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    Drove it to my friend's house the other day, had to stop by the ATM on the way, forgot I had driven the wrong car for that... ?
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    Here’s the short. I’ll pick this event up. dates: June 8-9 at https://g.co/kgs/gBsGmi cost is $8.00 for 1 day or $16.00 for both days entrance fee. $10 tent camping $20 rv spot (20 amp power and water). Cost to enter a vehicle into the show: FREE Cost for a swapmeet spot: FREE Vender spots: FREE. What you get for your $8/16, 1 full day or 2 full days of access to the show and also if you’d like to walk around the venue there are also 14 various museums on the grounds that you’ll have access to. These Musuems typically ask for a small donation and that’s voluntary. Anyone who would like to come a little early (Friday) are welcome to pitch a tent On my property just up the road from the event location. We’ll be doing outdoor movies, bbq, camping. If people need to do any basic repairs or adjustments I have a 4000ft facility on the property for that also. I can host up to about 20 cars. I’d like to get with any local or non local club for club pick trophies. Ill be making a several trophies also to include. farthest traveled under its own power, best of show, best daily driver, &“the mouse trap”, which is the most how did this car/truck even make it here?? Award. More trophy classes may open up as we get closer to the date. Who’s interested?!
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    Put another 20 miles on it this weekend and everything seems to be doing alright. Stopped for a photo op...
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    the date I reserved was chosen for a couple reasons, the first reason being 13 years the date has worked for Canby and oddly enough when god was dropping stones on us up there my wife told me it was sunny in Brooks. Second reason and the bigger reason was this venue only had this weekend available in June which at the time seem simply kismet. If there is any misunderstanding about the intent of this gathering let me clear it up by expressing my intentions. Last year I read and heard the grumblings of the venue charging more and offering less space and the struggles to get volunteers and at the time I spoke with the previous gentleman doing Canby via email and mentioned this venue as an option and for whatever reason it didn’t go anywhere. Flash forward 6 months and I hear what everyone else heard..it’s over goodbye no more Canby. Well guys and gals.. I’m not trying to make a NEW show here, I’m simply offering my best attempt at keeping the SAME show going without killing myself with debilitating hinderances that I can only assume killed the show at the old venue. Here’s where things have changed from years prior, I’m one guy not a club, I’m taking on ALL responsibility for every aspect of this event aside from the help I’ll be getting from the venue itself, I’m ok with this, it’s not my first car show. If people want to come out and have a great time they’ll put a few bucks in their pocket and come out. I hope that a little potential weather doesn’t keep anyone from coming but if that happens then it happens. As far as conflicting with other events to me that’s like saying I’ve got too many tools or too many toys or too many Datsun’s haha in my mind there is NEVER enough.
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    Couldn't wait for the suspension upgrades to try out the wheels...
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    Ready for some spring road farming and cone dodging. It’s been a long winter.
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    Slowly moving.. got this car over to the new place.
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    i am pleased to announce that after a hiatus, numerous deployments, and months spent at sea, and after the truck not running for years, that I finally got her fired up the other day, and that my build is back on. my immediate plans are to get it back to a reliable and street legal status, which includes but is not limited to: -changing out all the fuel hoses for new -renewing the registration -bleeding the brakes (if necessary) after that, I should be able to drive it around town (and beyond!) I have no super big plans at the moment, just need to get to driving her again. but I do plan on taking it all over the state and pnw to go to all the meets and meet Datsun buddies.
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    Bottom half done One or two more colors left...
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    I thought back and fourth between running a modern engine ( SR, Beams ), and I kind of still want to, but I ended up using the L20 and open chamber u67. A local shop in Calgary did the machine work on the engine. We cleaned everything up, resurfaced the head and block, bored the block to 86mm.. ran 86mm flat top ZX pistons, resized the rods for ARP fastners. Rotating assembly was balanced, new valve grind, installed ISKY springs and retainers... I will be running a Steve Bonk .535 cam I haven't reassembled yet, I am just waiting to finish up paint, so I can have a nice clean work space moving forward. I've recently picked up a set of Weber DCOE45s from a person on FB marketplace.. Came with a new Cannon manifold. I also have a older swan neck Cannon manifold, unsure what I will need to run to clear my brake setup.. read on.. Valve cover, done by Mike Kohloff, wrinkle black. Oil cap from Number 7 which I got from Lonely Driver. My friend Jim Karst recently visited Ermish Racing and picked up a Nissan Comp style header for me, I don't know how well it will fit, but I am not running torsions, and I can just modify it at home. I am running a 280ZX transmission, with a Fidanza flywheel, Exedy clutch, etc etc.. no pictures doe.. For my suspension, I will be doing a 3 or 4 link in the rear, but not this year... So I won't talk about that.. But for the front, I will be running the Mike Klotz suspension members, with Beebani upper shock mounts and Qa1 coil overs.. No progress on that.. Will address soon. Brakes... Z32 26mm calipers, Beebani rotors with adapters.. Izusu rear disc conversion.. Also Beebani.. Yet to come.. Mike Kohloff did the powder coating on the calipers.. Came out awesome.. I rebuilt them. Interior, nothing fancy... Undecided whether to use my OEM bench seat, or run my 914 seats. I raptor lined the floor and firewall, looks sweet. I think that's it for now.. I will update as I move forward.
