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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr tled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Grill is almost done.
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    Older EFI systems use a idle air control circuit, which controls this. For a carbureted system, there is such a thing as an idle up solenoid. Common on 80's carb's engines. They mount near the carb and actuate on the throttle linkage. Try this - https://www.google.com/search?ei=CpRlXc_zCsLysQXHv5fIDw&q=chevrolet+idle+up+solenoid&oq=chevrolet+idle+up+sol&gs_l=psy-ab.3.0.33i22i29i30l6.343382.348047..349472...0.2..0.253.2466.0j20j1......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j0i131j0j0i67j0i22i30.cn2TrY89njU
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    Has this ever popped up here?
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    Looks very nice! What did you end up with for deck height? I assume you just ended up sendin it with the side clearance?
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    Kevin(Bleach) and I have known each other online since before ratsun.net or the first Canby. He had a thread going with info about the front brakes that got me started on the disc conversions. He was also the one to suggest the Trooper for the rears. I went to the scrapyard to check it out...did a preliminary check, bought the parts, came home and proved they would work. Brandon(Fineline) then went and got the parts, figured out the brackets....the turned the bracket design over to Jason(beebani) to cut.....then Brandon gave the design to Jason who's been making them ever since. Anyone driving on disc brakes, front or rear, should know Keven was at the core of their creation. :)
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    I’ll have to look tomorrow but I know the arm under the injection pump is still there. I replaced the pre-filter today with the one that you sent me a link to. I think it’s off a 300d Benz. I had replaced the main filter a week or so ago. It runs like a top. I ran into a brake light issue today and I’ve not had time to address it yet. I’m going to have to replace the tail light as one of the sockets is completely rusted and another one the bulb is rusted into it. I have access to a parts truck so I’ll probably rob one off it.
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    This is why one needs to take photos when you take stuff apart or label each wire to where it goes, I seriously doubt that any of us can figure out your wiring unless we were there and I would still be doubtful, that the generator worked wired as negative ground is puzzling unless it was wired for negative ground internally, I have talked to a guy that had an alternator wired for positive ground for his L320, very nice truck, it wins awards at shows. At some point you will either figure it out or have to go another route. I edited quite a bit out of this post Charlie, I decided not to talk about my 320s.
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    Just checked my wiring diagram and I don't believe that 320's had a fusible link or fuse for the main generating line. I worked a modular fusible link into Mighty Mouse when I cleaned up the wiring. I had changed to an integrated alternator. It's a Bussman FLB-50 and mounted via this little strip bracket under the edge of the fender top using two fender bolts right above the rear area of the battery
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    Tires mounted! Also got the wheels on the car and removed the intake and carb. Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    Just wait until you get older!!! I can remember the part number for the fog lights on the Taurus SHO I had back in the 90's, but I can't remember the haircut appointment I missed last week.
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    Is there room in your brain for newly acquired knowledge, or every time you learn something new do you forget something else like your way home?
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    Darren in austraila moved the intake valve on an L head so he could fit a bigger intake valve and reduced the size of the exhaust port. Super good idea.
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    After pulling the vacuum and charging the system there was still a small leak from that one bulkhead fitting..... I was able to hold it still on the inside while they tightened it and then it was good to go.... Then came the moment of truth..... And fail...... But only temporarily, the belt was slipping so we couldn't see if it would get cold or not..... Well as soon as I got home I corrected that issue and now I have a fully functional air conditioning system.....
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    Thank you Duncan! Im looking now, again, thank you for your knowledge/assisitance😎
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    I see you are in Washington. Generally, Northwest Datsuns have rust issues, but rubber and plastic parts are in pretty good shape. If you can get a Datsun from the Southwest, you will have a lot less rust, but plastic and rubber parts will be in much worse shape. Drilling the spot welds can be done, but there is a lot of work to do that, and if you want to reuse the body parts you took apart, there is a lot of work repairing the damage from drilling the spot welds, before even starting reassembly. After that, you have the issue of getting primer on to the surfaces that are welded together, and weld through primers are intended to work with an actual spot welder, and not with a plug weld from a MIG or TIG welder. One of the best things you can do to prevent rust is to keep the truck out of the rain. Keep in in a garage, or at least in a carport, where rain does not fall on the truck. Try to avoid driving in the rain, but that will limit your Datsun use to about 2 1/2 months in Washington.
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    They are just old trucks, rust is always going to be an issue, especially on the bottom side of the truck, having a donor truck for parts is always good.
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    I'm looking at old photos of my engine bay and it looks like those two mystery wires might go back into the cab. Any idea why or where they might go?
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    Unless you can poke a screwdriver thru the metal I would just wire wheel that area, apply POR15 and then paint it and move on, your going to love this truck to death/the scrap yard.
