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    Oh not saying you should drop it in brother, its made specifically for Classic vehicles that wont need smog checks and real frames to handle the torque. Keep up the work on Godzilla, must hear it fire up when its ready.
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    JCWhitney sells a very good carpet set for the 411s. Caution, they have the careless tendency to send carpet sets for the 4 on the floor manual transmission no matter how clearly you specify column mount automatic transmission. This order just might be best done on the telephone. They also sell carpet clip sets that mate up with the factory carpet fasteners already on your floor. One caution, the front carpet is a set of 3 individuals that have to be aligned to give factory like appearance. If I could do it, and I did, so can anybody.
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    No more lightened flywheel and it's a totally different car. Decell rock crusher is all but gone. It's drives waaaaaay better. Flywheel was a waste of $300.. oh well. I bought it before I turbo'd the car. It doesn't need one.. it's a hand full as it is!! And the RE71R's are killer. Drives like it's on rails now.. Only thing I did besides the flywheel was filled the trany with Redline MT90.
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    Hello all. You’ve likely seen a few photos i’ve posted up but here is my official intro thread as I fly home tomorrow and can actually get started on it. Just a quick background, my first car was a ‘75 620 back in ‘96. Drove the ever lovin piss outta that truck and it NEVER failed me. Fast forward 20+ years and I decided I needed another. Being 6’ tall with very long legs a regular cab was out so I started the search for a King Cab. Found this ‘79, struck up a deal and since my parents only lived 2 hours from it they picked it up for me. It was still 8 hours from me so it hitched a rode behind a co-worker for the remainder of the stretch home. While away on vacation a friend arranged procurement of a set of wheels that were absolutely essential to the look I have dreamed up Also got notification that my flares will ship soon and I should have them within a couple weeks I’ll continue updating as parts come in and progress is made.
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    Picked up this older Cony 360 Wide. It's thought to be a '67. Odd ball little thing... opposed (flat) 2 cylinder, dry sump, air cooled, 354cc with a whopping 18bhp. Cony engineered and produced military vehicles including aircraft for Japan, but after the war they began making Kei cars and engineering small engines. Nissan purchased Cony in late 1960s. Cony designed and built the A series engines (copy-cat of BMC engines) for Nissan used in the 1200 / Sunny cars. This little Cony was used as a grounds vehicle for city of Seattle in it's former life. What am I going to do? No idea. First plan is to get it to turn over. Good news, it has compression and spins freely.
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    Figured I would update this since I've been here two years already...lol. The Z passed smog with all of it's original equipment. Since it is a federal car it does not require a catalytic and only needs to conform to the federal guidelines not California. This also means that I can legally install a header as long as it has the EGR installed. Also found that you can replace the fuel injection system as long as it is listed as a "replacement" for that particular vehicle. This means that the FAST f.i. sold by ZCarDepot as a replacement system should be legal...results may vary I would hazard a guess. Anyways, that's my update for now.
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    If it fits in a truck that's great, but a Hellfat motor in a GT-R is far from a complete drop in. Nonstarter no matter what the price. We've got less than $15 into our engine build and with 600hp AWD it will be quicker than a hellcat. Even with drag slicks people have been struggling to make the 11.2-second quarter mile time that Dodge has been trumpeting, but here's what a 600hp R32 GT-R can do on street tires.
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    So now another question I have a 1981 720 with a Z motor what years will fit my motor...…. Headers? So far it looks like 80 to 85? I think? Just make sure its a Z motor?
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    time to kill, new phone, ugly ass square headlight, grandma's car, ya-da-ya-da.....
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    So I've just been driving this thing and enjoying the heck out of it. Spent a day doing storage unit things and picking up more crap to fill up my garage. lol Started off seeing if we could get fire up the Stout I've had stored in there since pulling red out for the KA swap. This thing pretty much fired no problem and ran on the gas in the tank. 😄 The headed to Icehouses place to pick up more junk Datsun and CJ haha All home... ...and other days out for whatever reason. :)
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    I believe it had been there since new. There are no scratches or anything in the floor at all. Moved the liner to my trailer. Probably gonna turn it into a grill and cooler tow along.
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    Back to the grind! Stainless window trim is in and now I'm working on prepping the dash to go back in. I decided to add a circuit breaker inline with a key locked cutoff switch in the dash (the AGM battery can't have a draw and it adds another layer of security). all I really have to do for wiring is make new main power and ground cables and wiring in the trunk. So today is a big day.. maybe it will fire off??
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    That sounds great! If that's the case, I believe the list I have written down together with porting should give me a satisfying result. The idea with the modified valve also is kinda genius. No idea if that's something "normal", but to me it is pretty amazing, as I've never heard about it. I've read / heard about the crankshaft being one of the main problems of the engine during my own research before. Would it be possible to simply send two crankshafts, one being a spare one to cut off weights to add onto the other one or are extra weights not a problem? Also, can you tell more about the Fluidampr? I've done some searching, however I only found them for the RB26/350Z engines? Could other harmonic balancers do the job? Only ones I found are made by Powerbond / Well Auto. Will link those. https://www.precisionintl.com/BrandSearch.aspx?Brand=Powerbond&Cat=54&Make=54&Model=&Engine=1323 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Well-Auto-HARMONIC-BALANCER-CRANK-PULLEY-KA24E-2-4L-for-98-04-FRONTIER-XTERRA-/321974802346
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    Don't be amazed. I was the bottom end and final assembly guy. I know how to make the rotating and reciprocating assemblies live long, but the power mods were done by other guys in the shop. I was the I-dotter and T-crosser, making sure that the engine was assembled properly with all the components. That said, I can't really tell you anything more than the right cam, compression ratio and port job is all that's required to get the 250hp. I know, pretty ambiguous... I wouldn't be afraid of the pistons. A good mock up will give you all the numbers you need. Using mock up valve springs and a dial indicator, along with the cam you are going to use and the valve heights already set, you can easily figure out piston to valve clearance and modify the valve pockets as needed. I have even done this on the engine with a valve modified to cut the piston by welding and grinding it to turn it into an end mill.
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    Thanks! Will try that first!
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    If you ever get the crossmembers for the B110 done, put me down for one :).
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    Finished two of my center caps tonight.
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    Yeah, and then you have to cut up your stock spindle. I didn’t want to do that.
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    At least for me, when I brought my 71 521 into California from Oregon all I had to do was go to the DMV and have them look at the vin. They did no other inspection whatsoever.
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    *and diesels up until some year in the 90s or early 2000s that I don't care enough to look up
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    Watching today's episode kicked my ass back into the shop and back to work on my truck; the Binky series has been responsible for more motivation than any other source! So awesome!
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