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    Sold! To a guy and his son!! They have a 72 510 they’re gonna use it for!
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    Playing with plasti dip and pearls... What you guys think
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    Seeing as how my KA is still in my garage and not in my truck, that transmission crossmember would be awesome. If I don't win, do you sell them separately?
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    Great to see an old truck being used properly. 🙂
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    This is what I found with my truck. I dont' think it will fit anywhere under the dash. ??
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    Wow! That looks great! I wonder WTF the thing I have is for??
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    Thought I’d make you look more the age of your car, it seemed more appropriate you know like you’ve owne’d it since it was new.
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    These 4 wires go to the ignition switch. Probably to a blug that goes to the switch, but either way should be simple to find the other ends. use big connections and solder. A lot of power goes through them. The White/Black stripe is the main power from the fusible link directly to the battery. Be sure to disconnect the battery before messing with this. Did you leave your truck unlocked???? How'd they get in??? Find the wire to the electric fuel pump and put a remote switch in line. Truck may start but won't go a block before running out of gas.
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    That interior panel on the inside of the hatch has a wicked curve to it. That backing board has to be condom-thin to work :)
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    They are a fairly new product. PM sent. I have SR mounts available for sale, but they are different than these. This is part of the reason I do the giveaways, welcome :)
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr All brand new center force stage 2. New trow out bearing and all. Hawaiian.
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    Put it on CL and wait, I am sure someone will pick it up. Its not like here on the east coast where its a Dastun wasteland with nothing for MILES AND MILES.
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    There is/was an 80 at the pull a part here. It most likely would be cost inhibitive to ship across the county. Plus, they are somewhat costly on parts in my opinion. I will be going there Saturday for some junk, I will see what is left of the truck.
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    Tim got some metal and proceeded to make a thing... Far from done, but I think you can see where it's headed... And we acquired the makings of a homebrew cold air intake...
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    Hmmm, sorry for my poor photoshop skills, but I was thinking about buffing the front lip a bit: Lip is taken from 240z for this picture, I wonder if the lip dimensions would suit my needs irl
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    New headgasket(s) arrived with oversized 0.25 main bearings that I bought just in case.
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    What happened to your truck?
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    Including transmission crossmember? I didn't know you had transmission crossmembers as well! Count me in. I've already got a set of the mounts for my son's '72 SB 620, but hey, you can never have too many mounts, right?
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    I believe LHD wipers rest on the windshield pointed to the right side, and have a kink on the wiper arm about 10 degrees to the left. I believe RHD wipers rest on the windshield pointed to the left side, and have a kink on the wiper arm about 10 degrees to the right. Therefore, LHD and RHD wiper arms are not interchangeable. Keith
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    That was from the install. And thanks for rocking my wagon.
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    F350 diesel Ford cooler. Free. There's a second fan behind it pulling air in. Really don't need it but it does remove engine heat. A turbo engine has to have an oil cooler, it's a must.
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    When can put the front cover back on then then put the piston at top then look at the pointer. but to me it looks like a typical L16 timming set up where you have 5AFTC then the BIG mark is Zero then +5 ,+10 +15 +20 +25.. Menas he put the poiner and got a L16 crank pulley and put it on a L20 front cover. which is OK. The far notch could be a for a sawtooth timming plate which might be on the drivers side. but Im winging it here Too me that oil distributor spindal is OFF . You should have seen f rotor lined up on number 1 plug wire. Shit maybe he put the motor together wrong. Or a wrong timming mount was used but simple fix here. remember you put the crank to Zero going clockwise then look where the cam timming thru the sprocket. I seen people line up the sprocket first then look at the crank. That's wrong. Crank determines the timming reference put to TDC and put the dist back in and see where its at? Maybe it was fine and made to run this way. I think this motor is fine.Its up to you if you want to strip it down. But good learing tool. PS remember when bolting the smaller bolts it don't take much torq esp in aluminum so don't strip or break a bolt. These are not US made cast iron stuff.
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    I want them. I am looking to stuff a Nissan motor into a vintage Hilux. I can mod these a bit to work!
