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    Ah Caaaome Oaan, Not only do they look alike, they whine alike. SMH
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    Thanks Charlie69. So far work has not called me out so going out to garage now to start mocking up column, wheel and bench seat. The process your mentioning sounds familiar, think I read that post before. If we do shorten shaft there is a machine shop at my work and they have helped me out in the past. Will see if they can use lathe for cleaner results.
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    Like cattle to the abattoir. A truck hauling its own motor is kind of sardonic.
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    I am on call with work this weekend so could have no truck time or lots of truck time, one never knows. Hopefully get to install seat and column to check. Thanks for the reminder on the wheel to seat spacing Mike, I remember reading that as well as compensating for the gap, wheel to plastic housing since we are using a Grant wheel and adapter.
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    I got one more show close to home at the end of the month.... I might keep running mine till around Thanksgiving all depends on the weather..... time to get going on winter projects..... I really want my 5spd installed for next spring..... see you tomorrow mainer311....
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    "Japanese car days " is tomorrow at the Lars Anderson museum.... Raining today and suppose to rain monday, but luckily not tomorrow..... It does mess me up a little, I planned to wash and clean the truck up when I got home from work and make sure everything is good for the ride.... it's about 45 miles to get there, while it doesnt seem that far it's still gonna be the furthest it's gone in one stretch....
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    Steering column shortening....now I'm listening. :) Keep in mind that when you shorten it, it will pull the wheel down a lot on the seat making it really hard to slide your leg under a stock steering wheel. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you do it. I've been planning on doing this on my YT channel for years...in fact, I even picked up a column earlier this year for just that purpose. Charlie.....I don't remember hearing/seeing anything about you shortening 520 columns. Did I just miss it or is it something you haven't shared? I'd like to get your input on how you do it.........via email. :)
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    I have shortened many Datsun columns all for my 520. I am running a 1980 720 2wd chassis and I think this last column was shortened 7", and the column was raised 1/2" at the dash bracket. It is real easy to shorten a column that has a rag joint.
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    Good catch on the break/brake d.p maybe I shouldn’t be working on them if I can’t spell it, lol. I noticed on the forum about shortening the steering column mrbigtanker, we probably should. Might mock it up first to see. My son and I are both over 6ft tall so the original bench seat will be adjusted all the way back so wondering if column will be ok. Had two 521’s when I was younger and don’t remember the steering wheel crowding me but I was young and probably just happy to have some wheels, not thinking about comfort.
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    I pulled apart the rear end, it was surprisingly simple. Access to an accommodating press made it easy. The bearings were in good shape, repacked, seals replaced and installed. Something failed in the diff. Installed the one from the 620 and the rear end has never sounded better. We made a trip out to Calgary and made a vacation out of it. The truck did it's longest trip, over 200km round trip and it drove well. As like any project, it still isn't finished. But there has been lots of challenges with this build and I'm happy to say it's at a "turn key" point and I will just enjoy it for the time-being. Thanks for all the support and advice.
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    Beautiful horses, they should make their fat ass owner pull on some thing...
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    I hate it when that happens.
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    Borrowed radiator pressure tester from work and pressurized radiator to 10lbs and submerged in tub of water. Had a leak in one old rad hose we used to seal inlet and outlets together, cut that part off and re pressurized with success. Completed install of drive shaft and am now laying all new break and clutch plumbing under the hood. Started by shaping the clutch line and then used it as a template to shape the 2 break lines that run parallel to it.
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    I want to put a 3 core radiator in my 85 720 4x4. It has A/C too. I'm not sure what to get or where to find one that fits. Any ideas? I live in the mountains and have to climb a lot and it gets on the warm side.
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    That's the "shit" I like. ???
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    You are correct bottomwatcher but the money I would have spent buying it is still in my pocket and will be used to get the wiring and ECM and the trans control box. There is a 95 in the bone yard I frequent at this time. So it is time to go electrical shopping.
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    Ill keep an eye out for you. Planning on running down to the show tomorrow. Probably shoot to be there around 11. Unfortunately I wont have the 510 with me. Just didnt have the time to run down and get it... and didnt want to just park it out in the open in Everett....
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    Much work you may want to get a spot weld remover- basically a mini hole saw a drill bit and remove sections that are worst and re-create frame and spay or paint por inside frame when opened up , do able if you have time and ability.
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    Yup. It’s an hour and 40 minutes for me. 40 miles. It’s a good last hurrah before winter hits and the truck goes away until spring.
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    Funny KO, I think the same thing about almost every high school football coach I've ever met.
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    Been crazy busy with work so progress hasn’t been great but tonight I finally got some ME time to get the ball rolling on the swap.
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    If I were to do a motor swap, As an Audi also driver I would make a 5 cylinder turbo work ?
