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  2. I was surprised that Ginsburg's death wasn't due to Covid. I guess Democrats don't get it.
  3. HEY. Remember these posts of mine? I remember he said all money obsolete and going to digital currency and he bought some bitcoin just in case. There was also something about all debts being forgiven and paid off digitally. Wish I had listened more it was interesting but was afraid I might catch some of the craziness. So zero hour is near the end of this month.
  4. Lefty heads are going to explode!!! A new Justice will be confirmed before the end of the year. Regardless of how the election goes. 😆🤣😂 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/mcconnell-supreme-court-nominee-vote-floor
  5. I board a few horses, and I buy hay from a farmer in Wilsonville, I haul hay, 20 bales at a time in Ratsun, one of my 521 trucks. My hay supplier has family, in Molalla. I heard a story the advance of the fire on Mololla was stopped by private citizens. My hay supplier confirmed that. I do not know how many people on this board are from, or know people people in Molalla, but thank you!
  6. I've done the same for about the same reason.
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  8. J's 620

    My 620 build thread.

    Let’s get technical. Ever since I did an alternator swap my charge light glows. Never had battery issues, and the alternator has always showed it’s charging. However sometimes at higher speeds the light will go bright briefly and go off. This was before I rebuilt it. Today while driving and approaching higher revs but probably not real high, the light was bright more frequently and on for longer periods. The charge light still glows as well but the alternator is still charging the battery. I did rebuild this thing but I didn’t replace the regulator. Culprit? I don’t know. To convert to an internally regulated alternator I followed someone else’s guide on this forum. Maybe I have a ground issue? Any ideas, should I start a new thread?
  9. Very good to hear!! I haven't heard any new updates about the fire in Santiam Canyon. Probably the same rain here as in Springfield/Eugene. I watch very little tv, most of my news comes from the internet. Don
  10. I had to flip the bracket to make it fit. When it was normal orientation it was hitting the top of the alternator body before the hole and the slot lined up. Works great flipped over. I can put a couple bends in it if I need to fit it to the front I guess. It seems solid as is though.
  11. Bonus post: A while back, Dave Carroll was reaching out on facebook trying to find a little of the history of our car (before we took ownership). He found a couple of the individuals connected with the car but didn't come up with any photos or anything from its circle track days. Fast forward to a few days ago: Jeff has a parallel Swamp Thing thread on The 510 Realm and posted a pic of our car with the new whale tale. Byron reads it and is reminded of a car he took a picture of back in the 80's. Then proceeds to post a picture of that car! I will never complain about how high off the ground our racecar is. : )
  12. Now I see this, after I filled one of the bed seams with bondo! Looks like I’ll be grinding it out tomorrow. Not sure what I’ll use now as the seam sealer and applicator is a little $$$$. May just put as much rust preventive in there as I can and cover with body side molding. Have to think it over.
  13. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr
  14. Just like that, it's time to work on the car again. We have PIR coming in 6 weeks. We needed to make another list... Fist step, get up on the lift and get that skull shaker driveline out of there. Our new grade! Along with finding we had no more pad left on the front brakes, we found that the wreck at Pacific Raceways (we assume) also bent one of the mondo JBC steering arms! All teams need a doer and a thinker (or a worker and a watcher?) In the background we noticed a nice little collection of 510's and Bluebirds and got distracted for a moment Our accidental version of this awesome desktop rendering from The 510 Jungle Here is the bent steering arm And the list: We have some work to do!
  15. Its cool, not all cracked up to what people think, But cool.
  16. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Now it looks normal. Came out really nice.
  17. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr So I am happy to announce that my oil pan is finally secure. I did not want to mount it till I had the Dipstick in order. All good now.
  18. Which is the actual easy way to do the swap. 😄
  19. Yesterday
  20. Sunday morning we wake up to do it all over again! I think we swapped in a couple new (ish) tires on the right side, looked over the car once more, gave it a bit of a hand-wash (thanks Brenda) and headed out to the grid Our 510 was pitted next to a 240Z which was pitted next to a 350Z which was pitted next to a Miata with a BRE paint job. Here is Sam in the "B" line waiting to take to the track The race start was delayed 20 minutes due to fog of all things. But here is a video the grid taking the green flag. http://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2020_09/09132020_swamp_thing_(1).MOV.d5568163e748bd02a2d94204e7a594f9.MOV Sunday was going pretty well except for fighting brakes... Before they were all gone though Sam was able to get into the 2.02s and claim our fastest lap of the weekend - and cementing the fact that we are now a B class car. I had the last stint of the Sunday enduro and despite the fading brakes (at one point I came in the pits with them smoking! - that's new) we were still battling away when on the penultimate lap, the car suddenly started shaking so bad I had to back out and limp back to the pits at 1/4 speed. It turned out the front driveshaft U-joint gave out and with only the two 35 minute sprints left, and the spare driveline in Everett, we packed up early and headed back North. It's always an awesome weekend when you can drive the car back onto the trailer at the end. As a bonus, my 620 gave me no troubles this weekend as well. Sam is working on compiling the GoPro footage but until then, good night!
