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    Putting my truck in a museum . Just waiting for the trailer. As usual.
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    SUPER BIG SHOUT OUT TO BEN_UPDE He provided me with the hubs that I was needing to my brake swap.. For free by the way THANK YOU
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    Your recycling centers don't take plastic ? what's wrong with you people over there ?
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    I should imaging Nissan has assembly lube on all moving parts and they just start them up and go. Shrug. I worked for GM in the mid 70s and did spend a day working at the end of the truck line where they are started and driven to the parking lot. The probably primed the carbs but it took about 5? seconds to get them going.
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    The straw ban has to be one of the stupidest things anybody has come up with.
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    make sure to prime oil pump before START. or pump oil to the oil pump using a hose. I prime my carburetor so gas squirts in and then just START it. . the oil pressure should be there in 15seconds.. I pour oil on the cam and rocker arms right before start also
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    Shouldn't matter, just lets in the oil.
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    The main bearing caps all have arrows, point them towards the front. When you are ready to torque the center thrust main bearing cap shove the crank forward as far as it will go then tighten the bolts. Torque from the center outwards in at least two stages. Do all in the following order to 20 ft pounds. Then a final finish torque to 35-40 ft pounds. RAD 7....8 3....4 1....2 thrust bearing 5....6 9..10 Flywheel The rear cap also has side seals that must be installed correctly Make sure you lube the rear oils seal before installing so it does not start up dry.
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    The hubs I have came off an early D21. I believe an ‘83,’84. They were the exact same as the ‘79 hubs already on my truck. They are small enough they could go in a flat rate box too
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    The 32nd Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic on April 26 and 27th 2019 will be here before you know it. This is going to be an amazing show honoring these beloved vehicles that we find so near and dear to our hearts. It's always great seeing good friends and I knew we look forward to seeing beautiful City of Solvang every year. We want to break the record for the most Datsun Roadsters at this event. The goal is to meet 125 Roadsters, JDM and Race Cars. Please let your Datsun friends know about the show. We encourage First Timer participants to show off their cars in any condition. Registration is going to open on Thanksgiving day November 22, 2018As usual, the first 20 vehicles to register will receive a special gift with their registration packet.if you have questions, please go to our website www.solvangroadstershow.com or call 877.891.8342See you in Solvang !!!!
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    Nice mole,err i mean boobs.She should fix that.
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    People dont pay attention any more.... That's my biggest fear driving my datsun.... Hope you get better quick.....
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    WTF, hope it's not serious. Get better soon!
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    I don't know about that lol
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    RE: https://ratsun.net/topic/74058-insmncs-will-the-real-insomniacs-please-stand-up/page/91/
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    No the black and Y/R wire lay on the driver side of the trans. Looks to be for the kick down solenoid according to this wiring diagram?
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    The truck harness is slightly neater with 2 less wires. Either works. Don't know about this one. Does it reach near the carburetor?
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    Thanks for the advices, Mike! Two questions in one picture, guys... - Is this manual ok? - Could be a problem that the new bearing haves the little hole slightly bigger than the original's bearing one? Thanks and have a nice week! Ps: actually is almost double the size of the hole 🤔🤔🤔
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    Sirens and the occasional life flight helicopter. It's not so bad.. just means the neighbors are used to noise. Less for me to worry about and I get my wrenching on.
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    Thanks jetattblue! i was a little nervous too but i'm pretty happy with how it turned out as well Okay so i'm in the process of changing the upper control arm bushings When i started thinking about this i was originally going to purchase replacement bushes from Mike at blue hands http://www.bluehandsinc.com/320520521620drum-urethane-uca-bushings.html but ended up losing my entire year to saving for a wedding Recently I came across a post on the datsun 320 owners fb page where another guy in aus had put fj45 landcruiser shackle bushings in I bought a set of Nolathane 47001 from ebay which were incorrect (i should have done more research) It looks as though the correct part is Nolathane 47004 which by my crude measurements should be correct but i'll have to reuse the steel sleeve from the old worn ones I've ordered them off ebay i'm just waiting for them to turn up You can only buy them in a set of 12 While i was i was poking around in there i decided to take the upper control arms off for a clean up and to change the rubber bush and refill with grease I took them off and it looks as though the end nuts have been welded on This would have been done by the previous owner - i'm assuming because of country roads and corrugations maybe they were vibrating loose My concern is that the manual asks for a torque setting for these - does anyone think this will be an issue? I do have a spare set of UCA's that aren't welded they'll just be a pain to get off the car It looks as though overall design of the UCA has the vertical movement traveling horizontally across the thread - is this correct? wouldn't this move the UCA horizontally across the threads each time they travel up and down meaning that the wheel would move towards the front/back of the car in the guards? Lastly where the UCA's bolt to the top of strut tower there are metal shims - if i put a few more shims in there to achieve some negative camber will this be detrimental to kingpin set up and maybe cause binding or something? Thanks
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    Bought another 4 door 510 also.. will be for sale eventually.
