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    About to go for a cruise in the datsun with the wife to get some togo margaritas and some dinner from Chillis... Celebrating 13 years of marriage ... Our 1st date almost 15 years ago was in the datsun ....
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    wikipedia is compromised material. Period!
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    Wiki should only be used for working out what engine will fit in your datsun, nothing else. That reference to it above has had half a dozen edits in the last few months, my wife was arguing about this systemic racism bullshit with her friend and the friend drops, "well it says this and these are "facts" on wiki" . Had a quick look and it had over 50 edits since the GF episode a week or two before. You may as well use the guardian or other pulitzer prize winning propaganda outlet for your reference material.
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    To my knowledge there are no left leaning groups that are excised from the left except the KKK and that only happened in the 60's as what we now call progressives very successfully changed things around to appear to support equal rights when in fact they had fought against it. The left is great at projecting to appear virtuous as it does the very things it states are wrong, it is part of the belief that to take power by any means necessary is justified and since 2016 it has come closer to a fever pitch because they are either close to complete control or are on the precipice of losing the grasp of it. Just as an example of projection David Duke was a Democrat that ran as a Republican because he was unsuccessful in gaining the Democrat seat and there was no republican running, he was denounced by many Republicans even the President and yet if you look at Wiki in the first sentence it states he is a far right politician and yet a former Grand cyclops or whatever of the Klan was a senator, mentor and friend of Hillary Clinton and whose wiki entry has been whitewashed senator Robert Byrd. Even the Wiki entry for KKK states it is a far right organization which to those of us old enough to have seen it know it was a Democrat group.
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    Couldn't sleep last night so I decided to tackle the heater box boot..... Fit was good but tight getting it in place, I ended up bolting it to the cover first then slid it in place.... Only thing I didn't like was the spring for the little trap door is hitting the boot inside and not closing 100%.... Gonna have a look at that today...
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    Took a ride through Topanga and took a couple of pics
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    You know why hobos always go big? 'cause they can't go home.
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    well.... They are staying home.
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    Cool. This was a side note on an article largely on another point. I was never one to take a big position on this whole thing. I do know a thing or two about fires. I was a firefighter for several years and every summer it was brush/forest fires 90%. I needed to change professions because of a shattered femur, but I miss it. Can't hate on Wiki too much. It's edited by readers. Oh, and I definitely choose broom stick. 100%
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    There’s about 2-1/2” difference in fender clearance . The back is jacked up to high for me. This is a new leaf pack , but the original also had the rear high . I don’t like the look and don’t care much for the bouncing Betty ride . I guess I’ll start with the shorty overlord spring . But isn’t there a centering pin on the bottom leaf? I can’t remember . Hell- I would even turn down the torsion bars as far as ride height . Then I would have to recheck camber I guess . I plan on running 16” wheels , so I’ll lose a little of the rubber cushion from less sidewall . Don’t want any 33’s either . I don’t want to turn this truck into a doggy ride . It’s quick enough for a 83 mini truck for me .
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    Which one do you think got the injury? I cut myself right below the nail, and about almost a half inch in. They superglued it instead of stitches. Stitches would have required removal of my thumbnail, and i just didn't feel like waiting for that to grow back. Small tourniquet was applied to stop bleeding and to help the glue dry! Fun!
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    That looks real good Mr Big Tanker.
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    Who called the cancellation months ago, eh Mr Big? No foreigners want to come over and see a bunch of dongs on a beach, anyway..... What really sucks for me is that I missed JCCS last year due to my niece's wedding, and I'm missing it again this year due to the virus scare. I do understand the precautions, though.
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    Fauci was appointed in 1984.It has/had nothing to do with Trump.He's hardly in the "Trump camp" .This is not my opinion.Just pointing out the facts.
