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    Two things Draker , just by this avatar most likely does NOT miss the SuperSonics .. What I’m thinking Draker is saying is.. The democrates are all for the tearing down of statues ( and taking down portraits now) as it erases THEIR history as extreme racists .. Kinda like the Nazi would do ,, to erase their involvement in the extermination of the Jews as to give them a reason to be able to argue not that it didn’t happen .. but it was someone else that did it..
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    Stolen from elsewhere: Things are moving in a very bad direction. BLM has become the strongest political party in the USA. Dissenters are silenced with the label of "racist". Tow the line or be physically assaulted, have your business looted, or even burned to the ground. Capitalism is demonized. Business are shuttered, labeled as greedy or evil. People are left jobless and the only means of survival is government largess. The people are being conditioned to be dependent on the large state for handouts. People's ability to survive is being shifted from a private, capitalist model, to a public, socialist model. The police are being disbanded. Criminals are being released and property crime enforcement eliminated. Violence against "racists" is tolerated. Looting is justified as retribution against greedy corporations. And if you wrap yourself in the banner of protest you are free from prosecution. The Bill of Rights is under attack. Our founders are personally under attack and their monuments destroyed, soon to be followed by the destruction of their legacy, the Constitution. Watch for "Bad Man = Bad Ideas" being brought forth. The masses will swallow this whole. Our republic is collapsing. There is no leadership. Republicans are silent, or even falling in line (Romney). We need leadership. Anyone who does not follow the party line is marginalized, called a "hater", and pelted with ad hominem attacks. The masses are silent in fear. This model played out in Germany with the rise of Nazism. The SA/Brownshirts terrorized the people and the police were effectively replaced over time with political thugs. The population was disarmed. Political dissension was eliminated. And the only way to have any voice was to go along. The SA may have had slightly different politics, but the end game was the same...power through fear and intimidation. Now we have Antifa who are wrapping themselves in a self righteous mission to defeat virtually non-existent fascism in America. What they really want to do is destroy capitalism. They are the SA of BLM. They are embolden with the cover of anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism. But what they really are are thugs, defending a violent revolution.
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    Except it isn't just confederates, they are tearing down statues of Jefferson and Washington in Portland now. These "protests" no longer have anything to do with justice, or addressing police brutality, or any form of positive reform. This is pure destructive revolutionists trying to tear down America. The people who tore down the Washington statue were identified as Antifa on site although that has not been confirmed. If a community doesn't like a statue they should go through the lawful procedures to remove it. Allowing a lawless mob to destroy public property they don't agree with is not right. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/thomas-jefferson-statue-torn-down-at-jefferson-high-school/ar-BB15vbvU https://www.newsweek.com/george-washington-statue-portland-toppled-covered-burning-us-flag-1512075 https://americanmilitarynews.com/2020/06/protesters-topple-george-washington-statue-cover-with-burning-us-flag-in-portland/?utm_source=fbchat&utm_campaign=alt&utm_medium=facebook
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    I hate having to listen to it more than I could ever describe.. second only to Country (music), because there I can more easily avoid it. Rap (the c is silent) is pretty much the only 'expression' (won't call loud thumping and shouting vulgar rhymes, music) that is forced on me without my consent. With some bass added you could be shouting Shakespeare but it wouldn't be music. Only thing vile and offensive about the 'lyrics' is having to endure 'muthafuckas and 'hos" in public spaces. Driving around spewing this is no better than vaping douchebags reveling in their own filth.
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    Also the next victim of the cancel culture left But what we should really ask ourselves why the sudden need to remove black people from these products. Aunt Jemima is not a negative depiction, hell it is a great story, she ends up their spoke person and goes from starting life as a slave to being well off. Isn't that the American Dream? Shouldn't we be celebrating that? All of the POC safe spaces, neo-segregation, white liberals "speaking for black people" and the racism of soft-expectations by reducing qualifications or scores for colleges is being pushed by one political side, and it is heavily racist. Really it is the left that has gone full supremacist insanity.
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    It's moving. The correct direction is a little bit more equality for everyone. The pendulum swings. If police were held accountable for their actions, if guidelines were in place and enforced previous to this, it wouldn't be swinging so vigorously now. "greed is .... good." Corporations ARE greedy and evil and always have been, nothing new there. People became conditioned to be dependent on state handouts when they discovered that they could vote themselves more money. There are too many behind bars to begin with which promotes a vicious circle of criminality. More criminals= more police= more in jail. This isn't going to change easily. Looting is simply ignorant low lives who live on hand outs seeing an opportunity to get something not theirs, not earned, free from consequences. Looting is just a form of hand out to them. Fertile ground for the Anti-Christ. If every jew had hidden a shotgun and blown a Brownshirt's head off when they kicked their door in. They wouldn't have gotten half way down the street before thinking it was a really bad idea. Seattle should hire all those cops who were fired to come up here and clear the CHAZ/CHOP out.
