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Gnarly (521) Bumper of Death (with “one ball”)

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Gnarly (521) Bumper of Death (with “one ball”)

   (0 reviews)


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Pulled this beast off my ‘71 521, and almost crushed my legs. It’s got a tow ball, which is one of two of its redeeming features. The other is, nobody will come near your truck. It’s aggressively sturdy and will probably make you bleed if you merely bump into it. But it’ll fit, and it’ll keep assholes away, so there ya go. 

I’d like to trade it for something, but I’d take some lunch money. I need a good floor jack and stands, could use some floor mats or a shitty carpet kit. And I could really use a set of 3” lowering blocks (with U-bolts). Or fix my damn vacuum leak! Fucker won’t idle now... grrr

Anyway, if you wanna give your truck that “stay the hell back, I’m all ‘Fury Road’ up in here” look, this is the bumper you want. 

Edmonds, Washington - United States

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