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    One last thing I forgot to add. I also tend to stick my neck out. Immigrant laborers were my inspiration here. Walk up to any Latino looking for work outside of a Home Depot, ask if he can do something in particular, and his answer will be "YES". He might not even speak the language, but he is willing to try. That's me in a nutshell. I feel like a Mexican laborer most of the time. (Obviously no disrespect to immigrants here. If you missed it, I have the utmost respect for them.)
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    I see a Beebani front suspension, lose the torsion bars to make room, and a dry sump LS being one hell of a fun package. Of course no one asked the big question: budget??? I don't see any shop taking on a swap project for under $10k unless you want to install a used engine/trans and cross your fingers hoping its ok? I'd do some research here, and call Stoff to see what you're getting yourself into - follow him on Insta to see some pics of his top notch work.
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    Ordering something from another country is always kind of a "hand over the Visa, close your eyes, and cross your fingers" kind of affair. Dave Lum (VG30DETT 510 "Red") mentioned on the bluebirds mailing list that he found some metal flares for his 510 made in Thailand. They looked very mild and I thought they would be perfect for the Swamp Thing makeover we have planned this winter so I bit and ordered a set from the seller. (Well, my wife did anyway - I don't have a facebook account) https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2362860890660187/ Here is the picture he uses to advertise with: And he sent these showing production underway It was a nervous wait at first but on-line tracking allowed me to follow the packages 'till they arrived in the US mid August. And then, after waiting a week and seeing no updates, I used some additional on-line tracking (EMS) tools to find they were indeed on their way and in-fact in Seattle before the Labor Day weekend. Actually, they were at my house on Saturday but I was not. But our mailman is AWESOME and after my wife talked to him he made a special trip back to our house on Tuesday and delivered the boxes. I brought them to work today so Jeff and I could check them out. This guy knows how to pack parts!!!!! foam lined box - double walled where needed - and bubble wrapped parts. He could have sent a dozen eggs in the box and they still would have made it okay (or turned into chickens in the process) Check 'em out! He said they are made of 1/32" steel (I think?) and I was envisioning some very flexible parts but these are nice and stiff! All the edges are rolled or folded and the workmanship is awesome! We had to see what they would look like of course so we held them up to "Hey!" for a quick fit check. The flares will add about 1/2" of fender clearance over rolled and pulled fenders lips. And the air dam is pretty sweet as well. Seems way less fragile than the fiberglass spook we are running. Stay tuned! This is going to be exciting!!!!
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    Yes, the local Target just fired a guy for raiding stuff in the back when it came in.
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    Some have befriended the person in charge of restocking the items and get the tip off when stuff comes in. I know that because one of the employees told me he has a regular. But, I still have beaten the guy to the new stuff a few times, and once, he ran into me as I was walking away. Had the nerve to tell me this was his turf. I politely called him a Fucking Scalper and for him to just fuck off! I collect and sometimes hook up someone who can't find something if I have an extra, but I rarely sell anything.
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    It all started when we moved from the bay area. I couldn't find suitable work as a chef up here, so I decided to go back to the car stuff, helping my friend with his business (Inchworm Gear), just so I could have a paycheck. He took on a job that was larger than he wanted and he simply gave it to me (1987 4Runner). I opened my doors with that one customer. Luckily, I already had a lot of tools (welders, brakes, lathe, mill, plus the usual hand tools), and I owned the building, which is on my property (2400 sq ft). So yes, I was more set up than most, and I had that going for me.The first customer had me build a few rigs for him, so that helped too. Those jobs led to more jobs, and here we are. I have a two year waiting list. It is worth mentioning that my time as a chef taught me that sharing is key. That and some confidence allowed me to feel like even if I shared a recipe with someone, I could still cook it better. This attitude was helpful in my forum threads that I did on almost every vehicle I built (not here on Ratsun, I don't come here for the business), and in those build threads, I shared tons of info and tricks. I would engage every person who commented, whether on forums or facebook or instagram. With a lot of knowledge from my road racing background, I constantly pushed the limits of what the average 4x4 world expected. I like to think that I helped elevate the 4x4 world to the level it is at today. Back when I got into 4x4's, people thought that adding 1/4" plate steel is what made a good truck. My direction was 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The old Colin Chapman phrase "simplify, then add lightness" has always been my approach. Now that I've developed some really valuable secrets, I'm admittedly not as willing to share. During my time at Inchworm, I became friends with automotive journalist Harry Wagner. When he asked to do a feature on my 1957 Land Rover, I thought he was kidding. Well, he has done over ten features on rigs that I've built and he's introduced me to a lot of the right people. That is probably the biggest stroke of luck that continues to help me grow. He and I are good friends still, and we don't let work get in the way of our friendship. One opportunity that came up through his friendship was a chance to build a 4Runner with his friend Fred Williams (Dirt Every Day). He would supply the vehicle and parts, I would supply the labor. It was to be a desert racer, but it had no VIN because it was a factory test vehicle and thus, could never be sold. Based on that, I turned it down. Probably should have jumped on that one. Who knows, I could have been on TV with Fred today... No regrets though. So there it is. Thanks for asking. A lot of right place, right time opportunities for sure. If you want to get your foot in the door, I need some help around the shop. The time for me to grow is now, and I need to get a jump on that. You want a job?
