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  2. It’s a blue tarp tent camper morning here in the am
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  4. New belts will stretch. Loose is probably better than too tight.
  5. And the namesake of the band who sang the lyrics seen in this meme
  6. So you are saying they probably only look like this in their imagination?
  7. I didn’t take any pics other than of my car and my camp site. No idea why. I’m still here though and It’s fucking raining like mad. I’ll take pics tomorrow if there is anyone else left braving the weather. today was a ton of fun. Good to see so many familiar faces again and stunning datsuns of course.
  8. Yeah it seems properly tight to me, but maybe a little more slack than when I put the new belt on a few months ago. I'll tighten it up a taste and see if I can get it to squeal again.
  9. Push on the belt half way between the pulleys with your thumb. 22 pounds should deflect about 1/3" for air conditioner. 1/2" for power steering and water pump.
  10. Yup. It's all a federal offence but in reality it's left up to the individual states to enforce and most have better things to do, well except California.... that sticks it's nose into everyone's business. There are lots of things that are illegal but nobody cares because it isn't enforced or simply can't be enforced. So instead the EPA goes after the dealers instead of the buyers. Would you rather that they come to your home and pull your car off the road?
  11. I had 7 or 8v on my 710. This was the start signal from the ignition switch. Usually there was 3 or 4 tries with the key, with a click then it would engage. I had over a dozen used starters so I threw one on and was very surprised to find this did not help. Used an old spanner and jumped from the positive cable on the starter to the starter solenoid and it worked every time. That when it dawned on me what the real problem was. Not surprisingly my second 710 was the same.
  12. Agreed. When I checked the open circuit voltage, it does hit 12v. But I am certain that once the solenoid load is on that circuit there is a big drop.
  13. Sure it does. It affects anyone who wants to do a motor swap or modify their EFI system, oem or aftermarket. Every time you talk about an aftermarket Weber you're breaking the law!
  14. Have an intermittent belt squeal on compressor start. Can't get it to reproduce when home. Tends to only happen when very hot out. Have not been able to reproduce while actually under the truck. Thought I have the belt tight enough. Trying to isolate other causes before I clamp the belt tighter. Don't want to kill the bearings. Compressor spins easily and quietly by hand. Not sure that means anything. Idler also spins quietly and freely. Is there too much lateral play in the idler bearing? Maybe just worth replacing it and see if the problem starts? Hope it is not the compressor.
  15. OK. FORGET that rusty yellow one! I took one look and ran the other way. Holes in the bed, rust all over the frame. Checking out an '80 tomorrow... so much for having honed my search down to '85 & '86! I'll post again once I've found one. I feel like I've already learned so much just skimming through threads here. Looking forward to digging deeper once I've got one. Awesome resource!
  16. From battery to ignition switch is probably close to 3 meters and about that much back out to the starter. Lets round down to about 15 feet. At least, plus numerous plug-in and bulkhead connections. Add to that narrow gauge wire that is 35 years old. There is bound to be a voltage drop.
  17. Try the term "attention whores" when describing open carry.
  18. While I side unquestionably with the right to bear arms, I find "open carry", useless unless hunting, or in the back country, and most often embraced by those who wish to "appear" powerful. To restate for clarity, I will go to the mat against ANY reduction of the Second Amendment and, if needed will, sign a petition, march in parade, write, call, or otherwise harass politicians, to vote for gun rights, including open carry. The weaselly, left, over the years, has exploited law, intentionally manipulated statutes,even bold faced lied, to strip gun rights. ("Common Sense" gun regulation is most
  19. Pulled the ignition switch and tried hotwiring from the switch harness. Same problem. But, again no difficulty at all when jumping right to the solenoid from the battery. So now I can reproduce the problem even bypassing the ignition switch, but it still does not reproduce with a direct jump. I think I am going to toss in the towel, I have no interest in tracing this down. Going to grab an 85/87 type relay and make a hot start bypass.
  20. +1 for the Sta-Lube. If it says GL5 anywhere on the bottle, regardless of "GL4 approved", it will foul your syncros.
  21. So I should take it off clean it and redo it huh? 🙃
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