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    All 1985/86 Nissan 720 2wd reg cab short box trucks had a short 5spd, all kingcab 2wd trucks all had long shafts, short transmission short console, long transmission long console. There are also a few strange short consoles that have the visor built into them instead of the gauge brackets holding them on, I found one in a 4wd I believe, not sure who made them. I might take a couple consoles to the Portland swap meet to sell.
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    Some supplementary experience for added info in further/future cross referencing: I have successfully used a Beck/Arnley 071-2356, which was just a rebranded Seiken "Major" kit of the same part number, in the moderately recent past. After looking for the rebuild kit again, I'm finding the the Beck/A kit is nearing impossible to find, BUT it does net you a little more love when parts interchanging. This is just extras/last ditch, what Mike said especially regarding the seals really being the only thing you need is echoed in my experience. I thought I had a full scale Brazilian blowout on my hands when I did this. Turns out it was a just a small flat spot on the secondary cup. Also for research purposes, there is a certain 311s organization website that has a little bit of all this info wrapped up in a single page. Do some '411' searches here: http://www.311s.org/pmwiki-311/pmwiki.php?n=TechSection.311sPartsInterchange
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    I feel like we are running short on time... Saturday I prepped the new hood for paint and welded up the rack near the nose on the front right. I tried to repair the front valance I had too but the steel around the rip was half rusted away, half burned (front right corner of the car caught fired), and paper thin. It was beyond my ability to save. As low as my welder would go I just kept blasting holes in the metal. I could have backed it up with a patch but I think at this point, we'll just use the valance off of Corey's car. It's wrinkly but so is the rest of our racecar. : ) Hood ready(ish) for epoxy primer. Shiny!
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    Most Extreme Starion i've seen .....
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    I play some. Great idea to get an inexpensive quality ride. :) I have a Fender Squire Strat that I beat on. You should check out Fisch's Hello Kitty guitar build on Instagram, it is a hot rod lol
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    Seriously your honour, does this look like the ass in that picture???
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    Hey, I know that wagon😍 Great event. See ya there Randy. I'll be there in my 521 pick up & my 510 wagon this year.
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    welcome to Ratsun James is a great guy and glad to see your making your way around here welding potmetal is a specialty for sure and im sure some people around here could use your services
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    Ever seen the ultra-rare Jackie Chan special edition version?
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    Big updates..I have in the last few weeks installed...NEW... 32-36 carb, fuel pump, alternator, battery, brake booster, rear wheel cylinders & brake shoes. I'm addition I made a few bolt on exterior body parts that fit the Ratty / rust look of the truck & went back to the Gen. 1 rims & caps & whitewalls. Taking it to a show on the 30th where I'll Be hanging out with a few of my SWDP brothers 😎🌵
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    No. Not an issue.
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    My '63 320NL had a body colored dash, but my '65 320L had a black crinkle coated dash. I like them both.
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    Little by little. Funtana getting some Jewelry Bearing adapter on Bracket on Now I just need to find some 78 to 84 Hubs. Any body got some?
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    Neat show, and a very cool town to have it in. Package deal! "JDM" category for non roadster folks as I recall. I went a few years back.
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    When I go to wake up an old fill plug that has been asleep for 20+ years, I use a 12" cressent, on the square head fill plug, with a couple feet of pipe on the handle to get more leverage, and heat. Using caution, take a propane torch to heat the aluminum around the fill plug, and have the big cressent & cheater pipe close by. When the aluminum starts to smoke, strong arm the fill plug, and it should come loose. Just make sure the cressent is tight on the fill plug head. When you put it back on, don't tighten it like it has 3000 psi hydraulic pressure behind it. Use RTV on the threads, and just snug it up. It won't leak, and it will not fall out. Most of these stuck plugs are cause by over tightening a dry plug into the case.
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    Love me some LS-X vintage seats! Those are awesome
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    Those holes are for the factory SSS badges found on the 1970 models. This was mostly a trim upgrade, but I see you have the factory tach and map light (almost always found on those models), so that would support that as well. The badge is the rectangular SSS emblem that was also shared on the 411 SSS models (on the grille and tail light panel). This is the emblem that would be located there: Michael
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    Oh snap, just saw this story in my YouTube feed, I knew the situation was bad as is in Portland, but now it is shocking to see one of Pacific Northwest most beautiful city being run down by spineless officials....holy crap!
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