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    I have a metric-imperial tool too!
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    Man, I jumped into this late. There is a lot of stuff going on in America. Doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on. What matters is that people just live their fricken lives to their full potential. Help one another and do something you can be proud of. Build a Datsun and drive the damn thing! If you want to talk about something, get the facts right. I wish people would stop throwing the propaganda ideas around. A lot of people want to state their opinion, but not listen to the other side. It's reasonable man theory that folks should consider, but people don't like to be wrong and that's why they yell, fight and do what's happening. There is much more equality in this country now then there ever has been. As far as the flags, monuments and names in history go.....It is our nations history and it means something. Heck, all the bridges, great dams and buildings (Regardless of the name attached to it) means something to somebody because they or their relatives built it. Are we just going to control, alt, delete every generation because they don't like what the previous gen did? This is not a video game, it is our history and our heritage. This is part of why people flock to America! Everybody has an opinion, I get it. Be constructive, work for it and do something real with it! Just my two cents. I love this commercial because it brings back great memories and goes back to the roots of goodness!
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    Maybe already covered in this thread somewhere... the confederate states were formed by the democrats succeeding from the union. So all those statues of confederates and flags and shit.. that’s them erasing their past. oh and the kkk, yeah same. All that really racist shit.. uh huh, same. 13th amendment, aka freeing the slaves, failed the first time it was voted on. It was basically a party line vote. All Republicans voting to pass and thus free the slaves, Democrats voting no. second time around 13 dems flipped and voted yes. Amendment passed. Projection is a hell of a drug.
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    dave patterson was a great guy and is missed
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    Dave Patterson sends his regards
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    It means cave dweller. The second definition is a relatively new addition and is what you are referring to. It is an allusion to someone being so primitive they still live in caves. However, you are tying to mean values you disagree with are outmoded. Just because someone does not agree with your opinion does not make it wrong, just different. Definition of troglodyte 1: a member of any of various peoples (as in antiquity) who lived or were reputed to live chiefly in caves 2: a person characterized by reclusive habits or outmoded or reactionary attitudes
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    lindsey wagner just didnt have a reason to mention it
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    Well i can get back to you guys and let you known in August when It gets here
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    I tired to find out before but came up with a couple different codes. IIRC that was one of them. It’s because I just mocked up. The doors aren’t to scale...at all.
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    I was too young to remember shitting my pants but yes I grew up and was 'potty trained'. I'm somewhat elderly now, newly retired and looking forwards to when I can begin shitting my pants again for someone else to clean up and not give two fucks. Ahh the circle of life.
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    Said the pigs "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."
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    Yes they are,they're exempt from any law or rules we're all supposed to follow.
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    99% sure it is 567 Blue
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    Use a quarter inch hex socket set. Reverse the quarter inch hex nut driver and put onto the quarter inch Allen wrench. You now have a quarter inch square nut driver to fit onto the adjuster shaft's square end. It's worked for me for 52 years.
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    In the 70s I had a 55 chevy 2 door hard top that had a tilt front end. I was pinned so it could be taken off when working on 55. A friend of mine wanted to tilt my 50 Studebaker Champion and I said no. There is a 620 drag truck here in the West walley that has a tilt removable fiberglass front clip.
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    I have used a Fram oil filter to filter solvent in my engine cleaning tank.
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    Last year in Arkansas I saw on several different occasions black men flying the Rebel (Confederate) flag. I asked a couple of them about it and they said it's a sign of southern pride. I might be back down there in the next few months and will get this fully confirmed.
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    We had a small gathering of Datsuns last weekend is McKinleyville CA. I wanted to share my public Facebook photo albums here for those that weren't there and don't use Facebook like @Ranman72 😂 Photo Album links, feel free to tag yourself if you want Friday Saturday Sunday Trip home if you wanna see more datsun pics
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    Just curious. Have you checked the water pump? On one of my cars I had a water pump fail because the impeller vanes got et somehow and it wasn't pushing enough through the radiator.
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    Your truck appears to be the same 'dark' blue as mine - i will double check it the next time I am at my brothers place.
