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Datsun A14 engine long block, remanufactured by Nissan

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Datsun A14 engine long block, remanufactured by Nissan

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Rare Datsun / Nissan A14 Remanufactured Engine
There's a short version and a long version. I recommend the long version :).
TLDR: Auction includes: 
1 Remanufactured, never used Nissan Datsun A14 Long Block
1 old, well-used Datsun A14 engine with manifolds and most other components.
1 Huge amount of gratitude and respect for helping my down payment on a house fund and your awesomeness in building something cool with the Datsun name attached!
The Long Version:
OK, so here's the story. My very first car was a 1982 Datsun 210. I got it used in 1993, and I drove it for the next decade and a half. Sure, other cars came and went, but the Datsun remained with me, and it was always reliable. I loved that car. I still do.
But eventually a plugged filter blew a hose on the air cleaner canister, spilling hot exhaust on the wiring harness, and the rest is history. She never ran again. She had 349,000 original miles on her. So I put her in storage and vowed to restore her when I had the time and money. 
So about 9 or 10 years ago, I finally had some scratch and I bought this remanufactured engine, direct from Nissan. It's never even had oil in it. I had it custom painted a beautiful red and white with high temperature engine paint, and I began the process of gutting the car. 
And then life happened. I went back to school, left my job, and long story short, now I'm in my 40's, with a beautiful 4 year old, wading through all this pandemic stuff and moving forward in life. So a decision had to be made, and it's this: the Datsun will have to find another way to see new life. I don't know what way that'll be, but it won't be with this engine. I hope you'll have a place to give it the car it deserves and get it on the road. The money will help keep put the roof of her own home over my daughter's head, as it'll go into our down payment fund for the house we're looking for now.
This auction includes the complete Long Block A14 Datsun engine, remanufactured by Nissan. It's never been completed or assembled, but it still turns over easily with a socket and ratchet. She's good to go. Yes, that means it also has the cylinder head included, also fully remanufactured, in case you aren't sure the difference between a short block and a long block :).
In addition, I'm including the old, original Datsun A14 I pulled out of the car. It's missing the carburetor (don't ask, it was ugly), but should otherwise have pretty much everything on it, including the intake and exhaust manifolds, etc. 
I can deliver to most anywhere in Southern California. I'm located in Fullerton, CA. You can also pick it up if you prefer.
Reach out to me with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them!


santa ana, California - United States

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