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    All I can say is don't love your truck engine to death, don't fix what is not broken. Carry new fuel hose in case you get a crack in one, you can tell when everything starts smelling like diesel in the cab, replace the bad hose then open the banjo fitting that that hose leads to and bleed the system(get the air out of that hose), then start the engine, do not start it with air in the line, if air gets to the injection pump the engine will die and it will be a pain to get it started again and keep it running. Always carry an extra fuel pre-filter in the glove compartment, I used to use them cheapo fuel filters I bought at the auto parts stores, they were good for a year maybe before they would get plugged up, when the engine started loosing power I would stop and shut the engine down, then remove the old plugged up filter and install a new one from the glove compartment, start the engine and let it idle a few minutes and then I was good to continue on for maybe the next year. The mentioned cheapo fuel filters. Keep in mind that I have heard of the cheapo fuel filters like the top one in the photo above getting plugged and then getting sucked into the fuel line, I had mine back by the tank so I used the lower fuel filter in the photo above, but even it got sucked flat. Like I said I use this pre-filter screen in my 521 turbodiesel. And I use this Delphi fuel pre-filter in my 720 turbodiesel, the filter on the firewall. I might be able to figure out what is wrong with your engine shut down issues so it will shut down when you turn the key off, but first I would need to know if you have everything needed , there is a black box on the right inner fender(pass side) right behind the main fuel filter, do you have that, there is also a device below the injection pump with an rod/arm that connects to the the injection pump, do you see that under the injection pump?
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    Yes, the glow plug light is on the bottom right on the dash. There isn’t a button on here.
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    If it is running it doesn't need primed. To prime it(get the air out of the lines) there is a plunger on top of the injection pump, the handle is threaded to lock it into position when not in use, turn it counter clockwise to release it, with the choke cable you use to kill the engine in the run position you pump that plunger till you feel resistance, then you loosen all the banjo fittings one at a time and pump the plunger till you get fuel puking out without any air in it, you can hear and see air, don't forget the feed line/banjo fitting on the front of the injection pump, that one is the most important. Do you have a button you push to warm up the glow plugs? The glow plug light I am talking about is the bottom right light in the dash, when you turn the key on it is supposed to light up and when it goes off you start the engine, there are 4 lights on each side, the top lights are the blinkers, the bottom right is the glow plug light.
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    It's a J1500 motor running with a stock 320 generator and stock starter for a column shift trans. Yes it ran this way before I pulled the cab/bed off, motor/trans out. In the bottom picture the red cable is on the starter relay and goes to the pos battery terminal. Not sure what the grey wire under it goes to. In the top pic the two white wires bolt to that yellow wire and I'm not sure where it goes. Would it make sense to go to the generator even though it's now a negative ground truck? This pic isn't my generator but this is exactly what it looks like with the same wire harness going to it and connecting wires. I think the yellow wire off that harness goes to the temp sensor.
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    What engine is in that truck? The white/red and white/black wires originally went to the generator, if I were to guess I would say that the white wire with the yellow cover bolted to them 2 wires goes to the alternator, but this is speculation(A GUESS!!!) on my part, I have no idea where it goes from that photo. The other wire I suspect goes to the starter solenoid, but again this is just speculation(A GUESS!!!), I am assuming that is the starter relay that the red cable is connected to, don't just take my word for these guesses I have made and wire it together, you need to figure this stuff out as you can start a fire in your engine compartment and lose your truck, maybe even your house. Do you even know what kind of alternator you have(internally or externally regulated)? Did this truck run when you bought it?
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    Brilliant! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge
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    The clutch disc isn't so bad, but that clutch cover is toast, this likely happened because of a throw out bearing issue, since you need to replace the clutch cover and throw out bearing just replace the disc also and save that one in case you need one in the future, that is what I would do.
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    Those adapters are super cool. They're made by a company called rt.trackpro. Their web site is https://responsetype.com/shop/. I only got the website to load properly once. They have a bunch of cool products, I hope they are still in business.
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    Perfect! I even have a new grommet for that hole!
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    This is where both my LHD 320 speedo cables go thru the firewall.
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    Most likely a Nissan thing. Just match the amp rating.
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    I got some fusible link wire does the gauge of fusible link wire apply to the certain amps that I need as shown in the table you sent me before. Since when I go to the auto parts store there is no green fusible link wire is just a Nissan thing?
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    Alright thanks for the info Datsunmike I am still looking for a fusible link can’t find one. Also my truck is getting still bad gas mileage not as bad as before. What could cause it to run rich? I keep asking but since the fusible link is no good the alternator doesn’t charge so therefore I’m not getting 12v therefore the choke and electronics not working which is causing it to run rich?
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    Good question. They are rated by the amperage they carry. Try auto supply store. A fuse will work but the advantage of a fusible link is they don't blow instantly but heat up over about 5 seconds and then melt. This would allow a short (pun intended) duration over current draw without blowing. They have a special (hypalon) coating that resists catching fire. Often when they blow it's not evident to look at.
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    Where can I buy some new fusible links ?
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    All right we tested number one we unhooked a battery terminal which in this case we unhooked the positive side. As soon as we unplugged it the truck died. So the refurbished alternator is not good?
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    Also the battery light is on , went to o’Reillys to check the alternator they said it was good. I put a new alternator belt tightened it. I also put a new battery cause before the battery only lasted little more than a year.weird. But after doing all of this the battery light is still on.But I’m only putting out 12v and the needle on the gauge is shaking. Also when I put on the brake I hear a clicking coming from behind the glove box. It’s Deming other things to light up the brake lights. Could the Alternator Be starting to go out? I realize as it gets older it’s probably not gonna put out as much. This is what I think is linked to the Electric choke not working properly, as it says it needs 12v to power it. In another forum I saw you say Datsun mike to test the battery from the alternator while it’s running correct? Any way sorry for so many questions ...
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    Variations in carburetor mixture screws, the 'tune' of your engine, temperature, timing, humidity, idle speed makes setting your mixture solely on the number of turns impractical. The same applies to the idle speed.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr SSS restoration has my safari fogs all redone and rest of grill is on its last leg of the journey. Almost done.
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