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    Here are the turn signal "eye sockets" I burned in last night.
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    Got removed. Updated link because Tom Waits
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    Re: above comment. Looks like most have the 2 springs. The late 620 71B 5 speed and my '79 zx 5 speed have a single spring.... so I don't know what to say. 32852-24901 smaller inside spring 32856-24901 larger outer spring
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    Well. Only Canadians listen to Creed so...
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    Nice 1200 Coupe for sale on ebay.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Datsun-1200/223443397925?hash=item340643ad25:g:B3oAAOSwX2JchVD1
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    I have an extra oil pressure and battery gauge if you need em.
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    Funny you mention that spring... the one in that picture was a single but some when in the past I pulled one apart and there were two springs a smaller shorter one in the middle. May have been a 510 or B210 ??? Long time ago. I'll have a look through my reference books tonight. Two would have been firmer inward pressure out to the extreme left and right but easy in the 3/4 gate.
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    I honestly had no intentions of selling it ever, but some situations forced my hand. Just have some debts I need to clear sooner rather than later. A good chunk of the funds will help get the next project farther down the road, so it's all good... And if I'm being honest, I've always liked building hot rods a lot more than owning them... 😄 The next one is a driver, so it's time to get back to that. I prefer projects you can drive while fixing them up rather than spend years working on something you never get to drive. I did tons and tons of mods to the 1200 without ever knowing if any of them would work well together until it was done. I think I got supremely lucky that the car drives as nice as it does. The next car will be a more old school approach (for me), mod, drive, mod, drive, mod, drive, then culminating in an insane engine swap...
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    That's the most ridiculous setup I've ever seen on any car. I wouldn't waste your time trying to turbo a carbureted setup or building something for your car out of cooking supplies. Do it right and do it once, but you'll spend just as much as an engine swap would cost, so keep your goals in mind and do lots of research before commitment.
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    This is a progressive carb and not like the stock one. At about 2/3 throttle the secondary begins to open. Jamming it too fast, opens too much and the engine can bog. It's the nature of this carb. Try half throttle for the count of 3 and then floor the rest of the way. Experiment opening the secondary slightly slower. You'll get the feel of it and not even notice that you are driving the carb. The stock carb only opens the secondary if needed. A vacuum signal does the work and if not going fast enough nothing happens. As soon as load and RPMs are sufficient the vacuum operated secondary begins opening.
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    For a couple hundred bucks you can make your own. I made this one with pretty much zero outside input. I would make it a little nicer now, and wouldn't bother with the engine stand plates, but it still worked perfectly fine as it was. I added casters later...
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    This has been done with a 521 cab/box, it's likely going to be a huge project with the D21 drive train as there is not much room in the 520 engine compartment. I suppose you could extend the inner fenders, outer fenders and hood to make more room in the 520 engine compartment or put the radiator in the rear bed.
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    June of the previous year is the usual change over for model years. June '79 was the first '80 model year 720.
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    Charlie, I think this truck is about the same age as my long bed which is 85-86. I don't know what the run of years is for the 720 but based on the build number they have to be close.
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    Hell I thought you would deliver it. Be there at 7:30 am in the morning.
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    Well, I have looked and it must have been forgotten during the build cause there aren't any holes there either. Can you make a lightweight samurai sword from aluminium?
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    will have a look at these tomorrow thanks for your info guys
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    Great, now I have to look at mine I just got
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    The pic is just before I realized you have to rotate the tail housing some to get it off.... so it looks a little wierd....
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    The 'finger sticking down is part f the striking rod that selects the gears. The other thing pointing more to the right is blocked by the reverse check sleeve from traveling forward into reverse if you are behind it in 5th. If the striking rod comes in from the neutral gate it will shove the check sleeve out of the way first. Yes it is bolted on with a cotter pin like an old bike crankshaft sprocket. There's no way to remove the striking rod out the back without removing this.... and no need to really if it's never been messed with. I tried once and gave up. You just can't drive that cotter pin out. Easily
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    Mike Is there another spring other that the one you showed in the pic ? The spring I removed with the cap seemed good.... not broken that I could tell.... but there was rust on the end of the spring. .... And the part on the end that accepts the shifter .... Kind of a bad pic, but I never removed...
