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    Had a grand ole time again this year. Was way too busy talking Hot Wheels(also general BSing) with people to take pics. Yes, I said it, I took zero show pics. I did, however, get some shots around town. AZ hitman's wagon. Karen's Roadster Chuck's Z Ranman's Dime AZ hitman's Bluebird So the weather forecast going into this was a bit sketchy and I kept going back and forth on whether I would take the Grey coupe. Friday morning I decided what the hell let's take it. The drive out Friday was awesome. A little wind and a lot of sun. Saturday was cloudy with the promise of rain but that didn't start until the show was almost over when they we doing the awards and raffles. Later in the afternoon and into the evening it dumped a few times and through the night I kept waking up to the sound of thunder. This is what I found at about 5:30 Sunday morning. It wasn't quite cold enough for the roads to freeze but we still decided to wait until the sun came up. Might as well go to breakfast. Look who else was there. Got to visit some more with Ranman and Missus Ranman and a gal that has a Roadster whose name is Kelly also (Kelley, Kellie, I'm not sure how to spell that for a girl). Was a great little extra visit that we weren't expecting. We finally got on the road to head home about 8:45. It was very cloudy and the snow had turned to rain. Outside of Flagstaff it dropped off. At one rest stop a guy rolls up in his car and says "Hey man, we just saw a car just like that (the grey coupe) on a trailer on our way here, but it looked brand new" I said "really, did it look like that one" and pointed to Missus Kelmo's coupe sitting about 40 yards in front of him. Outside of Holbrook the rain started again. Close to Grants NM it turned into snow...big fat snow flakes. At this point I started to think about where we could leave the grey coupe and come back Monday. Once we were outside Grants the snow and rain eventually stopped. With the four stops we made it took us about 7 1/2 hours to make it home (about 395 miles). It was at that point I decided not to ever drive a 1200 across country again unless it can go 85 MPH and has some decent tunes and decent seats. Missus Kelmo did real good towing her car even when the semi ahead of us decided it would be a good idea to pull off the road at a point where there was a guard rail on his right and she had to squeeze between that semi and one on her left...without a lot of room to do it in. It was great to see everybody and visit. Greg and Becky did a good job with the show and we are planning already for next year.
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    He's CIA, I think Re post maybe
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    Extremely heavily regulated. My old job had me going to slaughterhouses pretty much every week. The onsite FDA guys usually were happy to have someone to talk to who spoke English ?
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    Mine had threaded holes in the corners that I bought M8 thread eye-bolts to put in. They have held through thousands of miles of motorcycle-hauling. I don't think I could get them out now if I wanted to. They're so rusty they're one with the truck.
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    You beat me to it Mike I'm old, going blind and deaf, I'm a crappy speller, and suffer from legit spine issues. Dude if I was a horse my shoe size would be glue. LOL Actually, the closest I come to being deaf is sharing a shitty handicapped section at the Greek Theater with deaf people. In fact, the opening band's lighting took out half the wheelchair section due to strobe induced secures, so my tribe (the sensory disabled group) revolted and seized the unsettled mobility disabled territory. We hit them with a campaign of pure shock and awe. We came with unrelenting waves of canes and incoherent vocalizations... They never saw it coming. Stella, the last song played at the final show of their 2018 tour.
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    I'm all for humane treatment of all animals, specially the tasty ones. So these protesters keep those companies who police themselves a little more honest. Did they say Fearman's Meats??? Wow, when I was 7-8 I lived on a Fearman's Meats pig farm south of Hamilton. I even went to the plant in Burlington once. They made Mary Miles brand bacon. Mmmmmmmm ......... bacon.
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    Mississaugua is the address of Sofina Foods the new owner of Fearman's meats in Burlingthon. Mazda courtesy car with Burlington on the side @ 2:23. The most compelling proof this was not the states was how suspiciously polite everyone was, the police didn't shoot anyone, in fact there weren't any guns at all....
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    My 85 &86 720 2wd King Cabs have that hose tied to the bracket on the front of the engine. If I can remember I will take a picture tomorrow evening and post it. My hoses do not have the insulation on them that the hose in the above picture has.
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    A left hand window regulator would be way cheaper and easier to install than an electric window setup, I am sure someone on here has one to sell, I likely have what you need but I would have to look before saying I had it for sure, but there are members on here much closer to you than I am that likely have one they could sell you also.
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    Just an update now that I've got a 1000 miles or so on the radiator in a few different temperatures and with a long drive to Madras in the heat for several hours. These radiators seem to work very well. I'm running NO shroud and a 7 blade fan with the viscous clutch and it never gets even barely hot even beating on it. If anything I may have to block it off slightly during the winter as the engine struggles to get up to temperature.
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    I put S110 200sx PWs in my 620. Fairly easy, but I wouldn't do it again.
