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  2. Has anyone tried this setup? http://www.v-performance.com/products/air_fuel.html
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  4. gvk

    What is this thing?

    Surely no. '80 Datsun KB310 140Y (Malaysian market) aka Sunny aka 210 There are no wires connected to the seatbelts. The signal bulbs are separate and also separate wires.
  5. Hello, All, I am back to swapping an engine into my '67 wagon. I had posted a while back about putting a 2000 JDM Miata 1.8L and 5 speed into it, but that engine ended up going into my '68 Toyota Corona Coupe. I happened to buy a 2000 JDM Miata 1.6L with automatic for a few hundred buck off eBay around that time, so it's been waiting to go in the wagon. The fit is great. I'll post details about the swap later on, but for the moment I have a question about what angle to give my engine. With the engine in the car, and the car level, I measure the angle of the pinion yoke face as 0 degrees. Now, I know the stock engine was angled down quite a bit, but it's long gone and I can't find my measurement of what that angle was. Does anyone know the downward angle of the stock engine? Is the assumption that the wagon will get loaded heavily, tilting the pinion up from zero to have the correctly corresponding angle? Or did removing the helper springs somehow (I can't see how) change the pinion angle? Would I be better off setting my swap engine at 0 degrees to match the pinion yoke? Jesse.
  6. Umm, Where did valve cover come from ? Have you ever put hand over an exhaust outlet and feel it spit ? No? Didnt ask about valve cover, just about pcv, you know Positive Crankcase Ventalation Valve. OOPS ! So I guess yer rite, It's PCVV ? Still no answer about pcvv hose? You Know, the one at the base of the carb ? I asked about it cause the fuel filler vent hose was broken and the engine vibrates A lot more than gas tank ! Even when I'm not 4 Wheeling. Any idea about relay's behind battery? The reasoning about the coils was for no power loss. If you dont believe me, ask any Recip pilot or A&P Mechanic About the Mag check and why its done at idle and on the ground. VS In the air and at METO ! I'm planning on trying to get it smogged this summer.
  7. Man what happened I' was offline for the later half of 19, and on/off this year but it seems like like the regulars I chatted w/ are gone, hiatus? Got tired of BS or life happened?Β I do hope to reconnect. Anyway good night ya'll.Β 

  8. yeah mine is the same. Tagged but the stamp is long gone.
  9. Ooooooh!!! Police z32 and 1200 Ute!! nice!
  10. This a Sleeping Angel 😍😍😍😍😍❀️
  11. Worth a relook then. Closest to the drivers seat, I have two blanks then the first fuse. The plot thickens, Mike!
  12. Believe me there is enough psychosis and bug shit insanity to go around for everyone. The ahistorical and undereducated black masked children playing delusional revolutionary, pulling down statues and engaging in amateurish property destruction, while their opportunistic demographic counterparts rob and loot are just as distasteful as the self described " real Americans ( i.e tough and able to ' take it' ) " Kens and Karens who lasted exactly ONE FUCKING MONTH before DEMANDING their supposedly inalienable right to go fishing with their buddies or get their hair done in the middle of a pandemic quarantine thereby leading to premature reopening of public spaces and an explosion in coronavirus cases because it was TOO SOON TO OPEN.
  13. wayno

