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    Who knows how many Datsun ads we will see from now on since tomorrow craigslist is gonna start charging $5 per ad.
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    Hey guys, does a "cannon manifold 821" fit an L20B head? Scoured the net but came up empty.
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    What are my options for repairing or replacing the (pull-out/push-in) heater fan switch in my 72' PL620? It has always worked on the high speed only, but now the blower motor isn't coming on at all. I'm almost positive it is an electrical issue. Are new switches still available or is my only option to find a good used one? Are they difficult to replace? Thanks!
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    1969 Datsun 510 2dr $5,000 https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/d/auburn-1969-datsun-510-2dr/6867058944.html
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    Can I ask will these gaskets fit my 64 V320 windows?
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    I have a good pressure regulator, its an aeromotive 13301.. super easy to use and adjust .. Didnt mess with it to much this weekend though because i cant get the damn thing to seal and its leaking air somewhere.. Almost looks like my hardware is in at an angle.. flange and carbs dont seem like they match? i either need to get different hardware or slot the holes a little to make it work Gonna pull it off tonight and tinker with it
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    I got the motor on its stand and started to go to work disassembling it. My plan is to keep it mostly stock with some minor upgrades. Nothing to crazy. Its already probably over the top power wise so no need to spend extra money for more. Motor plans and upgrades... - A less bulky serpentine system will be bought or fabbed. - A ls6 intake for hood clearance - Upgraded valve springs - Bigger cam (cheapest power upgraded for almost any LS engine) - The oil pan will have to be replaced with an aftermarket for clearance reasons. - Reworked or new wiring loom - Headers???
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    With the lamest, non-chronologically sorted, stupidest categories EVER. Offerup is also pretty stupid with no boolean search operators. At least facebook allows AND/OR
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    More like how many Datsuns will be scrapped because of it...
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    It's funny you say tvr.... guy I work with drives one .... Well the next one is on mothers day.... so I wont be going that day.... Maybe the June one on fathers days....
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    do you have an article about that? The craigslist site just says this: All craigslist postings are free, except for: Job postings in selected areas—$10-75 (fee varies by area) Brokered apartment rentals in NYC area—$10 All by-dealer categories in the US—$3-5 Cars/trucks by-dealer in the US, Vancouver BC—$5 Furniture by-dealer in the US, Vancouver BC—$3 Cars/trucks by-owner in the US—$5 (starting April 15) Gigs in US and selected CA areas—$3-10 Services in US and CA—$5 Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Paid posting accounts provide high-volume posters with additional payment options in some cases. Questions? Please email billing@craigslist.org.
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    Big difference between mechanical vs electrical oil pressure gauge?? And can you post a pic of what your sender looks like now?
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    You making gauge holders for them?
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    I love hood pins.
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    Where is the cars and coffee? Maybe I could make it there one sunday.... The sender I am using has it's own ground.... I had it set up a little differently before, but I broke the electrical connection.... it was good before..... might just be a cheap setup I bought.. . I have been wanting to upgrade it.... just haven't bothered yet. As long as my idiot light doesnt come on I dont worry to much.....
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    I would like a little longer. The factory one hangs out or off in left front corner. Drives me crazy. But don’t have that problem no more.
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    How loose was the clutch lever when not depressed? If it had more than just a little play then you should make a longer rod, it should only have a 1/16th inch play after you force the rod into the bottom of the slave with your hand.
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    Welcome! We'd like to see some pics of your baby!
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    have the block done. I had both of mine done by a shop that does imports. I got 190K on my 521 motor that was redone. most like might need a rebore. finding L18 pistons are hard . 4cc dished 85mm cranks are most likely good. but ck the bearings. Personally I would just see if you get by just clean up the bores and new pistons. the side crank seals I would get the nissan ones and give to the engine builder. find Jap made timming kit. if possibel truck is still running buy a hopefull know running more and rebuild it on the side. But if not possible you know your motor is good and dont have overheat issues then most likely its good
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    Lawyers see you as a cash cow Cops see you as a criminal or at the least... not another cop Doctors see you as must have something wrong Mechanics see you as gullible. Psychiatrists see you as probably having mental heath problems in terms of their own.
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    So is it okay the way it is? Or is the only way its going to work properly is with that black connector?
