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    Will '78 and up disc brakes fit on the earlier king pin trucks? Why is the relay near the glove box making a buzzing sound? Oh yeah it's an '81 720 Got a SBC 350 for free!!! How would I put it into my B-210? Can I keep the 4 speed in it? Pulled all the smog crap off my engine but now it won't start, HELP! Changed the head gasket on my vintage 510 but now I can't get the timing chain to fit back on the cam sprocket. WTF? Changed the oil pump now the timing is all messed up. Engine won't turn over but cranks with the starter. WTF? Dash lights too dim how do I make brighter? Turn signals on 720 stopped working after using the 4 ways.??? HEATER ONLY HAS HIGH SPEED, help!
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    Huh????? Not the real datzenmike... The real datzenmike Look, but you will never find me on f.b or in Vegas. Or Disneyland, now I look a little like Walter.... even to the mole on the left cheek
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    The "Wagon Syndicate" got together at the Cars and Coffee out in Corona this morning. As usual, we were the last folks to leave the event.. Left to right: Mr BigTanker Datrod Duncan Wicked Jester A good time was had by all in-between all the earthquakes.
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    Been hard at work getting the truck done and back on the road. So now that it was all back together I decided to put it to a test. I needed to take my roadster doors to my parents house so I figured I’d haul Datsun parts in my Datsun truck. Well that went good so I figured I go a little farther and I drove to a fellow car nuts house. It was a one hour round trip of driving in 92 degree weather. Did great! Love it!
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    Please share and tell a friend !
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    found something to put on the hako shift knob. 1970 100 yen coin lol
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    Firing order is 1342 in a counter clockwise direction on the distributor. Check that the wires go to the correct plugs. Generally 2 and 3 are reversed if 180 out or set in a clockwise direction. If you can get the rotor on or very close to ANY plug wire on the cap... make this the #1 wire and just connect 3, 4, 2. wires to it's counter clockwise side. Failure to fire #3 could be the wire is swapped with #2? Could also be that the intake or exhaust valve is held open by a too tight rocker arm adjustment. Swap the #3 wire with another wire and see if the problem moves. If so maybe the plug wire is bad. Swap the plug and see if the problem moves... same thing. Inspect the plug porcelain insulator and the cap for carbon tracking. This is a breakdown of the insulation where a spark has arched across the surface and burned a trail making it easier to arc again. Will look like a spider web or jagged scratch.
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    So far the Datto clutch master cylinder seems to be playing nice with the Audi clutch slave cylinder! Got brake pedal and clutch pedal. The necessary transmission mount and bracket are on their way to me so I can final fit that portion to the crossmember. Thinking i’ll have to make a little ‘porch’ off the front of the stock crossmember and that will be set 😁
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    Center console is actually mounted with the switches in their place.
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    I think you are right about the side mount on a truck. Remove the hose to it and blow into the tank with the cap off. If you hear bubbles, it's not clogged. If it, is you can probably poke some wire in there to clear it. Then I would definitely remove the tank and clean it if this is the case.
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    Try to avoid throwing away something worthless to you. At least give it away if you don't want it. Someone will want it, somewhere.
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    Honestly ,, i bet he probably just turns advance into it then lugs it up Scott Lake hill,, and backs it off till it doesn't ping.. I wouldn't change anything about the plate.. Nothing I have points in mine so shouldn't be any clearance issues at all for me .. Points aint no big thing ,, easily serviceable, and cheap,.. I like fiddling with things once in a awhile.. I read an article once in road and track type magazine about this rich movie star that drove a triumph spitfire ( that was known to have to be fixed on side of road) He said " i like driving cars that need me as much as i need them" .
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    Got the engine, radiator, starter, heater, coil, leather shift knob and some misc shit. Didnt get the trans or anything else. Plan on pulling the head/clutch/tc and flywheel off to get a good look at things.. Need to get it out of my truck first though. L20b U60 head appears to have been shaved at some point Racer brown cam SS-54 383 - 67 dual 40 Mikunis w/filters
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    I haven't posted anything in a while. Right after my last update around a year ago we moved in early June 2018. I spent most of last year working on the new house. Especially this spring when I spent almost all of my time and all of my budget redoing the landscaping. Anyway, I have been able to get back to the Datsun this summer. I did work on the driver door again over the winter. I decided to remove the body filler that was on there and try harder to get it straighter, then epoxy the metal before adding any filler or high build primer. It is a little embarrassing how many hours I put into that stupid door, but it looks a lot better. It is far from perfect, but this is the pic of the door with a coat of epoxy. I don't have a lot of pics or even remember the little things I have worked on over the last year, but here are a few pictures of some recent work, and where I am now. I ended up doing some grinding and welding along the patch panel I put in to get the door gap to look better before priming the driver side quarter panel I purchased the disc brake kit from Bluehands inc right before the move, and have been cleaning up the front suspension to get that put in. I'll get a pic of everything put back together for another update. I only have this pic of everything removed from the front other than the sway bar. I probably won't post very often unless I make some noticeable progress. It sometimes feels lame posting small things, especially since I have been dicking around on this for so long. I just wanted to let whoever followed my build before know that I am not dead, and didn't give up on the old datsun.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Man I had to load then unload for the photo then load it back up again then unload back at my house to make it look like I drove it.
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    I built a simple shifter console out of more rain gutter. Also thanks to ]2eDeYe for the Ratsun stickers!
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    Came across a deal I couldn’t pass up for a Beebani Watt’s link setup so it will be headed my way here in the next week or so 😁
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    Making progress Spray foam to keep the roof skin from oil caning One more priming / sanding and paint time
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    While in the junkyard you should have looked at how they came off so you could take yours off without ripping. Pick-n-pull yards are a real learning experience. Just my opinion. Chopper Jim
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    Thanks, I really have no clue what I am doing, but it's been fun.
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    This is an '85 720. It does not fit standard DIN. The width dimension is too narrow. I'm less concerned about the depth trimming, but I don't really want to cut into the sides. 🙂
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    Ya I don’t know why I said 1/4” - the plate we were water jetting was closer to 3/4” actually. But it was just what lying around in the drop pile.
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    Whooo boy. When you going to part that fucker out Tanker?
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    In a rush to get to the graveyard ?
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    Those rods are for either a RB30 - 6.0010" long with a big end width of 0.8580" or a VG30 - 6.0630" long with BE width of 0.8170". Both have the same big end dia as L series, VG does have a 22mm pin though Vs 21.02mm for the RB which is the same as L series. http://pauter.com/parts/rods/infiniti-nissan/
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    Ok, thanks for the thought. I hate to do too much trimming, but I'll take another look. I usually discount cutting factory dashes in any way. 🙂 I like to modify things, but typically only will if they cab be "undone". 🙂
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    Crytek89s swap is well written in the how to section. You have to have tools and a place to work. The kae is the easiest but is not easy. There is support for mounts and wiring on here. Except maybe the 4.3 vortec any American pushrod motor is a waste of time. There are dozens of documented swaps on here that never get completed. I am rolling a 1995 truck kae in my 82 4x4 and love it but it is a crapton of work and not cheap.
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    Pull the radiator support before removing any of the body panels. If you have access to a body shop, they will know, but if you don't, try using chains bolted strategically around the rad support, and then a high lift jack connected by a strap to another vehicle, or to something like a telephone pole. You may need to strap the truck to something from behind to keep it from rolling too. Keeping the panels in place while pulling the inner fender and rad support will help things go back to their original place.
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