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    The genuine Nissan felt C-channel for the windows was worth the pain in the ass of putting it in. No window rattles anymore!
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    While browsing the world wide classifieds for SR20 parts for my 510 wagon build, I happened across this ad. My interest was peaked and I toyed with the idea for a while but eventually moved on. After a couple months, I came to find out that the car never sold and was still sitting at Sodo-Moto. Both Carter and Jeff had dealt with Sodo moto and had nothing but positive reviews. So, I decided to go down and take a look. The ad made it clear that the car was beat down with a lot of "janky tuner mods" and "battle scars" When we got down there it was clear what they meant. "Track Rat" seemed to be a accurate description. The car looked like it had been raced quite a bit. Bolt in cage, a few performance upgrades, race seat, coil overs, and a lot of electronics tied to the ECU. We took stock of the state of the car. As they advertised, the car had some damage on each quarter, it was filled and then re-damged on both sides. Seems the guy wasn't very good at his racing of choice.It did not run as it sat. Sodo Moto had only gone as far as ripping out a bunch of excess wiring shenanigans and diagnosing a fouled fuel pump. Other than that they knew it popped when fed some ether. I knew if I were to get the car it would need to be a runner without extensive work. The owner gave us permission to toy with the car at our will. He brought out a cheapo pump and with the tools I brought we had it fired up in short time. Surprisingly, even after what we guess to be at least 15 years, the SR roared to life. A smooth idle, good compression, boost pressure, some vapor, minimal smoke. However, lots of lifter noise. Since the GTiR has a solid lifters, they are louder than the normal hydraulic lifter SR but this was excessive. This came with low oil pressure, only about 30psi and not much gain with rpm. Engine = good enough Next was the transmission, these cars are notorious for blowing there cogs all over the ground when the overzealous try to put too much boost through all four wheels. Unfortunately, the tires were flat. (Actually worn in half on one by what I assume to be the cars last burn out session before being parked.) So, put it in every gear and pulled forward and back. No grinding, no red flags, best that could be done. Transmission = good enough Brakes, rusted in place and needing a complete overhaul. All glass good. No heavy rust/rot underneath. Interior, seats all there and looking fresh. They even had the minty stock drivers seat! The dash was trashed by gauge mounting and sun cracks. There really wasn't much more to be learned. A deal was struck and then it was just waiting for delivery. Since I still have my torn down wagon clogging up my only garage bay, Jeff was generous enough to loan me one until the car is a driver. Thanks buddy! Parked next to his coupe that he also got from Sodo, how fitting!
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    By the way I got the stainless pillars at 2018 Canby show. I’m on it.
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    If you find a Datsun in a wrecking yard and are looking it over for parts you need, always check the glove box. Often the PO will buy a part and then not get around to replacing it. I've gotten a brand new U joint, crank seal and spark plugs. Not in the same truck.
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    Call the auto parts store for items needed for the vintage cars - "NOPE! The computer says I can't even ORDER it! It's unavailable!". Browse rockauto and they offer it from three different manufacturers. Wait......it shows I purchased one. Look in the glove box of the ailing vintage vehicle: yup - there it is, new in the bag. Many such cases.
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    Looks like they are in a trailer to me. And her daughter is also her sister.
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    Sometimes it's the little things..... Since I got the locks working I want to keep the knobs from bouncing around.... Less rattles the better....
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    Interior light. Comes on when you open the drivers door. Stays on for about 20 seconds after closing the door an leaving unless the ignition key is in. Not all trucks may have it but the amplifier is under the passenger side seat although the cruise control has something there as well..
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    3rd page re-linked.
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    The older stuff never had electric pumps so if the engine stopped then the fuel stopped..... I replaced my mechanical pump with an electric fuel pump and use an oil pressure sender/cuttoff... if I loose oil pressure the fuel stop.... .... This takes a starter input and a 12v ignition input and outputs to the fuel pump..... You could just power it like you said but it's just not safe.... I'm not 100% sure on the 720 setup but your not the first I've read about with a fuel pump relay issue.... I'll elaborate if needed.....
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    So I was loading my truck on a trailer again and it fell off and rolled. I will post pics of it, but the truck is done. merry Christmas to me. .
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    Truck got to move to start worrying about anything breaking. Merry xmas mfers!!!!
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    I’ve broken leafs on my Xterra in locations where there weren’t any holes...
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    Re drilling will not be an issue, for weight wise guys. I would say undo stress from HP. I was and still going to re drill however yes as mike said leave a bolt and nut in place and redial for center axle alignment. I am more worried about the on and off the trailer movement. Asshole's.
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    Very interested in this. Mine is in good shape yet, but has a tear WAY in the corner. Gives my OCD a little eye twitch when I look at it.
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    Yay! It dried out a bit. I put my new seat belts in and really knocked the dust off up in the Berkeley hills.
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    Newbie: I made several attempts to have new vent rubbers made domestically in the USA. I tried Lynn Steele (Super high end quality for classic car and hard to get rubber goods) and got a quote of approx. $7500 to make two precision molds (left and right). Then to make a practical short run (based on efficiency, not cost) was for a run of 50. This was years ago so I don't remember if this was for 25 sets or 50 sets. IF you do this, make sure you have an agreement where you "own" the molds, so the manufacturer is contractually prevented from selling these parts without your participation. Also, I suggest you discuss making these out of EPDM )Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer), which is well known for its excellent "ozone, weathering, and aging resistance." I copied that description from the manufacturer you listed, because it illustrates the material properties I was told by virtually all three of the rubber extruders I talked to. It would be a shame to go to all this effort and not upgrade to ozone-resistant material so these last longer than OEM before deteriorating. Most importantly, unless you have money to burn, I would want commitments from people who will buy these. With that said, there was a very unfortunate debacle a few years ago on this very site when people paid in advance for new extended cab 620 window rubbers. I would become a PM to take this offline so as not to cause angst on this forum or break any "for sale" rules. If the price is anywhere close to what you put out there in your post , I will buy two sets. I sold my 320 to a buddy, who uses it to haul his vintage Norton and BSA to bike shows. But someday this truck is most likely coming back to me. Before you do anything, search ratsun for the 620 extended cab rubber gasket threads. Just saying.... go into this with your eyes wide open. DOn't let me discourage you. There are a few of us who would dearly love to see quality reproductions made!
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    I cheated. Drilled and tapped a 1/4" NPT hole into the side, so I could get a strait shot at it with a punch but did leave the nut on it. After it was put back in, just plugged the hole with an aluminum pipe plug.
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    That’s just plain ridiculous! https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=steez
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    Finally got a free couple hours with full welding gases and suppliesto get this charge pipe sorted. Still need to final weld everything but super happy with how it worked out! Not quite the lowest thing. Not ideal but stays hidden and it’s not like these have a ton of crush room anyway 😂
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    I added a fairly lengthly post to Mighty Mouse thread - page 14 on the tank rebuild here:

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