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    Slow down an punctuate your run on sentence. Air is supposed to suck through the top of the carburetor. Backfire can be from too lean a mixture, possibly a blocked primary jet. Is the carb bolted down snug with a good gasket? Check the plug wires are going to the correct plugs. The order is 1342 in a counter clockwise direction. Usually 2 and 3 are reversed. Ignition timing incorrect. Should be 12 degrees BTDC. Too tight a valve, specially an intake. Should be 0.012" exhaust and 0.010" intake set on a hot engine.
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    Decided it is about time for another give away. This time it's a set of 620 KA24 Motor mounts. This will be motor mounts and transmission crossmember. I will have to charge for shipping this time, US shipping is $20.00, outside US will add an amount dependent on your location so be aware. Post in this thread to win, I will be using a random number generator to select the winning post one month from today; 08/16/2019 5:00 PM Pacific time If you post more than once in the thread, I will only use the number from your first post so the odds of winning will be 1 per posting member. My only requirement if you win, well more of a request, is that you post a build thread using them here on the forums, ratsun.net. Of course if you win them and don't own a 620 or don't plan to do a swap, well.... I guess that's ok. Sell them for some other Datsun parts $. :) Good luck :)
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    Some pics from yesterday. :)
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    Need to get them off my phone, will post some later after work.
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    There is a lower driver side dash cover. Available on ST models. In this pic it is upside down. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-720-ST-Underdash-Wiring-Cover-OEM-1983-1984-1985-1986-83-86-Pickup-Truck/123505774386?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1cc1848f32%3Ag%3Afq8AAOSwjZlb9LLo%3Asc%3AFedExHomeDelivery!97702!US!-1&enc=AQADAAAB4KX%2FKt4E1xf3SDqEdBclaYYJM9pJrIaN3sLK416R2y5DWhudlN2hUd%2FulI0faZ4bhrKUkcXQwtz5EYBh24CBJcXfA3%2FFw63vxiO0911jKhixa2u3ZVHV2zMgI%2BGKnOV7Um0kjAIbiOy2ydufNeqfVA0o85olrciFSMQS7MC%2BfCCCPrgvJDbDgVlMHObleWwYJZdZtbrl1KwVJ9VsYIjuoAsrsbB50h5y8xDnfwsIZlV%2BjDY3YupE0zQd5RckdPz2bRdAsP78kEVvSpQFngfYXZ%2FYbSUCQ3IkAwXgIppLPwOs1PAPrlZdXvpUOVWgbZZtjvOHnsGDVzALkOOa9sTpmc1oqW3el7Cj9aLb%2F3rN3E1NnwJ9noKnXfmquFJxlo7eK9KjrMjd95Q8CX6VBTBY1zRwgyenew5kyFmEXKzgkIN%2BCJJ%2Fy6NsuNkmq%2FWhe4QQbJ6XlpVbvjWXJqv8eBmHKb%2Fdt1irLUtjggvfosXGqaztnlaGNN1SnNrsq2qDtqwYEp0H7ps593eGJgUxaXb85R45u44%2F5HD7Q2ncuGWynAOMcrQrCnoiqrisiaWgRqsx6ZX7ka7JemYFolNmy%2Bo8Rno1kMf81AqP35fjxagxnSY2rX9WTHAl8shsgnqyPcrLeg%3D%3D&checksum=123505774386c2eea6d2deb741bea7c04eea96430edb&LH_ItemCondition=3000
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    Iโ€™m in. KA 620 4x4 ๐Ÿค”
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr This guy came by to fix back panels. When were they made they were too thick.So I had him cut it down and and he fixed the rear hatch panel sag and the B pillars.So happy with results, To lazy to do it.
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    http://Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr
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    Any future project could always use a good set of motor mounts. Thanks for doing this Redeye!
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    Maybe Datto2 could use some extra beans ๐Ÿค”
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    Interesting stable of machinery you have listed there. Pics posting possible ??
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    Pretty cool of you to be doing a giveaway like this!
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    To win these would be sweet ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป.
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    Holy snoz that would sure be cool. I need to get back at my truck project.
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    Hey guys, looking for a source for rear wheel cylinders for my L320. Brake hose source would be good too without going braided. Thanks for help. Mark
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    Gotta hop in on this one... searching for a 620 now to drop a carb'ed ka into.
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    I'm going to use them on a A10 just to piss you guys off . .
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    Count me in! Thanks for the giveaway!
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    I like your idea. I personally don't have a use for these items as I am in the process of putting an SD22 diesel motor onto a 1982 diesel frame, and putting a 1973 620 body onto the frame/motor. Again, I honor your idea. Don
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    It's the Volvo M47 5 speed manual. It has a bigger version of M90 also for the future. They share the same housing, so I could use my custom adapter to swap M90 later on if I have troubles with the M47.
