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    Making progress Spray foam to keep the roof skin from oil caning One more priming / sanding and paint time
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    found something to put on the hako shift knob. 1970 100 yen coin lol
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    Thanks, I really have no clue what I am doing, but it's been fun.
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    The "Wagon Syndicate" got together at the Cars and Coffee out in Corona this morning. As usual, we were the last folks to leave the event.. Left to right: Mr BigTanker Datrod Duncan Wicked Jester A good time was had by all in-between all the earthquakes.
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    I use tie wraps. Works fine and the price is right!
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    Heat soak happens mostly when stopped or just after shut down or low speeds. Unless you have a fetish for those slotted louvers DON'T cut the hood up. Vintage race it first as there may be no problem at all. I detest louvers. Adjust the hood latch so it doesn't close all the way at the back and it there's a rubber seal peel it off. This will let the hot air out.
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    Couldnt that big scoop on the hood be used? Cut a hole and add some sheet metal as a duct or something.....
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    Working on 500lb robots today. Some serious torque specs.
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    Maybe you shouldn’t buy this, since you aren’t competent enough to do anything else.
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    Nah I am straight, Ill post, whine, bitch and share my opinion whenever the fuck I want to. I could give two shits if it bothers your dumb ass.
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    Campaigned a DP 2000 in the late 70s early 80s. Never had that problem. Maybe if your sitting in traffic, but then you aren't racing. Like Mike said, need a really good heat shield between the carbs & exhaust, bond some insulation to it, bring it over to the inner fender panel. Re-route your gas lines, right now you have them sitting over the header. Find away to bring fresh air in. If your insistence on fkng the hood up, just put the louvers over the carbs facing forward. At that point who cares about aesthetics. You'd probably be better off putting in a naca duct. Depending on what vintage racing association you plan on competing in, louvers could be a no no, not period correct after all.
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    And what a perfect way to learn - on a farm truck.
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    Got invited to this car show, then a few days later was pleasantly surprised when a photo of Zeke shows up on the event flyer!
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    Just by looking at this pictures his head is ON and so is his PAN so what gives?
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    When I saw the tube I thought ah shit another L16 but was surprised when I saw it was an L20B. I am happy with whatever it ends up being for $100. Icing on the cake would have been a compatible 5 speed but it is what it is.
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    I'm going out on a limb and say this is from a '74 610. The 710 and 620 didn't get the L20B until '75 but the first year they were used was on the '74 610. A sort of transition year. I know that this year L20B also had the block vent tube come straight out of the block and it used the L16/18 four into two cast exhaust header still. That's most likely a 200mm PP and clutch as it comes from a car. The head will almost certainly be an A87. Look between the #1 and #2 plugs down where the head meets the block.
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    Hell yeah it is. I can take whatever else I want besides the wheels and tires. Anyone got any idea what would be worth some $$$ if I did take it?
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    Shit, $100 for just the mikunis would be a steal.
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    $140 shipped isn't terrible. They are super heavy after all. I paid $129.50 shipped for a set in 2015
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    I cant tell the difference but for $140 shipped I guess I could take a chance. Any idea what bushings I need to use to make them up work?
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    You need to either loosen the oilpan and let it drop an eighth inch or you remove the head, you cannot just remove the front cover and put it back, it is too tight to do that.
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    Well shiat that is easy. I always thought you had to drop the pan and some other shit.
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    You remove the radiator.
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    Yes they appear to be 4X4 leafs, you can tell because the eyes in the leafs are centered in the leaf while all 2wd leafs have the eyes above the leaf.
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    Bought the engine for $100, didn't care for the transmission (4 speed) or anything else. Getting the block/head/dizzy/mikunis/clutch+flywheel and the OEM radiator. Not sure what else I should grab? Lots of oil over the block between the head and block and around the front and TC. Lots of RTV on the TC as well. Also the vent tube is straight off the block but its still an L20B so not sure what that means if anything? I got a line on some 720 4x4 leaf springs as well, can confirm they are the right ones? Pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149231725@N05/albums/72157709565713666 Also can someone confirm these are 720 4x4 springs?
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    It’s an l20b w/dual Mikunis and pertronix dizzy. Block is painted red so it’s been touched before, by how much I don’t know. Couldn’t discern what kind of head but I would assume it’s something decent. No idea if I could use the tranny or how many gears it has. Trying to find out and have pics will post them shortly.
