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Matchbox distributor

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Need 2 good working used matchbox distributor's for an L series motor.

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Although I am new here, but I have owned my 79 King Cab since 1987. I was 25 then.
I know the  truck pretty well. I am wondering what you are referring to as a "Matchbox"  distributor?
Is it the one like mine that has the black box on the side?

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I have watched some videos and read this forum before I joined and am I correct in keeping the distributor I have in it now?
I have not read good things about the replacements.
I have 2 spare boxes for the side and another distributor, for spares.
Pickup coils should still be reasonable cost ?
That is the only problems I have had with the ignition was the pickup coil going bad.
Thanks Guys

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There are two types of Electronic Ignition distributors... I mean dizzys. One was used on all Datsuns in '78 and is called the remote igniter and has all the electronic parts in a large box under the dash.like this... XVJqgYy.jpg


It does have an obvious pick up coil under the rotor....




For '79 and '80 the remote igniter box was miniaturized (matchbox) and mounted on the side of the distributor



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If you ever find a remote igniter dizzy grab it even if the remote box is probably missing. A $10  HEI module from a GM distributor can be used by mounting on the fender. Works just as well as the Matchbox.


If using a Matchbox you can (or should) use the matching coil and get rid of your ballast resistor for the points coil. The Matchbox is capable of handling the higher current of the lower impedance EI coil and gives a higher output spark.

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