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    • I did get the original L20 rocker arms re surfaced at a local cam shaft machine shop so they should be good to go. I have also sourced a couple missing pieces to complete this engine build, the additional flywheel bolt which i posted under the 620 section and also an intermediate plate.  So onto the next set of issues. As mentioned at the beginning of this thread my son and I bought this L20b apart, no reference pictures before disassembly. We do have his L16 which is older and some slight differences when it comes to cooling lines and emissions.    Heres a picture of where we are at with the build   IMG_3174 by sondat, on Flickr   We have done some reading on ratsun about eliminating EGR system which we are doing. Also researched the routing of water lines, example is the water to the intake manifold. Still left with questions do to the mention of different configurations depending on what generation of L20b. I'm not sure what generation of L20 we have but here are some reference pictures with our questions following.   IMG_3227 by sondat, on Flickr   To start, I believe the vertical facing water outlet (on rad hose outlet above alternator) routes around the front of the engine and ties into the intake manifold? The tube on the left. we did read the question of there not being an exit for this water path from the intake. good question! FYI we will be adding the block off plate for the EGR system.     IMG_3230 by sondat, on Flickr   Next is the extra port from the thermostat housing (L shaped metal spigot). is it for turbo cooling? which we don't have. should i plug it off? Also what i believe is the water sensor for the EGR system (2 little black water or vacuum lines). We read that this can be plugged off if not going with EGR. The little double spigot piece could be used as a plug because it doesn't have any passage to the thermostat housing, right?    IMG_3225 by sondat, on Flickr   Just to confirm, we believe the PCV valve is piped between the metal pipe out of the drivers side of the block and it goes to the longer metal tube from the intake manifold (pictured on the right side of it).    This is a non EGR exhaust manifold not requiring any plugs, correct?   IMG_3233 by sondat, on Flickr   Thanks for any help with all these questions.   Here are some pics of 2, 620's slowly decaying into the earth. stumbled across these and have already offered up a couple of key missing pieces for our build.   IMG_3089 by sondat, on Flickr   IMG_3107 by sondat, on Flickr   IMG_3108 by sondat, on Flickr   Gotta like the old "sport truck" sticker, weren't those factory stickers?
    • Maybe most/all were early diffs? Bu we always used the 1200 shaft.    We haven't done this swap on the last three for various reasons, not to mention them getting hard to find. I have one more spare diff I'm probably never going to use...  😃
    • Glad you're ok Loren. Sorry about the truck.
    • I think you may have been referring to domestic small block Chevy stuff with four bolt mains. The RB block is super rigid with one piece style mains in a girdle. Fairly common on Nissans when the dual cam stuff came out.  
    • fellas, thank you! my buddy says it's complete but his idea of complete versus my idea of complete have been known to be different. he tried to sell me to a car about a year but when I showed up with cash his daughter had the title (Comanche tag to boot) and he hadn't seen her "in a few weeks". Also, how do you wire in the overdrive?      
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