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WTB 521 Brake Adjuster Lock Springs

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WTB 521 Brake Adjuster Lock Springs

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Does anyone have any old brake adjusters? I need 2 star wheel lock springs for the brake adjusters on my 521. It is the spring clip shown in the attached picture.

, New Hampshire - United States

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I'll take a look for you.... I might have some in my stash of old parts....

Where are you up New Hampshire?





Thanks. I'm in Dover

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I think I have what you need... I was hoping you were a little closer... I was gonna drive them up in my 72 521..... it looks like 1 1/2 hour drive, which isn't too bad but I recently had to go back to my 4spd so I'm not a fan of trying to do 65-70 in 4th...  If I had my 5spd I wouldn't think twice... 



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Sadly it would probably be cheaper and faster to mail them to you...

I'm not sure if I have the time to drive up today, but I will check.... i can take slower roads but it's still a 2 hour drive and about 75 miles each way..... so it would probably cost me $20 in fuel vs around $10 to mail it..... 

You can have them just cover the shipping.....

Let me know... 





Sounds good. I'll take them. Where are you located? I'm putting the brakes back together, but can do it without the springs for now. I just have a rolling chassis right now. Engine is at the machine shop and all of the body parts except the bed is at media blast. Maybe you could come up when I have a little more to look at in a month or two. I'll cover your gas for that, if you want. Thanks. 




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I'm just down in leominster Massachusetts,  its up to you if you need them sooner... they are not going any where..... 


That would give me time to fix my 5spd and get is swapped back in and make the trip a little easier...


Are there any other parts you might need?

I dont have a lot but I have some stuff, mostly suspension parts, i do have 4 barely used shocks for the 521 your welcome to have, kyb I believe..... I converted to full coilovers so they are just taking up shelf space....


Is there anything you need a hand with ?

I could always plan a day to come give a hand, I have rebuilt every inch of my 521 so I know it pretty well...

Shes not the prettiest but she's mechanically sound.....

I'll text you just to touch base...

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