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WTB 69 Dash pad, Steering column cover, S10 200sx speedometer pinion gear.

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Hello All, 

In need of a 69 510 dash pad, 69 510 steering column cover, and a 1977-1979 200sx 5 speed dogleg tranny speedo gear. Please message me if you have any of the three. Thank you!

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On the S10 that would be a black 17 tooth gear. If only looking for the spindle with only the black gear it was also used on the '80-'81 A10 (HL510) dogleg and the '85-'93 2wd D21 Hardbody with Z24 and KA24E engines and probably with the 3.545 or 3.70 differential. You can use the '69 510 sleeve that the spindle and gear fit into.



Why not try the Nissan dealer? Ask for 32703-N9017.


e-Bay.... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Genuine-Nissan-Speedometer-Pinion-Gear-32703-N9017-/254358625732



Nissan Parts Deal.... https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-pinion-speedo~32703-n9017.html


Courtesy Parts... https://www.courtesyparts.com/oem-parts/nissan-pinion-speedo-32703n9017




Hello, thank you for the reply! Is there a way to attach an image, when I pulled my old speedo gear, the gear was red, the Nisan parts link you sent appears to be a different transmission then mine. I have the FS5W63A. I had ordered a speedo but it was a different style similiar to the one linked. If there is a way to send a photo, it will explain better. I really appreciate the advice and assistance!

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Dash pad is 1969 only, near impossible to find good USED!  For whatever reason, a company makes the 1968 dash CAP, but not the 1969, should still be available online or on eBay.  As far as I can tell, the 68 moulded plastic dash CAP will fit the 1969 dash PAD, but the 68 has a little "hump" in the middle...........pretty sure that 68 CAP will fit the 69 PAD, just with that "hump" kinda sticking out a l'il............??


I think Jake Anderson aka "Jake Makes" on the Datsun Facebook pages is 3D printing NEW 1969 steering column covers............



Awesome! Thank you if you by chance know the link to the 68 dash that would be greatly appreciated. I will look up Jake on FB and see if I can find him. Thank you for the advice!

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