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    Came across a deal I couldn’t pass up for a Beebani Watt’s link setup so it will be headed my way here in the next week or so 😁
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    This, try this first before selling or buying anything. Thing may look like its all smashed up but once you pull it back to where it belongs and bolt on a fresh fender it will look a lot better!
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    cant tell but most likely it is but if single point one can put a Pertronix in there. I use them for trouble shooting also. in case one thinks a carb is bad butbest to swap in a dist 1st to make sure. offer 300 and keep this for spares
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    Looks like a points dizzy no? Seller told me he swapped a F20C from an S2000 as well as 240sx suspension into his 510.
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    While in the junkyard you should have looked at how they came off so you could take yours off without ripping. Pick-n-pull yards are a real learning experience. Just my opinion. Chopper Jim
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    if right 90deg out of crankcase can be a L18 also or a Late Jap crate motor L16type as I had one. But all L20s had the 90deg. black timming cover don't mean anything I think I would try to get it . as parts are harderto geton east coast. See what type of head as that goes on on L motors and maybe its a closed chamber spare distributor, I hve gone threw 3 in my 25years. They wear out!!!
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    Owner had a local shop build his 510 but I think he bought the 510 already modded and doesn't seem to know much about what is on those pallets. The shop that did the work is top notch and ripped everything out as you can see. saw somewhere that L20 TC has 4 bolts vs 2 on a L16/18. Also the vent pipe on the block has right angles vs straight out on the 16-18s. Its about 20 minutes away so I can get it if it makes sense, but I got no interest in anything l16. '72 510s came with a L16 + 4 speed right? Obviously some work done to this one as its got the dual mikunis and a black timing cover vs the stock silver so hopefully some other upgrades.
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    Also front timing cover is 4 bolt on stop near head.
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    Good eye! I gotta tack the tabs onto the axle just outside of the u-bolts to retain the hose ends. I just stuffed those there temporarily to make sure everything was going to fit. Final position will be retained outboard of the frame to prevent any clearance issues 😂
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    Glued some 80 grid sandpaper to my 140 mm saw drill to round out the tail light holes. got good progress with the rear panel, I decided to cut out the section where 3 body plates meet up: here are also the welded studs at the back to mount the tail lights:
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    I am too lazy to look but does anyone know how many splines are on a 521 steering column?
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    How did you get the timing cover off with the engine in the truck?
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    I got one Free and another for 50$ One had the common L20b block crack between cylinders which is common. Might or might not be a issue. If motor was good before the pull(most are KA/SR swaps) for a HiPO engine build find one with out a crack. My engine builder will not work on them for liability issues incase they split open
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    Will '78 and up disc brakes fit on the earlier king pin trucks? Why is the relay near the glove box making a buzzing sound? Oh yeah it's an '81 720 Got a SBC 350 for free!!! How would I put it into my B-210? Can I keep the 4 speed in it? Pulled all the smog crap off my engine but now it won't start, HELP! Changed the head gasket on my vintage 510 but now I can't get the timing chain to fit back on the cam sprocket. WTF? Changed the oil pump now the timing is all messed up. Engine won't turn over but cranks with the starter. WTF? Dash lights too dim how do I make brighter? Turn signals on 720 stopped working after using the 4 ways.??? HEATER ONLY HAS HIGH SPEED, help!
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    Buying or selling? Do some compression readings yourself. Compression is a somewhat good indication of an engines health. Take it for a drive. Is it quiet. Does it restart when hot? Is the oil clean? Does it have a fram filter on it? 😄 Pop the valve cover off.... is the cam and valve train shiny and clean or brown stained from lack of oil changes? Same with transmission, drive it. Does it up and down shift quietly? Take out on the highway, any noise? Does it jump out of any gear? If any of this it needs rebuilding, about $500-$600 at a shop on top of what you paid for it! If you are unable to do this to either, they are worth scrap metal price. So now you have to ask yourself how accurate is the seller's information? Can I believe what he says? How much do I trust? Lets say that the engine transmission can't be examined by driving them but unknown to you, it actually is as stated..... 100K and generally in good condition and maintained and looked after and it's all you need to get your 620 mobile and on the road. $400-$500 for both would be a very good deal.
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    Got some more Nissan goodies today !!
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    Go read the sole pinned topic in the 521 sub-forum.
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