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    Thanks Charlie69. So far work has not called me out so going out to garage now to start mocking up column, wheel and bench seat. The process your mentioning sounds familiar, think I read that post before. If we do shorten shaft there is a machine shop at my work and they have helped me out in the past. Will see if they can use lathe for cleaner results.
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    Like cattle to the abattoir. A truck hauling its own motor is kind of sardonic.
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    I hate it when that happens.
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    I want to put a 3 core radiator in my 85 720 4x4. It has A/C too. I'm not sure what to get or where to find one that fits. Any ideas? I live in the mountains and have to climb a lot and it gets on the warm side.
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    This shit? Why open with an insult unless you were looking to get some blow back Mike? Not looking for the opportunity, but I'm more than happy to point out your ignorance here. Granted, the ship and train compilation/competition was a pissing match, but purely for fun. If you'd taken a moment to listen to some of the music we're throwing around here, you'd know we're actually raging against the brain numbing top 40 shit machine you refer to. Listening to the music other members post, I get a much better sense of who they are based on what they listen to. My advice to anyone complaining about music today is Turn Off The Fucking Radio and start looking for music that turns you on. Look under a few rocks and you'll find good stuff everywhere. And if you're content to listen to the corporate masters magic spell, well God bless you, just don't post that shit here. Take a minute and listen to the playlist I just posted and tell me what you think. Successful or not, I was looking at the thread of Hip Hop Jazz that runs threw so much of the music we listen to without even knowing it. If you really want to participate, stop typing insults and respond by posting a song that echo's your thoughts, or simply post some of the music you're listening to. THAT is what we're doing here.
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    Im hoping to be there right around 10.... this will probably be the most ratsun members I'll meet at any event up our way so it should be a good time... To bad the 510 wont be there, i was hoping to see one in person again, but I get the parking concern.... I'm lucky to have a garage at home to keep mine in... once I was finally on the road it took me about 2 weeks before I was comfortable taking it places and leaving it out of my sight... might have something to so with the fact the i still haven't hooked up my door locks and only about a month or so ago I finally put glass in the doors.....
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    You are welcome. The rag jointing and u-jointing the column is a lot of work but the benefits are worth it.
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    It just gives me an excuse to finally get the spare fixed.
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    I wonder if she was trying to get $50 to shut up or something. That was absurd mental
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    Here we go a snowflake who like all of them think that anything they decide is an issue IS a real issue. She point blank is caught on tape saying "I am a cop" and then denies it so umm how about an arrest for police impersonation - it'd happen here if a person whom was not a serving cop said such in public to other members of the public. Also here in AUS calling the cops over and over again for matters that turn out to be false can lead you to charges too.
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    I love your truck, as different strokes yes I agree there would be a lot better choices of wheels. However still clean and looking good. I will say I would at this time shorten your steering colum 3”. This would be the time to do it and so worth it. Keep up the good work.
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    Funny KO, I think the same thing about almost every high school football coach I've ever met.
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    Brake. And I would love one of those rubber grommets as well. Mine deteriorated beyond repair.
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    Could you imagine living in the Pacific Northwest and having endless access to Datsun parts? Us east coast guys are shit out of luck when it comes to parts.
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    Now realize he did all of this in his driveway... ?
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    Keep at it man, and savor the time with your son. One small goal at a time and before you know it, you guys will be enjoying the fruits of your labor.
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    Did a Google search under Ratsun for remedies on restoring old hardened cracked rubber and doesn't look like its been talked about. Followed some advise given on Youtube using 3:1 ration of rubbing alcohol and wintergreen oil. Those impossible replacement parts such as windshield wiper grommets, rectangular grommet for the wiper motor at fire wall, rubber seal at firewall around steering column along with other bits and pieces. The wintergreen oil is pricy, paid $9 for a 100ml bottle, bought 2 of those and a 500ml bottle of rubbing alcohol, mixed it all together so my ratio was heavier to the wintergreen oil side. Soaked parts for 48 hours with great results, softening the rubber really well and as stated on Youtube he checked his rubber parts days later and they did not return to there original hardened state. The steering column grommet has multiple cracks but will reinforce with a mastic tape (thick rubbery tape used in the power and communication utility field. Hope this info comes in handy for others.
