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    • $400.00 CAS???? I'll keep my carb.
    • Here is a photo of the tach I have in my 521 kingcab, I think it is awesome, it is very easy to see.
    • No my turbocharger manifold is not stock, it is a stock manifold that has been modified as you can see in the photos below.   In the center of the photo above where the bump is is where I should have the EGT sensor, but it is located behind the turbo in the photo below. You can see in the first photo how big the hole is in the manifold and how the stock exit is welded closed, this made it possible to route the turbo exhaust pipe out the stock location, in the photo below you can see the adapter I made to mount the Subie turbo to that giant hole in the manifold, notice how small the hole is, originally I thought this step down into a small hole might effect the turbo performance, but it works great, who knows it might work better if the hole in the exhaust manifold was the same size as the hole in the adapter, but I do not care anymore, it runs great.   The adapter above is made from a flat plate matching the exhaust manifold and the mount piece off the Subie exhaust going to the turbo, when I bought the turbo from that wrecking yard I got everything connected to the turbo, the complete exhaust from the engine on both ends although i made the turbo exhaust from the turbo flange back as the stock head pipe was pointed the wrong direction coming out of the turbo. I suspect that the diesel engine just doesn't move enough air to have the step down into a smaller hole effect the performance, if it was a gas engine I suspect I would have issues.   Here is the engine in my 521 kingcab.       There is not a lot of room anywhere in the engine compartment, but the hood closes.     The brake master is real close to the turbo, but I did make a heat shield, I also had to turn the front brake reservoir sideways as there was no room for it in the stock position.   Here is a link to the thread I have about this turbo build. https://www.nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1302 And here is a link to the 720 thread about all the stuff I tried to get the engine to run properly the way I drive. https://www.nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&p=69188#p69188  
    • What? Here is another from 2 years earlier...
    • I'm finally starting to address the interior on my '83 4X4 that I picked up this summer...     At some point in its history, this truck was somebody's "muddin'" and good times party machine. In addition to the mods made for the hard top convertible, the carpet/vinyl floor had been removed and the floor and back of the cab behind the seats were painted black with a brush. The tweaker antics didn't stop there.  There is LOADS of Mickey Mousing for aftermarket accessories...all of which are currently non-functional.  Switches were mounted for driving lights, an additional interior light was cut into the under-dash console, power locks seem to have been installed.  There is some sort of aftermarket cruise control unit.  Some toggle switches and interior lights cut into the center console. On and on.   My plan is to pull out ALL of the aftermarket BS, lay down a new vinyl floor mat kit, tidy the necessary/stock electrical, deal with the black paint on the back wall of the cab behind the seats, reupholster the stock seats and do a general Clean Up as I make it MY good times party machine.  There are a few black trim pieces (arm rests, window cranks, seat belts, seat belt buckles) that I will swap out for the correct brown as well.   1) It appears that the black paint was just brushed over the yellow body color.  It's chipping off easily in some places (mostly on the floor pan, where I don't plan to spend time removing it cause I will be covering it when I lay down the new vinyl mat kit), but on the back wall behind the seats, I am debating between (a) trying to strip just the black paint and (b) sanding and priming and painting just that back panel in a brown to match the interior trim color and the "card' that I have seen on other 4x4 720s of the era.  Any ideas on how to remove just the black paint without roughing up the yellow factory paint?   2) I'm missing 2 floor pan drain plugs.  The holes are about 1" in diameter.  Is this a universal size that I should be able to find anywhere?  Or is it recommended that I find a OEM spec? Anyone have a source for them?   3) I have a few other smaller holes (ranging from 1/8" - 1/4") in the floor pan and on the back wall that need addressing.  I see a few spots where there are what appear to be some sort of adhesive backed "stickers" that cover other holes.  Any idea where to find these? Or suggestions on what else to use to cover these smaller holes?   4) On the far left side of the dash, on the bottom,  are 2 rectangular pop out "inserts" that allow for placement of aftermarket switches, etc.  I plan to remove the weird Cruise Control unit in place as well as 2 other sloppy and non-functional switches.  Anyone know of a source for some uncut/unmolested "covers" in brown?    5) My rear slider window has a shattered panel...Fortunately, I have another window to replace it with.  But neither has it's handles/latch.  Anyone have some?   6) I noticed that on the seat belt currently installed, there is a wiring connector on the passenger side buckle.  (Drivers side buckle is missing.)  On the brown replacement set of buckles I have, there is a wiring connector on the DRIVERS side buckle only.  I only see the opposite end of the connector on the wiring on the drivers side of the truck.  Should BOTH buckles have wiring connectors for sensors?   7) On the wall behind the drivers seat, near the floor, there are 3 bolts (about 1/8" in diameter) that go through the cab, each passing through a rubber bushing (about 1/2" in diameter, 3/4" long).  One of them has a ring terminal tightened on to it with...you guessed it...a cut wire.  Anybody have any  idea what these could be for?  From what I can tell, they don't currently serve any function.  Were these for something stock?  Or more Mickey Mousing?
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    • yoshiki sakuta  »  ]2eDeYe

      I am on 86 NISSAN 720 KC ST 4 X 4 in Japan.
      I saw your forum a while ago.
      I will swap 240sx KA24DE to 720.
      Can you sell motormount?
      I will do SAS at the same time.
      It is a 3 link KING 2.0 coil over suspension with Jeep SJ DANA 44 axle.
      So the height of the oil pan is not very important.
      I can receive parts in California.
      Can I ship to Japan if I can not ship to California due to exhaust gas problem?
      Paypal can be used for payment.
      I am looking for KA24DE HEADERS. Something that fits in 720 with less remake.
      It seems that many 620 are equipped with 240 sx OBX 4-2-1 HEADERS.
      Which HEADERS do you like? Please tell me your opinion.
      · 10 replies
    • bananahamuck

      A big thanks goes out to Scooters for sneaking over the border and delivering my "package" Saturday,,, thanks man!!. 
      · 1 reply
    • cruznude  »  gene knight

      Hey gene. This is Lance from Albuquerque the. I need a l20b pulley. Call me at 505-331-0650.
      · 0 replies
    • scooter  »  bananahamuck

      pm me i got your bellhousing
      · 1 reply
    • Hawaiian620

      Anyone know the part number for Solid State Volt Reg for a 77 620?
      · 3 replies
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