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    Sorry it took some time around with the CNC machine! Photo mayhem of the forklift action I did: Had my friend helping out with the directions and watching so that I wouldn't hit anything Then the tool cabinet goodies: The machine had internal ROM/RAM battery which ran out during the transportation, so the whole machine had bunch of errors, which I then resolved by reseting the whole thing and applying 900 lines of code into it. I'm glad everything was documented pretty well by the guys who did the conversion: I got the machine jogging and homing today. I will see what I can come up with it later on. So glad I got everything working even tho the programming and everything else was new to me and now the machine feels more like it belongs to the family as I have seen the parameters through and can probably troubleshoot things better later on if something happens!
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    Here,people have been,& still are REALLY bad drivers. Everyone's in a hurry,they like to tailgate,plus it's still not against the law to use a cell phone while driving.
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    A 510 guy that lives near me. Hes my local help when I need him. I help him out on 510 parts. So he helps if I’m hurting. He is rarely on here.Name is Derick. New kingpins spindals and upper links on driver side .new brake line to rear that was rusted. just got the brakes adjusted. be able to roll pretty soon
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    Time to get this one back in the shop! Needed some help pushing it. little dusty from 10 years of sitting.
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    Just the wagon and truck though right? I'm trying to convince him to flip the pattern on his coupe to 524/525 red on the outside with pistachio guts 😄
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    Bought a few more advertisement pieces and a matching rally 510. Hoping to do a sort of shadow box display with it.
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    Ding Ding!! You nailed that one...... :) We park at the damn and ride down to Kent Lake.
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    Doin' ok man.......slow and steady......
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    Yesssss! 546 ftw
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    Don't know about the low part but slow is definitely the default🙂
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    Stay home. Wear the mask. Practice social distancing. Avoid groups of more than ten people. You don't have the right to infect another person. We will put you in jail if you don't follow the rules.
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    Had it up on the lift installing a wide band 02.
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    lol its up after my ca 18 det four door ... i think im gonna paint the wagon and have i be a nice unit.... i have had this bitch a long time....it deserves to run
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    What is that tiny port head on the bench? I like the factory "antilag" tubes on the exhaust manifold. 😄 BTW, sideways jump seat in the back of the Fairlady is so cool. I don't think we got them over here in Oz.
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    Love that 1964 Corvair Monza.
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    Yeah from what I saw on dirt bikes and small power equipment is the lines would dry out and crack and/or just about all the brass in a carburetor would corrode leading to plugged jets and floats that sunk. I also found that adding stabil to e-10 gas would cause the brass to corrode faster. I assume this is why they now have a stabil for e-10 and one for e-free? I stopped using it years ago after I had to replace a carb on a 4 wheeler that only sat for a month. EFI engines run a different type of fuel line due to the pressure and no brass at all. Not saying they are impervious to the ethanol but certainly more resistant
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    Stick with a non-metallic paint. Simple colors fit the character of these vintage Datsun trucks better than anything flashy. The same green is a great color, but don't you have enough of those in your collection? Maybe time to switch it up.
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    The carburetor will run slightly rich as you gain altitude which is better than going lean. There is a loss of performance but this is from lack of air not going richer which is simply a waste of gas. All federal carburetors use the same jets and the altitude compensator simply leaks in air to the carburetor to lean the mixture. Does your federal carburetor have pipes on it that are capped off?
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    1 word = jealous. 😞 Like I don't already have enough junk in my garage... 😄
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/313080822129 Set of 4- $8 plus shipping....
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    So I've been daily driving my datsun for the last few weeks which has been great.... i have one last issue on the Subaru to fix, biggest problem is waiting for the parts and appointments.... After I fixed the horn and replace the battery i went and had 2 recalls performed at the dealer and it didnt fix my problem... I'm told the steering wheel angle sensor died..... enough about that .... One problem did happen today with the datsun. . Tried the a/c today and all I got was warm air circulating.... The other day I messed with that one hose but after i fixed i verified I had the proper pressure, air was cold and compressor was cycling.... well today it wasn't.... I checked and found no power going to the compressor because of the pressure switch, so I checked the pressure and sure enough it was zero.... started checking the fittings and found the one on the compressor came loose to the point I was re tightening it by hand at first.... i tightened that one up and checked the rest... hopefully that's all that needs, made an appointment for Tuesday to have it recharged....
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    Some update pics of the truck.
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    this entire video is awesome
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    You're not putting ethanol-free gas in it?
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    Sounds like a hell of a deal. We can’t even launch here yet (as far as I know) at public launches. Ontario Canada. -Pidge
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    I don't have a rear label on my car. So I decided to make a 3D model of it. This is a label from 2000 model. This is from 2000GX model.
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    Next was the OEM leather shift knob cover.
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    Sweet looking goon there. Is that Alpine lake? If so, I remember racing through those roads back in the day!!
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    I'm still trying to find all the 510's hidden in McComb to collect up. If I find any 2 doors I'll got them for you and Tanker.
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    Lovely Lady back on the road since last summer.......
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    I can't log into Fliker cuz my browser is not up to date...... ......but there is no more update for my old as computer. I'm no computer wiz..............I just do Datsuns...... ..........so if there's something I'm doing wrong just let me know and pic will be a flowin.............
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    You have told me before. Glad your good. How’s mama.
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    Not recently.......been stayin low key..... :) ......holidays get busy.....
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