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    SR20DET with 5 speed manual and some other goodies!!
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    I love the Cafe with the "OPEN 24 HRS A DAY " lettering, with the "CLOSED" sign on the door.
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    They do not do the body mounts. It was expensive, I sold my 1998 Wrangler with 63k original miles and my 2012 KTM Super Motto to pay for the chassis. I have coil overs all around and 13in Wilwood brakes front and rear. The total for the chassis with shocks, Wilwood brakes, steering rack, shipping, axels, rear end etc... little over $17,000. (Yikes!)
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    I assume opposite of the spring in the photo so try pushing it LEFT!!!!!! no start? air out the plugs or tries new ones. try not using the choke if you think its near flooding out
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    Got this painted and looking sexy again. I was able to drive it out to Cars and Coffee in San Clemente last Saturday, and had a great time. I'm having more medical issues, so my plan is to drive the wagon more, and work on it less while the docs get me tuned up again. I just got my Medicare card the other day, so I must be getting old!
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    Yeah they're lucky it's not me, I'd go to the thrift store, buy a bunch of blankets and tack them to the ceiling. And if there's space for a display, I'd put something random in there
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    All your rides look and are badass Mr Bigtanker.
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    Well, stupid me broke the stock steel tubing for the manifold coolant return line. I heat it up red hot and tried bending it and it cracked, so I made a whole new line out of 3/8” heating oil fuel tubing. It has a flare fitting on the manifold and just slides into the stock rubber elbow on the pump side. I then cut the ugly orange plastic off of it. I used a “P” clip on the stock front stud to support the middle. I then managed to stretch my NOS PCV hose over to the new location on the Offy manifold. There’s a closer fitting, but it’s on the primary side in the back. I’d rather have it in the middle where it’s evenly distributed by the cylinders. I was asking about the fitment of the RockAuto radiator hoses a while back. Well, the lower Gates brand one fits awesome with the aftermarket radiator.
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    Good eye, what if the bmw part is in a Ratsun?
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    Oh yeah......Sooooooooooooooooo nice!
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    Got the starter, alternator and radiator hooked up tonight. unfortunately my stock rad cap doesn't work on the koyo so going to run by the store tomorrow and grab one. Got the truck running without the cooling system just long enough to make sure the alternator was charging....and that i could get it to start again. haha. in addition to those things i soaked the fuse box in vinegar overnight and scrubbed it with a toothbrush. got some fresh fuses and replaced some of the connectors. also designed a sticker for inside the fusebox to replace the one that was in there. also: my fuse box had a 30A fuse on the 1st and 3rd, this doesn't agree with the manual, anyone have any idea as to why someone would up the amps? lastly, ordered a new pcv valve as my old one was rusted siezed. In addition, i got a hose and got those installed as well. Radiator cap tomorrow and i should be able to take her for a spin. Before: After: PCV
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    I went up two jet sizes on the main jets already and I could probably go up to 160 on the main jet - stock is 140. I have NOT changed the idle jet yet- in fact I have been able to turn the mixture screw in a good half a turn or more . The MAIN AIR jet needs to be enlarged and the main fuel jet at the same time . I went from 16-18 AFR during moderate loading to 14’s . WOT is still in the 14’s - which I want to see in the 13’s . The REDLINE kit I got only had up to 155 main jet , so I ordered a 160. I haven’t had a chance to install it yet . The performance difference is very noticeable and my MPG has gotten a bit better I believe , but need more miles to verify
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    I went through a couple of different versions until I got it working properly, a wet blaster. There are a few gallons of water in the bottom of the hopper along with a few cups fine glass beads, that is pumped up to the cabinet by an old pool pump and 80 psi air pressure is added at the last moment before it exits the nozzle. Not as fast as dry bead blasting but no dust and much nicer finish, I set it up in the spring and use it when ever I have something that needs cleaning then drain it and put it in storage for the winter. About $400 in parts with the stainless steel taking up most of that.
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    Years ago my son gave me two drills, a sawsall and a skillsaw and two battery packs. The problem was the charger didn't work and they simply took up space and I couldn't throw them out.. 3 weeks ago there was a sale at Home Depot, if you buy one charger with a battery you could pick any tool to go with it. So I picked the angle grinder. Now I have 2 drills, skilsaw, angle grinder, sawsall and 3 batteries with and a charger that works for Christmas. 👍
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    He could always paint/cerakote it the dicktarn camo.
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    Sniped this lot at like 2am on ebay a couple weeks ago. All in really nice shape!
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    Because they really aren't trying that hard to sell it.It's Craigslist.I place ads and specifically ask to be CALLED,not texted or emailed.You know what i get ? texts and emails.If you want what i'm selling call me.
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    Maybe because if do a reverse search on their phone number you would find that they are spoofing or are a known crook site ?
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