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    Ordered a rubber seal kit from Datsport today, that guy Baz is a trip and a very nice and helpful fella.
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    Bunch more patching done, the rocker is nearly ready to go on once the welds are cleaned up and I rebuild the bits it welds to on the car.
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    professor job at the clown college . .
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    It's a driver! Needs some things sorted out but I can and have been driving it around all week. Well today I took my tan 510 to work for a change, it's also fun to compare them since they are very different. Coupe needs power steering next. Manual steering makes the car feel less sporty I've decided. first trip!!
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    So front coil overs are done. I will get some pics when I get a chance, been working straight days at McDonalds, how you guys think I pay for all this shit.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Jenny Throttle bodies asked for pics to post my car on there sight. Pretty cool.
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    It ain't too fancy, but it'll do for now. No pearl in the clear 🙂 Plan on putting it back on tomorrow and get the wagon running again.
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    So, draker, we making another run for office this year?
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    When you say the wrong thing crossing the boarder into the US or Canada!
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    Lord have mercy !!! Want one of those and 'Properly' converted over to LHD !! Bucket list !!
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    Wow, looks better than I expected. (Way better than the old one.) We'll see how it holds up..
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    Been collecting parts for this thing.. lots and lots of parts. The question is, when will I be motivated enough to install them. - 5 speed swap - tach - side mirrors - new wheels - dash - wiring harness - blocks for the low - all the parts for 280zx strut swap - t3 camber plates I need to find some new seats.
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    One step is always safe.
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    Sorry fellas 12 hour shifts......yeah gonna make an offer after checking it out tomorrow morning. Just hard for me to figure out what something like this is worth. That’s why I was hoping for a little heads up and some help on the price I should be asking ball park. Keep in mind it in CDN dollars. As promised here’s some pics of my previous Nissan trucks. https://imgur.com/a/tI0q2VN https://imgur.com/a/irNSdWK https://imgur.com/gallery/ivS3VAz https://imgur.com/a/8A81SXC hope the pics come thru. Thanks Pidge.
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    Not sure if there is only the one wire to the sender in the tank. If so the tank is grounded. Loss of ground will also cause the gauge to not work. Make sure the tank is grounded. The wire from the gauge may also have corroded and fallen off. It's bundled into the rear light harness and clipped to the frame so is very exposed to rocks thrown by the tires.
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    Contacts might be dirty on the sweeper in the tank. If you pull the wire off and ground it, the gauge should read full. If it does then the issue is the sender. Probably just need to clean it.
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    heavy metal thomas the tank engine
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    No... just the king. Rust on exhaust doesn't mean much. If damaged or full of holes then yes try to replace it. I doubt you will find pre-bent pipes for a 40 year old truck but a good shop can bend up custom pipes. Ask around it's a mixture of skill and art and not all places are good at it.
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    I would think it safer to take apart and swap the parts however it wouldn't hurt to try fitting it first. The steering column and the steering arm will fit but the body may not bolt up. I don't know, but those internal parts are the exact same. Nanner, the '80 and on are totally different part numbers. I can't say with any confidence if an entire box will swap into the earlier A10. It might...
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    I don't have the alternator yet, but as soon as I get it I will do a write up. It may be at least after the new year as I will have to wait and see how much money I will have then. Don
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    A lot of Datsun owners shouldn't NOT make kids!!!!! If they cant take care of a Datsun ? Should they take care of a kid?
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    i didn't even know it was possible to 'un car guy' yourself. Thats a lesson learned. I always thought the only thing to 'un car guy' yourself was getting married or have a kid
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    Did that once myself. Chickenshit boss putting notes on my time card to do other folks work. Couldn't look me in the eye and tell me.
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    More rocker work today. Cut out most of the bad: This corner shouldn't actually be too bad to fix. And began the process of mixing and matching bits to make one complete rocker.
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    Your disdain for fender mirrors is one of the reasons I love you bud!! :) LOL
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    Day and night. Pictures don’t really do the light justice. The high is 800 lumens.
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    this is all the video I have so far
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    Misalignment of transmission to front driveshaft will cause vibration not clunking. Check the engine to transmission mounting bolts... it's super easy to miss tightening them or one thinking someone else did it. Check engine and transmission mounts are tight. Check rear springs for broken leaves. Are the rear chocks worn out? Center bearing is almost always good but the rubber surround usually isn't. Should look like... Often looks... Definitely change the U joints. You may find something only when they are out. Try to get ones you can grease.
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    God no, anything but PB.
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    I tried to ad them initially but would only allow from an existing or URL. What’s the process? Photobucket?
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    521 owners will be clamoring for pictures. Better get some up quick. Welcome to Ratsun.
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    I got the LED head lights below. I ended up using a dremel to cut the light housing to fit, instead of cutting the sheet metal, just in case I decided to go back to stock lights. Wiring wise its plug and play. The LEDs are a lot brighter than halogen. Also, the LEDs will work in the inside housing and work has high beams only if you wanted to replace all four. I made sure to test them in both housings. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DZU30S0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Low beam High beams
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    this thread is total bullshit lol! good bull shit indeed!
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    This guy's got more resources than the fucking president...
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    Everyone, Thanks for the feedback on this build, i really appreciate it alot! I have admittedly let this build (almost hilariously) fall behind on updates, as I have been spending almost every moment of my time either designing and or fabrication for this build, and have of course been swamped at work. I promise to post up some good lengthy updates soon and continue the progress through the chapters of this story, as I am going to be taking a break from fabricating on the truck in the next month or so and can hopefully get in front of the computer to detail things out. People who follow my Instagram account ( www.instagram.com/3d_magic_mike ) have seen the progress on the truck in small picture format, as I update my IG account almost daily. The truck has certainly taken some interesting (read: financially irresponsible) changes over the past year, but I regret nothing! :) Here are a sample of teaser photos of the current work and design going into the build, which i will of course detail out much better once I reach their chapters in the story line. Hang in there everyone! -Mike
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