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    thanks Cody for linking me up buddy!
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    I make mine run so badly they usually abandon it before it gets out of the driveway. ..
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    I'd throw a bead all the way around that bung, and then machine/file it flat afterwards if needed. It looks high enough that you shouldn't need to.
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    love this one suggestion if shirts are made do the lighter type graphics the heavy type get hot and dont feel natural on the shirt the type that were on the canby shirts were good
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    Took me all of 10 minutes to find Automobile Dismantler Exclusions The term "automobile dismantler" does not include any of the following: The owner of any premises on which two or more unregistered and inoperable vehicles are held or stored, if the vehicles are used, or intended to be used, for restoration or as replacement parts or otherwise in conjunction with any business of a licensed dealer, manufacturer, or transporter, or in conjunction with the operation and maintenance of any fleet of motor vehicles used for the transportation of persons or property. The owner of any premises or property used in conjunction with any agricultural, farming, mining, ranching, or motor vehicle repair business. Any person engaged in the restoration of vehicles of the type described in Vehicle Code Section 5004or in the restoration of other vehicles having historic or classic significance. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vehindustry/ol/dismantler?fbclid=IwAR3Cd7bP0ASba9kMDMWXDx7vXn8NTMZyLOAYx-b1ULMIyR6V6uR8zUMgCHQ There are other exceptions but i couldn't imagine them applying to anyone on here. In Thurston county Washington, the loop hole is worded " enthusiast type vehicle in the state of active restoration" bet you can guess how i know that. .
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    Thanks for the love guys, the reason for attacking the fender is that there was a crack in the bondo that looked pretty bad. popped off a chunk with a screwdriver and well, theres no turning back now. also made some modifications to the shifter. tightened the fork up in a vice, and replaced the cotter pins with nuts and bolts. I just wanted to get it mocked up, so used bolts from around the shop, but plan to replace them with zinc coated hardware. i also replaced one of the flat washers on the upper picot with a lock washer which helped increase tension without binding it. the shifter slop has gone from the size of a basketball to the size of a softball. magical! Here are some pics of the fender progress. Here are a couple pictures of the shifter
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    Strip it for your own parts. Then scrap. Or if possible just store it somewhere and strip as needed. Having a spare engine and transmission is good insurance.
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    Realistically I think you'd be lucky to get $400 for it, and believe me I love these trucks and would like to save them all. You can probably get near that for the motor & trans if they are in good shape, but the rest just doesn't look like it's worth much when every panel is damaged like that. Common 521 parts are like coins...gotta be mint state to pull the good money
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    You dog!!!! Oh wait.... you mean your daughter.
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    All, I'm a relative newbie to the forum and I could use some advice. I found a 70 521 cuz I needed parts (windsheild, trim etc ) for my 71. It's a garage find of sorts and it's in decent shape for its age. On the good news side it is a CA truck with current non OP and the engine (L20 with a 5spd) starts and runs. So the question is, should I part it out cuz it has a lot of good parts on it or should I try to find a good home for it? Your feedback would greatly be appreciated. Bill P.s. I floated a price if 1200.00 on craigslist with a parts explanation and got a few nibbles. I'm kind of leaning of leaving in tact but the parts or so hard to come by.
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    I was supposed to get the windshield installed today, but I missed the timeframe and the shop closed, oof. But I took some more photos while the hood was open:
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    That's basically how he described what what hes gonna do, just gonna let him do what he does... Hes a pretty talented guy.... still in the military and does welding and machining for them so I think I am in good hands..... He has his own little work shop at home where he does welding and some machining and 3d printing....
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    I managed to get the oil pan cleaned up and washed out ready to go home with my friend to weld it up..... Where the pen is pointing is where the leak is.....
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    goddamn. it's like 30 years of age just melted away and and my .410 just popped to attention.
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    I saw this at a local museum last year.It's Silver now, and totally restored.
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    Nah ,, Linda's 70 years old,, her internet "footprint" consists of being able to order stuff on Amazon...... i laughed just typing that. . It's red primered and had roof cut off so it resembles a lowered dune buggy more than a postal wagon now..
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    A hidden kill switch for ignition,a hidden kill switch for the electric fuel pump,and the club.I don't leave my car anywhere but my house long term.If i go out of town the distributor cap, rotor and coil wire all get removed and i park another car behind the 510.I had a nice 510 stolen once and am paranoid now.
