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  2. datzenmike

    520 front overriders

  3. datzenmike

    BrothersGarage - 1971 521

    Projector for the win. LED od HID them..... and they look better. Talk about bumper over riders!!!!!
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  5. mainer311

    BrothersGarage - 1971 521

    Nice. So what engine is it? The Z24 or KA24? Also, you already have those BMW lights, but Hella H4 e-codes work awesome too. Easier to make your own complete headlight harness for those higher wattage lights. Congrats on the truck.
  6. difrangia

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    ^ Thanx. ^
  7. Nightsfire

    alternator swap problem

    ok so stupid question i was reading posts and i guess on cs130 alts the light wire has to be hooked up for regulator to kick on?
  8. BambooU

    alternator swap problem

    The battery voltage shouldn't affect the alternator output. If you're alternator is doing its job even slightly, the battery is only there for ignition. After the initial startup from the battery, the alternator will take over, pumping the necessary voltage for the car to run (12v or so) and excess that goes backwards to the battery. If the alternator is REALLY bad (less than 11 or 10 volts), the car will start to pull from the battery. Alternatively (get it?), if you're wiring is swapped (ground where a hot should be or something), the alternator would be drawing from the battery while the car is off. You can test battery drain by connecting the positive batt terminal then touching the negative link to the nob; if you get an arc, then the battery is draining and there is a short somewhere in the car. ASIDE: Depending on your setup and the cleanliness of your bay, It wouldn't hurt to take a wirebrush or sand paper to various contact points, maybe even replacing oxidized females ends. For me, I got almost 1.5 volts more out of my alternator after giving my fuse box and connectors a vinegar soak. Not saying the alternator couldn't also be shot (like Mike said, 50/50), but I'm a firm believer in having clean copper.
  9. DanielC

    My Dragon (2) Datsun 521

    I want to put one of my five speed transmissions into this 521, but I am using it as a daily driver. I have a third 521 in my garage, that is a long term project, but in the mean time, I am going to use it to set up the parts I need to put the five speed in the running white 521. This is some of the parts I took out of the 521 in the garage. More parts and stuff that was on and in the cab of the green 521. Still more parts, and I took the doors off the green 521 cab. This is the empty cab after I moved it off the frame, and set it on the garage floor This cab need paint, a new battery tray, and some other work. This is the frame after I got the cab off it. The engine and transmission was already out of the truck. I got a L-18, and two five speed transmissions into the garage before I took the cab off the frame. I have set the L-18, and a 1980 720 five speed on the frame. I need to finish this transmission mount. I just started with a piece of angle, did some raw cuts with an oxyacetylene, and then used a grinder to finish off the rough cutting marks and slag. Just another picture of the 1980 720 five speed transmission. When I pulled the engine and five speed transmission out of the 1980 720 in the junk yard, I also grabbed the front half of the drive line. This is the front half of the 1980 720 drive line bolted to the rear half of an 1970 521 drive line, with the front yoke in the five speed transmission. For comparison, this is the 1972 521 drive line front half sitting by the 1980 720 drive line.
  10. Eiles

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Very nice collection you have there 👏
  11. Thegreek

    Shifter bushings.....

    This is the set I just used in my 620.....worked like a charm.
  12. Nightsfire

    alternator swap problem

    i wonder after checking all wires again and again i desided to check my battery voltage its reading right above 8v so i am guessing when the old alternator (original) went out it might have took battery with it, would that cause alternator not to show 14v+ charging?
  13. Got the motor and trans out. This is not going to be full restoration or full paint job project. It's about getting a fun daily to knock about in and club events. So I am trying to halt any rust that is present from getting worse. That's why the rust converter trials on various parts. There is no cancer rust - the paint is in remarkably good condition (I think for a D.D. ) So we will see how it goes. I do know I hate the rusted horn screws. What a beech. WD40 wouldn't touch them, torch didn't help - finally bought some PB Blaster and got them out. Going to replace with yellow zinc hex bolts.
  14. Duncan

    Datsun 510 drag link

    I found the Nissan Part number for my RHD 510 Center link and actually found one from this seller in Texas, Mine was a TRW part, but it was made in Japan. I would try emailing these guys and ask them about the Country of Origin on this one... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/183318699303 I tried the usual overseas sources for weeks with no luck, I couldn't believe a seller in Texas had a new, M.I.J. piece for a RHD model that was made in Japan for $90.00 Here's a photo of the one I bought. I would bet there's is from the same manufacturer, only the LHD model. If you look closely at their picture, mine had the cotter pin taped to it in the same location. I removed it before this photo.. They might not know since it's out of the box, but I'd give it a shot...
  15. daretzcouple

    Body panels

    So here is a question for everyone, where do you source you replacement panels for your 620? I haven’t had any luck finding a hood and mine is in desperate need of replacing. Is there a company that makes replacement hoods? What about bedsides?
  16. BrothersGarage

    BrothersGarage - 1971 521

    You will enjoy this then here is the listing pics Thanks, I have been lurking for some time, saving lots of pictures and chomping at the bit for a while to get started on my own project. Progress over the past 2 weeks since picking it up: factory mirror is cracked down the middle so I removed it and went hotrod (keeping all factory pieces for now) I have new window gaskets already as she leaks badly on the passenger side - so I am also looking into doing my own door panels at some point. (CRX seats included) Got some ellipsoid headlights. And my Brother is teaching me to weld Fortunately he does metal fab for a living and can clean up my work: She's developed a bit of a staring prob so I am going to have to dig into the electrical with him and I'm weighing just purchasing a kwikwire 14 circut harness and not worrying about the gremlins. Sticker for the namesake:
  17. VFR800

    Car Porn

  18. attachment.php?attachmentid=3325229&d=15
  19. ztome

    1984 720 MH tire question

    Thanks a lot for this info, it will help me a great deal.
  20. datzenmike

    Bigger carbs and timing chain parts

    The valve lash must be checked with a feeler gauge. It must be set 0.010" intake and 0.012" exhaust on a HOT engine. You can't tell by just looking. Turning the engine won't tell you much either. Turn clockwise. Driver's side is the tension side and will be tight. All slack will be on the passenger side. It's normal to have some slack on the passenger side. A certain amount of chain wear or stretch will cause the cam to become retarded and there is some loss of power. This can be checked easily enough and the sprocket moved to compensate. Once the wear or stretch has exceeded the available adjustment range, the chain and sprockets must be replaced.
  21. VFR800

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Saw these but passed on em all - Today's pick ups -
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