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    That's where I had to park my Datsun last year. I was told that if I wanted to camp in my wagon on fairground property I would have to park outside and walk in. But if I was driving anything else it would be ok. How misguided and fucked is that ???? I was more than willing, and tried to pay the $25 a night and $3 a day 'walk in' fee but Steve would have nothing of it. He said he wasn't going to make any exceptions to the rules for me??? What rules? I only wanted him to stick to the pricing list that he had posted. Apparently to be allowed to camp, a Datsun owner is obligated to enter their car in the show but it doesn't say that in the 'rules'. So fuck you Steve, instead of $56 paid into the Canby event you got $6. In the 9 years of coming almost 700 miles to Canby, have I never seen such management bullshit. If the show isn't at Canby this year, or there isn't a show, I can totally understand why now.
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    The '70-'72 used an L16 or 1.6 liter engine. It may have been swapped to an L18 or L20B? Some things to consider.... 1/ This is a FWD engine. Besides the engine mounts, what RWD. What transmission will you use? Won't bolt to the 521 transmission and it wouldn't handle almost 3 X the power anyway. 2/ The KA24DE uses a CAS. (crank angle sensor on the side of the head) It needs the EFI set up to help the ECU generate a spark and an ignition advance curve. I can't think of a points or EI distributor that will replace it. 3/ You will have to make an intake manifold for a carburetor. 4/ The fuel pump is high pressure (around 38 PSI) and will need replacing with a 3.5 PSI one 5/ needs an electric cooling fan for the radiator. If this was a truck KA it's already RWD and has a 2wd 5 speed available. The intake has a throttle body injection on it and only needs a flat aluminum adapter plate made to mount a carburetor. Although it has a CAS, it's on the side of the timing cover and an earlier distributor will mount to it. Has it's own cooling fan. You might reconsider this move. This engine is 'doing it the hard way'. Not hating just saying...
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    The brakes work! The pedal really isn't too firm. It needs a bias valve because the rears lock up way too early, but it stops pretty well! I have the valve, but at this point I don't want to mess with it anymore and risk breaking something 2 days before leaving for the Challenge. I'll fix it later, but the car can race as it sits now and I don't want to change that. Also this machine straight up rips.
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    Finally have new wheels and rubber mounted, clearance and fitment turned out great. will eventually change out to longer rear studs to allow for 1/4 inch wheel shims. Have installed the dash, dash pad and began sound deadening of fire wall and floor. Completed shorter transmission mount, painted it along with drive shaft steady bearing brackets. will be installing driveline this week.
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    People want s14 s15 NA s Bleach lately smooth power . You must bolt sr and trans as one to install , recently tried a removable tunnel , to remove seat and pull trans tail shaft into cabin for a clutch job later maybe , I think better than pulling motor and trans and split on ground to do a clutch job ! Not new idea ,Nissan had removable tunnel /floor on early trucks ,(60-64) and Mercedes did this also.
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    I know it's not ideal to buy from the US, but these guys have everything leaf spring related - https://www.stengelbros.net/Round-Bend-U-bolts_c_562.html If you are only searching the web for lowering blocks, your results may be limited. Try searching for lift blocks too.
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    Good to know on the clear distributor cap because we were interested, cool concept to see the spark, not cool to loose performance.
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    Well that clear distributor cap was a piece of shit..... I put it on to go to the last local car cruise..... heading home i hit the throttle and about 5000 rpm she got real unhappy at any rpm...... luckily I had the other cap in the truck swapped it on the side of the road and I was back to normal.... so much for novalty.... it was cool to see the rotor spinning.....