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    I have owned a lot of Datsun wagons and have dealt with this issue a lot. 😄 1. Your hatch seal leaks. Due to the low pressure area behind the car, it pulls exhaust fumes in through those leaks. 2. Rolling the windows down seems to only makes it worse, not better. 3. Keeping the fresh air vents open all the time helps, (pressurizes the cabin) but you just sealed those up. 😁 4. While your new exhaust may help this issue a lot (gets the tip further away from the hatch), I found a side exit works even better. Best fix is a new hatch seal, a new window seal, and maybe plug up those vents beside the hatch. without the front flow through vents open, the rear "flow out" vents will actually suck fumes back into the car. In for a penny, in for a pound. While I do understand the reasoning behind sealing up the fresh air vents in the cowl, it is in practice a terrible idea. 😉
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    I was surprised when I found this photo from JCCS 2006. Same CA license plate (SSS BIRD) as Ray Yates' Coupe that I posted earlier. I wonder what the story is there?
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    Well, since Canby is no more, you're safe. 🤓
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    Wow,, i'm going to need one of those... i may be in the minority but i really love J engines.... Is plate 1/4 inch ? You know if we could somehow harness what is going on in that brain of yours,, we could power every house on the planet for at least 6 years. .
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    Welcome aboard! I'll be sidelining while you complete your repairs. Enjoy the ride.
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    I've pulled a bunch of these, have been lucky not to find a broken one yet. Typically the rivet that holds the wire eyelet breaks leaving the eyelet intact. I go to the hardware store and get a brass screw and nut to hold it together, and doesn't seem to corrode as fast.
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    Couldn't wait for the suspension upgrades to try out the wheels...
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    Sure, but I am pretty sure they are a ton wider than the 620 axle. And then you're back in the position of parts being way more expensive than a Toyota axle. I do not actually know the width measurements of the Datsun axles. Maybe someone can list them here for you.
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    Got myself a 3.7 3rd member from a 720. We’ll see how this goes.
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    The problem is very simple, missing bolts that attach the transmission to the engine. I don't know if replacing the bolts will fix the problem, but that's the obvious place to start. Does anyone know the sizes of the bolts that hold the engine and transmission together? My son was responsible for mating the transmission and engine; this is a great learning opportunity for him. Professionally I've been doing software quality assurance (QA) and test for mission and life critical software and understand consequences of poor QA. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the consequences of bad QA. I was lucky that the problem occurred at home.
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    the headlights are for a bmw e30. these are depo headlights not original, i use to own an e30 for my first car, messed around with the lights/projectors. I found these on ebay. they sell them in non-smoked too. shifter bushing was a set on ebay too. link
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    This will work if you remove all the old rubber and get a long thin strip of rubber. I used a strip of 1/4" conveyor belt. Then size it so that upside down U bracket is nice an snug. I intended it to be temporary but ended up leaving it for years.
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    I remember. Just messin. You've got it right.
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    I have a friend of a friend who has an aftermarket intake manifold for a L16 with a Weber 38/38 carb. I want to say th intake manifold is a Canton? Or soemthing that sounds like that. Is this a super rare intake manifold? I plan to buy the setup reguardless as my ittle L16 needs mo powa!
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    The price seems reasonable. I plan to try and stroke as much power out of this L16 as i can, as i DO NOT want to swap the motor for something more modern. I like keeping things close to how they came. I was told by the 510 nut selling this that he had no intentions of selling it otherwise and would be there for me to buy years from now. Hes got one hellacious stash of parts, and a very nice orange 510.
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    Unless you have a ported A87 head, cam with .510 lift and 410 duration and with all the valve train goodies to go with it, header and 4.375 rear gears a 38/38 is too big. Hell a 32/34 is too big for a stock L16 unless you step into it slowly. Bigger carb does not mean bigger power. If this were true we would all have 1080 cfm Holly double pumpers on our L motors. Spend the money on an EI dizzy or a new 32/34 Weber or better a 4.11 Subaru diff. If you buy, get it cheap so you can sell later and make a couple of bucks.
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    If its the cannon for a 38/38 and is "dual plane" then ive read on ozdat that it is verry rare and sought after, never seen on but read about one for the non progresive 38/38, If one berral feeds 2 cylenders and the other barrel feed the other 2 then its dual plane. The one above is a single plane and if yoy notive the lobed shape hole, i dont think a 3838 specufic intake woyld be like that Im wrong alot, but i read the article trying to research the 3838, maybe a search if ozdat would clear things up.
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    cannon.... i dont think too rare..but possibly sought after.
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