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    I met Dave at the first Canby I went to I think, in '09, maybe it was '11. Can't remember exactly. I wrote something about him I posted on facebook this morning while processing the news, since have posted it on NWDatsuns as well. I can't think of anyone who left more of an impact on me while knowing him so briefly. Pumpkin was the kind of guy who was always accepting. I hadn't talked to him in probably 2 years or so, but I know if I had called him up randomly, we'd bullshit and if we were close we'd swing by and see each other and kick it. I remember when he drove the grey Maxima wagon by my place after he had gotten it. Just random, happened to be in Spokane for something or other. I wasn't his close friend, but he made you feel like you had known each other for ages. So many good times at Canby, always wondering what the next nutty thing he would drag out, like the fishing line attached to the wheel hub on the birdshit goon, lol. And I know if he saw me in tears on the couch, he'd stop by with clown shoes on or something and make my ass laugh.For someone I rarely see, I'm really going to miss him. Also, Johnny is making memorial stickers for $10 proceeds less cost of manufacturing go to Dave's family.
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    Bumping this. I recently moved, now have a bigger garage. Still organizing it though. It will be a bit until I can do some meaningful work in there due to the amount of clutter from the move. The back yard has quite a bit or space so I'm trying to save my pennies to build a shop back there. Until then, I've got to get the garage organized and functional because I've got a ton of Datsun work to do.
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    Trailer is making progress After blasted and sealed some areas were a bit worse then expected. Roughing the body is a bit more work.
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    Mostly stock inside and out other than wheels, lowered and front lip.
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    She's new to me, my wife named her Jolene. Naturally as soon as I got her it's been rainy basically every day so she's just taunting me from the garage. I took her out for a quick trip to the DMV to transfer the title and had a bit of fun getting the rear end loose in second gear ?
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    Daves passing has upset me real bad to the point that it's really hard to even say anything. I wasn't that close to him but he made a special impression on me that only a unique person like him can do. He texted me last month and said he was trying to stay positive about things and I said we should hang out sometime. He said "promise" and I said yup. Well that never happened and I have felt terribly guilty for it. I met him about 7 years ago or so. He drove down and picked up a engine from Bill down in elma for my daughters 75 b210 which I still have. He threw it in the back of his goon drove it to my house and helped me install it. Dave was always willing to help someone in need. R.I.P Brother.
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    I found a few pictures from the years that I was taking photos of Datsun shows in NW. I have here some of the first photos of his orange 210 and also the Birthshitwagon. Dave was given the Ratsun award at Canby 2010
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    Canby 2012 Dave wearing my daughter's chair.
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    My 17 yr old son works at an in n out and making $14.75 an hr. Really well run organization and they take great care of their employees. The managers are making upwards of $160K. Pay people well, treat them with respect and they take their job seriously. It shows in the product.
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    Here are some pictures of the cars and trucks. There are more pictures to come.
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    No more lightened flywheel and it's a totally different car. Decell rock crusher is all but gone. It's drives waaaaaay better. Flywheel was a waste of $300.. oh well. I bought it before I turbo'd the car. It doesn't need one.. it's a hand full as it is!! And the RE71R's are killer. Drives like it's on rails now.. Only thing I did besides the flywheel was filled the trany with Redline MT90.