  21. Good to go, and it sounds killer... So killer in fact, I immediately started on making a guitar for myself with the same pickups... 😄 My neighbor makes cool custom furniture, and was recently making a dining table from red oak. When I saw his pile of "scraps" I said, "hey, whatchu gonna do with all that?"... 😁 Bits cut into 1.5" wide strips and glued together... Top did not come out perfectly dead flat, so it was time to learn how to properly use a hand plane... 👍 Then a bit of quality time with the router... And I used some of the leftover bits to make a matching cavity cover... Thinking of staining it either dark brown or black, but not filling the grain, just putting a satin clear on it. Thoughts?
  22. Saturday morning Sam, with replacement parts in-hand, Sam finished the front end rebuild and we verified toe settings. Then it was time to get back on track And back on track we went. I drew first stint on Saturday and immediately felt very comfortable in the car and started putting in laps considerably quicker than I ran in June, by about 4 seconds! Our reward was being bumped out of C and into the middle of the B pack. Oh well, we'd rather drive as fast as we can rather than sandbag for a trophy, as we learned some other teams are doing. Brenda caught Jeff and Sam goofing around while I was hard at work. : ) Well okay, I wasn't working that hard. I was sitting still for the first to two red flags during my stint. racing is more fun than sitting... Another fire - another red flag Proper fire response Then later, the same Porche had a front row seat for this Miata recovery When you have almost 100 race cars racing for hours on end, stuff happens... The schedule for the weekend was really unique. Lots of individual races in a "tournament" style scoring system. Didn't matter much, we just enjoyed all the track time. The only thing that slowed us down on Saturday was a rear toe adjustment and a black and orange flag due to "noises and off-pace" which turned out to be the wear indicators (squeekers) on our front brakes. We changed the pads and rejoined the track. The new pads were much better than the previous and by the end of the day, Jeff had eclipsed my fast time in the morning with a 2:03.8 (or something close to that) The evening sun has an eerie glow these days doesn't it? The last race was a 2 hr enduro. With about 40 minutes to go - we were black flagged again, this time because we had no tail lights. Something we already knew about but didn't realize they were required. The boys bypassed the headlight switch so that all lights are on all the time and Sam rejoined the race to the finish, which was quite dark at a smokey 8pm September night.
  23. During lunch, Jeff and Sam were talking with the mobile tire guy and struck a deal to balance our tires for $20/set Then came the "up-sale" : ) We swapped a couple tires side to side on the rims - Shelton turned out to be a real right side tire cooker! One of the wheels took over 3oz of weights to bring into balance. The others weren't far behind. Back on the track then: Oh so much better!!!! That really calmed down the "warp speed" shaking around 85mph. Back to the track then. Jeff found our next tow rig My daughter works at ACE hardware while attending GCU. I thought I'd let her know I was thinking of her this weekend. Once the track was closed, we jacked up the car and started looking it over (as we always to) and Sam found something loose in the left front. At first we thought it was the outer tie rod but it turned out to be the inner as well. The outer wasn't too big of a deal as we found one through O'Reily's that would be ready for us at 7:30am the next morning. The inner however was part of the steering rack - from a MkII Ford Escort - not sold in the US. Fortunately, Jeff reached out to some JBC customers and found that JRock had not yet installed his - and he's only in Olympia. So Jeff went to his shop to pick it up, along with some new GT Specialties Powder Coating decals. : )
  24. The remainder of the day was a little more straight forward. Not all the Lucky Dog cars participate in the Friday sessions but there were quite a few of us enjoying the track time. From up on the ridge, I caught Jeff doing "the potty dance" One of the first troubles we found was split coolant hose - found almost by accident - but fixed with quick precision back in the pits. So back to racing then. I have over 300 photos here if you want to see pics of the other cars in our group as well as the Ferraris and such in the other run groups. http://datsun510.com/index.php?/gallery/album/825-the-ridge-raceway-lucky-dog-racing-league-september-2020/
  25. So again, people see coincidence as prophecy coming true. Still Matt symbolically they are 'the same'.
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