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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Not a slam dunk that's for sure. But driver side is mounted. Will finish passenger side later. Get truck back on ground and I am sure I need to roll the fenders.I fuckin love though, looks way better in person. Cant wait for a full shot on the ground, stay tuned.
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    Also, are there fire pits for campfires?
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    Fresh restoration down in New Zealand took flight for the first time. This one will be going to an American Collector who commissioned the restoration.
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    Yeah, mud is easier to get off.
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    As long as the collar matches the clutch cover and slave cylinder matches the release arm.
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    Flaps for mud? Or for smoky bits of tire rubber?
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    does anyone know if dogs are allowed if your camping or if you are there for the day
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    I can see mud flaps in the near future! LOL
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    You can copy paste the image directly into your post. Cute kid. Love the stripe package.
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    The Red headed Hottie and i are driving something Datsun up. May throw some parts in the trunk, but last year at Canby selling was a waste of time. Totally cool with parts delivery on request. Just really wondering what the hell i will have available to drive, seems I'm back to selling everything cool I build. would be cool to see the normal crew of Datsun heads Keeper out
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    Two for the price of one and a 1200.
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    Looks well sorted! Nice buy! I went and visited my car this week as she sits out the winter in a nice and warm place ?
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    I have a 1985 Nissan 720 2.4l 2wd the carb has a 6 wire plug on it.i have another carb just like it but has a 2 wire plug on it.are the y interchangeable with a little splicing
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    I do not know what re-manufactured means when it also says "new out of box". https://www.ebay.com/p/Engine-Oil-Pressure-Switch-4WD-Beck-Arnley-fits-80-81-Nissan-720-2-2L-L4/76966061 Here is another one. https://www.ebay.com/p/Engine-Oil-Pressure-Switch-Beck-Arnley-201-1129-fits-80-86-Nissan-720-2-2L-L4/76966061?iid=183578243831
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    Really i just want to change this thing to EFI. Im looking for anything to make it a little faster. could i just keep the same engine and add the EFI parts? What would I need?
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    Key is was this running before or is this a diffent install. Motor head ect..... or just a dash removal? accel pump on carb squirting gas? I would look at Cam timming at TDC and then dist timming and make sure the dist isnt cranked to one side.. If dist is cranked to one side means the oil pump or dist spindal off or a matchbox dizzy install is the offset type dizzy that is soem times installed. If points make sure the stock coil and ballast . If a EI coil make sure its a EI coil not a point coil still installed. ck valve lash but this is a hail mary. if primary jet is plugged the car might run on thru the second barrel if the choke is ON
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    I still have it somewhere. The automatic had 4.375 for sure. All 4 and 5 speeds were 4.11 unless the optional 4.375 was specified, or it had the Camper or Cab/Chassis option.
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    One of my favorite pastimes at Canby was looking at your junk, James.
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    Nooooooooooooooooo! There is a 1979 620 in a pick and pull yard in Reno, Nevada. Would that year of truck have a 4.375 rear axle?
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    Looks like the W (white) to WB (white/Black) will send 12 v to the pump. Yes Have you made this jumper? Does the pump make any sound? Is it running or not???????????
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    I was at a rifle match today, so I only caught the last quarter. Glad I did not watch the whole game. Bottom line, Saints won. ?
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    Pump runs off battery, new relay, tank full. Many years ago my Father taught me if something won't start/run the first thing you check is the fuel. New lines pump to carb and return. According to the idiot test jumpers at relay plug are side by side, right?
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    Had a small party, pizza and beer in Datsunville Worked on the Coupe and made some great progress. Thanks everyone who showed up Dav knocked out the trunk area and drivers door Kieth took care of hood shocks and getting door hardware prepped Jetta trunk shocks, and nipple hardware from a VW beetle Complete dash disassembled and frame installed New part door handles, rechomed pillar vents, Hectors SSS emblems. Thanks Carlos and Carol Fender mirrors and new running lights, and emblems Toward the end Gayleen and Keeny AKA peanutbuttercups and everyone else requested pic with fender on
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    I've been cleaning up the interior a bit. Back in May I had to cut a 1'x3' window in the floor to fit the Infiniti IRS. I finally just finished seam-sealing and painting the patch. Much nicer now! With the seam sealer out, I also got the Driver Rear door. Passenger side is still a gaping hole. Almost looks like a factory widebody door! Staying on the Driver Rear fender flare, I built the inner fenderwell for it. Last large piece of free sheetmetal shelf. I'll need to scrounge some more free sheetmetal. This was 3 separate pieces, plus bonus rust patch #4. Piece #1, the biggest: It's pretty funny seeing the shocks when you open the doors. Piece #2: Piece #2 and #3 being formed #3 goes in the bottom triangular hole. #4 is a rust patch between fender and bumper. That bumper has to go soon! #4 cut out #3 and #4 fully welded and ground down Door seams still look good. That's a whole lotta suspension under this Datsun. What to do about the fender lip? Right now it's a pretty sharp edge.
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    The above is the electronic feedback carburetor. It's half way to being EFI/carburetor. It has a variable primary jet solenoid that flutters open and closed to let gas through. This is controlled by a computer to set the air fuel ratio with feedback from a closed loop O2 sensor. I'm not sure if the mounting bolt pattern is the same as a regular carb but if it is all you need is connect the Red idle cut and the Blue (marked L in the diagram) choke heater wires.
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    It's always 2 and 3.... 1 and 4 are the same no matter what way you assume the rotor turns. For the record 1342 counter clockwise. A87 means the cam sprocket was off for the change. Wouldn't be off enough to backfire though just lack power if anything. A87s are an open chamber head usually and the compression will be 7.72 and even if the rare closed chamber variety, it will be in the low 8s. This is not a good combination as it is. He says the timing is 10 which is, I think about right for an early L16. It did drop to 7 in the early '70s and for '73 cars it was up to 12. The '73 620 was 5. L20Bs were 12 and the compression was comparable just more displacement. You could try reducing to 5 and prove this is not the cause then put it back.
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    Who dey? All chargers today, fuck the patriots
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    Got leaf springs done, and finally got the hubs drilled I hope by end of week the wheels are mounted. Can’t wait.
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    See this thread about 521 tail lights. https://ratsun.net/topic/18092-521-taillight-rebuilding/?tab=comments#comment-249780
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    Have rare gas door on Fleebay
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    Saw this on Instagram it was my buddy Chris's old 521 that he sold a couple years ago and it made it's way to Japan that belongs to Kei Miura the guy behind the rocket bunny designs. It made it to Canby before.
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    Right, or passenger side, up under the intake above the oil filter. The threads are not metric like everything else so the hex head is probably 9/16". Try this first. A 14mm won't fit and the 15 is loose.
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    Where does the sensor reside on the engine?
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    Wow....It's been a very long time since I came up here. I have finally moved and found the new job. The shop is beginning to come together now and the Dime is up on the rotisserie awaiting some love. I shall begin again soon. Hope you guys have all been well and had a great Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year!!
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    WOW, Hard as fuck finding good help Back to the trunk welding, decided Sunday i was going to focus on nothing but this for few hours. Sand blasted and sealed the truck spare tire pan this way while handling it, it don't rust from hand prints. Yes if something is blasted and you touch it with bare fingers it will rust from the oils in your hands. Cleaned up the cut a got it set in to place with self tappers Got a nice tight fit On to the next step
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