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    Small world. Yeah I bought the truck off Louis about a year and a half ago. The truck is up in Hamilton now. I wish it still had that canopy.
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    These ones are not rare just hard to purchase. There out of Japan for what I know. Also doing to test the load on my electrical system. They are easier on the draw..
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    By ricer, I just meant the blue tinted ones. Hell, even silver stars are blue. I just find it odd that you’d put LED bulbs in relatively rare Marchal lights.
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    Why are you so upset about them ? There just white LED's that's it what's with the ricer bullshit ?
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    So if you wanted blue headlights, why don’t you just put ricer bulbs in your Marchals? Those LED bulbs don’t even align the emitter correctly with the light’s reflector.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr My oh my, such badassness.
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    Hey stackedfish. I know this truck. I remember seeing it on trademe back when it still had that Canopy. Then a bloke named Louis had it. (I think I'm still friends with him in FB) What town/city are you in?
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    I had mine machined to 5x130 (Porsche pattern). As mentioned, that's not an inexpensive exercise. That cost alone could have bought some decent 6-lug wheels. But then...I changed my strategy. I wanted disc brakes in the front instead of drums (that of which the hubs I had were for drums). Off to the machine shop again with a set of Hardbody hubs. Though the exercise was pricey, I got the Porsche alloys on there as I wanted. 🙂 Let's not talk about what it takes to find a clean set of four 16x6 Porsche alloys and then having them polished.
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    I drained mine, filled with water leaving a bubble near the rot and worked on it. Ground down tinned with solder and soldered a piece of brass from a rad onto it. Had it for 15? years.
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    You can buy a $10 bluetooth mod on amazon. It will plug right into the cigarette lighter. The quality really doesn't matter because the sound system is shit. Worked for me when I dailied mine for 3 years.
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    They used to call that a gulp valve , right? Wouldn't be the first time that part caused a fail.
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    Clean the area around the sides of the rear cap before installing it, and use a film of gasgacinch around the seal. Get new side seals too and install them with gasgacinh as well. Bearings look good.
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    Motor was running when pulled is what they told me. Trans had taken a shit. No coolant was in the oil when I drained it. There is a milky looking substance on the crank under the bearings here, tho??? Cylinder walls don't look rusted, except for that top quarter inch where the rings don't touch.
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    Well the surprise under the oil pan wasn't as great 😂😂😂. The rust is mostly around the cyl 4 area of the crank and slightly on cyl 3 area of crank. I don't know what the bearings should look like, but guessing this isn't great.
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    I ordered the felts. They are at home but I won't be there for about a month. Will keep posted after the installation.
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    Did you see this low mileage engine running? Check the plug wires, it's easy to mix them up. White 'smoke' sounds like steam from a blown head gasket which is common on the Z24. Maybe why it was for sale. Does the coolant push out the rad cap? are there bubbles in the coolant with the cap off and engine running? Does it constantly need coolant to be 'topped up'?
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    anyone out there that can explain or lead me in right direction of fixing my truck i recently had head gasket go on my 85 720 z24 it wasnt circulating properly and when head gasket went out engine still ran norma lexcept the overheating didnt knock or anything so i pulled old engine out and bought a replacement with low milage got everything back in and set timing but now engine struggles too start like a dead battery even though battery is brandnew when i get it started it runs smooth but now when i push gas white smoke and a little fire comes out pipe its running hot and air blowing out valve cover breather im totally confused on all of this ive read contless articals and nothing is fixing issue any help would be greatly appriciated
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    And like I said, I cut my front and side pieces of metal holding the gasket down to 3/8" high and it appears to not push the hood up too much with an unmodified gasket, less than an eighth inch if that.
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    I sacrificed my piece of rubber and to see if it was the back or screen that pushed it up and it is 100% the screen part.
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    The new gasket only sticks up maybe an eighth inch higher than that wore out stock gasket on the screen, and it is hard to say if the stock gasket has held its shape, its likely been pushed down by the hood and/or sagged from time, the front of that gasket. I just measured both, stock gasket is around an inch high, the new gasket is around an inch and an eighth high, but again your situation may be different than mine, I thought the rear pieces were pushing my hood up, but it turned out to likely be the screen part/area that was pushing the hood up.
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    They are massively wider than the 720.
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    Why not do the H233 so you can use a stock LSD? That's my plan.
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    Damn that's cool, tho! Thanks for chiming in. I determined my 84 4wd has an open diff and 4.11s.
