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    Happy luck me day!!! Always nice to score some parts, especially when you are on the right coast!! Tailgate is in amazing shape with one chain being factory. Taillights are in amazing shape as well. One crack on one of the red ones but thats it!!! No spider webbing and they are a glossy shiny red! One back up lens looks brand new, the other has spider webbing. The reverse light buckets are toast tho. Scored it all for 130. Im very pleased.
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    The most insane drumming and bass playing ever....
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    Solved! - Stopped by Union Jack,a British car repair shop, about a block up the street.Turns out a guy was trailering his MG MIdget to the shop,when the taillight assembly came loose & fell off.MGB & Midget share the same taillight assembly. The owner of the shop was surprised when I told him.I'll be returning the part to the owner of midget,as it belongs to him.
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    Finally after years I was able to find a 610 sedan and to my surprise me and a friend were able to go halves on a pair of 610s that were up for sale from a great owner named Russell. He had a bamboo colored 73 610 wagon with a SR20DET done 10 years ago years after he got the 74 Sedan which his gf at the time drove and were a pair for years. My sedan had been almost done from the body shop but some disagreement between the previous owner and the body shop put a stop to finishing it. It runs a L16 with a 5 speed for now and since it had been sitting over a year in storage in bare metal state of course some surface rust happened but no big deal. My buddy Carlos helped me get it back on the road after replacing the alternator going to one auto parts store to another to coming back to the storage to find my perfectly good hood dented. After driving it from Sunnyvale to Modesto it got a flat got help from the Datslocos guys for a spare wheel to get me to Modesto, then the radiator cap shot coolant all over. Next morning we replaced the water pump, new radiator cap, filled it up, and ended getting new tires all around. After getting the suspension adjusted a little from being so low the U-Joint didn't like the camber little shaky on the highway raise it just a hair. I made it all the way from Modesto to Mt. Shasta when the radiator got clogged up hill...shit. was able to get help filled the radiator up drove it a couple miles to a gas station and spent the last 1.5hrs unclogging it as much as I could. Luckily I was able to only stop a few more times till it was smooth sailing to Medford. Anyway here is it is, the rest of body work & paint is going to get done soon as i can sell off a few datsuns and most definitely going to swap a KA24DE for now till I figure out what I really want in it. Not bad car at all custom coilovers with S13 front camber plates, front roll center adjusters, & custom QA1 coilovers in the rear. Only issue I need to fix now is it's getting oil in the radiator but luckily not in the engine. https://i.imgur.com/EQnRb2d.gifv
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    Waiting on a wheel hub seal to finish installing rear end back on so lowered my seat instead. Not sure what this bench came out of but with its brackets it was about 2 inches higher than stock. Removed the brackets and made new ones to get it lower and back. At 6 foot and 250 need every inch I can get.
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    Pull the radiator support before removing any of the body panels. If you have access to a body shop, they will know, but if you don't, try using chains bolted strategically around the rad support, and then a high lift jack connected by a strap to another vehicle, or to something like a telephone pole. You may need to strap the truck to something from behind to keep it from rolling too. Keeping the panels in place while pulling the inner fender and rad support will help things go back to their original place.
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    Slow progress..... Radiator hoses and condenser piping.
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    And if that isn't enough, I give you the 2003ish Tundra stepside rear end on top... Someone's balls should be kicked for this...
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    Motor in. Just need to finish the fuel pump and plug in the harness.
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    Long overdue update. Been chipping away..but it’s ready to be mated with its new trans and wiggled into its new home. Fingers crossed my helpers come this weekend.
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    If you don't know what a "Dajiban" is, look at this, or watch this and/or this... Ever since seeing those things, we have been obsessed with buying/building one. Since Tim recently sold his Econoline van, we figured now was as good a time as any... So about two weeks ago I get a photo texted to me from Tim's potato phone saying "I just bought this"... It had been parked for at least a year (or more), so he had it towed to the shop. We put in a fresh battery, and oddly it fired right up and ran fine. 😄 Thankfully it was low on gas (which probably was a bit stale anyway) so rather than drain the gas we drove the two blocks to the gas station and filled it with 93 octane. That short drive showed us the tires were dry rotted, hard as rocks, and not very round any more. So we got some 17x8s and some 255/55-17 tires for it... Drove it around a bit today and she does very nice... Up next is more low of course... 😎 And today Tim also got some more racecar seats for it...