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    It was better before the Democrat politicians got control of the House back in 2018, since then this country has went down hill, they have been dividing this country since Trump won the election, and put the dividing of this country in overdrive since 2018, then the failed impeachment(more dividing). I remember election day back in 2016, the Democrat politicians and Democrat elite thought it was going to be a landslide for Hilary(they believe their own polls and still do), I never in my life ever seen these Democrat politicians and elite speechless, they just talk on and on(it appears they like to hear themselves talk) believing every bit of the diarrhea coming out of their mouths, they were stunned when the results were coming out, a totally clueless bunch of people, and absolutely nothing has changed. As for China designing this virus, read this below, I am not saying it is true, but where there is smoke there is fire. I’m likely to go to Fb jail over this, but I think this needs to be said. Is it just a coincidence that Remdesivir is made by Gilead the “CURE” for COVID-19... here’s where it gets interesting China holds patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch, UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan. Guess who are the main financial investors in UNITAID..George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, & WHO. It’s just a coincidence isn’t it? Don’t forget the other coincidence that Gilead & UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. I forgot one more coincidence Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses.. I sure am it’s all just coincidences!The Best Coincidence is when you Follow the money.First we have a Bored Multi-Billionaire (& wife) who hates President Trump, with has made his billions in owning stock as well as In electronic software & program development. Whom is currently in a battle with Amazon over a 10 billion contract for the JETI CLOUD. The court case is currently held up due to....yep you guessed it, the pandemic.This key player Bill Gate & his wife who are world class power players & major stock holders in many companies such as.. you guessed it, WALMART . Now as mom & pop shops around the country were forced to close “For safety reasons” one huge company didn’t fall under that rule. As hard working men & woman locked doors & turned away their customers they stand to lose everything. Furniture stores ( provide home comfort items) salons (who sell hair care products)which now must be purchased at you know where....kind of liking those roll back prices are we? Oh & if you’re looking for clippers (are sold out), craft stores (who sell what some would call necessity items, like cloth for making clothes) no worries, Walmart has a large selection of pre-made garments, bait & tackle shops & tobacco shops are now closed, among other retail shops designed to make a living for their owners. Don’t get me wrong, I go to Walmart because it’s one of the few stores open where I can GET EVERYTHING. While the Pandemic has shut down many of its competitors, Walmart continues to sell NON ESSENTIAL itemsI’m not ok with the mom& pop shops being closed because I believe they could offer the same abilities that Walmart does as far as safety compliance in a pandemic. But the powers that be have decided that’s not the case. here’s a news flash for you.....Do you know how many WALMART employees out of the 2.2 million that work in the busy retail stores have tested positive for Covid 19? I’m not a gambler but those odds seem a little.......well as daddy always said, if it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck, it probably doesn’t hold huge stock options in a supercenter that shelves more than 61% of its products from......YEP! CHINA! (ok daddy didn’t say that but Bill Gates portfolio does) No wonder Mr.Gates is so ticked off at President Trump, I guess I would too if I had all that money tied up and then someone says “Nope, if you want to bring those products into our country, you’re going to have to pay.” Hmmmm that extra charge must have put someone’s panties in a bunch.Let'd not forget about Facebook. Lol We’ve generated more trash sitting at home posting memes than we ever did going to work. I guess those little Debbies wrappers are now lining the landfills. DON’T DESPAIR though, Mr. Gates is on it! While you & I are popping paper (Walmart Receipts mainly) in our pockets, he is lining his with cash, as his investment in Waste Management is thriving as an “Essential Business”. Ok people,by now you must know where I’m going with this, WOW I could actually hear my Democrat friends chanting HELL, lol coincidence? I think not. now in the mist of the Pandemic, we have turned over our rights as Americans to those who we have to believe have our best interest at heart, but in reality, isn’t it THEIR BEST INTEREST? we now sit back as media sources decide what they may or may not show us, shop where they may or may not allow us, ration what we may or may not need to purchase & determine who & how far we must be from each other. Anyone else feel like that Antelope in Wild Kingdom? You know, the one separated from the herd that you know will be sacrificed so that the others have a chance of escaping? Lol hmmm it must be just me (NOT). We are singled out on Facebook, put in time out for asking questions, voicing our opinions (that whole freedom of speech thing is bs unless your a spoiled a Swedish girl Gretas.here’s what’s probably going to get this post 86’d.MY BELIEF (I said “MY” beliefs):I believe that Covid 19 is a man made disease, which had an “Accidental Intentional” release with perfect timing . like Nancy Pelosi when she timed the delivery of those impeachment papers to the Senate (she knew wouldn’t pass). I believe that she also had inside knowledge as well as others that the pandemic was about to take place & her home among others were well stocked with provisions. The Democrats & their donors, which include Bill Gates, & of course all our wonderful Facebook Stock Holders & management with all of the Democrat owned media have decided that they will provide us with information regarding the pandemic destruction & they will provide you with a vaccine for Covid 19 which CHINA holds the patent too & created by a company Bill Gates owns. (Did I mention Ironically he also owns part of the lab where the virus was created?) Am I the only one thinking “How nice of them all to take care of all of us like this?” I honestly believe that all of this is FEAR DRIVEN! Not just by the people who are on the receiving end of fake news, mis-information who are likely to now lose their homes, jobs & freedoms as the pandemic rocks the world, but by those in power, who are struggling to stay there!Bottom line, at a time when President Trump is at an all time high, the economy is the best it’s ever been in the history of America, impeachment paperwork is nothing more than scratch paper, & the likely hood of a majority of Democrats being politically retired come November third as they face an unstoppable force (Hint: Think Red) they tossed up a Hail Mary.......guess what.... it didn’t take. This country has been built with the blood of Americans who were much better men & women than those serving this country now under a Democratic flag. I will tell you to get the tissues ready as the Republicans who believe in what this country stands for are going to take matters in their hands, & NO Mrs. Pelosi, it won’t be by licking a self addressed mail in ballot(may contain Covid 19). We see through everything that you’re party has put this country through over the last 30 years, & come November 2020 no pink hat wearing walking vagina & an creepy Alzheimer patient backed by the wives of the two worst Presidents in history are going to undo what President Trump & his administration have worked hard to repair. Make no mistake, shit is going to hit the fan, but luckily people are well stocked on toilet paper! Oh & on behalf of my mask wearing peeps & I, & out of respect for my young readers “Kiss My Grits”. P.s. if you stop killing off unborn babies perhaps your party would have a better chance at survival. This is probably why all you have to chose from is a limited gene pool. Wives of ex presidents and a geriatric “genius” who can sniff better than a coke addict, Come on....Well after I post this, it’s likely to disappear like a Clinton Witness.
