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    I think you should go back to making bomb-ass Datsun parts. šŸ™‚
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    17 weeks till powerland!!
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    My dad and I are going dirt bike riding tomorrow and were taking his F150 so my mom can go to. My truck likes our riding spot and comes quite often. It feels like leaving a friend behind. For fun, here are some pics of my truck and bike on our last trip: For those interested, the bike is a 2005 Yamaha WR450. I'm the original owner of the bike and she's done me good for all these years. Oh and the wood plank is a make shift ramp. I now have a nice folding ramp that fits in the bed which is sweet.
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    Good idea, go all the way,
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    Things are moving in that direction. I'm going to try to do them on demand for a bit. I could start a company in a commercial space right now, I'm just not sure there's enough of a market to sustain it or that I'll have enough time.
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    Have you got a welder? I've know a couple of guys that got them in as tight as they could and then tacked the nuts to the arms in 3-6 places. I not recall if there's were actually stripped or not. I think they did it because when they cranked the nuts down really tight, the pin would bind a bit. So, they tightened them down firmly and then tacked them.
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    On the car I used a surge tank setup on, I repurposed a evap can to use as the surge tank as it had enough nipples and in good spots to perform the function. As a benefit, it fit behind the rear panel cover in the back of the wagon.
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    Painted and slowly coming back together.
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    Why not install a fender brace of some kind? This is one example, though I don't know that I would run it so far forward.
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    Hoping to go this year. But got to find time to work on 620
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    Is a fuel door off a 1971 521 the same as a 1968 520?
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    Hi all, I'm in the process of importing a 1972 510 4 door from South Africa to the UK, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up tips and advice from here as I go. I'm new to 510 ownership but not Datsun as I had a 1974 260Z for 10 years until a couple of years ago... The car looks pretty good as it is, I've attached a picture below, but I do have some plans to make it look and drive much better. I plan to start steadily, maybe just lower it a little with coilovers (recomendations and suggestions welcomed) and upgrade the wheels. I really like the look of the Atara Racing Pisang 15" wheel, probably staggered 8J front 9J rear with wheel arch extensions (fender flares) although I might just stick to 8j all round and a front airdam are first on the list. And I'd like to replace the current wing mirrors with some of the JDM style chrome mirrors, who's the best supplier? As I've said I'm in the UK so I guess I will need to source most parts from the states which has shipping and duty implications making things expensive, but I think finding most parts over here will be tricky. Then I plan to look at engine and drivetrain with a 5 speed gearbox upgrade, it seems the 280ZX box is a common replacement, but does the S14a box fit too, I fitted one to my S30 and it was a transformation, I loved it, so if it's possible I'd like to fit one to the 510. But if not recomendations again are very welcome. Looking forward to the car very much, it's first big outing will be to the Le Mans Classic in July so I hope to have is at least reliable by then All tips, hints and advice readily welcomed..!! Cheers, JK
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    Yes, remove the front pan bolts and one or two down the side and loosen a couple more besides. The pan is now able to slip down enough for the timing cover to slip forward and off without damaging the gasket. Perhaps a dull kitchen knife to pry it loose? Don't forget the bolt on the bottom passenger side of the cover hidden behind the oil pump.
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    I will try to be there. I work that weekend I believe. Maybe I can bring truck if its sort of done.
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    All mine are electronic. The wrecking yards are full of cars with them. I have an LED lamp in the back and I doubt the load sensitive ones would even work anyway.
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    I meant 520, half the letters on my key board are wore off. As I said I didn't know about the late 520s, they might be different than the 521 also, I only know about my early 1966 Datsun 520 gas door, none of my 521s have a stock box but I had that gas door assembly hole in my 521 parts tub, I don't know where the door is right now.
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    I think I found the problem, seems that the inner threads of the lower control arm to where the fulcrum bushings screw onto are stripped. Causing the bushings to move w/the control arm when they are tight and I move it with force. Iā€™m going to see if I can find a spare one local to me...sux.
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    be honest I would just get some wheels that tuck up under the wheelwells better and just lower it and leave it alone. Looks GREAT as is and with out the airdam. As Im older now I like the clean look. Just call it good. its beautiful as it looks. don't ruin it as tons of others have done. I like the Rota OS Mesh wheel as a cheap wheel to purchase, I seen these cheaper than listed below https://www.18racing.com/collections/os-mesh/products/copy-of-rota-os-mesh-1570-4x114-3-20-73-hyperblack-with-polish-lip however since the car is so nice maybe a a Japan made wheel and call the car done after you lower it abit. Don't flair it or add a airdam!!!!!!! maybe on a damaged car that your starting over but to take a intack car and start hacking I say don't.
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    did you mean 520 rather than 529?
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    I have an RC model of a F4U Corsair, it is very hard to fly, if I fly really fast and pull to much back on the elevator the plane freaks out, I am lucky I have not destroyed it/slammed it into the ground like most my other RC planes, I fly radically, at first the other people around me freaked out, but they got used to me, as crazy as I flew most my flights the planes were upside down, that is how I was known, the guy that flies upside down like a pissed off hornet.
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    No, they are slightly different shaped, at least my 1966 Datsun 529 gas door is different, I don't know about a 1968 Datsun 520. This is my white 1966 520 with a 521 gas door hole being held up below it.
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    That's ok.....we'll plaster a Datsun sticker over your bowtie!!
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    Yeah I'll be driving a chevy at this point. There'll be a nissan with me but I'll be driving a chevy
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    Well, didn't wait until tomorrow... šŸ˜ Having some fun with logos...
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    try to help them spell Datsun this year not Datsan
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    Greetings everyone! it is absolutely still on!! I intend to do this until they dont let us drive cars anymore haha. As requested, this year also includes friday night camping!
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    Nice! Was good to meet people last time. I'm with Hobo....Might actually have a Datsun to bring!!
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    Check this thread, it will be better than me trying to explain šŸ˜ https://the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=29550
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