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    Pulled the bed off to swap out the diff gearing. Did my research about the H190, the stock gears, and the different ratios available. Since I had a few rear ends left over from my roadster project I decided to give the roadster gearing a test. Success! My tires I used are quite a bit shorter than stock so the extreme difference of the roadster gears seamed to mesh well with the short tires (195-50-15). At gps 55 mph, the dash speedo was around 54 mph. While I got the bed off I’ll clean the bottom and undercoat. I’ll also replacing the muffler and adding the missing tailpipe.
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    It is really nice to have parts for the other 521 you own. Do both of your trucks have L-20-B and a five speed?
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    Mail call - cheap eBay pickup arrived today and as we all know, any progress is progress:
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    sell it whole. to somebody to store in their backyard most part trucks I see in Northwest are in back yards runners that get smashed go to the dump with a lot of spareparts gone
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    thats where my mind went as well! 😂
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    Depends the quality of the metal you're working with and your skill level. If you do decide to part it out I would suggest trying the Classified section here (or shoot me a pm if it has the lower tray on the passanger side in good condition! :D)
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    Thanks @wayno but It’s not any of my business.
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    Unless you have heard the story you likely do not know what he is talking about Jbirds510, count yourself lucky and do we really need to bring that shit up Mrbigtanker, it's in the past, lets not dredge up bad memories even if some think it is funny which I am not one of them. If you want to know what it's about ask some old timer next Powerlnd or at Blue Lake if you attend Jbirds510, lets keep this thread drama free.
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    ill be there, probably with a HS graduate
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    I loved Powerland so much I forgot about Canby. Don't get me wrong I loved Canby so many good memories there so let's make more at Powerland. We could have people come from across the country or even from another country for just the show like we had at Canby. Jay you did awesome holding this down I just can't express the gratitude I have. If someone does do shirts and sweaters maybe some of money can be donated to the park as well I don't know just an idea.
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    L20 with what head though? Had a line on a L20 short block locally but was lazy and didn't pick it up and of course it sold.
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    Looks really good! Those Tail lamps turned out great!
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    Disregard. Problem fixed as easily as unplugging the offending bulb and replugging it in. 70s electronics. So simple yet so not simple. Thanks again all for the help today Happy Motoring
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    I built an LZ23, Z22 block bored out to 89mm, stock Z24 pistons, basically 219 head(made my own race head out of W53 closed chamber head) with stock L20b cam, I was told it worked out to 8.9 to 1 compression ratio, I burn regular pump gas so I re-curved my matchbox distributor to stop the knocking, very strong engine, even in my work truck which weighs 3900lbs it will walk away from a Z24/Weber in a 521. Best upgrade I have ever made was going from a L16 to an L20b.
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    A kill switch outside the cab is inconvenient in the rain and anyone can guess what you are doing. Take the dimmer switch out and throw it away. The lights are already too dim. Keep the knob. Put a headlamp pull switch in it's place and glue the dimmer knob onto it. Wire the ignition and starter solenoid to parking lamps and head lights. Pull the switch all the way out and you're good. Push all the way in everything is off yet the dimmer is in it's normal position. If you have an electric fuel pump wire that in and it will only go a block.
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    I'm totally flummoxed. It still won't turn over! I can hear it really struggling to push the flywheel. So far, I have: Checked and cleaned the grounds. Removed and tested the new starter (it works). Jumped the starter solenoid with it in the truck (struggles the same as when using the key). Jumped the ignition switch (same as above) Replaced the battery (no change). Quadruple checked it's in neutral (both 2wd and 4wd levers) and hand rotated the drive shaft. Pushed the flywheel with a screwdriver to make sure it turns freely. Turned the crank pulley with a wrench to make sure it turns freely. Loosened the belts to make sure they weren't creating too much drag. WHAT ELSE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH WOULD KEEP IT FROM TURNING OVER?!?!
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    Often times the temp gauge is as simple as corrosion at the connection to the sender on the engine. Start by checking there.
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    It's really the rubber seal that you need. I got one recently and the 'rubber' was more like soft RTV. I took it apart to make sure there were no aluminum chips inside and to grease the seal with brake fluid.
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    Thanks wayno I'll let you know.... The crack I found is at the edge of the drain plug.... I assume there is a welded in bung where the drain plug goes.... basically that weld is cracking from over tightening..... Other than that the pan is is good shape...
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    You will probably notice in this post the meandering away from Dattos. Just posting in cronological order. Gotta take the grandkid to skool, will post more in a bit. :)
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    Bought another house so put the 521 to work. Did great for the most part, was a little loud loaded up on the freeway but looked good doing it.
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