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    The "Wagon Syndicate" got together at the Cars and Coffee out in Corona this morning. As usual, we were the last folks to leave the event.. Left to right: Mr BigTanker Datrod Duncan Wicked Jester A good time was had by all in-between all the earthquakes.
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    G'day from down-under. Got this old beauty a few weeks back after cutting my ties with the VW hobby. Starting to wonder why I didn't go Datsun a LOT earlier. It's a bit of weird car. At some stage in it's life, the 4 speed was swapped out for a Stanza auto/floor shifter. It's also got a 120y brake booster. The worse rust in the car by a long way is under the fuse box. Beyond that, it's super straight and clean beyond a ding in the back panel. In truth, I was really keen for a 180B/610, but I just couldn't find one that was straight and original. Everything was rusted, nasty and needed lots of work. So, the plan with this car is twofold. I need a daily for about 2.5 days per week. As well, I've got a long history in autotests/khanas with my car club. So I'll using the car for club events. The same club that is over-run by Datsun freaks. Which is just awesome, because they're unloading all their cool parts on me. Yesterday I got the follow for under $1k... 180B SSS L18 motor, worked, fully balanced with a big cam. Lightened flywheel and Bilstein rear shocks. 200B/810 SX wheels 200b/810 front struts and brakes with Bilstein inserts and brand new HD springs I've still yet to pick up a 5 speed and a R180 LSD for it. Down the track, once it rolls and stops ok, the L18 will get some sort of home-brewed plenum and Megasquirt engine control. I fully hate points and carbs. Anyhow, the plan for now is registration and keeping the wife happy by staying in my $15k budget. Which should be fine. Can't believe how cheap Datsun parts are, even compared to VWs. And that's saying something!
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    Been hard at work getting the truck done and back on the road. So now that it was all back together I decided to put it to a test. I needed to take my roadster doors to my parents house so I figured I’d haul Datsun parts in my Datsun truck. Well that went good so I figured I go a little farther and I drove to a fellow car nuts house. It was a one hour round trip of driving in 92 degree weather. Did great! Love it!
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    Just wanted to say what’s up, my name is Terrence and i live in Redondo Beach, just outside LA. I just picked up my first 521 and so far am loving it. I’ve owned a couple of Datsun 510’s when I first got out of high school around 02. Before I bought this, I was thinking I’d do a KA swap, but I’m pretty sure my love for the L-series and a carburetor isnt going to let that happen. Anyways, it’s not perfect, but it runs damn good and has been taken care of. I pretty much just keep it close to where it’s at, maybe some whitewalls, and rear bumperettes and of course fix all the lights and interior. Anyways, what’s up! ✌🏼 Didn’t have time to figure out why it’s so difficult to post photos, hopefully this link works https://imgur.com/a/9EShbdf
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    found something to put on the hako shift knob. 1970 100 yen coin lol
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    Will '78 and up disc brakes fit on the earlier king pin trucks? Why is the relay near the glove box making a buzzing sound? Oh yeah it's an '81 720 Got a SBC 350 for free!!! How would I put it into my B-210? Can I keep the 4 speed in it? Pulled all the smog crap off my engine but now it won't start, HELP! Changed the head gasket on my vintage 510 but now I can't get the timing chain to fit back on the cam sprocket. WTF? Changed the oil pump now the timing is all messed up. Engine won't turn over but cranks with the starter. WTF? Dash lights too dim how do I make brighter? Turn signals on 720 stopped working after using the 4 ways.??? HEATER ONLY HAS HIGH SPEED, help!
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    Huh????? Not the real datzenmike... The real datzenmike Look, but you will never find me on f.b or in Vegas. Or Disneyland, now I look a little like Walter.... even to the mole on the left cheek
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    Jumping in a little sooner than hoped but I'm planning to develop a complete bolt-in kit for the 620... Along the lines of Charlie's suggestion above. I'm testing a 510 kit now (S30 also planned) and am hoping to leverage much of this setup into a 620 by the fall. I started a small Datsun parts business this year (www.datsunrestomods.com) and it's been more successful than planned so additional products are coming to market - CV axles was the first offering. Next is electric power steering, currently in R&D. I should have more info later in August.