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    I'll work on the lowering problem tomorrow (should I say raising?). I want to raise it by 5 cm in a first try (in order not to have the wheel under the wing at all) and I hope that removing the clamps will be enough. I suppose that the leafs will be under tension while removing the clamps. Should I remove them completely or put them only on the 2 main leafs by sliding them (it seems to me that there was a clamp on both of them before) ? Newbie question but I must ask: do I remove the clamps after using a jack or I leave the car on the ground ? Thanx for all !!!
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    Fewer leaves will allow more travel of the body going over bumps. This is ok on a higher riding vehicle but increases the chance of bottoming out on a lowered one. Trucks are designed for carrying heavy loads so they tend to be slightly stiff if all you do is drive. In moderation, slightly softer may be better. The leaf spring packs help hold the axle laterally. They prevent to axle shifting side to side when hard turning. Remove too many leaves and you'll find out. Fewer leaves can cause or increase wheel hop from spring wrap. It's easier for the leaf to deform under acceleration and the wheel loose traction and begin hopping up and down.
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    Ok according to my measurements, i have : Axle = 3,5 inches bolt thread = 0,5 inch total height = 12 inches Does it sound classical to you guys ? If I remove the block, do I need to take something like a 8 inches u-bolt ? Is it standard length anyway ? Off topic : I passed the 100 posts. I didn't think that buying an old car will make me improve my written english that much !
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    So I guess my output shaft bearings are toast ? Easy enough to take care of though.
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    Hi, I plan to work on the lowering problem during the week-end. For the front, I think torsion bars won't be a problem. For the rear, is it possible to only remove the blocks and change (or cut) the U-bolts ? I'm worried because the leaf springs are very flat. They were modified with only 3 left (out of 7?). I'm not sure if I'll need to replace them. I don't plan to have an heavy load on the truck in the near future but it will be the case at some point. Any idea ?
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    Let the wheel fitment begin. Brought this 17X8.5 with -6mm offset home for fitment trial only. The fitment on the back works, there is a 1/4" of rim beyond the sheet metal and 1.5"of space from the inside of the rim to the frame. Now for the front fitment. Are all these trucks F'd up where the hub mounting surface on the front is further out than on the back by 1.5 inches? still good clearance on the inside but ridiculous overhang beyond the sheet metal.
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    That looks like it should be connected. It should just be a ground and could be part of the turn signal issue. That said, it is best to get yourself a shop manual with good wiring diagrams to make sure you are fixing things correctly. That is a good looking truck from the pics :) Is it factory black?
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    After you evaluate and no where you stand with your little 620 you will be able to relax a little and prioritize the things that need to be done. Congrats man you did it. You purchased a 620 in the US and had it shipped to your home land and then drove it home. That in its self is a milestone and all of that is behind you. Congrats man now you can tinker and put your signature on it.
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    I recieved it 7 hours ago ! The battery was dead and fuel had difficulties to flow into the pump. I helped it a little bit with the old good mouth method. First time I drink US unleaded fuel. I prefer IPAs !!! I drove it home (5 km) and it was hard because of the lack of brakes (purge and new liquid needed) and moreover it's too low (as expected). I touched the ground several times, including when I arrived at my home's gate. I twisted the piece of metal stopping the gates when closing (sorry, I don't know the correct wording) and I don't know if there is any damaged under the car. I was too exhausted to give a closer look. I don't know how I will get out next time ! Wood will help I think. I also noticed a lack of oil but I don't know if it's related. I'm somewhere between happyness of finally recieving it and fear of the things I need to do now to correct the issues. I will open a new thread for the pictures and evolution of the car. oukippy PS: I spent 1h30 waiting for a friend with a battery charger on a very little country road. 3 people out of 10 stopped to talk about the car, it's a new thing for me ?
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    Has any one ever seen one of these and know the manufacture, bought in the 90s in japan. Its 1/43 solid resin
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