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    yooo i didnt know you had a transmission crossmember! i would like one
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    Im in, good excuse as any to get a 620.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Wagon broke down, engine just jumped out in the middle of traffic.
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    I think you should be able to run it without running power to it. The clutch on the pulley should just be disengaged and freewheel no problem. Canโ€™t help you with belt alignment. I usually just eyeball it.
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    It is surprisingly easy to rebuild seat bottom cushions. The only "trick" is getting access to a sewing machine with enough oomph to sew vinyl. If there is welting between the panels, vinyl welting is available but is usually slightly larger than factory sewn welting. You would not notice the difference. Cut foam to dimensions of seat bottom springs. Lay burlap on the springs. add padding. cut panels by laying material on top of original panels and cut one inch wider all around. Flip on back and staple together including welting. Sew and pull staples. Use hog rings to attach to seat structure. Embellishment , go to local move it yourself and buy some roll of thin white foam sheet used to put between plates when DIY moving. Place on springs before adding burlap. It keeps future burlap crud off your carpet.
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    I believe it has w58 heads. Itโ€™s complete. From valve cover to oil pan.
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    Thanks. Its hot as shit here so not going to work on the truck until lit cools off but just looking over the motor I have some questions. The crank pulley has a shit ton of marks/notches all around it and not sure why that is? With the motor at TDC it points to the first small notch below. Why are they 2 big ones to the right of it? Lash cold on #1 is .008 and .010 respectively. Cam sprocket lines up like so at TDC and it lines up with the 2 on the inner circle of the cam sprocket. V notch is directly under the oblong grove at this point Apparently this is the information sheet for the cam in there now: Oil pump spindle lines up like so: Having said all that should I have a couple questions? 1. Should I mark the pulley where it points now as TDC? I don't know what my plan with this motor is after I take the head off but I just don't know enough about building or rebuilding engines to know what I should do prior to taking it apart. I did buy the "How to rebuild your Nissan OHSC..." book but it hasn't shown up yet. 2. Does the position of the oil spindle mean anything at this point? Other than its not at 11:25 when the motor is at TDC #1. 3. I measured the head height and its comes in right under 4", does that leave any room to shave it if needed?
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    Lots of info here for a new cable. But can't you just take your old cable to a cable shop and have a new one made? You will be sure it fits and saves the trouble of spending hours on the internet gathering measurements.
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    I don't think the OEM ones are available anymore. The 320s had SAE threads (3/8-24 I believe). Datsun switched to metric threads, but I believe those will bolt in. The bore size is different though. One cool feature of the 320 wheel cylinders is the "manifold" that bolts to it. It makes it so that you could use a metric cylinder but retain the SAE hard line. You would only have to source a metric banjo bolt to secure the manifold to the new cylinder. For the front of the 320, if memory serves me correctly, the hoses I bought were from a late 50s, early 60s Chevy truck. They were nearly identical to the OEM units.
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    Since these are down draft carbs, that are supposed to suck air through the top, so we don't know what you mean by your concern. Give us more, clear detail and you will get responses.
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    This. Pumping works the accelerator pump and squirts gas into the intake. Make sure the choke flap closes after the first pump.
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    Yeah, that might work if I could figure out a clamp. A ratchet strap might work!
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    those rims look on the cheezyside!!!! put on jacks and then drive it in gear see if it vibrates. I have a vibrations a few times on my 521 1)Last time was a tie rods wore out bad. 2) before that it was a driveline held on by 2 bolts working them selvess loose. remember 521 uses a lot of SAE size blots on body and drive train.. Motor is all metric
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    No, no weird tread wear. However, the tread is almost new, though the tires are 4 years old. It could be something in the steering system. It does have some play in the steering wheel (hard to test since I work alone most of the time), that can be felt when turning the steering wheel while driving. I'd say it's not enough to cause this significant shake though. I swapped the wheels from front to back, and back again, and it feels more significant in the rear in one configuration. I'm going to try swapping the spare around to each corner (hope it's the same size) and see what happens.
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    Good Point. I haven't actually used one. Makes sense they would not detect a fitment issue then. Hopefully, that lends confidence to NOT being a bad tire. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Either you break the stud or crush the wheel according to that. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Haha, yeah, although it might be hot here at the time, too. I just don't love having to pay $15 to get in and can't bring in food/open water? And then crappy food vendors when I have little kids in tow, with no good area to sit & eat. Meh. And no swapmeet aspect. Oh, and taking for-ev-er to get through the gates.
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    found something to put on the hako shift knob. 1970 100 yen coin lol
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