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    So I am a bit older than most of you, I think (not as old as Mike, though), as I graduated high school in 1991. Now the 3 coolest cars in my high school parking lot were (in no particular order) the mid-80s Trans Am or IROC-Z Camaro, the AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S (so much stickers!!), and the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest. I fell in love with all three of these and always wanted to own all three some day. It took me until 15 years after high school, but I did get an AE86. It was a load of fun and I do miss it still. I have often low key looked for a decent IROC-Z but that search has thus far proved fruitless. And we come to the last of the trio. Which I acquired today. 😁 Paint is pretty beat but it runs great. Engine was recently rebuilt, as was the turbo. It pulls surprisingly strong, especially on the freeway... Now just waiting on the UPS man to bring me about 20 boxes, then the real fun begins... 😁
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    Hello Ratsuners... It's been quite some time since I've posted or been active here. Still been in the datsun game. Anyways. Am blessed with the honor of getting Dave's infamous 210. The drive train has been swapped out to 200sx. Including the engine/transmission. Rocking the 2.2 motor from the 200sx. The fuel injection stuff is gone. But it will be running a weber 32/36 for now. Later down the road some side drafts would be sweet. For now the goal is to go over the brakes, hoses, bearings. Drop the fuel tank and clean it. Replace any hoses while it's out. Get the it running and driving. Going to leave it mostly as is like Dave had it. And just drive and enjoy it. I will be taking it to car shows like Canby and such so other people can see it and remember him also. Paint scheme will remain the same. Only thing I'm planning on changing, is putting a dashboard back in it. Maybe swapping out the wiring harness, and then seats. The intake and carbs he had on it were stolen. The hood is gone, too. Also the rear seat is missing, along with the slotted mags. If anyone has the following to donate to the cause, that would be cool! Slotted mags for it Rear seat Door panels Weber carb Front seats
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    Excited Guys! getting back Into a Datsun soon! been way to long....
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr If you look close you can see Jimmy's cute kid staring through the window.lol Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Interior besides carpet is almost perfect. Factory A/C. This 1800 has is all. It ddi have a Vinyl top hence the different color. I will fix all that. Already have parts on order.
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    Here she is all taped up. Aaaaand we have primer! After adjusting the Harbor Fart HVLP spray gun on a piece of masking paper, I gave it a shot on the bumpers. It immediately did this: Not cool. I had mixed something like 2:1 primer to lacquer thinner. So that's a no-go. Then I tried 1:1. Much better. Best shots I could get of the texture. I've never shot paint before, so I can't tell if it's actually good, but it feels good. Very consistent like a good matte. It looks much bumpier than it feels. Could be the gun was clogging or my pressures/settings weren't right. But it should sand nicely I think. This is the only major noticeable non-flatness. I just might have to tackle this one. This was the "bad" side. This fender was on the PO's car when he wrecked his other 210, so he swapped fenders with his parts car, now known as my race car. There are some many patches and hammerings in this one shot that no one will ever know about. Here's the setup if anyone is curious. I am shooting Rustoleum "surfacer" automotive primer, mixed with lacquer thinner, through the HF HVLP gun with a 1.8mm tip. That filter/staining stand from HF is a must! $20 for a 2-pack of quarts at Home Depot and I used just a little of the 2nd quart. I will probably need a 3rd quart. I had to special order this stuff online after reading tons of reviews and got to experience those nifty online order pickup lockers for the first time. This morning, once I realized I was ready to shoot, I went back to HD and had them run each can through their shaker machine. Lots of reviews online talk about the high solids content and how difficult it is to mix. I won't pretend to know what all that means, but I didn't notice many chunks and I'm happy with how it worked out. On my other bench I have a bucket with "used" thinner for cleaning the drill-powered mixer between coats. I spin the mixer in the thinner before and after mixing, then pour the mixed paint through the strainer into the gun's container.
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    Another weekend, another road-trip, another 521 added to the collection! I was keeping an eye on offerup and noticed someone list a datsun drift truck and arranged to meet up with him. Noah ended up being an awesome guy and after a little chatting he let Bro and I snag this awesome little rig. With help with Noah, and his family we rolled the truck up onto the car dolly - even managed to get my little Niece helping load everything up Full bed loaded up! Once we got back to my place we got the truck unloaded I took the chance to look at what the panels looked like on the truck Got the doors mounted tonight. I know you guys want to see the floors: In the bucket of parts the rest of the trans tunnel parts are there if I want to go "back to stock". Noah was awesome and bagged all the bolts and labeled them. Pulling out some of the spare parts to swap with the green 521. Dash has the radio delete plate which is awesome, and the headlight trim is fantastic. Datsun 620 steering wheel + column and a fantastic front bumper and the MINT bench seat.
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    Heres my pics. Jrock, thanks for hosting it was a nice day for it.