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    XB70 before the disasterous GE sponsored "group photo."
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    That is what my hangglider looked like on my 1967 Datsun Roadster. I know, pics or it didn't happen.
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    Sounds fun to me! Iā€™m always learning, I could probably learn a thing or two from you. Thanks everyone for the support
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    Wow man I really love it. Keep up the good work. Your bringing back my motivation.
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    Yeah I do t think any tire is going to solve that except for maybe white walls. Black wheels with a fat black tire just mold into each other making it look like one big tire.
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    Yeah I trust them. They did my current head....took it all apart, valve job, valve seals, milled and put it all back together st 2/10 for me.
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    I would love to see this guy build a 620 šŸ˜„
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    The Flying Heritage Collection and Combat Armor Museum just released this video on the newly restored Messerschmitt ME262 It is long, but very cool
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    Hauled in a couple 620s that had been sitting in a field since 2002. The idea is to build 1 out of 2.
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    So 50K in the truck 20K in the wagon 30K in the SSS... That's a 100K in rust...
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    Man.....this thread sure died..... .....hahahaha......
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    I need the shop space, that is a fact. I would love to, but too much tying me to WA right now. :)
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    So how exactly did you start building custom vehicles? I have thought about it, but it seems like you need a solid customer base before jumping in and you need to jump in before you can build a solid customer base.
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    The starter is several HP of torque and it's gear reduced on the starter ring. I've bumped lots of engines with a starter to free them up from sitting..
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    I'm trying to understand why your theory on this is so different to mine. I'm not convinced so lets agree to disagree.
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    Don't knock it til you try it. šŸ˜‰ As mentioned in the original post, my previous ACVW with the simple Megasquirt (Microsquirt) ran great. The only things that let me down were factory parts off other cars, idle motor and injectors. It is the cheapest ECU money can buy here too. Our current exchange rate is US0.67c, paypal then lowered that to 64c. For that reason alone, I avoid any of the big brands like Holley etc. The features of MS2 are about level with Mid-late 1990s factory ECUs. If I wanted to go crazy, I could add sequential spark and fuel, but for a street motor it's hardly warranted. As for tuning, with the autotune function, I just got the car running with conservative ignition figures and took it for a drive. The software would adjust the fuel table and give me a good running tune. Then I just needed fine tune cold start and accel enrichment. With regard to sensors, GM parts are pretty cheap here so I'll be using them as on the last motor. BTW, Thanks for the tips on socks. Maybe I'll rethink that, but I'm trying to keep costs down as you can imagine.
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    My personal opinion, but I wouldn't trust a single flare brake line. Especially on a race car.
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    I don't think that's covered under warranty......
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    Thanks! Might get better with the Weber.
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    hopefully you wont need to change the lash pads as the previous owner did already and got the right size. the new rockers hopfully wont be that much different. but if the head and valves are going to be redone anyways this might all change that. all aftermarket lashpads are flat that I have seen and one just puts it in the mic and measure the size bottom to the top wear the rocker sets into.