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    The internet isn't completely wrong in this case it's just that for the US an lsd was probably never an option. We got them over here in Europe, maybe not all of europe but at least for Norway it seems most diesel 4x4 720's had a rear clsd in a c200 axle. They also have very low gearing of 4,88 or something like that. Sadly this doesn't help you guys though(and it's difficult to find one even here)
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    Boy do I LOVE getting picture updates on the hako. Trunk is almost finished. As you can see Eric is doing it properly in keeping all factory spot welds, rust proofing behind panels. He is being meticulous to not only make it look good but last another 50+ years. SO HAPPY!!!! Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    This is my first attempt at posting a photo. I have a lot to learn here.
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    I literally read this as 620’s UNTIE 😶🤣
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    I was able to buy a set from Mike Klotz. I also bought a single one from ebay so whenever I get the ebay one (lock pin for the z cars) in the mail I'll compare them side by side. These are from Mike.
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    Was actually a re-spray job with some texture rattle can paint. Not expecting it to remain perfect but it looks much better than its original state. Will likely cover with a dash protector.
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    Selling or buying has to go in the classifieds...https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/ Put a price on it and post all the pictures you like. This is a '78 engine with W58 head? mention this also.
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    That woul The Tom Monroe book has everything you would ever need. Plus a few tricks that the FSM doesn't include.
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    This Is a great book for it.....
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    That would take writing a book! More or less the same as any engine with an over head cam. Some of the clearances would be different and some of the torque specs. What I would do is check e Bay for a factory service manual FSM made by NISSAN not the Haynes or Chiltons manuals but the Nissan one for a '74 truck. New are $80 so expect $20-? It will have everything in it.... tune ups, engine, transmissions, drive shaft differentials, electrical, body, steering, suspension and brakes all in their own section with diagrams.. and more. . Like Hainz says read it while naked, I say keep in the bathroom and read it every day.
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    I am very interested in seeing the long term results of the dash cap repair.
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    Thanks for the info guys! Again, appreciate you guys taking the time to help out. I have found some solid 6 lug options when it comes to wheel selection, but the original reason that I wanted to convert to a different lug pattern was wheel selection, so you guessed it correct. I'm just taking notes now ha.
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    There are 5 on 4.5 axles with 29 spline ends for the H190 in Japan off the older Gloria & Cedric cars, but finding front hubs for a 620 spindle would take a lot of searching. Are they the correct length to fit the trucks axle housing ? No idea, and it would take $$ to check it out, as they are heavy, which is expensive to bring in from Japan, just to try. Re-drilling wheels would be doubtful due to the inch larger bolt pattern of the truck. Re-drilling, and re-machining the hubs is a possibility (maybe). If you have experience in design, and drafting, sit down, start measuring, and drawing everything up. Just looked at a spare spindle/hub assembly I have in the shop, and it is doubtful, as the center bore of most 5-lug wheels is so small, that you may not have enough material to turn the front hubs down far enough without either breaking through, or severely weakening the hub. And it isn't something that you can just drop off at a machine shop, and say make these fit, as they want $$ to just try to figure it out, and may end up saying "No". Bottom line, like 2J says, is finding some 6-lug wheels you like, they are out there, and in Japan. Or run adaptors, if you trust them. Since the 620 likes a zero offset (at least in an 8" width), if you run an adaptor that is 1" thick 6 to 5 lug adaptor, you would need a 25 offset wheel.
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    Most guys say it's due to lack of wheel selection. Not saying that is the case here. The justification is usually all the wheels available in that pattern, never mind most are not the correct offset. I don't get it, there are some sick 6-lug wheels out there. You just have to look a bit harder. To answer the OPs question, if you want to do this correctly. Pull the hubs and axle shafts, take them to a machine shop and have them re-drilled for the pattern you want. Also make sure they machine to fit the bore of the wheels on the hubs and face the axle shafts to sit below the drum face on the rear. Or you can try your luck with these.... https://www.airbagit.com/Billet-Wheel-Adapters-Adaptors-Spacers-p/aa-6550-5450-652ol.htm
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    NACA duct from a 280ZX turbo! .
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    stock Nissan Sylvias did Ok with out them from the factory
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    I'm in Pasadena ( LA ) and could receive shipments if it's convenient for you. There's a guy in AZ who has surrounds and was headed out here. I'll see if he's bringing any along *update - sending his contact # in a PM
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