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  2. I hope.my parents live to be very very old I.cbf dealing with the eventuality of their estates. Theres a bit of value in there. Bit I'd happily not have to deal with that for as long as possible. (Especially cos dad has more cars than I have room to store)
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  4. Is it a stock height/tire Tacoma ? May or may not be related. ...There is lots of mentioning of the steering intermediate shaft (between steering wheel and rack) u-joints failing and causing issues on Tacomas. I really haven't had personal experience with that. People were describing some binding , resistance , etc symptoms. Vvv Link below vvv https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/2nd-gen-lower-steering-shaft-rebuild-diy.543377/ Rack shouldn't be moist...I'd investigate that if it were mine. I've seen racks fail on older Tacoma and tundras Hopefully truck wasn't abused in 4x4 mode ....puddles/mud/etc....before your dad took possession
  5. Hi guys, Quick question, with an after market pedal box with its own master cylinders, you obviously dont run the stock booster right? So surely the effort is a lot more? I have a 620 with drums all around and currently the booster interferes a but with my r1 carbs. Cheers, Frank
  6. Alright Ive tried cranking it over but the fucker won't start, it cranks but doesn't start, were getting sparks to plugs, coil etc Was cranking and spraying aerostart down into the intakes but nothing. Also shorted the fuel pump straight to the battery but didn't do anything (new fuel pump I'm guessing) But yea what can I do? Really want to hear her goin
  7. Costco report, everything was normal. No tp, or cleaning stuff. Everything else was fine and not busy. Sneeze guards have been installed on everything.
  8. IIRC, they only came on 79 King cabs
  9. Don't think so..... What I heard/read, that only 2wd interchange. Mike ?
  10. dont know if i would want to attempt an rebuild and dont really have a dry place to work in just my dads yard and in the shop if i need to get out of the weather. i did get a carb rebuild kit. and resently changed my rad.
  11. instagram com/doomedwalker_ yes theres an under score at the end of that. i didnt get any webers but if i knew where to order one from i might think about trying one i am from alberta canada.
  12. the 84 5 speed is in a 4x4 that is not running atm. i did a headgasket but not all things went right and i am pretty sure my intake manifold gasket is not good as i wasnt able to get all the old gasket off.
  13. I would examine the oil that comes out of your transmissions and then wither just put the best one in or I would have a go at rebuilding the ugliest one just to have a go at it. Do you have an Instagram? Feel free to DM @captains_garage. If all else fails just go lower miles on the trans and see what happens. Did you happen to get any weber carbs in the mix? I am doing a manual swap right now and would happily go over the details
  14. wayno

    J engine

    It appears to be a J series engine, is there a 1300 cast into the side of the block?
  15. my uncles truck was a 85. i want to do a manual swap what transmission is better a 1985 5 speed or a 1984 5 speed? the 85 has over 300'000 km
  16. Rusty Dawg

    J engine

    This is the beast before I started going through her.
  17. The manuals shift faster and last longer. I am using a diff out of an auto because it's a 3.8 instead of a 3.7 and a 5 speed manual. The manual also gets better MPG and is more reliable as the 3 speed autos actually use graphite that doesn't last very long (150k) whereas a manual in a 2wd lasts forever with the appropriate yellow metal safe GL4 oil in it
  18. Thanks. I see this one on ebay as well. Referencing your pictures, this seems to be an LSD. it came from a 86 D21 4x4. Will this work?
  19. I agree I love the body style especially the 84 and earlier. The two I have now are keepers. Link to you tube video?
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