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    Now at the blasting / painting company. Yep paying to get her done
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    I have been overlooking ford/chevy not really into clunky V8's,......but this Duratec by Ford looks to be something interesting.
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    Yeah well, I've been told spelling does matter... maybe a few time in fact. BTW KO, that looks like the Lorence Welk ink shop's work to me.
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    Trailer time Chris take this and this and make look like they belong
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot, snow day! The Direzzas did not like the snow :lol: VID: https://youtu.be/eqyIlElW0YE
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    That should work. You will need the 4 ways for your inspection, but this will get you closer to driving it safely.
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    Hey sorry I haven't checked my notifications in a while.. And just a putty knife and a buddy. Start from the corner from the outside while someone pushes from the inside. You will be surprised with how easy it comes out. Also don't be afraid to put a lot of pressure. At least my window flexed enough to come out easy.
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    Do you have a picture of them installed? I am trying to figure out a set of seats to replace the CRX seats that my 521 came with and I have been looking at Porsche 914 seats and Golf MK2 seats to see if they are thin enough with enough side padding. Bought some last night ?
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    Just to be absolutely clear this gasket is NOT the one you want. You want this one... Just because there is a coolant hole in the gasket does not necessarily mean there is a coolant hole on both the head and the block sides.
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    ight, thanks I just wanted to have the correct one to make sure those were suppose to be plugged up on the intake side. ight, it just seemed a little bit weird since it was plugged up on one side
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    You want a Z24 head gasket. Here's why.... the Z24 holes are 89mm across and entirely clamped between the head and the block and run cooler there. The Z20 holes are only 85mm. The smaller Z20 gasket will protrude into the combustion chamber and what will happen is the edge will become over heated and cause pre ignition and the hot corrosive gasses will erode it away and it will fail.
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    There are often coolant ports blocked in parts of the engine head gaskets. This forces the coolant to travel the whole length of the engine. If you have a z24 head gasket and you have visually matched it to multiple photos of the same part, you have the correct part
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    I just made my own
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    Confirmed. You never know with old vehicles. Some time in the past the original engine may have been replaced with a Z20 and Z22 or even a truck Z24. Always good to check.
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    If you have a plasma cutter, just cut a large hole in the lower cover plate.
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    Get switches from a wrecking yard. The '80-'83 200sx and the 720 used that same stalk with the lights and turn signal. Look around.
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    I will make a note of that, thanks for the info!
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    Weather was nice so I went for a little shakedown drive. It hasn't been on the road since I started the bodywork, or since I put tires on the Jeep wheels, so it was about time. Plus a rough day at work. So I got home and jumped in the Datsun. Right off the bat I am reminded how "sinusoidal" the steering feel is, which translates to twitchy steering. This is due to a large angle on the steering shaft u-joint, which might need some attention. Alignment may also be off. Never checked it yet. Pulling out of the driveway of course I stomp on it and instantly lay a nice 11 in the street and almost end up in someone's yard. I forgot how fast it is! The 200tw Rivals pick up tons of pebbles and fling them all over my newly fabbed fender wells, which makes quite the racquet since they're metal. The hatch bangs around because its missing a trim piece and some weather stripping. I can also hear the front fenders flopping and crashing around. It sounds like it's constantly in a car wreck going over bumps, but it's better than I remember due to the recent bodywork. Surprisingly, the speedometer now works! All I had to do was plug in the ABS module. I unoblted the valve block to save weight but it still works. Of course the speed is reading very high since I'm on 225/45R15 compared to the much taller stock 215/55R17. The tires grip way better than I can test on the urban roads near my house. The exhaust is SO LOUD and awesome. I floored it through a tunnel and it sounded like front row on the longest straight of an F1 race. I'm really excited for autocross next weekend. Also, fender mirrors make everything 100% awesomer even though they're completely useless and only get in the way when working under the hood.
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    Been busy waiting for the KA to come back from the machine shop.... OK not really but: Thailand flares Lowered 2”
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    In this episode I swap around the brakes and have another go at bleeding them.
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    Good shot; It would look good in my living room.