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    They say a 510 is never really "done". Well, Zeke is about as done as any 510 I've ever owned, but it's true, there's always something more to do. In this case, addressing the drip rail trim, or lack thereof. Zeke did not come to me with the stainless drip rail trim, but actually looks decent with the bare rails painted body color, so finding and installing the trim has been a low priority. Fortunately, one of my good 510 buddies recently turned me on to a nice set of drip rail trim (thanks Seth!). I debated whether to install it, fearing I might completely fuck it up in the process since I've never installed gutter trim before, and knowing that attempted installation was certain to scratch the paint on the drip rails, so no going back once I start. Well, today I decided to go for it, and I'm happy to report that it worked out well. Advice was to do it all by hand, or use a soft rubber mallet. I soon realized installing it purely by hand was not going to be possible, so I started in with the mallet, working from the ends toward the B-pillar. I was correct in that the paint on the rails was chipping off, so I was committed once I started. Judicious tapping with the mallet did the trick and I was able to snap on the LR section. Had to remove the mirror to do the LF section, but I was starting to get the hang of it. One side down, one to go. Had to remove the antenna to finish the right side, but got 'er done. Stoked! A couple of other minor updates: Decided to go back to all amber front turn signal lenses vs. the amber/clear JDM/Euro lenses. I think the amber ones just fit better with the old school BRE theme of the car. But not sure why the pair of amber lamp assemblies from my stash only have 1 wire, though. Coulda sworn I pulled these from my other '72 when I swapped in Euro assemblies a LONG time ago. I thought all USDM '70-73 510s had 2-wire front turn signals. Here's what the 1-wire jobs look like: I ended up just swapping the lenses. Maybe one of these days I'll repaint the grille. Finally, I've heard from more than one concerned citizen about why don't I have a license plate frame on Zeke? The main reason was that the bullet LED bolts didn't fit through the mounting holes in any of the frames I had. Finally got around to fixing that.
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    Friday,sunny day open roads and stops @ some nice country spots.
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    Ok I’ve got shirts lined up, just T shirts for now. Might do some hoodies too if there’s much demand for them, still looking for a sticker guy if anyone out there does stickers please message me. So as of right now I’m trying to do a package. 1 shirt 2 stickers and a dash plaque for 20ish. Thoughts?
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    I put two old 521 4 speeds on the front lawn with a sign saying FREE. I came home and there were three.
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    Super Treasure Hunt cars come with Special Spectraflame type paint jobs, Special Markings and Real Rider Wheels, which are two piece wheels with rubber tires. That's all.
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    I've seen that truck too many times to not know what it is if it was 10x10 pixels
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    Is it next year yet? ,
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    And of course I still have to tackle this...
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    I haven't posted anything in a while. Right after my last update around a year ago we moved in early June 2018. I spent most of last year working on the new house. Especially this spring when I spent almost all of my time and all of my budget redoing the landscaping. Anyway, I have been able to get back to the Datsun this summer. I did work on the driver door again over the winter. I decided to remove the body filler that was on there and try harder to get it straighter, then epoxy the metal before adding any filler or high build primer. It is a little embarrassing how many hours I put into that stupid door, but it looks a lot better. It is far from perfect, but this is the pic of the door with a coat of epoxy. I don't have a lot of pics or even remember the little things I have worked on over the last year, but here are a few pictures of some recent work, and where I am now. I ended up doing some grinding and welding along the patch panel I put in to get the door gap to look better before priming the driver side quarter panel I purchased the disc brake kit from Bluehands inc right before the move, and have been cleaning up the front suspension to get that put in. I'll get a pic of everything put back together for another update. I only have this pic of everything removed from the front other than the sway bar. I probably won't post very often unless I make some noticeable progress. It sometimes feels lame posting small things, especially since I have been dicking around on this for so long. I just wanted to let whoever followed my build before know that I am not dead, and didn't give up on the old datsun.
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    One of the coolest photos I think I’ve ever seen!
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