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    What if it shipped by sea?
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    Beware of Giant Green Lizards!
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    Hello World! I have a 1984 Nissan 720 with a camper shell on top. The camper is not in great shape and I'm thinking about throwing it away, but I'm conflicted because it's kind of a relic, and not completely in disrepair. Can anyone tell me if it's something worth holding on to? Is it something anyone wants for their own project? Thanks!
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    I have a 1981 720 flatbed for sale. Recently had the engine z22 rebuild has a carb and new paint. The frame has had a por-15 job as well as the underside of the body. Looking to sell her for 2000.
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    1Got some work done.... Carburetor is off.... And the intake.... I forgot how much of a pain in the ass that is..... Next is drilling and tapping.... Those 2 bolt locations are pretty much the only place I can drill and tap to keep it all balanced between the cylinders.....
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    The way I see it, if the vehicle is not stolen, and you can verify that online, and it is not in the DMV system, all you need is a bill of sale. Sometimes less paperwork is better at DMV. I've registered plenty of vehicles with no paperwork at all.
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    If you would start your own for sale ad here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/5-datsun-vehicles/ ... that would be great. All the pictures and description you like.
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    You can Stripe any wire you want to any color. Buy the base colored wire, make a jig out of wood. Drill a hole so the wire will feed through. Drill a hole on the top or side large enough for a sharpie marker. Insert desired marked color and you can stripe anything you want, for as long as you want. Other than the cost of wire, the sharpie pack is cheap and you can reuse for any color combination you need!
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    Nice job. Beautiful color. How did you get away with painting it in your driveway, in California?!
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    Wayno, everything that you say is true and it can get a lot worse than what it was for you. and your vehicle was already in the US. That is what I was referring to when I spoke of the export and import broker on either end. They can save a lot of grief but you need to be sure that they are experienced and with good references. As I remember this U320 is headed for Canada. I know nothing about their vehicle regulations. Gonna guess they are something similar to US. In the US you need to be sure that the 25 year old exemption, whatever the technical name for it is, is properly filed and I believe that requires a valid title or equivalent. One of the BIG words you don't want to hear is 'IMPOUNDED'.
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    No I get that. And what I plan to do. But is there something I can do to mount the bracket more securely so the bolts don't work loose? That's where I'm having issues unfortunately.
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    I get a small punch and tap around the bolt on a CCW direction and hopefully it will rotate out if not rusted in. then try drilling and EZ out but I wasn't good at it and the drill broke in the hole!!!!!!!
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    Yeah, I spoke directly with the owner of "The FJ Company" about the process. He said it's a royal pain.
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    Well bought, you appear to have got it for a very fair price. I was the other bidder, and live closer, but as it was also an export was a bit cautious with the biding.... Australian ports are strongly unionised and frankly uncompetitive globally (which is good for their local economy, less imports etc). My investigations some time ago were that roll-on-roll off was around 60% of containerised pricing but there are restrictions, and it may not suit such a long haul.... You might like to try Famous Pacific Shipping. They do a lot of West Coast US to Aus and New Zealand (me) traffic and I have heard good things, but have no personal experience. I have a V320 under restoration... sorry to advise that the metal is really thin and wasn't well protected when new - there will be rust... Very cool car - well bought.
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    @mrbigtankerWhen I get more photos I will. It looks nothing like this anymore. It's flat black with little 14s on it. @waynoIt's a complete Frankenstein truck, so I'm sure there's a little of everything. Has an l18 and a 5spd currently as well. Title is a 71 however. There's pieces from about a thousand different trucks. I'll try to get some measurements and photos soon.
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    You should do the Acura/Honda wiper motor upgrade
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    So, now the fuckin accelerator pump linkage hits the intake manifold and the carb won’t bolt on w/o the linkage preventing the secondary from opening all the way. It appears that a phenolic riser is supposed to be under the carb so that everything lines clears. I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow.
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    So they are saying one can use something on that carb for a PCV or drill and tap something for a PCV???
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    I picked up an air horn from Pegasus Racing for the DGV. For the money, it’s a pretty nice piece of machined aluminum, and full radius to boot.
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    My brother fell asleep coming home from work one morning in his V6 Altima. He plowed through an ice cream stand, took out one of those exterior ice chest things, and blew a hole through the front of a country store. Luckily no one was injured. He didn't wake up until it was all over. Not a scratch on him.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Brand new exhaust is done son. Work out some kinks and hope she has at least 100 HP. lol
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    I went there once and I came close to having sex with a Tokyo lady boy. Looked like a lady, walked like a lady, talked like a lady, kissed like a lady...it was only when she drove me home to her house and reversed into the garage at the first attempt I realised it must be a man.......
