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    Wow in print it seemed like a weird Thing to say it, the actual delivery was pretty fucked up
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    Can't make this stuff up
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    9 trillion increase under Obama.It went down ?
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    I'm really looking forward to the debates.I think Trump should just stay quiet and let Biden do his campaigning for him by being a bumbling fool.This is why Biden is not out and about touring the country.The Covid thing is an excuse.
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    2020 is fuct due to CoVid. 2019 was fuct because of Trump. and no. The dept/deficit has been my biggest voting priority since I started voting. Trump has raised our deficit every single year he’s been in office and it stresses me out because it’s gone down consistently for eight years previous. I want the debt gone. I want to stop paying taxes to pay interest on national debt. So I vote Democrat because the numbers don’t lie. Until we get a RonPaul who has a chance. But Self Serving money men like our Prez need to be removed. He’s putting the country last despite his words. Cut taxes on the wealthy, increase spending... we should all pay more taxes if there is a deficit. It should simply be a percentage of our spending. We spend more, we pay more. That would help us keep better books.
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    They were signature series wheels, most made from the old Prototipo design (or some derivation thereof). The Benetton is from the Michael Schumacher era Benetton F1 team. We were big into F1 back then. I remember being at SPIR racing my 510 the day that Ayrton Senna died. I don't get the shoe thing either...
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    Kingcab models are the best of all the 720s, lots of legroom.
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    I have a vintage Momo collection. Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, Clay Regazzoni, plus a rare multi color Benetton wheel with horn button pad, and a couple other less rare wheels. I've also got a plethora of hubs for various cars/trucks. My favorite Momo is a 380mm red suede wheel. I wouldn't sell any of these at any price.
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    I guess that's good since the picture is of the knockoff 😁.....
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    Looks fine to me. The construction of that wheel reminds of a Grant, which it probably is.
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    It’s crazy. People go nuts over Momo/Nardi/etc. steering wheels. I’ve always had <$100 Grants on both my Datsuns and they’re fine. When Amazon shipped me the quick release hub by mistake, I splurged a little and got a suede racing wheel for the roadster, but it was still less than 100. What did you get?
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    BTW, the only time democrats care about the "deficit" is when a republican is in power, did you actually believe Obama when he sold Obamacare as the greatest thing since sliced bread and that it was going to reduce drug prices? You really bought the bullshit? Did you actually believe that you wouldn't lose your current insurance and keep your doctor? You should go back and read the bill that Nancy Pelosi didn't but went ahead and signed it.
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    Kelmo is an awesome source. I try not to bug him too much, so keep this one handy, as well.. https://www.carpartsmanual.com/#ManualsMenu Everytime I read either of you guy's threads, I start Jones'n for a 1200 again..
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    This particular Dajiban is like a mullet haircut (which I totally did NOT rock in the '80s!), except instead of "Business in the front; Party in the back," it's "Race Van on the outside; Party Van on the inside!"
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    The L series are tilted 120 to the right side from vertical. The backward tilt I don't know but oil drawback shouldn't be a problem. There is a drain back at the rear and the timing chain area at the front. The difference between L and Z series is 180 I believe so Z series are only 60 to the left side of vertical
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    With a couple coats of primer on the bare metal, I get to move on from the cowl. Finished up the grille, now just waiting for paint to show up so I can paint the header panel before installing.
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    Egomaniacs always have to have the last word. It gives them a feeling of power, as if they immediate draw all of the power of the person they are communicating with and become powerful due to it. 😙 It's ok Mike.
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    For some reason I decided to change the oil after work today .... I was trying to get the oil filter relocation done before I did but I'm at 7500 miles now and decided it should just change it.... Also changed the valve cover gasket, I ripped it last time I pulled the valve cover off to check my valve clearance....
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    It was probably the little piece on a spark plug.
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    I have a 1975 Datsun 620 with a 1977 L20b and parts from a 73 620 sprinkled in that I have driven for the last 30 years. I was just about to rebuild the engine again and was wondering if there were any thoughts on how to improve the setup. Maybe a different head or something. I figure i had it up to around 125 hp with the porting and headers and weber, But the D port heads I've been using may need different mode to work. 340 thousand miles on my truck so far and its part of the family!!
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    Shows I dont know much.... I have no idea who any of those names are.... Where they a special edition momo wheel ? I guess it's like 1000 shoes, but I just dont get it.... Or where they actually used by those guys? That I would understand....
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    Newb is correct, your 320 lock down plate should fit on your new MG distributor or you could just buy a MG lock down plate which is exactly the same thing as your 320 plate but new and likely a lot cleaner. Just search "MG Midget Distributor Clamp" on ebay,
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    If your looking at buying a fair amount of tuning parts for your Weber's, you might want to consider sourcing out of the UK. https://www.burtonpower.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=ram+pipes https://www.burtonpower.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=weber+jets https://www.burtonpower.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=weber+emulsion+tubes
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    That's what I thought.... Everthing is a knockoff now a days.... Hub should be fine regardless, if I dont like the feel of the steering wheel I'll have an item for a Christmas present from my wife.... for $40 it should be fine to finish out the year driving.... has to be better than what I'm currently using..
