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    Now at the blasting / painting company. Yep paying to get her done
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    I have been overlooking ford/chevy not really into clunky V8's,......but this Duratec by Ford looks to be something interesting.
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    Yeah well, I've been told spelling does matter... maybe a few time in fact. BTW KO, that looks like the Lorence Welk ink shop's work to me.
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    Trailer time Chris take this and this and make look like they belong
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    I'm kind of on the fence about it. Mine is working properly but the chrome is a little pitted. Also there's that chrome trim around the wing window that I can't get to unless the glass comes out. I crossed the bridge long ago of taking everything apart so part of me just says go all the way. It's a sickness.
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot, snow day! The Direzzas did not like the snow :lol: VID: https://youtu.be/eqyIlElW0YE
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    Now that it is a driver, I've been spending more time inside the car instead of under it. Time to clean up the interior! I started by removing as much of the sticker, double sided tape, wire clips, etc from the dash. This meant getting all the way into the gauge cluster to get the yellow carbon look stickers off of there. With the dash apart I was able to undo all of the electrical routing strung through the dash. I moved everything to the passengers side so it could be sorted all at once. The previous owner even cut and extended every heater control wire with red wire and bullet connectors so that it could be stored in the glovebox while all the add on bits were screwed to the dash. Much better. This left me with this impressive pile in the passengers area. Everything on the seat was deemed useless and removed. Only kept the boost controller, digital water temp, and power meter were kept (won't ever use it elsewhere.) This was my favorite wire :roll: Lots of cutting, crimping, heat shrinking and it finally all got put back into it's proper place. Tried on a steering wheel that I had around, liked it better. Back to mechanicals, I removed the MAF and cleaned it up. Ran smoother but MPG didn't change. Ran the ECU diagnosis, came back a clean 55. Plugs suggest a definite rich condition. Thinking it's a bad O2 sensor.
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    That should work. You will need the 4 ways for your inspection, but this will get you closer to driving it safely.
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    Use a pair of needle nose pliers and grip the stem as close to the dash as you can and hold it tight. Push in on the knob and twist to release it. Also works for the light switch. The securing nuts are likely the same.
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    Here is a waterproof board: https://www.perfectfit.com/154533/products/Black-Treated-Panelboard.html Another option is 1/8" ABS sheet you can order from a lot of different places. You can't sew through it, though
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    Do you have a picture of them installed? I am trying to figure out a set of seats to replace the CRX seats that my 521 came with and I have been looking at Porsche 914 seats and Golf MK2 seats to see if they are thin enough with enough side padding. Bought some last night ?
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    ight, thanks I just wanted to have the correct one to make sure those were suppose to be plugged up on the intake side. ight, it just seemed a little bit weird since it was plugged up on one side
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    I just made my own
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    ight, so what head gasket fits this right cause I don't see one that fits this correctly
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    Confirmed. You never know with old vehicles. Some time in the past the original engine may have been replaced with a Z20 and Z22 or even a truck Z24. Always good to check.
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    It's in our classifieds for 10K
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    Get switches from a wrecking yard. The '80-'83 200sx and the 720 used that same stalk with the lights and turn signal. Look around.
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    Wunnerful, wunnerful.............................. Laurence Welk
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    Ripping everything out could end up permanent. Go slow, little steps. Fix things one at a time. People don't fuck the wiring on purpose, they add things like CB or stereo or gauges and take short cuts connecting the wiring that fuck things up. First of all they didn't take the dash out to do this so you should be able to reverse it. Be specific about what the car is or isn't doing. Like the turn signal doesn't work. It could be an easy fix like the flasher is missing.
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    Thanks trying to work out the details now. Wish me luck. Its a 1800SSS in really nice condition coming from Japan. Barn find.
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    Been busy waiting for the KA to come back from the machine shop.... OK not really but: Thailand flares Lowered 2”
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    In this episode I swap around the brakes and have another go at bleeding them.
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    Guys, I fixed the exhaust whistle. I still wonder how the hell this thing even run. When I removed the rear muffler box this is what I found. Some animal had made a mud/hair/exhaust insulation/bugs nest in the exhaust tube right in front of the muffler.
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    In this episode I tackle the rest of the diamond stitched trim in the interior of the Z.
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    I'm always sceptical of "ready for paint" how long has it been sitting exposed to weather with primer?, Yeah that shit needs to be stripped again, he's selling a $500 shell for thousands...SMH
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    Thanks Guys hope this works here are some pics from when i picked Huk up average salary of a forensic anthropologist
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    On the KC at least, the slider seal is the same for the solid. Just swapped mine a couple days ago. SUPER easy. Popped out slider window, put old seal on the new solid glass, popped new window in.
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    Hey Jbird isnt it, is there enough room for my Datsun and my cat
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    Yes there is room for trailers at the new location. Last year I went to the vintage diesel meet there and there were 100’s of truck and trailers. This place is rediculously massive!
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    Hey Jbird. I don't know how many spots you have left available but I have 2, 210's that would need a couple of tent spots if that's possible.
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    Jbird if you still have room I would like a spot please. Long drive of course. I will sleep in my truck so i will keep it small.
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    It's been suggested that these 510 FAQ should be here as a sticky, so... These are from the510realm so if you don't know this and are not a member yet own a 510 or are thinking of owning a 510 then perhaps you should join. Unlike Ratsun it is mostly 510 specific and full of 510 info and guidance. SUGGESTIONS FOR NEW OWNERS HOW TO PLAN A PROJECT PART NUMBERS STEERING BOX BUYING A 510 TALES OF ALL THINGS DATSUN IMPORTING A VEHICLE FROM THE USA FAVORITE 510 LINKS BRE PAINT SCHEME 510 CUT-AWAY DRAWING 510 WAGON CUT-AWAY DRAWING
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