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    Although I unde Although my statement was a massive simplification, the short answer is yes. At some point the clitoris is no longer considered a vestigial penis and becomes a dick. Maybe not a full fledged spunk shooter, but an intersex male organ call the penis, tally whacker, Jonson, shlong, or trowser snake. And no, I don't have the official length where that happens, but I'm pretty sure 6" is well within the dick zone.
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    Thanks trying to work out the details now. Wish me luck. Its a 1800SSS in really nice condition coming from Japan. Barn find.
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    I'm glad I'm not an expert, or purported expert, like Mike, in all fields...
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    But sry-iously there is less than a vas deferens in the development of the male and female urogenital system and structures and their origins. Paradime is quite correct in his description.
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    Yeah, that's way better. Nissan changed the grill to make it more break resistant but fucked the looks up. Changing to an older grill was one of the first things I did on my '78.
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    Go to the how to swap a ka into the 720 in the how to forum. If you have questions after that come back.
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    Urologists agree, Mike's litmus test is slanted to favor old school Canadians with a fetish for catnip and Asian women.
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    Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, its physics.
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    If they pay the minimum ($60) amount each month,they'll probably be dead before it's paid off. What speed (s) is tha in "American" (mph)?
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    I don't plan to keep the automatic from the KC. My standard truck has a five speed. I just want to pull this engine and rebuild it for the std. I am lucky the KC has other bits that I need such as an unbodged air conditioning system, seats and other interior parts. The KC cab has some rust damage as does the bed over the wheel arches. Unless there is a reason to keep the remainder of the KC it will go to the crusher. This weekend I will attempt to get at the torque converter bolts either by rotating the engine plate or cutting it in two with a plasma cutter.
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    Made some progress again for the plenum: I need to do touch ups for the welds, but its starting to take its final shape
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    Mike is always right, even when he's wrong.
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    You might also try over at Infamous Nissans http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/index.php Heads up,, I would search for the answer, rather than ask that question over there though. Robot font. .
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    The marking under the middle two exhaust ports is for the block ID. If you ID it then you will know the minimum bore size. If Z20 then 85mm if Z22 then 87mm. The U67 is a good head for an L20B and better than the A87. The only trouble was the terrible co-joined exhaust and intake of which yours has been separated. I did a similar thing with my U67 but used a later '79 intake that I modified. It has larger runner ports. I also switched the exhaust for an earlier 4 into 2 cast iron header from an L16. I see a slight problem. You don't have a by pass hose from the thermostat down to the lower rad hose inlet. There were Z20S (carburetor) engines after '83 also.
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    That explains it I guess ?
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    Patten depends on what the quality of the 2 components used. I've had both the cheap eBay H4 conversion lenses, and now the Hella lenses in my 620. The Hellas were twice the price as the cheap crap, but work so much better, and don't chip like the cheap ones. The cheap ones, even with conventional bulbs, threw less than ideal patterns. My Hella lenses throw a very strait, intense beam when on high. That leaves the H4 bulbs you put into them. Cheap ones are very failure prone, and may throw weird beams (don't have personal experience, due to avoiding chineezy electrical components at all costs). Yes, good quality LED bulbs cost a lot, but when driving 75 miles a day, mostly at night, are worth every bit of it. I think My PIAA bulbs were over $100 each (they are not the PIAA bulbs coming out of china, which are about $ a pair). But they work so good, that I only put in one pair, as I can damn near burn up people's plastic rear bumpers, and have not needed to put the second pair in. Moral of the story, you will get what you pay for.
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    The Datsun vehicles back in that era share a lot of parts back then Charlie, if the hole is the proper size I suspect it will, it is likely the 320 gasket used in the 520.
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    OK, here is a photo of my engine not running, you can see the fan blade. Here are 2 photos of my engine running, you cannot see the fan blade in either as the engine is running, you can also see I disconnected the power brake booster hose in the lower right of the photos, and it is just hanging out in the open, it is making a massive amount of noise and the RPMs have gone up. I said the guts of my PCV valve came out of it and it doubled my RPMs, and yes it even started that way.
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    Right on, not to bad at all, I was thinking maybe 4 to 4.5 months.
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    No. A hermaphrodite HAS distinct male AND female parts not just over size. By your reasoning if your dick (penis) is small enough it stops being a dick and becomes a clit. Again it's really just a small dick.
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    Didn’t splice old connectors to new wiring. Cut tail light portion of old harness off then spliced, soldered and used heat shrink to replace old ratty wiring with new wiring. Used small pieces of the old harness as a short term labeling method to keep track of new wiring until they were connected to proper bulb.
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    Are they going to make a torque plate? Or borrow one? I'm sure there's one out there somewhere. It would also be easy enough to have one water jetted and machined.
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    Only you do.....I sent everyone else pics.....
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    A flight is on its way to Sydney when a blonde in economy gets up, moves to the first class section and sits down. The flight attendant watches her do this, and asks to see her ticket.She then tells the blonde that she paid for economy class, and that she will have to sit in the back.The blonde replies, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Sydney and I’m staying right here”.The flight attendant goes into the cockpit and tells the pilot and the co-pilot that there is a blonde bimbo sitting in first class, that belongs in economy, and won’t move back to her seat.The co-pilot goes back to the blonde and tries to explain that because she only paid for economy she will have to leave and return to her seat.The blonde replies, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Sydney and I’m staying right here”.The co-pilot tells the pilot that he probably should have the police waiting when they land to arrest this blonde woman who won’t listen to reason.The pilot says, “You say she is a blonde? I’ll handle this, I’m married to a blonde. I speak blonde”.He goes back to the blonde and whispers in her ear, and she says, “Oh, I’m sorry” and gets up and goes back to her seat in economy.The flight attendant and co-pilot are amazed and asked him what he said to make her move without any fuss.He said "I told her, First class isn’t going to Sydney."
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    Yeah I grabbed a couple of packs with the 510 wagon in it and gave the other cars to nephews.
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    I've been finding these quite a bit, the only bummer is that they are in a 5 Pack only with some really lame cars. And this one will be out later this year
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    I guess he had to learn how to take it up the ass somewhere....
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    Yes you can wire it yourself. I made my own e windows for my 620 and used GM toggle switches (because they looked awesome and wer cheap and available) and could work the passenger side too.
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    open it up and see what you might need. Most often its only a paper gasket
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    Picked up this 240z today. Mostly original and only needs a little bit of work. Came with an extra trans, motor, rear axle, dash, and a few other spare parts.
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