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    $7 shipped. The original image came from Steve's NL.
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    My odds of winning are getting better with every win failure! LOL
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    Wew, grats grats! Imagine being 1 away from winning the first time, then winning in the end after 2 re-rolls. Also can't help but notice ]2eDeYe's own name on the list 😛 Thanks for putting this on ]2eDeYe!
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    Looks good. I would suggest putting a 90 degree fitting on the guage so it would be easier to read.
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    Post 30, Roguefrag step right up and claim your prize..... or not, whatever... lmao
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    This is why I haven't posted here. I don't need a set... at least not yet.
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    That is weird, I can see both of them, they are of your BFGoodrich Radial T/A mounted on your left front, the color of the rim is slightly different than the color of the fender, I used your dropbox link, I believe I copied the image and pasted it in the field, I will try the image link address this time. Below I copied and pasted just the image again, can you see either of these photos?
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    Oh for fucks sake,,,, I will buy a god damn 620 to use these son of bitch things in .
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    I got the motor and the truck just need the mounts. 😁
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    Will run the numbers again this evening lmao
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    In a funny turn of events, due to ka24s being very hard to come by here and the fact I'm 99% done on an r1 carb swap, I'm going to have to pass these up! Crazy luck he's having giving these away!
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    Get ready for next week, if you are an RLC Member...
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    Is this a factory oil pan for 4wd 720? I'm not familiar with them.
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    You can dwell on the past or think ahead to the future but like I said you're doing it from your now. There is only a seemingly infinite number of cereal nows that are 5.39 × 10 −44 seconds apart. So many nows..... so little time..... (sigh)
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    Carter made me do it!!!!! I think I need another set of LED headlights.
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    When I was young, and was always playing around with the engine in my 510s, having the holes plugged meant that I could remove the intake and not have to drain the coolant. This was nice, as we were always doing something with the induction. Having the coolant run through the intake helps keep things cool, but as with small block Chevys and Fords, it is also a potential leak that gets into the engine. Good gasket, plus studs (instead of bolts) holding the manifolds on, and clean, flat gasket surfaces are a must for keeping the gaskets intact. I always run a ring of high temp orange RTV around the water ports on both sides of the gasket as insurance. If you use the right amount, you don't even see it.
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    Depends. The Z series were bulged on the right and the 1980 with the L20B were bulged on the opposite side...
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    Congrats to who ever claims the mounts!
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    How is this not national news is what I want to know?! https://www.ksby.com/news/california-news/bear-falls-on-northern-california-patrol-car A patrol car was struck by a falling bear in Northern California last weekend. Authorities say a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy was driving on State Route 96 on Aug. 3, answering a report of a drug overdose in the community of Orleans, when the bear fell or jumped onto the car, apparently from a steep embankment. The bear smashed the hood and windshield. The patrol car hit an embankment, rolled onto its side and burst into flames.
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    I have two 720s: 2wd built 11/83 4wd built 12/83 Both with z24 motor Which one of these books should I purchase? Admittedly the old school Datsun book looks cooler, but not sure if I'd be missing any changes made on the 84 models. My trucks should both be 84 year models.
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    I can mic mine but not till I get home on Friday.
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    I think you'll find that the shifter is meant to return to thee 3/4 position in the neutral gate. The 'plunger' cap has a raised ridge running horizontally and is spring loaded. The striking rod has a matching horizontal groove it fits into and only lines up in the 2/3 shifter position. Shifting right towards 5/R forces the plunger out of the groove and against the spring, shifting left towards 1/2 does the same thing. If you think about it, this helps the 2 to 3 shift miss going into first and 'points the way' into the next gear but resists going too far right into the 5th/R gate. True there is some slight resistance going into 5th but you know you are going there. Down shifting from 5th gives a left assist into the 3/4 gate and avoids reverse but slight resistance from going into the 1/2 gate. I think I shimmed mine with a small bolt to make the pull into the 3/4 gate slightly stronger. Push forwards out of 2nd and the shifter jumps to the right into the 3/4 gate. Pull out of 5th and it jumps left into the 3/4.
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    Shot these at Monterey Historics (aka Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion) this last weekend. Engine porn heaven.
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    It sounds like there's enough interest for me to do a run. They'd be $40 each, shipped to US, $45 shipped international. Gene Knight if you buy 3 I'll go $30 a piece. I'm not going to ask for money until I have them in hand but payment would be via PayPal. I'll send them out after payment confirmation comes in. If someone can double check these dimensions that'd be great: 3.910" by 2.705" If someone could get me the hole spacing measurement off the engine bay that'd also be helpful.
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    Use a large washer to cover it. Tighten bolt to 90-120 ft lbs.
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    Decided to go with disks on the back also https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ufpls83q8p5os1y/AADGHJ9z8V2mXh1m3CsGvENya?dl=0
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    I'm quite used to having to 'splain my license plates. My Smart Car's plates say "AGENT 86" and I have to learn people about that all the time.
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    I didn't know an old Dodge van had resale value! 🤣🤣🤣
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    Just to add to the fact that 620 cabs will fit on 720 frames, I currently have a 620 KC cab setting on a 720 KC frame. Although not bolted down, the 6 bolts for the cab to frame are setting in the holes in the 620 KC cab and centered in the holes in the 720 KC frame, and the front wheel appears to be real close to centered in the front wheel opening. The big thing with this swap is that the front suspension has the steering gear box and the idler arm outside the frame allowing more room for add-ons to the motor. Also, disc brakes and ball joints are stock.
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