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    Looks like its a shadow off the stick thing to her right?
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    THOR24 https://www.autoblog.com/2019/11/26/thor-24-semi-truck-sells-12-million/
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    Well, my wheels have finally arrived! Can't wait to get this thing done. Stepped back and just stood there grinning for a minute once it was on. Going to get tires on tomorrow so I can see how much I need to lower for my desired rideheight. Still need to decide if I want to paint the wheels, but the clear finish is growing on me. It's sitting at slight positive camber currently, so once I get camber plates on, roll the fender lips, and possibly do a a degree or two of neg camber it should all fit perfectly.
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    I JUST ordered mine. Got it in a couple days ago.. along with the new lock ring..
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    Just wanted tonsay thanksnto you all at ratsun! Only been on here a month or even less but yall made me feel welcomr and have been very helpful with my great grandpa's truck revival. So THANK YOU RATSUN CREW! HAVE A FUN SAFE HOLIDAY!
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    I play slide guitar and sing in a blues band for a bit of fun... https://www.facebook.com/pbtmusic/ Our harmonica player is like a walking blues encyclopedia. It was almost a weekly pass-time to talk about songs Led-zep had stolen. The one that stood out to us was this one... So we stole it back for Willie. 😉 BTW, I totally understand the "homage" thing that happens in blues, but Lep-zep proved to be nothing more than thieves over and over. Someone said to me the other day that the Stones and other bands in the british invasion did the same, but those same bands often organized for black blues artists to tour Europe at the time. Respect your elders.
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    Nice birthmark. Some imperfection is a good thing.
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    I've posted my brother and sister's, but I think this is a first for What Are You Listening To for a fellow Rat to post their own music. Good on yah mate! BTW, The link you posted from FB doesn't work. If the original is on Youtube, copy the URL of the vid from your browser and paste it into the text field. Sad thing is, although they were exposed as shameless plagiarists decades ago, Zeppelin's exalted status in "rock history" is held safe by financial interests. For example, even though people have tried to correct this as being blues history Wikipedia still presents them like this: "Page wrote most of Led Zeppelin's music, particularly early in their career, while Plant generally supplied the lyrics." and "Many critics consider Led Zeppelin to be one of the most successful, innovative, and influential rock groups in history." There's absolutely no mention of who actually created their most successful songs. Proving once again, music critics are ignorant twats, and intellectual property laws only apply when someone steals from the music industry. Keep turning the blues upside down.
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    He asked what the difference is and why there are different kits between year segments - because those kits include rear brake hoses and the rear hoses are different for 79-81 vs 82-83
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    (MG) Midget Porn... IMG_9155 by Chuck Most, on Flickr
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    I found with my Carter pump in the rear the DCOEs did fine w/o a regulater. pump mounted in the engine bay the regulator was necessary.
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    Customs should inspect for quality control and add extra tariff for shoddy quality! 🤣
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    I had the left side of my neck nerves burned a couple months ago. This was completely different from the right side as the right side was great after the burn. The left side was two months of pain and any movement in my neck resulted in pop, cracking or a grinding noise and jerky movement. So from what I was told by Dr Lucas's PA Becky i have experienced both the good and the extreme healing processes from these procedures. It has helped tremendously with the neck pain and severe headaches I was experiencing. I had some used tires mounted up on the trooper wheels for rollers and to see so they fit on my 520. I will try to get some pictures this weekend when I clean the garage and roll the 520 out into the sun light. I like the way the wheels and tires look ,, but will be able to see better the fit and looks when the truck is out of the tight confines of my garage.
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    @gene knight South east near Carlsbad. Looks like about 9 hrs from your area.
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    The striking rod rotates very slightly left and right through the neutral gate and forward and back to select the gears.That minor wear doesn't affect any of those motions. Don't worry about it. .
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    A machinist could either weld up the shaft and then turn it back down to original specs or turn the shaft down and then turn out a repair sleeve to go over the shaft.
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    It's in the 520 section so J13? Same 4 speed as the 510 (more or less but J series) A B-210 A series dogleg would be close (but probably even rarer) and the later 210 had two 60 series 5 speeds.
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    You are collecting so many,, are you going to start renting these out to ex 70s porn stars at the airport or something ?
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