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    I'm building a 620, have had her for 3 years now. She's a 1976 long bed, 4 speed, L20. When I bought the truck, it needed everything, said 19,000 miles, was pretty clean, til I got into it. Here's where I found it, in the state it was in.. Picked it up for $5000 I think, had a friend drive it home, because I had a broken arm at the time.. I didn't really know much about it, other than it was sweet, but ugly, worked okay. Few weeks went by, felt more comfortable driving it, so I took it out. Brakes didn't work, needed two rear wheel cylinders. At this point, I had only dealt with BMWs ( E30,36,46) so I was unaware of Rockauto having most parts. Anyways, few more weeks went by, still unable to really work on my cars, so I had some friends do the brakes for me, went well. Then I ordered some 3" blocks for the rear, gathered some info, and a friend and I installed the blocks, and reindexed the torsions. Stock shitty shocks still. I also took off the heinous bed cover, camper hooks, rear crash bumper, front bumperettes.. pretty much everything I hated. So, tires sucked, they were original. So I picked up some Chev Rally wheels, my friend Mike Kohloff powder coated them black, picked up some of the cheapest tires available and sent it. Looked shitty at this point.. I left it, installed some gas adjust shocks, rode better, and I think I lowered the front more. Then winter happened... I was doing an engine build/restomod on my E30 at the time, so I spent all my time on the E30 for a while. Come spring, I moved the truck to my parents garage, to make room for my other cars at my place At some point I came across Mike Klotz (Bluehandsfab).. Great guy, great ideas.. I purchased a Nissan hard body ball joint conversion from him, which included upper and lower control arm, as well as inner and outer tie rods, with coupling. Very nice product. I had it all powder coated, again by Mike Kohloff. Purchased Belltech drop spindles, some new calipers, rotors, pads, lines etc.. installed everything, along with a 15/16 zx master. Worked well, had it aligned etc.. I cut off the droop bump stops, and tig welded on some plates, which I dimpled with my dimple die set from TMR customs. The truck had an oil cooler installed when I got it, the original owner had a factory drop in camper which he drove to Vancouver occasionally. It was installed poorly, probably in the dark at midnight with a blindfold on... no pictures tho. So I bought a new cooler, some -an lines, fittings, bent up a bracket, dimpled it. So, I drove it for a bit, and it sucked, leaked oil, back fired, but I loved it. I pulled the carpet when I got it, and there was some rust scale on the pass side floor panel. Removed it all, but I didn't coat it back, made some mats from rubber. No pics of that. Everything in there is original and mint. I installed this Nardi wheel, I got from someone from Vancouver, came from a Stagea. So some time went on, I guess a year ish.. wrapped up my E30. Here's some pictures. So fast forward to now..ish.. summer 2018, I picked up some new wheels from Love20bee on instagram. and I left it be for a while, til fall. I decide I am done with the leaking of oil, back firing, horrible ride, etc.. I guess I was also sick of the rust I kept finding, so I gutted the interior.. Big rust spot on the firewall... Sweet. Oh and I was sick of the sunroof... and the rusted out battery tray. A friend of a friend replaced the roof skin for me, replaced the battery tray metal, and fixed up the firewall. Did an OK job, kind of a d bag. I removed all the rust scale from my rain cowl... disaster, then POR15'd it, then seam sealed it.. Kinda see it here.. Now it's all primed up, ready to paint and looks nice. That last picture is now. I have a bunch of other details to post.. engine, new suspension, brakes, stuff I've restored. Next post, kinda out of order.
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    720 spotted on Western at PCH in Lomita CA 4/2/19:
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    SoCal TT 2014: Death Valley 2009: When I bought her from original owner, 1984:
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    The Red headed Hottie and i are driving something Datsun up. May throw some parts in the trunk, but last year at Canby selling was a waste of time. Totally cool with parts delivery on request. Just really wondering what the hell i will have available to drive, seems I'm back to selling everything cool I build. would be cool to see the normal crew of Datsun heads Keeper out
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    been doing a bunch of work on my '70 Goon. It has been sitting for a year or so, due to it needing a bunch of front suspension work,among other things. my 521 had taken all my time and money. I will update my thread on the wagon soon, but here's a picture for now. reassembly is still underway.
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    Those holes are for the factory SSS badges found on the 1970 models. This was mostly a trim upgrade, but I see you have the factory tach and map light (almost always found on those models), so that would support that as well. The badge is the rectangular SSS emblem that was also shared on the 411 SSS models (on the grille and tail light panel). This is the emblem that would be located there: Michael
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    Here's to the fallen ? May we see you again on distant shores some day. Today was Cervantes's Birthday. He would have been 38...
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    Hope this works...bring the comments! I said "acquired" but its actually on the transport on its way to me in Florida from Washington - 3200 miles!. take screen shot upload pictures img host
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