator. If you remove the plug, the old coolant will run over other stuff on the truck, and make a mess. I cut part of an old oil bottle to make a funnel. I then remove the drain plug part way, and with the oil bottle funnel under the drain plug, let the radiator drain. This is the drain plug, notice the rubber washer. Sometimes the rubber washer sticks to the radiator long enough to lose it. Make sure the washer stays with the plug. As dirty as I knew the cooling system was, I already had decided I am going to pull the radiator, and back flush the engine block. I removed the top radiator hose, and then disconnected the lower radiator hose from the radiator. There is also a clip holding the temp sender and distributor wires on the radiator. I freed the wires from the clip, and removed the radiator. I then drained the remaining coolant out of the radiator, and flushed the radiator with a garden hose. I filled the radiator with clean water, then shook it, and repeated with both the top and bottom radiator hose connections. Sorry, no pictures of shaking the radiator. Both hands were busy. There is also a drain plug on the block by the starter. I unbolted the starter, to get it out of the way, and also to reduce the amount of rusty coolant running over and into the starter. The drain plug on a Datsun L-engine is a British pipe thread, and the head fits a 9/16 socket. It will be tight. I used a 6 point socket on the drain plug, with a 1/2 long breaker bar to loosen it. The block drain plug. The next thing I did was to remove the thermostat under this cover. This is the thermostat, with rust sediment on it. This is actually an OEM Nissan thermostat, (JDM YO) and I rinsed it off, and reused it. Then I put the thermostat cover on the engine, without the thermostat. and put a longer radiator hose on the outlet of the thermostat cover. The longer hose to take dirty coolant away from the truck. Then I put a garden hose into the lower radiator hose, that I left on the engine. The block drain plug at the back of the engine is still out of the block, and at this point, the heat valve on the heater is closed, or off. I am going to stir things up some more. With the garden hose in the lower radiator hose, the water came out of the top radiator hose was rusty at first, then became clear. Then I used an air blow gun with a rubber tip into the block drain. The air in the back of the block with water agitated a lot more rust sediment, and flushed it out. This is after the water coming out of the block ran clear, but then with air being blown into the block. I let the block refill with water from the garden hose many times, and when the block was filled, blew air into the block again. I repeated that until the water came out clear. The radiator is flushed, and the block is flushed. Now for the heater. The heater has two connections. There is a valve on the heater core, on the top heater hose connection. If you flush from the bottom of the heater hose to the top heater hose connection, it tends to flush dirt away from the heater valve. I removed the heater hose from the back of the cylinder head. I put this small nozzle on the garden hose. And flushed the heater with the water from the garden hose. Then I put the heater hose back on the cylinder head, Put the starter back on the engine, and hooked up the oil pressure switch connection. This connection was slightly loose, I gently squeezed the connector to connect to the oil pressure switch a little more firmly. I put the radiator back in the truck, And finally the drain plug. Normally, that would flush and clean the cooling system good enough. But because of letting this engine sit for a long time, I wanted to do a little extra to help clean the cooling system. This is a radiator flush/cleaner solution made by Prestone. I put it in the radiator, and refilled the radiator with clean water, and ran Dragon on a short trip. Then I drained the cleaner out of the radiator, and refilled the radiator with fresh water, and then drained that, twice. Finally, I refilled the radiator with new premixed coolant, and am running that. This fresh coolant is starting to look a little cloudy, it probably will get changed again, and then I should not have to worry about the cooling system on Dragon for a while.
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    Like many elderly, you just want everything to stay the same. I totally get it. I was pissed when 'new formula' Coke came out. (boo) Then they had to go back to the old formula (yea!) But they couldn't call it Coke anymore and renamed it Coke Classic. (boo) Sorry, you were whining about whiny ass liberals removing a symbol of red neck-dome and a lost cause civil war from a 155 years ago??? If whiny ass liberals really cared they'd outlaw NASCAR first for not having had a real race since the early '70s when they drove real cars.
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    Here's a couple pics from today. I took apart my door latches and had them zinc plated. A friend of mine hooked me up by machining the pins that hold the sliders/springs. I've got the side windows ready to go back in but I want to figure out the window squeegees before I put it back together.
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    All the infrastructure work to make a "booth" led to this.....(it's frigging hard to get everything into the picture). It's all primed with two-part high build primer. Time to sand....and sand....and sand some more. Yay! ?
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