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1968 520, 55000 original miles, rot free.

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1968 520, 55000 original miles, rot free.

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I purchased this in January, located in Saskatchewan (no salted roads there) and is currently at a garage there where it went through a full inspection. I will provide the detailed estimate I received yesterday of all work required so that you'll have no surprises. I've inquired about what the current bill is, since some work has already been completed with more work planned. The owner I purchased it from, bought it last year from the original owner where it sat for 20 plus years in his shed, There is very little to no rust which is rare...just some bumps and bruises from being a farm truck. There is no rust cancer or any major issues. It is all original (missing the mirrors) and I did locate a fuel filler door plus I have a spare wiper motor and wiper arms. These little trucks are getting popular and hard to find in this condition. 1300 cc 4 cylinder and 4 speed standard transmission. The fuel tank was removed, flushed and sealed, fuel lines blown and the truck runs great, very quiet. I have a quote for shipping which is $1500. I'll be very straight with any serious buyer and provide all the information needed to make an educated decision. I paid $1500 and just forwarded $2000 towards repairs. I've owned a few 240's and a 260z with $5000 being the price of my first 240z about 15 years ago. Prices of Z's are up over 300% on a similar Z. These Japanese mini trucks may not see the same increase, however they are very rare now, more so than the Z's. I will be taking a loss but I'm taking a different direction for a classic.

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There's one in Sask just off the Trans Canada on the south side. J1300 so a 520. All you can see is fields of farm machinery maybe 50 or more acres. There's a B-210 in there too.



Any potential buyer will get full disclosure on the condition, so no surprises. The garage did a 40 point inspection and were surprised at how solid it is. It runs great but need parts, mainly suspension, steering and a full brake job. It's a solid original 520 with extremely low mileage.


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Buy a wrecked and or rusted 720 that runs good Pull the 720 cb and bed and pull the 520 cab & bed and put the 520 on the 720 chassis.  This gives you the L 20b or a Z 20, 22, or 24 engine and either 5 speed or automatic.  That is what wayno has done a few times wit 520&521s and I put my 66 520 on a 1980 720 chassis with a L20B automatic trans.

This swap gives you better power, ride, stearing , ball joint front suspension, front disc brakes, removable trans cross member, and better rear brakes.

In my 520 I also used the 720  wiring harness, heater and AC.

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