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    I went with a no name $40 steering wheel.... And a hub for about $45.... Nothing crazy....
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    They shared a block and head with a Z24 D21 so not a lot, also some of the alternators
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    This is not mine I just saw it and thought I would share in case anyone is close by and wanted to go look at it since these don't come up for sale that often.
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    One of the craziest things about the truck is not a single marker light is busted or even cracked!!!
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    Immersed myself into the depths of understanding the intricate details and internal operations of all the components that make these carbs perform well. Knowing basic tuning of these carbs was not helping but only hindering the outcome. Step by step measures unravelled a plethora of inconsistencies and under compensated values. I can divulge several details, at this prominence, which entail an early diagnosis but not limiting rectification by assumption. Hard choices demand specific characterizations and involves a total, if not complete, understanding on how everything is related, balanced and controlled. I'm no expert by any means but I do like to understand how things work. Decisions get easier with knowledge and knowledge is the key to success. Known issues were: 1) poor mounting location of the heat shield for the carbs 2) used carbs installed on a completely different application 3) rough idling 4) over fuelling ( gassy smell ) 5) performs better at higher rpm's 6) newbe trying to do the impossible Newer finds and results: 1) not all main jets were same size 2) emulsion tubes are underrated for cylinder size 3) Venturi size require a larger opening 4) float level gap inconsistent 5) open float (full drop) over rated value 6) idle speed screw value critical 7) mixture screw settings are very important 8 ) idle air bleed screw adjustment requires a synchrometer, if needed 9) spark plug colour indicates issues 10) timing degree mark vs actual 11) total advance at 3000rpm? 12) check throttle plates for restrictions and trueness 13) soft mount, attached between carb and intake, clearances are critical As I dive deeper, I'll keep record of any other asymmetrical encounters and remedies. Parts order list is near completion.
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    That was a good write up! I used it to change out the leaking filler neck on my car and worked out great. I used Spectra Premium FN724 for the filler neck. Had to make some cuts on it so that screws could pass through and bolt up. Before cutting it: After cutting it: Modified the original piece by removing the locking mechanism for the lid: Not sure why I added this gasket, don't think it was needed: Fully Assembled: Later on I added a viton flag so that any drips of gas dont fall directly on the paint, works great
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    Front two drive shafts or CVs not made any more. Very hard or expensive to replace. Front R-180 are 4.375 through '82 and 4.11 after. 510/610 810 Maxima or Z car might want. An original stock Hitachi alternator or starter are worth more to have than a Chinese rebuilt piece of shit. Stock (not replacement) water pumps with integral clutch fan are high volume units. Will fit all L series or keep for spare.
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    It's pretty common in the west to need a three row radiator. Any radiator shop can build it for you. Cost about $300.
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    Another factor John didn't mention above is, all of those 1/2" Heims are going to be the left hand thread joints. That way it will be impossible to install the rods the wrong way round and all of them will adjust the same way (ie. right twist in/left twist out... or vice versa, however they wind up on the car). Occasionally, our heads are used for more than just hat racks!
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    I don't see why. Just hammer the counter shaft forward. Unlock any gears.
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    There was no such thing as deficit until Trump came along right ? And then all the free money (for Covid relief) that was everybody's idea certainly didn't help.
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    Maybe they have lots of money and don't have to drive POS Datsuns.
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    Makes you wonder how a party like that has any support.
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    Not genius at all.I had to look it up for the meaning.I thought it was fitting.
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    Ok this guy does a lot of work on transmissions. Great idea!
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    Hard water scale will build up like in an electric kettle.
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    With my bad spelling and the damn auto spell of computers/cellphones I must come across as pretty dumbdee dumb dumb?
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    Burnelli CBY-3 Loadmaster Burnelli CBY-3 Loadmaster Burnelli UB-20 designed and built by Temple, Texas born Vincent Burnelli Reminds me somewhat of the Junkers Ju G.38 four-engine passenger plane Junkers Ju G.38
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    Went and restored the jack since I had it out. Then reinstalled the rest of the interior. The PO had the bench reupholstered in this ugly fabric, so I may be having it redone to match the door cards this winter.
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    Good to have in mind. I plan on doing an engine swap for the next phase of my build and I'm ultimately thinking of going V6. I saw a Rat Rod a few years ago on the web, the guy used a BMW M series something V8 and it was quite cool & different (see below). He had a running car to use to sort out what was needed & what wasn't before doing the actual swap. While not my style of build, I really like when someone thinks outside the box.
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    He has a leaf spring frame, so if the axle is to wide, put the 521 axle on that frame, but that doesn't fix the front end, it will still be to wide and it will look strange. I just don't see why one would go thru all the work of modifying an axle when one is right there that will work fine. I say make what is there work, I have an 86 720 axle on my 520 ute and it works just fine, but I am using 620 disc brake rims. On an 86 Nissan 720 frame the front two body mounts under the radiator on a 521 are perfect, they align the front wheels in the fender wells perfect, and the engine fits in the engine bay just fine, but that is using L or Z block.
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