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    Worked on windows and weatherstripping today . Bought the window squeegees from flea bay and finally got around to installing . First I had to install a better set of crank assemblies . Mine were worn out and got a good used set. I did a little gusset work on the crank support area that seems to wear out on these. The squeegees definitely were not Nissan parts, so it wasn’t plug and play. They cut them a little short - especially the outside one. Why wouldn’t they cut them long so you could cut them to size ;( Ordered some window channel felts , we will see how that goes . The rubber section around the window is in serviceable shape but the felt section inside the door was gone !
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    @datzenmike I got a reply back from Weber. I think his grammar is worse than that of Ratsun! "these of no concernif you chose to seal them with a gasket which is commonhowever in common plenum manifolds ( large open Tub plenum if you will)they are used for things like additional timed vacume or power breakfittings and PCV." So, it looks like I'm just going to seal them over. He even said that on the DGV, most of the time the cast cylinders aren't even finished, so they aren't even cross-drilled or anthing.
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    I had to scour the net for a while, but I found that the power valve vac port is to the outside edge of the secondary venturi. So now I’m wondering if these are just for casting purposes. I wish I could see to the bottom of them, but I can’t. Either way, these holes are going to sit directly on the rib of the manifold that separates the two circuits.
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    I wouldn't. Probably for intake vacuum to operate the power valve. The Hitachi uses a hollow mounting screw. Which when rebuilding can be put back in the wrong place. My 710 was this way and when fixed makes a huge difference when passing on the highway.
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    Your crank trigger is giving you issues ? Not being critical , but since I’m considering the same project , why did you try so hard to have the intercooler inside the radiator core ?. There seems so little room in these engine compartments and you lost a lot of room moving the radiator . Now that I have done a lot of work on these trucks I can really appreciate all the work it was to do this project . Very cool.
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    Weber showed up today. I turned the studs to the right length and loctited them into the manifold. Then I threw the carb on to make sure it fits. Of course, the install kit doesn’t come with a gasket that works, so I may just cut my own. One question though for any Weber gurus out there. This Offy is a split-plane, so I want to make sure the two circuits are separated, however this DGV has two holes in the middle. Is it okay to plug these?
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    Right!? My neighbor called that lip a shelf. I have the oil pan set aside with the 85 engine. Thank you, this is the info I was looking for
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    A well experienced export broker on the down-under end and an Import broker on the receiving end would be money well spent. They will be able to grease the skids on customs requirements on both ends and pay for their fees in time and also $$. Transfer from one country to another sometimes requires a certified acceptable cleaning of the underside and maybe interior to eliminate migration of plant/animal organisms. Proximity to a major import-export port has big impact on transfer price. As someone posted if space in a container can be found that is a big positive. An alternate method might be Ro-Ro (roll on- roll off) but I believe that most shipping firms dont allow much in way of spare/loose parts inside the vehicle when using Ro-Ro. Don't know about container transfer. I almost bought a very nice FIAT 126 in England 10-12 years ago and had it all worked out but couldn't line up transportation from where the vehicle was to the port of Southampton.
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    I'm having trouble with my truck. I can turn on no problem and run, but as soon as I take my foot off the gas the truck stalls out. Just starting happening when I put cheap gas in it.
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    Thanks for the info! I definitely think the stock jetting isn't quite right...even though I have little experience with carburetors.
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure it had the vents but it didnt have a single straight body panel on it. The z24 probably can be fixed and I have a couple z24s sitting around also. And right, by getting the transmission also, I was meaning that I could get two birds with one stone. The gentleman that has that truck has a canary yellow 85 720 (z24), and a blue shortbed sd22 truck as well. He wont come off the other two, I've tried. I thought that building an lz you had to modify the timing covers length? It's been awhile since looking at the stuff. Also a slightly modified hg too if I'm thinking right. I remember reading that people take the cranks out of a z22 to stroke out an l20b which I'd assume would be of Similar results? I'm looking forward to messing around with the z22e efi system finally. Also I have been thinking more about utilizing kae pistons in a z24 block and a 240sx head/intake for a better breathing efi system.
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    Fun build so far. What's next?
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    Not better exactly, they just move more oil volume. I have always replaced my stock pump with one from a KA. Just insurance.
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    So these KA pumps are better than stock L-6 oil pumps ? Might need to get one for the Z . Priming oil system is best for a new engine
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    OK! I ordered the oil pump today. As of now I have the old engine disassembled for removal from the truck. I hope to pull it this weekend and begin assembly of the "new" engine. I will undoubtedly have more questions as I get farther along. One I have now is the hose mounted from the water pump outlet to the intake manifold and the heater. Can this be disconnected and the heater hose run from the block line without causing a problem? If not, does anyone have a single outlet fitting to replace the multi outlet?
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    I am getting mine from rock auto myself. They have a hitachi for 52.99. 1501040F00A is the part number, I looked up 96 Hardbody to find it.
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    Dont use that oil pump. Get one for a Ka. Bolts right up, pumps more oil and gives a higher pressure.
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    Oh...following as I think this will be a great DISCUSSION!!! Don't ruin it, people.
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