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    You make it sound like the timing is the cause of over heating and setting it properly will fix it? Fix the over heating first, an overly hot engine will ping sooner that a cooler engine. Over heating can be narrowed down to (mostly) two major factors Coolant flow... Thermostat stuck and not opening fully. Soft lower rad hose that collapses from water pump suction Low coolant level Rad core inside plugged with hard water scale Heater hoses joined together to by pass leaky heater core Air flow... Missing fan shroud Rad core plugged on the outside with bug, dirt and debris Fog lights, bush bar obstructing air flow through rad Fan belt slipping Runner up.... Blown head gasket
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    This quote is wrong.
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    Usually there is a single pointer, and a pulley with several notches, one notch bigger. With the saw tooth segment, the pulley has one notch. If you have the saw tooth segment, and a notched pulley, parts from different engines may have been mixed up, and on your engine. You need to determine what timing marks on your engine are for finding Top Dead Center, or TDC Take the cam cover off the top of the engine. Turn the engine clockwise, viewed from the front, and watch the two front cam lobes. The very front cam lobe, the exhaust valve lobe will be about a 2:00 o' clock position, and the next lobe back will be about 10:00 o' clock as you get close to TDC. If you are careful, and you turn the crankshaft pulley by hand, you may be able to feel TDC, because at that point all four pistons are not moving, My guess is that you may find TDC with the white highlight mark on the pulley at 0 on the saw tooth. Initial timing on a L-16 is 10 degrees before TDC. The vacuum line to the distributor need to be removed from the distributor, and plugged so there is not a vacuum leak. The idle speed needs to be below 800 RPM. Do you have a loud exhaust? Do you know what an engine with spark knock, or detonation, or preignition sounds like? If you are confident you can identify spark knock, or detonation, or preignition, you might be able to gain some performance by advancing the ignition timing 2 or 3 degrees. Advancing the timing too much and having the engine spark knock will damage the engine, and you will have less power. If you do not know for sure what spark knock sounds like, leave the timing at 10 degrees. Pictures of your timing marks would be a huge help.
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    How is it going to do that? The module has grounded the coil to build up a magnetic flux and then removed the ground causing the flux to collapse and generate a high voltage spark. That spark (and resultant EMP) lasts up to 1.5 millisecond. But what is any EMP going to upset? The module is just sitting there inert, it's job done, waiting for the next turn on event to charge the coil. And it's mounted right there on the distributor without any shielding. NO ONE uses points today and haven't for decades and a good reason for this. Engineering tends to go forward not back. Less to wear out, fewer parts, lower maintenance, more efficient, higher output.
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    The only thing I miss about living in SoCal is the beach scenery! 🤣
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    Read this entire thread and with all the rollercoasting I'm glad you guys was able to meet up with some Datsuns 👍
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    Got the tie rods installed finally. Will get the brake rotor put on Monday and set it back down on the ground... Been meaning to tear into the dash for awhile to see what's what. Gauge face is in good shape and was surprisingly easy to get out... I want to do round gauges instead of the sweep speedo so trying to see what that takes. The answer is, a lot... 😃 I may experiment with just replacing the entire dash face with some sheet metal or carbon so I can fit aftermarket round gauges... Also, this sort of started because I wanted to see what the wiring in the dash looked like to see if it was salvageable. It is not... 😃
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    Got the shifter lump filed down and sanded smooth, so I passed it off to Tim for some zooking... Then put a bit of black paint on it... But this paint can do a magic trick. An hour or so later, it looks like this... 😁
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    And tail lights back in... And couldn't resist one last test, this time in bright sunshine. I think they will be okay... That took 20 minutes. Spent the rest of my time just trying to fight the damn column out of the car...😅 Took the column out for 3 reasons. One, to remove any unnecessary bits like the stuff for the automatic shifter. Two, to clean and repaint it after that. And three, to install a quick release... While the column was out we noticed the bushing that holds the top end in place was completely gone, so we improvised. I took the whole turn signal assembly out of the column (you'll see why some day) and used the center of it to create a plastic bushing to center the column shaft. Also, the centering bearing no longer spun free, but a soak in some WD40 and it spins super fast now, so the column turns nice and smooth with no wobbles. 👍 Hopefully my ace welder can get the quick release sleeve welded on for me on Wednesday. The it's just get the shifter stick out, a bit of paint, and back in it goes... Except it can't go back in straight away because stupid coronavirus. Have to wait 3 weeks for a part that should have taken 3 days to get here, a Nolathane rag joint, because fuck using an old piece of tire to hold your steering together... 😁
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    Got the right side back together at least... Mocking up the bracket and rotor... The kit comes with shims to level the bracket to the rotor face. Fortunately, only needed one on the top and none on the bottom... And got all that screwed together with loctite and the rotor on... And yes, that pic was taken before greasing the bearings, installing the rear grease seal, and installing the dust cap, which I did, but did not take a photo of... 😁
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