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1980 FS5W60A 5th gear bearing

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Need the caged needle bearing that 5th gear rides on. New or good used. Do not know the correct part number. However, my notes SUGGEST that it has 17 needles with dimensions believed to be APPROXIMATELY 56/64" long, 1-4/64" OD, and 57/64" ID. Known to fit 32241-H9703 mainshaft and 32340-H9700 5th gear.


I am on the West Coast, my customer is on the East Coast.


Edit 20220530:


My customer found a new one weeks ago and got his Datsun back on the road, so do not need this any more.


Thanks to all that replied.



Wilbur - United States

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Those numbers are correct and make this a lot easier for me. The correct part number is 32345-H9702 for the caged needle bearing. I checked parts comparability and it is not used on any other transmission but the FS5W60A in the '80 model year B-310 aka the 210



Thanks for confirming the correct part number for the bearing. I discovered the same number elsewhere on the internet last night.  I also stumbled across another number (32345-04C01) that supposedly fits but without finding both and comparing I have no idea whether that is true or not.

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Call rivergate. They have rebuild parts for these transmissions.



I am assuming that you mean Rivergate Transmission in Madison, Tennessee since that is the only one that comes up when I Google.

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If no luck, contact Peter Zekert on Facebook............he is an A series nut!



I have never been able to force myself to sign up for FecesBook, so that is not an option for me.


I have sent an email to Peter, so waiting for a reply.  Hope to get lucky.

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