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    Now at the blasting / painting company. Yep paying to get her done
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    Yeah well, I've been told spelling does matter... maybe a few time in fact. BTW KO, that looks like the Lorence Welk ink shop's work to me.
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    Trailer time Chris take this and this and make look like they belong
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    Ripping everything out could end up permanent. Go slow, little steps. Fix things one at a time. People don't fuck the wiring on purpose, they add things like CB or stereo or gauges and take short cuts connecting the wiring that fuck things up. First of all they didn't take the dash out to do this so you should be able to reverse it. Be specific about what the car is or isn't doing. Like the turn signal doesn't work. It could be an easy fix like the flasher is missing.
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    Thanks trying to work out the details now. Wish me luck. Its a 1800SSS in really nice condition coming from Japan. Barn find.
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    Been busy waiting for the KA to come back from the machine shop.... OK not really but: Thailand flares Lowered 2”
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    In this episode I swap around the brakes and have another go at bleeding them.
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    Good shot; It would look good in my living room.
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    Guys, I fixed the exhaust whistle. I still wonder how the hell this thing even run. When I removed the rear muffler box this is what I found. Some animal had made a mud/hair/exhaust insulation/bugs nest in the exhaust tube right in front of the muffler.
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    Just be aware, 620's are old trucks and ride like old trucks. This may be a surprise depending on your exposure to older vehicles. Once you find one though, everything you need to keep it alive is cheap on www.rockauto.com. Simple to work on and great support here and elsewhere on the web. Good luck with your hunt! --carter ...Hawaii, sounds nice. My 620 woke up this morning to 5" of fresh snow!
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    Try for a '78 or '79 King Cab which has a larger interior, largest engine, is the latest, have front disc brakes, self regulating alternators, electronic ignitions, ball joint steering and NOT king pins and a 5 speed as a possible option.
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    I'm always sceptical of "ready for paint" how long has it been sitting exposed to weather with primer?, Yeah that shit needs to be stripped again, he's selling a $500 shell for thousands...SMH
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    Yes there is room for trailers at the new location. Last year I went to the vintage diesel meet there and there were 100’s of truck and trailers. This place is rediculously massive!
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    Glad to see someone keeping the event alive. Sounds like a good location. Hoping that the old gang will show. Is there room to bring trailers? I believe that the Pilot across the street has a pay for RV dump if you have a motorhome or camper. Looking forward to a great show and get together!
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    Hey Jbird. I don't know how many spots you have left available but I have 2, 210's that would need a couple of tent spots if that's possible.
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    One of my favorite pastimes at Canby was looking at your junk, James.
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    Moving on. The fuel pump needed a proper replacement. This of course involved yanking out the in tank fuel pump which inevitably gets you covered in fuel, in this case 15 year old sludge 😪 Stock unit was crusty and had a cracked pick up. I replaced it with a Walbro 255, new pick up and cleaned all the sludge out of the tank that I could reach. Somehow all I took was this one terrible pic. Oh well, we all know what old nasty gas and a walbro look like, use your imagination. Along with replacing a few dry rotted fuel lines, that was the fuel issue sorted, for now. I'm nervous about all the other lines that may be close to failing due to the same dry rot. While I was busy sorting the mechanical bits, Jeff took it upon himself to start giving the aesthetics some love. After hours of sticker scraping, he moved on to some mudding. ☺️ I turned focus to the suspension. The setup was assembled incorrectly and very corroded. Disassembled to clean and inspect. Measurements suggest 675lb front springs and 500lb rear! Quite stiff to say the least. I then gave the brakes some attention. Not many pic.s but here are the fronts, better off than the rears! the rear pad material actually separated from the metal backing before separating from the rotor! As the front calipers looked on disassembly. Not too bad, cleaned them up and replaced the seals. Rear calipers got replaced entirely. Can't slow Jeff down! Some single stage for now. Bam! Lets remember what that used to look like.

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