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    The Stone,Woods & Cooke car!
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    Which is a good thing... https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a26899191/florida-man-headlines-2019/ You can't make this shit up!!!!
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    Now I need to go back & see if I can find that building (behind the transporter). I think I saw it when I was there.
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    more updates! Drivers side was completed and then the car was road tested by Eric to make sure there was no rubbing. Can't wait to get the car back 😁 Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    Nothing prettier than a shiny flathead! 🤩
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    http://motormasterpowersports.com/atv-utv/staked-in-u-joint-430-9 Check this out these from Rockford Driveline.
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    Never met an "enthusiasts" that wanted a convertible 510...
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    Whatever you do, make sure the pedal has a good 1/16" free play before it starts actuating the master cylinder. Bad things can happen if it is preloading the master. Also, I believe there is an adjustment on the opposite side of the pedal box for pedal height adjustment. So two adjusters on the pedal. One at the firewall side and one at the steering wheel side.
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    All welded up!! Soon....................... Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    It has two holes in it; one for the steering column and one for the shift column.
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    bananahamuck: thanks for the pix, love the blue 620 with the double cab and external bedsides. i so wanted to go. maybe in march the 620 will be there
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    I moved back to McComb in mid 84. Man I miss those days.
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    Don't ask them about a listing if it isn't theirs, they might just take issue with that. Tell them you want to re-jet a carb you already have to work on the engine you have. Phone calls get a lot better results than e-mails, or just looking at someone's list of jets.
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    lol its the same story here! it always surprises people that they still exist.
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    Cool, I have to go up Jackson to the Doctor next Tuesday but may not have time to connect with you cause I'll be tight on time but would be great to meet in person.
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    thanks, My dad has a youtube channel that will be covering a large portion of the work done to the car. I will be sure to link some videos once they're posted.
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    Ha ha. Rather have the purple limo.
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    Yessir! It makes it that much more special! I did meet my great grandpa before he passed but he did pass before i was old enough to have memories of spending time with him doing fun stuff. Just him being sick. so it has some kind of meaning to get it running and back on the road to me that i know you can relate too! Sorry for your loss...it does really add to the motivation to get it done. I might be further but i will bw checking it hopefully motivating or inspiring you to get you moving lil by little. Any progress yet? The 73s are aw I'm on a very limited income, and my wife is also on disability now, so my progress with getting the 620 running will be slow. A few dollars here and there is the best I can do, unless on occasion I can come up with some extra income. Something I've found through the school of hard knocks is one thing that might help with old/rusted bolts. First, spray the bolt thoroughly with PB Blaster and let it set to soak in (or your favorite thread cleaner). Then, IF you can get to the back side of the bolt, use a die on the threads. Run the die onto the threads as far as possible, then turn the die around and do the same thing again. The threads of the die will help clean up the threads of the bolt. The threads of the die make a tapered cut, so turning the die around backwards will clean threads closer to the captured nut. Once this is done (or if you can't get to the back side of the bolt) now is the time to use a box wrench. Turn the bolt looser JUST until the bolt begins to move. Then go in the reverse direction Just until the bolt moves. Go back and forth with the bolt, increasing the turning distance just a little bit each time. Also, spray the bolt again every couple times, or close to that, as turning the bolt each way will help the liquid go deeper into the threads each time. Keep doing this until the bolt can be backed out completely. Then spray the bolt again and run the die all the way down the threaded portion of the bolt. This will take time, but less time than dealing with a broken bolt. The best of luck with this project, and may God be your guide. Don
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    Place an ad in our classifieds... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/8-datsun-vehicles/ ... even non members peruse them and might have what you want. Leave some form of contact information. You'll likely want to seek something on the left coast Auto Trader, BAT.... Ideal would be a runner that you can fly out and drive home with. As for fit, the Feb '76 and up had a King Cab option available. Only came with bucket seats. That's got to work but if not there are lots of better made buckets that recline that you could custom fit..
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    Yea it is a very long bed. Awesome to find out its not very common. Everyone here has me even more excited. I can't wait to get it home and start cleaning it up and making my list of what it needs and getting started.
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    Designed and built by Noel Black, the Rhinoceros Car was originally a land speed car and it used a streamliner body when on the salt or lakes. It was taken to the drag strip mainly for testing and to see what it could do. Noel Black lost his life in this car.
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    https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/8-datsun-vehicles/ You never know if a non Ratsun member is perusing through the classifieds.
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    A 510, 10 cases of fruit, a fire hydrant, a sidecar and rider, a moving train car full of nondescript white liquid, a 1st gen Mustang, a Mach I Mustang, and what ever POS car the other guy was driving. Sound was the last thing I noticed.
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    90% is just cleaning them. 7% is adjusting the settings. None of the jets and bleeds or gaskets wear out so the last 3% is the accelerator pump. Throttle shaft can wear but not much you can do about those.
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    LOL your right, after I fix all mine I’ll probably be broke. The money will come in handy. But I’ll for sure be rich as far as Datsun 510’s.
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    Fixed my gasoline filling problem, and I now have two filler necks on my tank. It is almost a pleasure putting fuel in my wagon now..
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    Did a little playing with the lip I ordered from jimmy_machine001@yahoo.com on ebay with an extra valance I had from a junkyard truck.
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