    mrbigtankers 521

    If you don't drive it they will never wear out, I would be happy to see him wear them kingpins out, Datsun trucks are made to be driven.
  14. No.... the first position far left <------ end of fuse box is for power to the exhaust coil. If no fuse it needs a 10a fuse. The second position is for powering the automatic choke heater, fuel cut solenoid... 15a
  15. You really need to have a mechanical background to work on the 521 front suspension, I have worked on these 320/520/521 trucks for several years and I would never look forward to replacing the lower control arm bushings, they were likely put in by a machine and there they have been for almost 50 years, like some people, they do not like change/to be moved, they are stubborn and will not move till you destroy them, if yours are in-tacked and the arms do not move freely like the rubber is gone I would leave them alone, sometimes getting that bolt out that holds the arms in position is a major issue. You have to remove the torsion bars first to remove the lower control arms, then you remove the star bolt nut and you then have to remove the star bolt out the back where the torsion bar was, if it will not move then you need to remove the arm on the back of the control arm then try removing the star bolt again, if it still will not move then you need to put that arm onto the star bolt end and try to turn the bolt in the bushing from the rear, if it will not move then you need to find some kind of pipe that will fit over that arm and try harder to turn it, then the only avenue left is to put the nut on the front of that star bolt till the bolt is flush with the nut and start wailing on it and hope it will move/pound out, once the nut touches the bushing then you have to remove it and continue pounding on the end of the star bolt trying not to ruin it, if it gets ruined then you will have to find a replacement. After the arms are removed then you can see the bushing, I have heard of a lot of ways to remove them, none appeared to be easy and most ways involved drilling, hacksaw blades, a torch or home made mechanical devices of which you need to understand how they work to know exactly what to do. The lower bushings were put in and never meant to be removed, I expect they expected the truck to be scrapped before they would need replacing, I myself are the only one I know of that destroyed them bushings, but I used my 521 as a work truck and I beat the living shit out of that truck for over 20 years, I put power steering on it, disc brakes on it, and I hauled massive amounts of weight with it, I also extended the frame 24" and this put way more weight on the front when hauling heavy loads like the one in the attached photo. I had to replace the frame a few years ago because of the extension(rust in the welded area) and the power steering(kept destroying the front frame horn), I did rebuild that a few times but I was not going to fix the rust in the welded areas. The lower control arm bushings I destroyed, the center metal piece separated from the inner rubber, the photos kinda give you an idea what your talking about removing.
  16. The exhaust valve don't spit no more.... what's this mean? Valve cover??? Headlight relay (one) is mounted on top of the fuse box. Hose on valve cover is just a hose so replace if broken. It allows filtered make up air into the engine to replace the fumes drawn out by the PCV valve on the intake. Miss could be from a tight valve. Set the lash soon. There will be a temperature gauge sender for the dash gauge and a coolant temperature sender for the ECC (electronic controlled carb) The ECC is controlled by a small computer under the driver's sat and it needs to know the engine temp to calculate the fuel mixture. I don't know if there is a 3rd one maybe it's something else. The coils are designed to fire all the time. The intake is powered directly from the ignition switch. The exhaust side is powered from the first fuse on the far left side of the fuse box. Check the fuse. If they both have power they will work, leave alone. I would change the oil, time isn't good for it either. Get an oil that is high in ZDDP like Shell Rotella T4 in 10w30 or 15w40. NEVER EVER use a fram filter. Get NAPA Gold. If a farm truck leave the cat off. If your U joint have the fittings then you can grease them when you grease the ball joints.
  17. Eiles, I don't know if the shipping to AUS would be an issue, but I bought a kit from Stock Interiors for my 411 wagon and am happy with the fit. Would be the same for the sedan. I actually corresponded with them about a few details on the rear portion of the kit, and I believe they improved their pattern in response. I ended up putting the front half of the kit in my wife's 520 pickup, and it fits the contours fine there, but is about an inch or so too narrow on both sides. Which makes sense, given that the trucks are wider. Still, it is much better than nothing in the truck. I'm getting the wagon on the road, again, and am planning to buy another set from Stock Interiors so I don't have to steal the 520's carpet back. Jesse.
  18. Will do. Checked fuses already and they all look alright. There's two empty slots then the first fuse, presumably for ignition. I need to make sure that's proper as well. I found your FSM supplement on 720world the other day as well so I've been looking through there for reference. Good ol Nissan wiring may be at it again. I wonder if them sharing the 12v between the two is causing issues somehow. But I can't imagine how throttle position would cause that to show itself
  19. It’s done. Why king pins are out of date. It’s all setup and rides good. Ball joints are not needed. In my opinion.
  20. Pretty much. Although I doubt we have any Archbishops to worry about. I still wouldn't put it past the Democrats to sneak Hillary in as Biden's running mate last minute. You know because 2020 hasn't been weird enough.
  21. So running basically unopposed. "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?"
  22. The intake should be powered directly from the ignition, the exhaust from the first fuse on the left side of the fuse box. I propose that there is a loose wire or a problem with the power being supplied from the ignition. At the same time the fuse is blown so the previous owner simply jumped it to the intake. When power shuts off it shuts off both. First check if the power shuts off when revved.
  23. I'm just surprised you haven't gone after the front end...yet
  24. Yes sir I can, I'll try that tomorrow. Didn't get a chance to re-pull codes yet so I'll do that tomorrow as well. If I grab it by the throttle linkage on the TBI I can rev it up by hand and get to cut out just the same. I also noticed yesterday that my + terminals on both coils are jumped together. I wonder if there was another issue previously and that is a bandaid. Thank you for all the help. I owe you a six pack or two!
  25. My vote for Trump (or whoever) is more a vote against the left psychosis, than a vote for the candidate himself. My vote is a vote against assaulting the 2nd amendment, a vote against normalizing gender dysphoria & genitalia mutilation, a vote against compulsory medical procedures, a vote against fluid national borders, a vote against more/higher taxes, etc etc.
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