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    • CP, Welcome to the Circus. There are a few things to know being new around here. Sarcasm can be the general rule. This is really a forum for assholes, we just all happen to own Datsun's We all want pics. Be this skinned, I mean hey, its the internet. Use the search button.   Try using imgur as a posting site for pictures. There are a couple threads around here explaining most of the hosting sites.   I can't wait to see this beast in Williams. Missus Kelmo and I will have a booth with Hot Wheels, T-shirts, and possibly some metal art next to command center. Stop by and say hi.
    • finally got a chance to prod new alternator With a full load, (i.e. headlights, blinkers, and wipers) the terminal going to the bulb is dipping and fluctuating wildly below 10v and barely breaks 10v with no load. seems this could be cause my charge light to do what it is doing.   I didnt use the modern connector when I switched to the KA alt, I planed to get it in the future and wiring it in.  Could there be a resistor in there? or does anyone know if adding a resistor will help with this fluctuation?   new symptom, in addition to the voltage fluctuation my horn is activating when I turn my left signal on. but ONLY after I rev the engine to get the alt charge to kick in.  Ill poke around in there after work today to see if theres a loose connection.   I have seen a few photos where the modern connector an KA alt has a ground coming from it in addition to the S and T terminals.  I just grounded to the alt body as if it were the 260z alt I had in there last. can anyone with a KA swapped alt on an l20b confirm?   ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated, Id really like to be able to act as if this thing is reliable again.
    • No doubt that's the practical attitude, Charlie, and some really horrible welds have somehow sufficed to keep metal parts stuck together.  But any good welder can't help seeing bird-poop welds as almost personally offensive.  It's like a lot of the work a decent craftsman does;  nobody else will ever see the particular example of fine work he did, almost no one would care, but HE knows, and feels, what, just a little virtuous for having done it better than he had to.

      Welding is one of the prime providers of evidence for my contention that the factory engineers, Nissan/Datsun's or whomever, absolutely DO NOT always know better than the rest of us about their products.  Take a look at  the link below to stories of a cranky Englishman named Ed Craig who moved to the States and has been a welding consultant for many years.  Occasionally one of the car makers will call him in to look at problems on their robotic welding lines, and what he has found will blow your mind if you know much about welding.  The story, which I read on his site years ago and still has me shaking my head (about halfway down the linked page), involves a Chrysler chassis line.  The chief welding engineer (and again if you are an experienced welder you'll hardly believe this) had specified the use of 5/64" Innershild (no gas) wire to weld the stamped-steel chassis members.  This wire is something you'd choose for constructing tall buildings, and never thin sheetmetal.  Of course, despite the best efforts of the guys working under this idiot, no amount of adjusting the welder and robot controls could keep them from blowing holes.  They had a big rework crew of guys going full-time manually welding up the bad welds, yet somehow neither the chief engineer nor management could understand the problem.  Ed Craig, who might have stood in stunned disbelief had he not seen many similar situations, immediately changed to an appropriate welding wire, reset the robots, and was quickly turning out flawless welds.  Yet astoundingly (unless you have been around corporate managers), in the face of this evidence the chief engineer insisted that he knew what he was doing, kept his job, and continued doing things his way.


      (Again, scroll about halfway down the page to get to the story I related).
    • Well I have the orginal idle jets ready to go back in and the new f8 emulsion tube with the new mains and air correctors for the ride home.... just need to drop in the carburator before I try to leave work..   Difference between the tubes... F11 on the left f8 on the right...  
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