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    I can see them. Reminds me of the cam out of my roadster, all pitted to hell. I definitely wouldn't run the bottom 2 in the top picture.
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    Thanks Awkyeow, I'm pretty sure my relay is ok because I have two and swap them with no difference. I also opened them up and checked to see that the solder joints were still in tact. I just want to double check, does this routing on my charcoal canister seem correct? None of the lines appear to be pinched and the filter element is a little gross but not excessively Also here is the cap I'm working with
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    His company is called http://advanceddistributors.com/wordpress1/
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    'mild came' do you mean mild cam? If so I already got one that came with this motor. Racer Brown..ss-54-110. But having said that should I replace all these rockers? And can you guys see the rocker pics in my previous post? Not sure if they are public or not.
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    shit just order a mild cam with that at the same time and some retainers
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    With these parts becoming rare and obsolete, I wouldn't throw anything away. Too bad about the other cylinder head getting tossed.
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    Wow I just checked and its been over a year since I updated this build. I finally moved into a house with a garage so that's where its been on jackstands for about 5 months. I've made a lot of headway with the engine bay after I pulled the engine out which I'm currently rebuilding (final assembly later this week!) I stripped out the old paint and fixed some minor rust spots and gave it a new coat of paint (rattle can) with a 2 part clear. I also cleaned off all of the dirt and grime from sitting in a field for 10 years and painted the subframe, sway bar, and stabilizer bars. Starting to redo the clutch and brake lines. New hardware all around. Doing a bit of a wire tuck. Also installed the Silvermine Motors big brake kit! Replaced the bushings for the sway bar and stabilizer bars. Also got new outer tie rods and inner tie rod ends. Hopefully will update this more frequently. Not bad for spray paint and HOURS of wire wheel work.
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    Better do some homework on engines... like a LS??? I'm going to guess a KA24DE from a Hardbody, Xterra with 5 speed. $4k to $8K depending on if you get a wrecking yard runner or rebuild it. Who ever you get, don't pay all up front or go somewhere else. Pay as work reaches certain agreed upon points. Stay in constant communication with the builder. Visit at least once a week. If not it ends on the back burner and cash stops changing hands. They loose interest and hand you a half complete piece of shit with missing parts.
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    Have you ordered the rockers yet? I could probably also send you a rocker or 2..... I put new ones in the head I'm using so I have 16 extra that I'll probably never use, plus all those L20b gaskets.... Text me if you want them and we can work something out.....
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    Huh, I would never have guessed that the trans would be a weak point. I've owned and built many, many Datsun 5 speeds and they always worked great in the 510's I owned, but I never owned a truck with one. Both open up worm cans. The real question is - what's your budget. If cheap is the answer, then either body lift or small suspension lift. I wouldn't go more than a couple inches of suspension lift with a stock type suspension. Body lifts suck, but if that's what's in your budget... Does anybody make a lift spindle for the 720? Things to watch out for with suspension lift - pinion angle (rear), camber adjustment (front), shock length (too short or too long), bumpstops.
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    I've never seen these replacement rockers. Are they ground factory rockers or is someone reproducing them? The only reason I would say to replace them all is if they are repops. They could have different weights or even ratios (not on purpose, but due to manufacturing).
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    Buy a set for a complete motor and 1 extra for that one that is bad. Somebody hasa used one to just throw it in for you. I got tons of them
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    I must have had the right combination of "stuff" then, because mine bolted right in. Only thing that changed was a shorter belt.
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    Stoffy when I was out west there was no flying up anything with 31s. Fifth gear was level ground only. Mountain passes were done in 3rd gear and in the right lane with all the big rigs at a snail's pace. The only vehicle I could pass going up hill was a pre 1970 vw bus! This is in a 1982 with the 4.37 gears a napsz 2.4 swap with a Weber and headers. Things only got worse with altitude. I lost 3 trans to bad countershaft bearings and 1 to 5th gear walking off the shaft after the nut holding it came loose. The c series has been in the truck about 14 years and Is going strong although I have a spare I intend to rebuild. The 31s may seem tiny to you but put the stocks next to them and they seem tiny.
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    You need to get some petrol!
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    Any progress is good progress!
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