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    The current Democratic Plan for the Nation....
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    Yes it was until the Virus . Lowest unemployment rate ever. the economy was moving no matter how you like it getting better trade deals Nato ripping us off ect…. Obama had 8 years why didn't he address all these issues? plus the Defunding the Cops why didn't they do it then. They just hate Trump cause a outsided made it in the first time around. Yet now Obama hang with the RICH(RicaardBranson) best new buddy taking there money and doing the Capitalist thing as writing books and getting the Money. If Amazon Facebook Google care about BLM why do they hiring H1B1 visa holders instead of hiring local black folk???? I think this would be a better option to uplift fellow americans. Biden is only going to bring more in and say he cares for BLM and only give out free shit.
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    2 BLM subjects shot each other in Renton Wa day befoe yesterdaywhen I was driving home on 2nd shift. Defund the Cops is going to be my Vote now with Joe Biden. As for printing money its going to only increase by what Nancy Pelosi wants 3 trillion in the last offer WTF???? we are fucked as China is Laughing. Everything was going good before the Virus in my Opinion. 3.5% unemployment rate, wE WILL NEVER SEE THAT AGAIN
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    Just unbelievable how misinformed you are.White supremacists in Portland and Seattle ???? Give me a break.Not even our media has reported this as you say it is.How about a link to these videos from your friend ?
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    NO ! leave them all there.Some people need to be told more than once.Kind of like a little kid that's still learning.
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    It has been confirmed, you have contracted Trump derangement syndrome, sorry.
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    Did you look closely at the mustard? Lots of cancer and bad body work. It's also a 4 dr compared to the 2 dr.
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    I picked up a new window for my kingcab because ive always wanted a slider but i picked it up and the latch seems to be broken. i cant seem to find any online and they seem that they dont make that part...so i thought, im pretty sure i may be able to use a nissan hardbody/d21 sliding rear window latch they look extremely similar but i have never tired swapping them... can anyone confirm my theory will the latch and backing plates work because id like to get all new hardware not just the latch.
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    I'm sure you have the mounting point. Just attop the b-pillar on a 2dr/coupe, a little farther back on a 4dr/wagon (actually - likely the same spot relative to the roof - the b-piller is just farther forward) Happy to take some measurements for you if you need. As for kits - look at https://www.retrobelt.com/ https://www.seatbeltplanet.com/ etc...
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    Please, I need both measurements!
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    Not that .5 of a degree is that much more but it was tilted about 1.5 down toward the back.... I'm gonna atleast take it for a ride and see how the vibration is.. As far as the heater boot I was able to bend the mount that the spring attaches to the little door... now things are better... fresh air door now closes with no problem....
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    I glue my skin back together a lot working with metal. I used my edge knife on some parts the other day and laid open my pinky finger. Had to do much the same. Rubber band the finger and glue it shut.
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    I'm working on my body panel welding, I got better as I went along but I know it's rough. Better than rust at least.
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    I have 2 things working against me .... 1 is I have a Volvo carrier bearing with its own built in mount. Which I need to shim anyhow... and I kind of eye balled things making the bracket when I changed to the 5spd.... I always suspected I would have to shim that some also..... I'll check the angle of the motor now that the trucks on the ground.... Is there a certain angle I should see? I assume angled down towards the back.... ? The drain is at the back of the head right?
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    I like Texas but i WAS IN A HURRY and didn't proof read my post. I'm tddrying to grt back my typing skioos.
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    You know the best part of having a homeless girlfriend? You can drop her off wherever you want.
