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1968 510 Rear Center Garnish

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Hi team


Here in NZ I am rebuilding a 1968 Datsun 510/1600.


I like the 68' as it's a bit unique from the rest with it's different tail lights, dash, wipers etc.

One of the pieces I would love to have is an all silver rear garnish that goes between the tail lights and number plate.

I know any 510 garnish is hard to come by, so a 68 is another level above but just asking in case there is one out there that someone may have acquired but doesn't fit the look of their build or something.


Secondly, I'd love a 68' SSS dash cluster but alas I'm pretty sure the availability isn't there nor my bank accunt.


Any help is much appreciated.


In regards to shipping - If it scares you off shipping to NZ, I can have it shipped to a local forwarding company in your country.




- New Zealand

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Canada got the amber turn signals also. I had a '68 once. I've never seen the garnish plate though.


My parts info does not list it for N America. It may not have come here. Rare, only the '68 sedan. I can see why you want it.

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Correct Mike, USA never got this rear garnish!  Craig Ford at Tokyo2U i n Japan might have, but like OP said..........not gonna be cheap!



Thank you, yes mostly seen on Japanese ones - although that image of the green Car was from Canada I believe - possibly imported?

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The USA spec 510 I recently picked up had had some metal work done in the 1980's, including a rear tail light panel.  Although the panel was for the medium size USA spec tail lamps (not your small 1968 lamps & not the longer JDM Coupe lamps), the panel has two factory mounting holes PER SIDE, in line with this garnish you are looking for.  Why would the tail light panel have had those factory holes, if the USA never got that garnish?  Perhaps it was a mis-labeled part that came out of Japan to the USA Datsun dealership?  (a JDM or Canadian panel would have had a different part #, cuz of these holes).  Also odd that the body guy didn't fill in these holes...........simply stuck a piece of tape behind each & painted it! 😆

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