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1960 PLG221, 1960 PLG222, 1961 PLG222 and 1963 L-320 pickups for sale

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1960 PLG221, 1960 PLG222, 1961 PLG222 and 1963 L-320 pickups for sale

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Located 1 hour north of Bakersfield, CA.

4 old Datsun pickups for sale. Even though I've owned many early 1960's Datsun trucks (8) I am not an expert so anything you read from here on is to the best of what has been told to me over the years. If you find a mistake please “kindly” let me know and I stress kindly. I'm 65 years old and will never get to restore these “beauties”.

1st truck is a 1960 Datsun PLG221. The 221's have the very hard to find “short sided” bed. This bed was only used on the PLG 220 and 221. According to some Datsun literature only 45 PLG221's were sold in the United States.

The cab is almost identical to the later 222's/223's except for a few differences, one of them being the 221 does not have the indention just rear of the side windows. For that reason you can't put a short sided bed on a 222 or 223 and call it a 221. I mean you can do that as they fit but someone with a sharp eye will see the difference.

The 221 is the white one in the pictures. It has a 1976 Datsun B210 engine, 5 speed transmission and rear end pumpkin in it. It will cruise at freeway speeds if you have the guts! It is mostly rust free with the exception of the rocker under the drivers door which is an easy fix. The truck is really straight and solid. The bed has 1 bondo star even though I cannot find any damage on the inside of the bed. These are single wall beds so I have no idea why there is any bondo there. It has Toyota wheels on it I think, they look good but not original. It even has the little original bumperette's.

The 221 needs work and deserves it. The last time I drove the truck it ran great but had a brake hanging up a bit. I can't begin to list every single item that needs attention so just remember it's a 59 year old truck that hasn't been restored but is SUPER cool. This truck is titled in my name and on non-op. The glass is all good if I remember correctly.

How many PLG221's have you seen for sale or seen at all? I've watched for years and the only one I've ever seen other than mine is the two that sold through “Bring a Trailer”. The first time it sold for around $7,600 and the last time it was somewhere around $13,000. It is a nice truck and looks completely stock from Bakersfield, CA. There was also a white one on BAT and it sold for almost $8,000 in 2016

2nd truck is a 1960 Datsun PLG222. Yes it's a 1960 even though it's a PLG222 compared to the previous truck being a 1960 PLG221. Again according to some Datsun literature only 253 PLG222's were sold in the United States.

This truck is completely stock but rusty. I got it with the idea of maybe putting the 221 back completely stock. This truck is rusty BUT not so bad it couldn't be saved and really straight. That is the reason I never parted it out. It has windshield pillar rust, rocker rust and bed rust but it would be a shame to lose this truck. I do not have a title for this truck but all the ID and VIN tags are intact in good shape. The glass is all good if I remember correctly.

3rd truck is a 1961 Datsun PLG222. Yes it's a 1961 even though it's a 222 compared to the previous truck being a 1960 PLG222. We call this the “Patina” truck. This is a super solid truck. I haven't had the truck running but the previous owner (a friend) said it ran good and the brakes worked great. The gas tank needed boiled out so he ran a line from a gas can and drove it around his property. He boiled the tank but never reinstalled it. I put the tank in and started with new points, cap, plugs but never finished. The last time I checked the brakes were still up. It's a very straight rust free truck and completely stock. I have the title from 1965. The glass is all good if I remember correctly.

4th truck is a 1963. It has been started with a Mustang II front end. All of the Mustang II is installed but it needs the steering finished. They shaved the chrome, emblems and hooks on the bed. I do have the chrome and emblems. The truck is really straight and a good start on a modern conversion. The glass is all good if I remember correctly. No engine or transmission. I have a pink slip for this truck.

Look at the pictures and ask questions. There aren't many trucks out there in this year range so I'm starting the prices where I think is fair although I'm sure I'll get the “are you crazy” responses. Show me some ad's with comparable trucks and I might reconsider. Like I said I've followed these trucks for several decades but always willing to listen to reason. I'm not hurting for space or money so I will not entertain a “take it off your hands” price. With that in mind I would like to see them go to good homes that will appreciate them and hopefully restore them.

Asking prices,

1960 PLG221----------$8,500
1960 PLG222----------$2,500
1961 PLG222----------$4,500
1963 L320--------------$1,250

With that in mind if you want to get silly like I did I will consider a package price for all 4, or just the 3 PLG's.

I will also consider a package price for the 1960 221 and 1960 222 if you want to make a completely stock 221 with a ton of spare parts.

Been a horse trader all my life so always intrigued with a swap but won't consider anything where I feel liked I'm getting the wrong end of the horse! Later model Duramax, etc will always get my attention. I know but a guy can dream!

Seriously, some cool trucks needing good homes.

Email preferred but call if it's best for you. I will not answer generic looking emails. Put just the word "Datsun" and I will answer for sure. I turn my phone off after 6:00 pm so don't expect any return calls until the next day.


More pictures and phone number, copy and paste     glennsmisc.com



Porterville, California - United States

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HAY i would really love to get one of these but this info is sketchy and incomplete the site name glennsmisc.com does not come up anywhere..
Just want to know of its still available?? 

Chaz @ chuckthebull@gmail.com

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That user has not even visited the Ratsun forum since April 2020. His registered email address has nothing to do with "glennsmisc.com"

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