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    I did the same thumb with a box cutter at work. Went in from the left right where the nail comes out and maybe 1/4 way into the nail. I was so pissed and embarrassed I wrapped my fingers around it, grabbed 5 or 6 band aids and went in the washroom and cleaned and wrapped it up. Went back to work. Cut it all off at home and put more on and left them for a week. Eventually the nail grew out but kept any loose edge trimmed so it wouldn't catch on anything. Looking at the scar now. Same thumb I sliced the nerve on the right side in a table saw. A two inch scar on the fleshy base on a sharpened paint scraper at GM and tore the nail off in a printing press accident and two years ago a nail punctured about an inch into the base near the 2 inch scar. The index finger lost half the finger print and has a skin graft... same press accident and the next finger only lost the nail. Fuck me I'm rough on the non dominant hand.
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    this ^ our economy was the best it has been in a long time before this VIRUS !!!!!! we reduced the getting fucked by others by alot trump is doing a great job despite all the efforts to stop him and all the other bullshit going on right now ( MY OPINION ) because im sure some people dis agree also I will quote wayno because i think he makes some valid points even though i ran out of breath reading it
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    Don't forget the 5G towers
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    Some of it i don't mind. After all there are many people who don't look after their cars or do mods that are totally unsafe. However, it's gotten silly recently and they're controlling everything in a nanny state manner. It also punishes people who are trying to do the right thing while the jerks who are the real problem ignore all the rules anyway. So all that strictness is a waste of time.
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    My winter project this year (since I accomplished some big ones last winter) is to pull the tank out of my truck and restore it. I crawled under there recently and it’s going to be one hell of a time.
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    Not working nearly as well as what the other side is doing i see.Unless i missed it there was not one death associated with any of that.Please don't misunderstand me as condoning it.These people didn't need to incite anything,it was already happening without their help.
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    The unemployment rate has been on a landslide since the 2007 economic crash. The decent only slowed since 2016. The economy was moving alright, at the cost to the tax payer. The deficit has doubles since Trump took office and that is not even including this year. US is fuct! What better trade deals? He killed TPP which is awesome. but he really hasn't done anything noteworthy to replace that or anything else really. just a bunch of tariffs that end up costing us. This was my biggest excitement for his presidency, so I'm disappointed in this aspect especially. As above, yes NATO was ripping us off. Nothing better yet. Why didn't Obama address these issues? Well he could have done more yes, but what he did kept the protests from getting like they are now. He listened. And he addressed the crowds. He didn't defund the police because that wasn't his job. That is the states job. And he wouldn't have supported it anyway as he was commonly praising the police for their efforts in a tough spot. Amazon and google have both committed to hiring hiring more African Americas to senior positions this month. I don't really dig hiring under the gun like this, but it is happening. Biden wont help.
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    That would explain why he doesn't listen to him... no wait a narcissist doesn't have to listen to anyone. The rest was just 'alien theory'. What's easier to believe that Soros, Gates WHO Fauci and others had a virus engineered because they detest trump policies they would kill hundreds of thousands of people or that someone fucked up in a containment facility in China????? Fuck me EVERYTHING is a conspiracy!!!!!
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    It does not attach to the heater box. (Unless you do what I am doing) Datsun Stainless Plate pic The hoses will keep it in place. You may have to cut 1/2" off the valve end of the horizontal hose to bring the valve forward a bit to keep the arm from hitting the firewall All else is a drop in fit. These can be taken apart and the oring changed. Just make sure you controls are set to OFF, hold the valve closed and add the cable & clip I only have 5 left. There are only about 5 more in the world I know of for sale These are the ONLY 90° pull to close heat valves I found in 6 months of searching. You will not find anything closer to this unless it is a Nissan Valve, OPEL is close but very expensive.| I don't come here much. Easier to find me in the Datsun groups on FB
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    I say we lay the blame by the same standards most popular currently. Police had bad cops so that means all cops are bad. Protesters have bad actors in the ranks so they're all bad. Reductive but seems to be the way things are now.
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    Waiting for my bumpers to be returned from re chroming but here’s a few of her on a drive out today.
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    Installed the Datsun Restomods Axles. I really like the bolt on ease and the quality looks great. https://datsunrestomods.com/
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    Off for alignment, tomorrow balancing. Has been pulling in the lanes, and the wheel just feels loose..... And over 60 a bad vibration, which im figuring the wheels just need balanced. Also put the new led headlights in, still need to do a harness, so for now the highs are wired to my fogs.
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    If you do answer, ask "If we are interrupted, what number should I call you back on?" then file a do not call violation with the FCC. The penalty is $40 thousand per call, not per violation. The phone number is likely a fake, but the firm ID should be enough for the FCC to take action. When I inform the caller that he should set aside $40,000 if he wants to continue talking the phone line goes silent.
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    Placebo affect. Like paying hundreds of dollars for an MSD, strut brace, new coil, header, cold air package, spoiler... is just HAS to run better.
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