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    All 520/521/620 and 720 rear leaf springs are 1,200mm long and 60mm (2 1/3") wide leaves. The '78 are stacked thus... Top 1,200mm X 60mm X 7mm thick 2nd 60mm X 7mm thick* Bottom 60mm X 13mm thick* The FSM says 1,200mm long but that's not right. Free camber (unladen) is 161mm or 6.34". Spring constant is 1.9 to 5.5 Kg/mm or 106 to 308 lb/in. In other words the spring rate increases as the spring deflects.
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    Thanks Charlie, it’s had some responsible previous owners for sure. I drive like a grandpa, and intend to maintain it like one, so it’s a good thing I didn’t find it 10 years ago ?
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    Yes I could definitely engineer something, I am more somewhat dumbfounded that this was the original design. Did someone re-plumb the system, or are some brackets missing? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_F3U0Ieoz8bR621fu5ME2KudM2e4-50w
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    Mike's motto is "Try to get along, and don't be a cunt"? ? If you can't laugh at your own misfortune than the only real problem is you. You guys know me better than most of my friends, so if you don't make fun of me, you're missing out. On a side note: The concert was open seating, but the the Greek Theater has two sections to accommodate people with disabilities. One for those with mobility issues and another for us blind and deaf folk. The wheelchair section is pretty damn close to the stage, but guess where they stick my people... Turns out we don't rank very high on the gimp hierarchy. Fuckers don't even provide sign language interpreters or braille. ? Guess who crashed the wheelchair section... ? Is there no limitation to the extent I will go in order to provide quality music vids for my fellow Ratards?
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    I hope all had a good time I did not make it this year. I did something that I enjoy more than Datsuns even, I helped someone , help someone. It was a great day!
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    I believe they are under tension with the truck just sitting on the ground, if you lift the back end they will be under more tension. I believe they are like a clamped down spring, releasing the spring can be dangerous if under enough tension, so be careful, I believe I used a "C" clamp to compress mine to put them type of clamps on my rig, I removed the "C" clamps after the clamps were in place, I then took it for a drive and took the clamps off as the ride was terrible, I went a different route after that, I notched the frame and other such things and now it is really low. I would take all the clamps on the leafs completely off and take it for a drive, then look at it from the side a ways away and see if it raised it enough for your liking, also to see if you need to raise the front. The back might raise the 5 cm by just removing them clamps. Now keep in mind that I am not there to see what all was done to this truck to lower it, I believe the backend will raise some and I believe you will have a much smoother ride in the rear, but I do not know it for sure.
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    Back up and running.
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    I'll work on the lowering problem tomorrow (should I say raising?). I want to raise it by 5 cm in a first try (in order not to have the wheel under the wing at all) and I hope that removing the clamps will be enough. I suppose that the leafs will be under tension while removing the clamps. Should I remove them completely or put them only on the 2 main leafs by sliding them (it seems to me that there was a clamp on both of them before) ? Newbie question but I must ask: do I remove the clamps after using a jack or I leave the car on the ground ? Thanx for all !!!
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    This week I start the final run toward paint on Project 680
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    Cant find a Nissan 720 transmission dipstick. It's a automatic transmission ,Can someone please measure from the top of the dipstick to the bottom, and then measure where the marks are from the bottom. If someone could help me out that would be great.
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    Yes but the b210 and b310 radiators have always been a bolt on upgrade for 1200s, so if an aluminum b310 radiator was made, it would fit in all 3 generations!
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    I'm getting ready to by one of these for my race coupe. I've been using a Sentra one but the issue is the airflow through the core support isn't great. The other thing is the good old plastic cooling 4 blade fan does a great job, it's light and always work. There really isn't a need for an electric fan. afracer, the reason why they do the 1200 radiators is that Sunny 1200s are way more popular to modify than the B210/120Y.
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    Thanks KELMO. i work for the BNSF railroad, so if im in i would love to join you! The Patrol pickup is a work in progress and apart at the moment. Been doing a lot of body work on it. Are you guys stopping here at all? Any idea how to post pics?
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    I just installed a Griffin aluminum radiator in my 620, and it's made in the US, and only cost $175. P/N 1-25181-XS Was a little more to the adaptation, but well worth it.
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    In Australia we used the holden Gemini ones as an upgrade for b110 and b210. They can be sourced off eBay in alloy now too.
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    how was the size to your original , i gotta 80 210 it looks i got a gutt feeling it maybe too small
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    Rocket Dog taps lightly on the window.... MM, are you finished with (happy with) the install?
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    The silver cross bar is suppost to be mounted, but it sits in there so perfectly i have been able to get away without fastening them for now... i also changed the hardware from there Hex Head bolt to a Flat headed philips screw(Black)so a door panel sits flush!! yea, $99 per side for an up/down SWITCH is not in my budget...
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    Awesome. Want to see this finished.
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