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    Did a Google search under Ratsun for remedies on restoring old hardened cracked rubber and doesn't look like its been talked about. Followed some advise given on Youtube using 3:1 ration of rubbing alcohol and wintergreen oil. Those impossible replacement parts such as windshield wiper grommets, rectangular grommet for the wiper motor at fire wall, rubber seal at firewall around steering column along with other bits and pieces. The wintergreen oil is pricy, paid $9 for a 100ml bottle, bought 2 of those and a 500ml bottle of rubbing alcohol, mixed it all together so my ratio was heavier to the wintergreen oil side. Soaked parts for 48 hours with great results, softening the rubber really well and as stated on Youtube he checked his rubber parts days later and they did not return to there original hardened state. The steering column grommet has multiple cracks but will reinforce with a mastic tape (thick rubbery tape used in the power and communication utility field. Hope this info comes in handy for others.
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    Keep at it man, and savor the time with your son. One small goal at a time and before you know it, you guys will be enjoying the fruits of your labor.
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    Thanks Paradime, checked out the links on your 510, very impressive. Gets my son and I inspired to keep plugging away and get his truck on the road.
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    Interesting little life hack. Thanks for posting.
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    Finally have new wheels and rubber mounted, clearance and fitment turned out great. will eventually change out to longer rear studs to allow for 1/4 inch wheel shims. Have installed the dash, dash pad and began sound deadening of fire wall and floor. Completed shorter transmission mount, painted it along with drive shaft steady bearing brackets. will be installing driveline this week.
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    I know it's not ideal to buy from the US, but these guys have everything leaf spring related - https://www.stengelbros.net/Round-Bend-U-bolts_c_562.html If you are only searching the web for lowering blocks, your results may be limited. Try searching for lift blocks too.
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    That is a good Fit Mr Tanker! I like the green, gold, and chrome together.
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    Well that clear distributor cap was a piece of shit..... I put it on to go to the last local car cruise..... heading home i hit the throttle and about 5000 rpm she got real unhappy at any rpm...... luckily I had the other cap in the truck swapped it on the side of the road and I was back to normal.... so much for novalty.... it was cool to see the rotor spinning.....
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    I'll work on the lowering problem tomorrow (should I say raising?). I want to raise it by 5 cm in a first try (in order not to have the wheel under the wing at all) and I hope that removing the clamps will be enough. I suppose that the leafs will be under tension while removing the clamps. Should I remove them completely or put them only on the 2 main leafs by sliding them (it seems to me that there was a clamp on both of them before) ? Newbie question but I must ask: do I remove the clamps after using a jack or I leave the car on the ground ? Thanx for all !!!
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    So I guess my output shaft bearings are toast ? Easy enough to take care of though.
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    Let the wheel fitment begin. Brought this 17X8.5 with -6mm offset home for fitment trial only. The fitment on the back works, there is a 1/4" of rim beyond the sheet metal and 1.5"of space from the inside of the rim to the frame. Now for the front fitment. Are all these trucks F'd up where the hub mounting surface on the front is further out than on the back by 1.5 inches? still good clearance on the inside but ridiculous overhang beyond the sheet metal.
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    Hello, it's not factory black. It was green and the previous color can be seen under the black, in several points. I was very anxious about that but finally the paint is in very nice condition and I think I will only but some black paint on the green spots. frank88, sorry but I think I'll keep the bench seat ? If you are interested in the full size interior mirror, I think I will remove it. It's very nice and efficient but I can't see half of the road with it ? Concerning the wire, I checked the wiring diagram, it's a ground wire. I'm sure it should be connected there because it was connected on a picture taken before shipment. It's kind of funny to see that the shipping company didn't disconnect the battery for a 3 months trip around the world but had probably pulled out that wire... Yesterday I bought an hydraulic jack and candles to start working on the torsion bars. Obviously I didn't buy the most important thing : time to spend on the truck... Stay tuned...
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    After you evaluate and no where you stand with your little 620 you will be able to relax a little and prioritize the things that need to be done. Congrats man you did it. You purchased a 620 in the US and had it shipped to your home land and then drove it home. That in its self is a milestone and all of that is behind you. Congrats man now you can tinker and put your signature on it.
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    I recieved it 7 hours ago ! The battery was dead and fuel had difficulties to flow into the pump. I helped it a little bit with the old good mouth method. First time I drink US unleaded fuel. I prefer IPAs !!! I drove it home (5 km) and it was hard because of the lack of brakes (purge and new liquid needed) and moreover it's too low (as expected). I touched the ground several times, including when I arrived at my home's gate. I twisted the piece of metal stopping the gates when closing (sorry, I don't know the correct wording) and I don't know if there is any damaged under the car. I was too exhausted to give a closer look. I don't know how I will get out next time ! Wood will help I think. I also noticed a lack of oil but I don't know if it's related. I'm somewhere between happyness of finally recieving it and fear of the things I need to do now to correct the issues. I will open a new thread for the pictures and evolution of the car. oukippy PS: I spent 1h30 waiting for a friend with a battery charger on a very little country road. 3 people out of 10 stopped to talk about the car, it's a new thing for me ?
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