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  2. alexg89

    Pawn Shop D21

    go cut up a pathfinder for its rear bubble or get a set of 4wd front fenders and graph them in.. thatll be my play eventually
  3. datzenmike

    620 confused

    Try 0.010" intake and 0.012" exhaust on a hot engine. These are the hot specs for the L series cam. A regrind only changes the lobe profile not the valve and rocker so they should require the same clearance. If this has never run for you it could be anything
  4. ill check that, i need to get it back into work so i can get under it anyway and change the fluid in the trans. got two of my new tires just need to order a wheel so i can get it fitted and see where i have to trim the wheel arch for the flares.
  5. Possibly the gauge needle sticks and just won't go higher. You can test this by grounding the Yellow sender wire so the gauge should read FULL. If it doesn't go higher then it's the gauge. If it does go up to FULL, probably the sender is stuck and will shake loose while driving r remove the tank and take the sender out for cleaning.
  6. 620 Walt

    620 confused

    No not really when I got it engine was used for road race had to have head milled and put new timing chain both cam timing and ignition timing is dead on valve lash is supposed to be right but can't find what lash is supposed to be set at with cam size man that did head passed on cam size is 485 lift 235 duration
  7. I'm saying run the timing at what the factory calls for. L20Bs are 12 degrees I believe. Make sure your idle speed is about 750. Much higher and things like mechanical advance will automatically be added in and you don't want that.
  8. MR2PLUS

    71 Dat project

    The box had no rust and minor repairs. I do have another box with some side rust and bondo repairs if anyone needs a bed or tailgate. Thanks for looking at my Dat
  9. Today
  10. greenthumb

    71 Dat project

    That box looks like it’s almost brand new! Looks like a very solid project. Were you lucky enough to get a solid box, or does that pic represent a lot of restorative work? carry on
  11. Despite spending the morning at a medical appointment with my daughter, I got quite a few things done this afternoon. Rear main seal is back in and ready to go. I was al ready to put the flywheel on when I realized something was probably missing. No spicket bearing. So if one of you nerds wants to tell me what size/code I need that would be great. Having established there was no future in that, I started on the rust repairs. I won't say I wasn't stressing about it, but really this is minor surgery compared to what I've seen on this forum. @Noll, you're my hero. By the end of it, I had these holes in the car. The second of them is the end of the frame rail. I couldn't believe how much easier it was to cut thin sheet metal. Maybe this won't be so hard after all. Rooting around in my parts, I found my 0.6mm wire and MIG tips. I was pretty excited to find them. Maybe I'll keep the pigeon poop and blowing holes to a minimum. Fingers crossed. I also found this while I was taking a few pics tonight. Obviously a previous owner to a bit of 'light massaging' to help installing the auto.
  12. wayno

    '69 521 project

    I am not sure that is a choice as I heard the bearings are NLA.
  13. thank you jose/bluebirdsss for the update. Ii am planning on bringing all my 620 parts and 510/z/vg engine parts to include a roof section/ floor section from a 2 door 510 and also inner shock towers for engine bay and doors from 510 and trunk lids. everything must go
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