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    I'm going to use them on a A10 just to piss you guys off . .
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    Interesting!!! When I bought the truck, there was something similar to that in the back of the King Cab, but I could not figure out how it mounted up. It was also discolored, so I wasn't sure it actually bolted to the truck anywhere. Does anyone have an ST truck showing this piece installed?
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    Must have missed the description of the transmission. What is it? I don't recognize it at all. Love the remote shifter.
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    Im in, good excuse as any to get a 620.
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    Thanks D.P.... Yes, they are plug and play, comes with the 3 prong and everything, so you have low and high beam in a single headlight.
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    For parts, the L20B has some value. The front cover, oil pump drive spindle, crank, and depending on which head, are all worth something. The block can be valuable too, but not so much. Since I am "in the business" and a scavenger, I tend to value things like good nuts and bolts too (think front cover, valve cover and oil pan). If they can be cleaned up to make nice again, there's $25 in hardware alone on an L20B. Couple hundred bucks.
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    I got one Free and another for 50$ One had the common L20b block crack between cylinders which is common. Might or might not be a issue. If motor was good before the pull(most are KA/SR swaps) for a HiPO engine build find one with out a crack. My engine builder will not work on them for liability issues incase they split open
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    Here is the picture of the ''old'' conrod bearings I'm also trying to finish the rear panel and get the lights in their final places. I welded some M6 hex key bolts to the back side and was able to secure the tail lights: I might wanna build a rear diffuser in the future, and maybe try a rear spoiler also. I should also check what I can do to the front of the vehicle to make it look a bit meaner.
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    Those are my slip on steel toe shoes for walking in refinery, cmon Hawaiian there comfortable.
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    Knock knock, who's there.. ConRod #4. So I warmed up the engine to test the relay system for the fans. The engine warmed up slowly and then reached its operating temperature and the fans triggered on automatically, cool. So I maintained a steady temperature for the engine, but there was still a small knocking sound coming from the motor. I shut down the engine, rechecked the valve clearances, 2 valves needed a slight adjustment, were off by 0.05mm. Started the engine again, still knocking.. Oil pressure had dropped down to 0.6 bars when idling at 800RPM @ operating temperature of 87-90C. I opened up the oil pan and the ConRod 4 was movable by hand a tiny bit so I took the bearings out: The ceramic coating was worn off a bit, revealing the original surface beneath, nothing major had happened what I can tell. Other rods were not moving even a slightest when I tried with hand. I have a theory that when I was assembling the engine back in 2013, I had the old torque wrench that uses the needle to tell the torque rating. The same one that I used later to snap a bolt because the reading was so off. So I might just have the torque spec incorrectly on ConRod 4 and that's how it got loose. I never rev the engine above 3000 RPM. The crankshaft journals look superb and no other damage is visible anywhere. So I just re-ordered new set of conrod bearings and a new kit of ceramic coating. They will arrive during the next week. I will take all the other bearings from the conrods too just to inspect them. I will re-torque everything down with my new torque wrench that has the clicker. I'm glad tho that this happened now and I took the actions immediately to avoid further damage. I will have a 2 week holiday starting after the next week. I'll be planning to get the car tuned then and will be prepping the doors and panels.
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    Honestly, I don't know what's opening the choke, I just know that the trucks fires right up, and runs. Drove it yesterday for some errands around town (about 60 miles) and no problem, runs smoothly and better
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    if you have a 72 the choke 12v wire should be back there somewhere. I don't like the elelctric and went with a DGV 5a which is a pull wire choke
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr My new Bride seat came in today. This seat is awesome.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr This Fj20 will be rebuilt and put in coupe, Got another FJ20 being fully built to take a bad beating in the place of this one in my truck.
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    A professional shot from the Golden Week Kyusha Festival show: Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    Took the 510 to Golden Week Kyusha Festival and got an award. So many awesome cars there......but wish there were more. It was a great event for the inaugural one but I wish they had 80+ more cars and it wasn't as long. Location and quality were great for what was there. Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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