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    ha ha ha this is exactly how it goes. I know people mean well and have all the intention to buy an item, but generally speak before they can afford anything. For now I will only be putting custom Datsun CNC items on my cars, and if people want what I have then its going to be a premium to make it worth my time to make extra. Mike make the things that bring you joy. Then make or don't make deals where you want. Charge a minimum of $100 per hour for shop time. You are worth that.
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    Good way to pass the time.👍
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    What I have seen over the years is that for every 10 people on a forum who say "Make them, I'll buy one", that maybe 1 will actually buy. People who have never made anything from a raw chunk of material just don't understand the work involved, including things like locating material, cutting tools needed, design time, including things that don't quite come out as planned, and having to start over, even when done on CAD. That's why commercial machine shops charge by the hour to prototype an item, and that gets expensive. I feel for you Mike. Thanks for the effort !
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    So far Neodymium magnets are the pick. I purchased a box of the ( .25 x .50 x 1.0 ). I can sew or glue these to the back in key areas. For now I am getting some card stock to do a cut template I can trace on the carpet. I installed the power steering pump last night, but found that it sits too close to the inner fender. Time to add another item to list for CNC items.
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    Keeping your mind occupided helps the time pass. I hope all goes well Mr Tanker.
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    Just under 3 weeks to go I hope. Trying to get these 2. Engine builds going at once.
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    1971 Datsun 510 2dr on BAT Watch out!!!! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-510-25/
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    Yes it does. It gives you up to 4 mill of adjustment. And ankle well well just counting the days. Just under 3 weeks to go.
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    My sister-in-law's friend noticed my 510 at Easter dinner. She said she drives by one in Everett every day. Asked for a pic. Ta da!
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    Ray, what does that Kameari piece do? Does it replace the timing chain tensioner or something similar? Hope your ankle is doing better...
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    Sniped this lot at like 2am on ebay a couple weeks ago. All in really nice shape!
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    6" of snow grew to 14" of snow! Crazy for this area. After a couple weeks I was finally able to get out of my driveway and up the hill so I could enjoy driving the 510 again. There is actually still snow on the ground in many places a month after that storm.
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    Autocrossing may have to wait... Accumulated 6" of snow so school was cancelled today. I taught Corey how to drive in the snow using the Neon. He only just got his license so he'd never driven in the snow before. It was a great use of time and the Neon is pretty sure footed while wearing snow tires. I've found 510's to be pretty good in the snow as well but I don't have the right tires at the moment and wasn't in a hurry to mount any. Winter has been super mild up to this point and so thought I might get away without swapping the car over this year.
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    Decided to get a set of wheels to mount some dedicated autocross tires on. These 14" Focus Esprit wheels will do the trick nicely! Same seller had some 14" Star Sharks too. I've always wanted a set of Star Sharks! If you are looking for rims, look up D4rkr4in.2012 He has some nice sets available. UPS guys apparently drug the boxes behind the truck. But remarkably they made it without damage due to some good packaging.
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    Just bought this guy yesterday,1983 Nissan Maxima thats been sitting since 1992(last year tagged),2.8L diesel with 5 speed FS5W71B 😎,gonna pull the 5 speed and slap it in my A10. Will my 3 speed auto bolt onto this behemoth? I actually got the engine running again and am thinking of either keeping the diesel since it's a bit cheaper to buy right now than standard gas or swapping in another engine and keep it as a daily. Any swap info you guys can share with me in regards to suspension and engine?
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    Did you check tdc by the piston or pulley mark? I'm not really sure or not if I'm explaining what's in my head correct or not or if it's even valid..... But like Mike said something is wrong.... If it was me I would just go back and recheck... Tdc, vs the pulley and the rotor to the spark plug.. I guess my thought is say at 15 you were actually at zero, so 30 might only be 15, which puts the piston in the correct position to fire the spark.....
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    This is because the throttle linkage i had was hooked up to the back of the carb .. and it was coming out of sync with the rest.. i have since fixed this.. mentioned that in the comment above yours .. think we commented at the same time lol
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    Four looks a little lean...
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    heres the rest of the plugs In order L-R 2,3,4
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    I just bought one.. will be here tomorrow lol
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    Goddamn these are small trucks. Really puts it into perspective how big cars/trucks have gotten over the years. Not that there weren't big cars back then but today very little 'small' cars.
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    Remember when SCCA had a road race class for mini trucks ? 1987 to 91. The Archer brothers were really competitive, one went on to race a Viper in some class, but the name hardly pops up any longer. A buddy of mine says the Lemons people are very lax on restrictions on trucks, just to draw some of them in. I want to....No I can't....But it would be fun.....But I have too many projects now - DAMIT !!
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    Kevin Desirello, I know him.
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    well to settle this lol i went and bout new studs at the hardware store .. i but 4 in and 2 bolts for the bottom side.. so we are all fine and dandy on that as for the carbs, im waiting for my soft mounts to get here to eat up the space between them and the intake because the back of the bowl is coming in contact with the intake and it does not allow the mounting holes to line up
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    The jut nuts have a very small head diameter, with a built in flange/washer. They use a 3/8 wrench (which is odd, since they are metric), whereas the original 8mm nuts use a 12mm wrench. That should give you an idea of how small they are. I like using studs on a manifold. Two reasons, much easier to line everything up, and more importantly, you can get more torque on a stud without worry of pulling a thread of the aluminum head. You can get the jet nuts here - https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productselection.asp?Product=MJET&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=MJET&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgI3R9tun4QIV7x-tBh1YSAwOEAQYASABEgLYS_D_BwE You could also use metric 12 point nuts from ARP. They also have a small diameter. The coating on them is probably better too - https://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/arp/product-line/arp-12-point-nuts/thread-size/8mm-x-1-25?autoview=sku
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    As you like, but the greatest heat source is on the other side of the engine. The intake won't get that hot on this side.
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    i think im just gonna not plug the vacuum part in and see how it works.. sounds like its gonna be more of a paint in the but to make it work or plum it than it needs to be .. as for wiring the distributor it has 2 wires.. green and red.. im guessing green goes to the negative side of the coil correct.. where do i go to with red
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    I think Jeff can answer that question better than I can. My fingers do work that sometimes my brain has a hard time translating into words.
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    Vacuum advance is for part throttle and cruise speeds. Yes, re-curved is fine for full throttle take offs and acceleration. At cruise, where a vacuum advance plus mechanical can run as high as 45-60 degrees total, your re-curved mechanical non vacuum distributor tops out at 32??? I asked questions that were never addressed.... If re-curving the mechanical (bringing in the advance sooner) gains so much why doesn't the factory take advantage of it??? Why is mechanical advance 'all in' by 3,000 when the engine continues to 6,000 and more? It would seem that as the time for the burn shortens you would need to keep advancing the start.
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    Im not either.... Mike explained it pretty good.... As far as the recurving and all that I'm really not sure, it's just what I read.... Something to do with the plates and springs inside...
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    I drove to the Evergreen Speedway for the December 15 autocross and immediately found good company in Rick, with his 510 2dr "race" car. Really nice car! Bought mostly complete and built in California I think he said. Jeff's been helping him make changes to his car to get it going faster each event. Speaking of Jeff...
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