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    Guys, I fixed the exhaust whistle. I still wonder how the hell this thing even run. When I removed the rear muffler box this is what I found. Some animal had made a mud/hair/exhaust insulation/bugs nest in the exhaust tube right in front of the muffler.
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    Just be aware, 620's are old trucks and ride like old trucks. This may be a surprise depending on your exposure to older vehicles. Once you find one though, everything you need to keep it alive is cheap on www.rockauto.com. Simple to work on and great support here and elsewhere on the web. Good luck with your hunt! --carter ...Hawaii, sounds nice. My 620 woke up this morning to 5" of fresh snow!
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    Try for a '78 or '79 King Cab which has a larger interior, largest engine, is the latest, have front disc brakes, self regulating alternators, electronic ignitions, ball joint steering and NOT king pins and a 5 speed as a possible option.
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    I'm always sceptical of "ready for paint" how long has it been sitting exposed to weather with primer?, Yeah that shit needs to be stripped again, he's selling a $500 shell for thousands...SMH
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    Thanks Guys hope this works here are some pics from when i picked Huk up average salary of a forensic anthropologist
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    Glad to see someone keeping the event alive. Sounds like a good location. Hoping that the old gang will show. Is there room to bring trailers? I believe that the Pilot across the street has a pay for RV dump if you have a motorhome or camper. Looking forward to a great show and get together!
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    Yep lots of room left, you got it.
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    Hey Jbird. I don't know how many spots you have left available but I have 2, 210's that would need a couple of tent spots if that's possible.
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    Dogs : allowed under the restriction that they will be leashed and cleaned up after. Fire pits : unfortunately by June Marion county is mostly burn banned due to ever drying summer conditions however if you’d like to bbq and you have a gas grille that is 100% allowed!
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    One of my favorite pastimes at Canby was looking at your junk, James.
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    To get the interior a bit more tolerable, the stock drivers seat went in and the roll cage came out. Jeff did some buffer work which made an amazing difference! Left in progress, right untouched. End result ? All that was left was to turn the coils down a few inches and correct the alignment. Then off to test drive. All went well, so in to the daily drive routine! About a 100 miles in now. A few sneaking issues. Odometer is broke, not surprising. Clutch slave leaks and needs replacement. Only 13mpg, meaning something is causing a rich condition... have to investigate.
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    Moving on. The fuel pump needed a proper replacement. This of course involved yanking out the in tank fuel pump which inevitably gets you covered in fuel, in this case 15 year old sludge ? Stock unit was crusty and had a cracked pick up. I replaced it with a Walbro 255, new pick up and cleaned all the sludge out of the tank that I could reach. Somehow all I took was this one terrible pic. Oh well, we all know what old nasty gas and a walbro look like, use your imagination. Along with replacing a few dry rotted fuel lines, that was the fuel issue sorted, for now. I'm nervous about all the other lines that may be close to failing due to the same dry rot. While I was busy sorting the mechanical bits, Jeff took it upon himself to start giving the aesthetics some love. After hours of sticker scraping, he moved on to some mudding. ☺️ I turned focus to the suspension. The setup was assembled incorrectly and very corroded. Disassembled to clean and inspect. Measurements suggest 675lb front springs and 500lb rear! Quite stiff to say the least. I then gave the brakes some attention. Not many pic.s but here are the fronts, better off than the rears! the rear pad material actually separated from the metal backing before separating from the rotor! As the front calipers looked on disassembly. Not too bad, cleaned them up and replaced the seals. Rear calipers got replaced entirely. Can't slow Jeff down! Some single stage for now. Bam! Lets remember what that used to look like.
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    It's been suggested that these 510 FAQ should be here as a sticky, so... These are from the510realm so if you don't know this and are not a member yet own a 510 or are thinking of owning a 510 then perhaps you should join. Unlike Ratsun it is mostly 510 specific and full of 510 info and guidance. SUGGESTIONS FOR NEW OWNERS HOW TO PLAN A PROJECT PART NUMBERS STEERING BOX BUYING A 510 TALES OF ALL THINGS DATSUN IMPORTING A VEHICLE FROM THE USA FAVORITE 510 LINKS BRE PAINT SCHEME 510 CUT-AWAY DRAWING 510 WAGON CUT-AWAY DRAWING
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