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    I have no idea there are so many whiny pricks out there today, take your pick. I imagine someone likes them.
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    It sounds like yours was never aligned if it doesn't return to center. That leads me to believe that it could have bound up and prevented the striking rod from rotating in that direction. If you remove the spring from the plug, is there any discernible feature on the inside of the plug that you can use to rotate it properly while pushing it all the way in? Then just drop the spring in and put the cap back on. In your image above, you can't see where that plug goes because it's way down above the bushing for the companion flange. Plus, the only sign of it is the small drilled thru-hole that intersects with the striking rod hole, so it would be more visible from the back.
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    Another debt they owe, or lest you forget, they are also Canadian:
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    Oh I know what that spot is.... that's where that little item that prevents shifting from 5th directly to reverse....
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    Is that even the right spot or is it located further up in the tail sectiont from this view....
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    Although I don't find Dead South as offensive, in my book Canada has a steep debt to pay humanity before anything Canadian can be considered "good stuff".
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    And no I did have to remove the transmission, I was lucky enough to have enough room to remove the plug...
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    Ok well I couldn't leave things alone.. I had a thought and sure enough I found the problem.... Whatever is under here..... Once I removed the plug and the spring I was able to get it into 5th and reverse no problem.... I think there is something in the hole, a plunger of some sort, but I never removed it.... i did remove the plug and spring during disassembly and cleaned inside, but never removed whatever was in there... when it was on the bench I saw it moving out when I messed with the shifter and I could push it in but i couldn't remove it.... I figured since it was moving in and out that it was good.... I didnt get to put the spring back in and test the shifter, once I knew what was wrong I was satisfied.... I'll finish things up another day... So what going on? Why did it get stuck? And it did work before, because I do remember now testing to see if the brake light switch worked....
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    Well it was not the hole..... there is inches of clearance all around.... Looks like I have no choice but to pull the transmission out..... So disappointing...... I figure I'll have a look under the front cover and a couple other external things, but I'll bet I have to split the case again to really see what's up.... that's gonna suck if that's true.... oh well done for today....
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    Now at a dealer for 3,380,000 Yen https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/19/700080298030190312003.html
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    Candy Apple Red 1970 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe Currently 1,200,000 Yen and rising fast https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b378487883 Blue Bird 510 coupe Showa is the 44-year formula Bluebird SSS coupe. So are the places custom, is not the original. Engine after overhaul a year ago, we ran is about 6000 kilometers. The body is in semi-restored two years ago, was asked to all painted in candy red. Individual is subjective, but I think that it is also good beautiful car tone. I thought let's exhibition became so be let go in the circumstances. Thank you. Body color candy red front glass, rear glass, quarter glass, the weather outside new exchange already the door. Glass, spot-increasing around the door. Emblem hole, keyhole, fuel lid, smoothing of the joint. Engine 1600cc high cam stepped modified cab OER45 Takoashi 5-speed MT Kameari lightweight flywheel diameter clutch Mallory Desubi msd Street fire IC alternator planetary Giaserumota chamber relocated fuse box with bladed. Battery trunk relocation. The engine room of the wiring is Yes as much as possible hidden. Keyless all meter change in Autometer. And so on. Flow tail lamp turn signal. Sheet is in genuine seat, the wheel will be changed to Enkeibaha. There are many pictures of this car in the "I like coupes! Pictures of bluebird coupes" thread.
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    In a weird mood tonight.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr No re pops here. Thanks Jimmy.
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    Being a tall skinny white guy with an afro the name was given to me in highschool by some friends, I no longer have the whimsical fro but I am still a tall skinny white guy.
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    am i being trolled right now?
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Extra one.
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